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Disclaimer: As you read this story, keep in mind that I try to include something for everyone, and some people are always looking for mistakes. So, if you find any errors, please remember that they are there for a reason.

All persons appearing in sexual situations are at least 18 years of age.

This is the final part of the story. I appreciate how much energy it is probably taking for you to continue suspending your disbelief, but please try to hang on just a little bit longer.



Caught by my Aunt Joanie


July was moving into August. It had been about 6 weeks since Suni had first caught me walking out of the shower and about 4 weeks since I’d had sex with Jasmine and her mom for the first time. I could’ve gotten all I could handle from Suni and my mom, but I felt bad about Jasmine getting less than they were so I started putting Suni and mom off every once in a while and making a point of getting together with Jasmine more often. It was often a quickie in the car after she got off work but we took what we could get.

I’d also gotten with Hannah a couple more times, again as part of a threesome with Jasmine. Knowing that Hannah was a lesbian, I was often content to just watch her and Jasmine do their thing, and then I’d release my tensions on Jasmine when they were done.

On this particular weekend, the stars aligned to leave mom and me alone together for the entire weekend. My dad was out of town on some sort of business trip and Suni was spending the weekend at her best friend Antonia’s house. Meanwhile, Jasmine and her parents were out of town visiting Neil’s parents. As I understand it, his folks were concerned that he was gay when he was growing up, and they were delighted when he actually married a woman. His homosexuality was apparently hidden from them as well, and they all did their part to keep up the illusion. I found it to be a shame that Neil had to deny who he was to the people that were supposed to love him the most.

As you might expect, the plans mom and I made involved a lot of sex. Mom had me all to herself from Friday night until late Sunday evening and she intended to take full advantage of it.

We’d spent Friday night in my bed. Unlike Hannah, mom considered her bed to be reserved only for her and dad and wouldn’t consider letting me take her there, despite it being much larger than the bed in my room. Not that I pushed, but she made it clear from the beginning that that was a boundary she was not willing to cross.

We wore ourselves out pretty good Friday night, so our first meal on Saturday was lunch rather than breakfast. I took her out to an Italian place for lunch and then we came back home. We did a few things around the house and even watched a little bit of TV.

At 5:00pm, mom said she wanted to play a little bit more before we had dinner, so we went up to my room and stripped down. We started with oral and built up to the point where mom was on her back and I was fucking her, though rather gently. I was mostly vertical, on my knees, and sliding in and out of her while she played with her boobs. It was at that moment that my perfect life came to an end.

Or so I thought for a couple of minutes anyway.

I happened to glance over toward my bedroom door, and there leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed and what I thought was a disapproving glare on her face was my Aunt Joanie. Joanie was my mom’s sister, almost exactly one year younger, and she also happened to be the wife of my Uncle David. If you remember back to the beginning of this little tale, you’ll recall that he is my boss. This could get really ugly, really fast.

I stopped what I was doing and just looked at her. I’ve heard that in moments like this, men are prone to their erections suddenly wilting. This was not the case with me. I was still as hard as iron.

“You know, Jen,” Joanie said, “you told me it was happening, but I don’t think I believed it until this very moment.”

She walked slowly into the room, and while I heard what she said, the meaning of it simply didn’t register in my brain.

“That’s why I suggested you come see for yourself, Joanie.”

Joanie was now standing at the foot of my bed. She was facing me and my mom’s head was directly in from of her. I, as I said, had stopped thrusting into mom’s pussy, a state which Joanie suggested I rectify.

“Now just keep doing what you were doing, Steven. Don’t mind me.”

With that she unzipped the side of the flowing knee-length skirt she was wearing and it dropped to the floor. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw she wore no panties and was in possession of a nice, thick bush. I guessed that was just how my family did things.

Then, as if I wasn’t in shock enough, she climbed on to my bed and simply lowered that bushy slit right on to mom’s face, who showed no hesitation at all in sucking on her sister’s clit and pussy lips. I decided that I would question this all later, and I started going in and out of my mom again.

While illegal bahis my mom and Joanie are similarly built body-wise, where Joanie stands out is up top. The family used to joke that Joanie stood in the boob line at least twice, and I’d estimate 3 or 4 times. I admit to several adolescent fantasies about seeing her topless and had imagined them in my mind hundreds of times. And she let me know she was aware of this, even before now.

“You wanna see my titties, Steven? I’ve caught you staring at them enough times over the years to know the answer to that. You know it’s true.”

She slowly unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing until it was completely undone and draped on her shoulders, leaving only a sturdy but lacy bra restraining her magnificent breasts. I was disappointed that she stopped there.

“No, no, Steven. You don’t get all of these until I get my turn with that magnificent piece of meat you’re wielding.”

I found this all very surprising. As far as I knew, Joanie and my uncle had a good marriage and I had no idea she cheated on him, or at least was planning to do so with me. Obviously, I had no idea about anything she may have done previously. I figured I’d ask those questions when we took a break. Heck, they were the grown-ups so I assumed they knew that they were doing.

My desire to get to Aunt Joanie tits almost caused me to pull out of mom, but I realized it would be wrong to abandon mom at this point so I kept doing what I was doing until mom made had her orgasm.

Joanie climbed off mom as I pulled out and got to my feet as well. Mom stood up and gave me a kiss.

“I hope you’re not mad.”

“How could I be mad at you for providing me a sexy, beautiful, woman with huge boobs to have sex with?”

“Well put. I’m gonna go fix some dinner. Enjoy her. She needs it.”

By the time I had finished talking to my mom, Aunt Joanie had stripped off her bra and those marvelously massive mammaries were on full display, and they were spectacular. She was on the bed on her knees and crooked her finger to call me to her.

“Just so you know,” she said, “I do love to have my boobs played with so feel free to spend as much time with them as you want.”

“Is this gonna be the only time we do this?” I asked.

“I sure as hell hope not. I hear you’re putting it to several ladies already, and your mom and I agree that Jasmine should be your priority, but I definitely want to be in the mix. We’ll talk about my reasons later.”

I admit to spending an inordinate amount of time on Joanie’s breasts, but every time I looked at her to see if it was time to move on she was relaxing with her eyes closed and a smile on her face, and a couple of times she told me to keep on going because she was enjoying herself just fine.

Finally, I was ready to move on, secure in the knowledge that this would not be the only time I got to do this. I asked if she had any boundaries I should be aware of.

“I’m not quite the anal sex aficionado that my sister is,” she said, “so you’ll have to wait until I’m ready to do that, but otherwise…”

Fair enough.

In addition to having her tits played with, Joanie really liked oral sex; both giving and receiving. We spent probably an hour in different position with me eating her or her sucking me, and often both at the same time. As this went on, I noticed my mom peek her head into my room a couple of times and then leave without saying anything. I guess she was just checking on us.

At last she was ready. Joanie put herself on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me.

“I hear you like to take a girl from behind. Have at me, big boy.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong. I pressed the head of my cock to her hole and pushed in slowly. She was very wet so I was able to ease forward steadily. I could have pushed in hard with a single thrust but that wasn’t my goal. I went in and out of her very slowly 4 times each way, and by the last ones had my aunt begging me to fuck her.

Far be it from me to deny a damsel in distress. I took two handfuls of ass and began thrusting in and out of her. It wasn’t the full power slamming that my mom seemed to favor but it certainly had plenty of power behind it. As I pumped her, I happened to catch a glimpse of her in the mirror I had mounted on the wall, and more specifically those amazing human udders hanging from her chest that were being bounced around. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.

Aunt Joanie caught me watching her and either knew what I was focused on or made an educated guess.

“You like watching by big old titties flop around, don’t you Steven?”

“Oh God yes!” I grunted, and before I could stop it I had flooded Joanie’s insides with cum.

I slid out of her and half-sat down on the bed. She rolled over on to her back, those massive pillows hanging off of either side of her chest and my stuff leaking out of her. That immediately made me concerned.

“Aunt Joanie,” I asked, pointing to her pussy, “are you protected?”

“Don’t worry about it, Steven. illegal bahis siteleri It’s fine.”

Taking that to mean she was on some sort of birth control, I didn’t give it another thought. I lay on the bed next to her and she cuddled up against me.

“You don’t think you’re done, do you?” she asked me.

“Hey, I’ve been going for some time. You just got here. I need a little bit of a break.”

We lay there quietly for a few minutes as Joanie played languidly with my cock. It slowly but surely resurrected and I expected my aunt to mount up any second, but mom appeared in the doorway.

“You guys taking a break? Come get some dinner so we can fuel up for the rest of the evening.”

“Jen, I’m leaking here.”

“Oh, hang on.”

I watched with interest as my mom buried her face in her sister’s cunt and slurped up all of the combined juices that Joanie and I had created. It took about a minute and I was sporting a major hard-on the whole time. I could have climbed back on right then but I was still a little tired and, frankly, I was hungry. Plus, it would be a good opportunity to talk about things.

“So how long have you two been doing this?”

“Since we were teenagers,” my mom answered. “We were playing with each other long before either of us got married and we just never stopped.”

“I know this may seem like a silly question, but do you consider yourselves bisexual?”

Joan answered first.

“I love your mom and have always enjoyed being with her, but I’ve never had an interest in doing it with girls other than her. I tried it once in college and it did nothing. For me, it’s the connection Jen and I have that makes it special.”

“I actually am bisexual,” my mom surprised me with. “But I fell in love with your dad and that was that. I had actually been dating a girl at the time but I had no intention of spending my life with another woman, so it wasn’t too hard of a choice to break that off.”

“How often do you guys do it?”

“That has varied over time. When we were younger, we did it as often as we could. After I met your father, we stopped for a while because I felt guilty but I came to really miss it so we started up again. We got together when we could over the years. We both had satisfying sex lives so it was more about connecting with each other than anything else. But it’s been fairly often over the last couple of years since you’re dad has lost interest in anything more than cuddling.”

“Does dad know?”

“Nope, and as far as I’m concerned, he never will.”

“Well, he won’t hear it from me, mom. Now what’s up with you, Aunt Joanie? I’m surprised that you cheat on Uncle David.”

“This is the first time, actually, though only because I didn’t want to do it with just anyone.”

“But why?”

“I’ve been planning it ever since I found out he was screwing that little tart that works in his office.”

“Amber? I find that hard to believe.”

“You don’t think he’d do something like that?” she asked, with a little bit of incredulity in her voice.

“No, I thought she had better taste than that,” I said with a smile, and that brought a round of laughter.

“But seriously, Aunt Joanie,” I continued. “Are you sure?”

“You know those gray plastic domes in the ceiling of the office?”

“Sure. I helped him install them. They’re empty but he tells people there are cameras in there to keep them honest.”

“Actually, they’re not empty. I had cameras installed in there almost two years ago without telling your uncle. I have him on video screwing Amber on her desk, in her chair, and even on the floor.”

“Why not just divorce him?”

“I’ve thought of that, but he’s a pretty good husband other than that, and he keeps me in a lifestyle to which I’ve grown accustomed. Who knows how that would change if we got a divorce. No, I’m just fine with the status quo, especially now that I’ve got a hot young stud to take care of my needs.”

“And having sex with your nephew doesn’t bother you?”

“I’ve been screwing my own sister for over 20 years. I’ve licked that hole you came out of hundreds of times. Why would it bother me? Does it bother you to fuck your aunt?”

“Not in the least,” I answered with a big grin. “I was just curious.”

She smiled and slugged me on the shoulder.

“But what about Jasmine?”

“What about her?”

“She doesn’t have a problem with you having all of these women as lovers?”

“If she does she’s never let on. In fact, I suspect once she hears that you and mom are willing to swing both ways, she’s gonna want a piece of you, too. Probably Suni will as well.”

“Well she certainly is hot,” my mom interjected. “I’ve actually thought it would be nice to hook up with her. Please make that happen, son.”

I just nodded and soon we were back in the bedroom. The three of us spent that night and most of Sunday either fucking, eating, sleeping, or showering. There was a benefit to having both women there, because there were times I just had to rest and they were canlı bahis siteleri able to keep each other occupied.

There were some memorable moments. The one I can picture the most clearly was fucking Aunt Joanie on her back and just watching her huge tits bounce back and forth with each thrust.

Another was when we double penetrated my mom. Aunt Joanie slid on a strap-on and mom mounted her, and I then came up behind mom and poked into her ass. Mom loved it, cumming over and over again. She made it clear she wants to do that again soon.

As the time for Suni’s return approached, we debated about what we should do. Suni had demonstrated that she was, or at the very least was willing to be, bisexual, and I knew she harbored a certain jealousy that I was screwing mom and she wasn’t. But that didn’t necessarily mean she would do it if the opportunity presented itself. Finally, we decided to just let Suni walk in on us and see how she reacted.

And react she did. She took about 10 seconds to look around and take stock of the situation. At that exact moment I was screwing Aunt Joanie doggy-style and she was munching away on mom’s carpet. Suni wasted little time stripping out of her clothes and planting her tasty little quim on to mom’s face, who eagerly licked the pussy of her only daughter. I came within seconds.

The rest of that evening was spent having Suni get to know the naked bodies of her mother and her aunt, and vice versa. Mom commented on how long it had been since she’d eaten such a nice, young, pussy, and Suni enjoyed Joanie’s breasts almost as much as I did.

When at last the night was over, mom and Suni crashed in Suni’s bed and Joanie and I spent the night in mine. Despite the fact that I had to work in the morning, I woke up at 3:00am and spent an hour sucking and fucking my very eager aunt. I briefly wondered what she had told my uncle since she had stayed away from home for 2 nights, but ultimately realized that was her business so I didn’t ask.


So there you go. The summer of my 18th year that led to enormous changes in my life, both then and in the future. As hard as it may be to believe, things have only gotten better since then.


Epilogue. Ten years later.


It was 5:30pm on a beautiful Friday evening in June. I was just getting back to the house after work. I had a good job with the same engineering firm that had hired me right out of college 5 years ago and was making good money. I had spent just one year at community college getting a bunch of general education requirements out of the way before transferring to the nearby state university. They had a well-regarded computer engineering program there and I had graduated near the top of my class.

I walked into the house and heard noises from the kitchen. I peeked in and saw Suni working on dinner and looking even more beautiful than she ever had. Her beauty had matured and her body had filled out in all the right places, and her long blonde hair was pulled behind her in a ponytail. She looked just the way mom looked in the pictures I had seen when she was the same age.

I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist. She leaned back into me and tilted her head to allow me to kiss her neck, eliciting a moan. In no time at all I had my hands up under her blouse, her bra pushed out of the way, and her large bare breasts filling my hands. That lasted another 30 seconds before she smacked my hands away and put her clothes back.

“Stop it, naughty boy. You know this is the mom’s weekend.”


“So, you’re not supposed to get any before you go over there. Now set the table.”

I watched Suni cook as I took the dishes out of the cabinet. I still got a feeling of regret on occasion when I looked at her. Usually it passed and things went on. Today I decided to ask about it.


“Yeah, baby?”

“You ever wish you had made a different choice?”

“A different choice about what?”

“About life. About us.”

She turned and looked at me with a concerned expression on her face.

“What’s bringing this on? Are you unhappy about something?”

“No Suni, I was just thinking about you? Do you ever wish you had chosen differently? Gotten a guy of your own?”

“Stevie, I love my life. There’s never been a man that I’ve loved as much as you. Even though you and I aren’t legally married, you’re as much a husband to me as you are to Jasmine. We both love you so much, and she and I love each other, too. Do you believe that?”

“Yeah, Suni, I do. I just worry about you being happy.”

“Well, don’t. I AM happy. I have a husband in you that I love, and a wife in Jasmine that I love and who loves me. I have that beautiful baby girl you gave me 4 years ago, and I get to be a co-mom to the 2 beautiful girls that Jasmine had. Plus, whenever we go see Uncle David and Aunt Joanie, we get to spend time with the big sister you put into Joanie all those years ago. It’s perfect. It could only be more perfect if dad was still here.”

Our father had passed away just after Christmas of my 3rd year in college, which was my 2nd year at the state university. Mom was, of course, devastated, though in the end it freed all of us up to be more open with the nature of our relationship.

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