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It was a hot, humid day and I wasn’t in the best of moods – my clothes were clinging in all the wrong places, my hair was wispy and sticking to my cheeks and forehead, and generally, I was not having a good day. I’d forgotten just how much I hated summer until it came around, and I was praying for the day the leaves began to fall and I could legitimately return to my legwarmers and cosy days huddled against the radiator.

I had my folder clasped to my chest as I looked up, only to realise I’d somehow managed to almost collide with a large, hard chest – it took me a second to realise that a chest must be connected to a body and therefore a person, and I was not in the mood to make an apology and move to one side. Sadly, however, that I had to do so I looked up to meet the owner of said torso in the face and move to one side – but that was about as far as I got before my heart began to race as I laid eyes on one of the cutest guys I’d seen in quite a while – perhaps that’s a testament to my nonexistent sex and love life, but nonetheless – wow.

It was about five seconds after I’d realised he was there that I remembered that in general society you ought to say something after almost walking straight into someone, and I opened my mouth with the vague intention of saying sorry and walking right on by – typically, I was unable to formulate that single word and out of my mouth fell a somewhat disheveled “um…”, adding rather neatly to the idiotic portrayal I was giving.

His mouth twitched and he shifted his weight from his left leg to his right, giving me a slow up and down appraisal that I did not under any standards deserve – not that I was complaining at all, since every centimetre of my body seemed to jump to attention. Despite the hot climate, I was suddenly grateful for the folders clasped to my chest as it hid the fact that my nipples were peaking against the thin cotton of my t-shirt, and I fidgeted even as I regained control of my voice and managed to expel a “sorry about that” from my lungs.

“It’s fine,” he said, his voice deeper than I’d expected. He grinned again and I wondered if hot flushes were common in women of my age – weren’t you supposed to get them during menopause? Was I abnormal, or was this man just devastatingly lethal? He leant slightly closer to me, and I bit my lip, wondering what was coming next – “you might need to buy me a drink to make up for it, though…”

I smiled back, trying to disguise the fact that my heart was beating so fast I thought it might fall out of my chest – this was flirting, for Gods’ sake, I knew how to do it. At least, I thought I did… I took a breath in, flickering my eyes down over his body since looking in his eyes was doing me no favours whatsoever – “oh, is that so? I didn’t realise there was a penalty for almost colliding with people…”

“Normally there isn’t,” he replied, leaning a little closer again, “but I don’t normally almost walk into people quite as pretty as you.”

I could feel my cheeks flushing and I cursed the weather – it was so typical that I’d blush at a point where I was practically melting anyway, wasn’t it? My mouth suddenly felt parched and over his shoulder I could see a stall selling lemonade – my eyes darted to that at the moment he jerked his illegal bahis head in that direction – “only joking, if you take a seat, I’ll get you a juice – you certainly look like you need one…”

Before I could think of a reply to that, he had turned around and was heading over to the cart leaving me to quickly snaffle two seat in the shade – the feel of the cooler air over my clammy skin was a blessed relief and my head cleared enough for me to recall the double intender in his last comment – oh God, was it obvious; the reaction I’d had to him? I caught my lip between my teeth, watching as he turned around with two cups of tangy juice in his hand and came towards me. My legs suddenly felt cumbersome and I didn’t know where to put them; I settled for crossing them and by the time I realised that that only added to the close feeling of the day, he was sitting next to me and handing me a drink.

“Here,” he said and I nodded in thanks, wrapping my fingers around the cool plastic and looking down at the pale liquid.

“So who do I have to thank for the drink, then..?” I asked him, looking up from under my eyelashes in a faint attempt at a seductive poise, only to find him closer than I expected, barely five centimetres away from my face.

“Let’s just say I was in the right place at the right time, eh?” he murmured and his intention became instantly clear as he closed the gap between us and lightly brushed my mouth with his lips. My mind instantly blacked out as I felt the soft kiss with every fibre of my being, the simple touch coiling sensations deep within my abdomen as I brushed my fingers against his unshaven chin – aware that I shouldn’t be letting him kiss me but wanting him so bad. It was crazy how much I was yearning for his touch, having met him less than five minutes ago – but it felt so right. So I curled my fingers around his neck and kissed him back, feeling his surprise in the way he smiled against my mouth. Our drinks sat forgotten next us as I moved closer to him, then he wound his hands around my hips and pulled me onto his lap, I gasped slightly as he moved me, then let out a soft laugh and slid my fingers through his hair, moving my mouth away from his.

“I’m not normally this kind of girl, you know,” I told him, smiling at the cliché I was uttering but knowing that I needed to let him know – he nodded and pressed his mouth against my neck.

“That’s what makes this so good, knowing you don’t do this with every random guy – something about you let me know…” he replied, his words gruff against my skin as he ran his hands over my back to lay on my hips. “Come back to mine?”

I hesitated for a second, battling the remnants of sense that lingered in my mind but knowing that I’d always wonder ‘what if’ should I turn down his offer – it was that, more than anything, coupled with the incredible attraction to him, that clinched it – “okay,” I murmured quietly, motionless against him. He moved quickly, his hand hard on my cheek as he kissed me again, deep and intense against my lips. His tongue traced my lips before delving into my mouth, mine fitting against his perfectly as I arched my back into his body, loving the feel of his chest against my breasts. He kissed me for I don’t know how long, before I moved my mouth illegal bahis siteleri to his neck and he let out a soft, choked gasp and pulled me away from him

“Let’s get out of here before I lose my mind,” he said, and I nodded, faintly dizzy as I stood up and stumbled against him, almost forgetting my folder, which I had put next to the drinks. He handed it to me, and took my hand as we walked from our abandoned drinks – I was prepared for a long walk, but he led me up the next road and walked up to a house with a blue door. Rummaging in his pocket, he pulled out a key ring and opened the door, standing back to let me in. I hesitated – this was my last opportunity to cry wolf and leave, but despite my head telling me to leave, I so didn’t want to. I wanted him, so bad that my stomach felt like it was twisting and turning as I thought of how it would feel to have him inside me – and on that thought, I stepped through the door and felt his arms slide around my waist as he closed the door behind us.

I reached back and hooked my arms around his neck, his head lowering to kiss my neck as my shirt rose to expose my stomach and his fingers flickered over the smooth curve of my abdomen. I let out a soft sigh as his tongue snaked over my neck and his hand stroked up, over my ribs to hook underneath the underwire of my bra. His fingers felt so good on my bare skin that I closed my eyes and arched my back a little, his hand moving to cup my breast as his other hand gently pulled my t-shirt over my head. I opened my eyes as the cool air hit my skin to see his face rapidly approaching mine to kiss me.

I turned around and ran my fingers up his sides, crunching up his shirt to expose smooth, male skin. He smiled and raised his arms to allow me to take it off, the fabric falling away to show me the taut expanse of stomach and the soft nestling hair scattered over his chest. My stomach clenched in want and lust as he slid his arms tight around my neck, and the sudden intimacy of the hold made me moan softly as his mouth met his tongue and mine penetrated my lips. I ran my fingers over his back, suddenly desperate to see him fully and before I realised what was happening, I was in his arms and being carried across the room.

He continued to kiss me as he laid me on the bed before pulling away and unbuckling his belt. The soft clicks of metal against metal in the quiet, cool room only added to the build up and by the time he lowered his jeans down his legs I was kneeling up and helping him off with them, my fingers exploring every bit of skin as he disrobed. I leant forward and kissed his stomach, one hand going straight to the heavy outline of his cock pressing forward inside his boxers – he let out a soft exhalation and quickly unhooked my bra, sliding the straps over my shoulders and moving straight to the zip of my floaty, summery skirt. The bra slid from my body and landed straight on the floor, instantly followed by my skirt and then my panties. I stretched out back over the bed, as he moved to lie beside me. I no longer cared particularly that – oh, God, I didn’t even know his name – this was a total stranger to me – if anything it was a bit of a turn on that I didn’t know him; just adding to the feeling that I was letting go of sanity canlı bahis siteleri for once in my life and loving every second.

Out legs entwined and I wrapped one leg around his hip, the feeling of his erection pressing through the damp fabric on to my open, wet pussy an incredible turn on. It felt so intimate as he ran his hands over my sides, kissing me deeply and slowly grinding his hips against me. He began to kiss down over my neck and gently rolled me on to my side as his mouth followed his fingers over my collarbone and between my breasts before his tongue flickered around my nipples and he took one totally in his mouth. The sensations flowed through my body as I gasped, letting out a soft cry as his teeth grazed the sensitive areola. He sucked on my nipple for a moment before letting it fall from his mouth with a soft, wet sound and kissing his way over my stomach, I looked down to see his face between my thighs, his hands stroking them open and his eyes peering up at me through the jut of my hipbones as he deliberately and slowly licked gently down the length of my clit.

The feelings he was giving me were beyond any I’d felt before and I arched back, pressing my pussy into his mouth as he sucked my clit between his lips and played with his tongue, his fingers sliding below his jaw to slide deep inside my wetness. I knew that if he kept going for much longer I would come, and I wanted to come with him deep inside me so I leant forward and hooked my arms around his, pulling him up to lie on top of me before rolling away and getting to my knees. He sat up slightly, propped up on his arm and stared at me, his lips still wet from my arousal, as I leant forward to take his cock in my hand, wrapping my fingers around the girth and slowly pulling it with my hand tight around his shaft. Air whistled from between his teeth and he closed his eyes as I leant forward and kissed the end, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock before sliding my mouth down over the length and sucking gently as I withdrew. I continued for perhaps a minute, his hand making its way to my hair and taking control of the speed of my mouth on him, before he stiffened and pulled away, breathing hard and pulling me up the bed. He pushed me to my back, leaning over to a bedside table I hadn’t previously noticed to pull out a condom, holding it out to me. “Do you want to?” he asked.

I smiled in reply and took it from him, tearing it open and pinching the tip as I rolled it over his erection. As I licked my lips I could still taste him, and when he moved over to lay between my legs I bent them around him and angled my hips up to allow him to slide deep inside me. The beautiful intrusion of his erection into my tight, wet pussy felt so good that I shook slightly as he pulled out to thrust inside me again, filling me as he began to fuck me harder. His mouth was wet on my neck and my arms around him, feeling the dampness of his skin as we fucked, the feeling of being so close to him was such a turn on that after barely a minute or two I was crying out, my pussy clenching around his hard cock and my mind spinning as I came, shortly followed by him. His body shivered and he let out a soft grunt on my ear, “oh, God,” as he came, shooting his cum inside me and I wished that I could have felt his ejaculation deep inside my pussy, mixing our cum together and covering him with my orgasm.

We lay there for a while, our eyes closed and breathing heavily, before he kissed me deeply and we went on to lead our separate lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32