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Author’s Note: All characters over eighteen.


“Oh come on,” Mercer complained. “Stop dealing me all the shitty cards.”

Ella giggled. “Stop whining, dude. Those pants are coming off.”

“Yeah yeah, I know.”

Mercer continued to grumble as he stood and fumbled with his belt.

Reese and Lise, sitting around the coffee table with them, exchanged glances. All four of them sat on the floor around the low table, all in various states of increasing undress and intoxication.

“You know, Ella, you could take a little less joy in your brother losing hands,” Lise said. “And his pants, more specifically.”

Ella frowned, but only momentarily before her glee took hold again. “But it’s funny!”

“It’s making the game a bit weird, is all,” Reese said.

“How so? It’s just the rules.”

“Just the roles,” Mercer agreed. “Ok, I’m shuffling this time. You all suck at it.”

Ella leaned over to Reese. “Why did we think it was a good idea playing strip poker with the twins?”

Reese considered the question. “Because we’re all a bit drunk,” he decided sagely.

“Ah, right. We don’t make the best decisions when we’re drunk, do we?”

“Not always, no.”

Mercer dealt out the next hand, and eventually cheered when Ella was the one forced to lose her bra. Lise and Reese just exchanged another uncertain glance.

“Alright, alright,” Ella said. “You get to see my tits. Happy?”

Mercer beamed. “You’re gonna get naked before I am,” he teased.

“Not likely,” she shot back. “You’ve only got your underwear left.”

“Sure. But I’m feeling lucky,” Mercer declared. “Whose deal?”

Lise took the next deal, then much to her annoyance lost three hands in a row. She’d been feeling so confident, and was now down to just her panties, just like that.

Ella and Mercer were just as happy to cheer her stripping as they were each other, which made it all a little embarrassing to keep taking clothes off. But that was the point of the game, after all, and the attention was nice, in its own weird little way.

Ella and Reese each lost another round, bringing everyone down to one or two items remaining. It was a remarkably close game, really.

Mercer, however, did in fact lose all his clothes first, much to his twin’s delight. Ella clapped happily as Mercer sighed and stood up.

“I have to stop letting you deal,” Mercer said to Ella.

“Too late now. Off with ’em!”

Mercer nodded and dropped his boxers. Lise’s eyes widened and Reese just shook his head. Ella only cackled gleefully.

“You’re getting hard,” Ella said. “I knew you were.”

“Yeah, well, everyone getting naked’ll do that,” Mercer said, with much less self-consciousness than he should have felt under the circumstances.

“You wanna see me naaa-keddd,” Ella sang.

“You wish.”

“Would you two stop flirting already, please?” Reese asked as he scooped up the cards and downed another shot.

It was Reese and Lise’s turn to giggle as the siblings turned and talked loudly over each other in their protests. The scene was even funnier as Mercer’s erection kept growing while he stood there trying to make a point. He eventually realized and sat down again, though Ella gave him a meaningful, ‘are you serious’ kind of look.

“No way we’re flirting,” Mercer said definitively. “That’s gross.”

“Maybe stop checking out your sister’s tits so much then,” Lise said, sipping more daintily at her drink than Reese had.

“Oh whatever. It’s fun to embarrass her is all.”

“Uh huh.”

“Wanna talk about embarrassment?” Ella demanded. “Fine. Next hand you lose you have to streak around the house.”

“There’s people out there!” Mercer said.

“Best not lose then, huh?”

“Or run fast,” Reese added helpfully.

Mercer rolled his eyes, but dealt out another hand. Ella swore viciously when she lost this one.

“There go your panties,” Mercer said smugly.

“Yeah yeah,” Ella said. She downed her shot before standing up.

“Maybe you’ll have to streak around the house instead.”

“You better just watch yourself. I can think of worse things for you.”

Ella hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties. She had to peel them off her pussy somewhat, as there was a very noticeable damp spot on them. Which, naturally, Mercer teased her about.

“Making fun of me being hard, are you?” he said.

“Well you are,” Ella said.

“Uh huh. How wet were those panties?”

“None of your business.”

“Lemme see.”


“Give ’em!”

Mercer tackled Ella, who shrieked and held her wet panties far away from him. She put her other hand in his face and tried to push him off, but it didn’t work that well. It was a very uncoordinated tussle from both sides.

“Um, guys? Could you not nakedly wrestle please?” Lise asked tentatively.

“I mean, come on,” Reese added, carefully pouring another shot for him and Lise both.

The twins didn’t seem to even register the requests. Mercer was climbing further on top of his sister, who was still laughing and holding her panties away from him. She slowed batıkent escort him down with persistent jabs of her free hand, but he was making progress.

“Guys!” Lise said firmly.

Mercer and Ella both froze and turned toward their audience.

“You’re being weird,” Lise said.

The twins looked down at each other, at their lack of clothes, and Mercer slowly backed away from Ella.

“It’s the booze,” Ella mumbled.

“Drunked,” Mercer agreed, just as quietly.

“Forgot about… naked.”

“Hard to remember.”

Ella cautiously smirked in Mercer’s direction. “You were totally poking me though.”

“I was not.”

“Your cock was all over me, dude. You want-“

“Dealing another hand,” Reese announced with loud desperation.

“Loser has to streak?” Mercer inquired.

“Definitely,” Ella said.

Mercer swore up a storm when he lost the next hand. Ella couldn’t possibly have been more joyous.

“Out you go,” she said.

“I know.”

“Outside. Naked. Run around for everyone to see.”

“I got it, thanks.”

Mercer headed toward the front door, naked and erect as he was. Ella was quick to jump up and follow. Lise and Reese came behind much more bemusedly.

Mercer took off as soon as he got out the door. The other three stood around after he was out of sight and waited.

“You know, we’re pretty naked to be standing out here like this,” Lise said thoughtfully.

“Enh. Mercer’ll take all the attention,” Ella said, apparently unconcerned with her total nudity, even out where passers by on the road could pretty easily see her.

As if to underscore her point, a shriek sounded from around the house, followed by laughter and cheering.

Mercer trotted back around shortly after, panting softly. He was still very hard, and his bouncing erection drew the eye as he approached. Ella’s eye more so than anyone else’s.

“The girls next door have some friends over tonight,” Mercer said.

“You don’t say,” Ella said.

“Uh huh.”

“Show off for them, did you?”

“Don’t get jealous, El. I only ran past just like I am.”

“As if I’d be jealous. Show yourself off to whoever you want.”

“You made me, remember?”


“Please stop being weird and flirty,” Lise begged.

Once again, Ella and Mercer both started talking at the same time, insisting there was nothing weird at all.

“It’s just the game,” Ella said.

“Just going by the rules,” Mercer said.

“He had to do the thing.”

“She’s being weird about those girls all seeing me go by.”

“I am not!”

“You are!”

“Ok then, next one to lose has to go do a sexy dance for them.”


“Err, wait though,” Reese said. “I-“

“Oh shush, you still have the most clothes on of anyone,” Ella said.

“Yeah, no, he’s got a point though,” Lise said. “I’m not brave enough for that either.”

“Just Mercer and me then. That’s what matters.”

“Agreed,” Mercer said.

Neither of the twins was next. Lise lost her panties and had to get naked for everyone. Her panties were also damp as she peeled them off, but no one made nearly so big a thing about it as Ella’s. Reese got down to his boxers, but was the only one still clothed. Technically winning the game, one might say, except that Ella and Mercer were nowhere near done yet.

Ella, much to her evident dismay, was the first of the two of them to lose again.

“Hm, sexy dance time for the neighbours, looks like,” Mercer said.

“Um… I don’t think I can, actually,” Ella said.

“What? You kidding me? You would have made me do it.”

“It’s different! They would have just enjoyed the show if you did it. Me… me they’re gonna be all judgy about.”

“I don’t think that’s totally true,” Mercer said.

“Well it’s what I think.”

“We could just be done?” Reese suggested, knowing the offer wouldn’t be taken even as he made it.

“No way!” Ella said. “I’m not a quitter. Just… I can’t do that particular thing.”

Mercer thought about it. “Ok. Still a sexy dance, but just here in this room?”

Ella nodded in relief. “That I can do.”

“But it’s gotta be a proper one. No ten second booty shake.”

“No no, that’s fair. Full song?”

“Full song.”


Reese and Lise once again exchanged glances. Lise just shrugged, and Reese nodded. Nothing to be done about it, really.

Ella got a song playing and started swaying to it right away, while still facing away from the group. Even while only getting a feel for the rhythm, it was quite a captivating sight, what with her nudity and the way she swung her butt.

It only got hotter when she started dancing properly. She approached slowly, returning to the area where everyone else was still sitting. All eyes were on her, which she seemed to revel in, though Mercer’s gaze was by far the most intent.

Ella smiled as she danced close to her brother. She danced for everyone at first, but more and more it became just about him. Like he’d paid for a dance at a strip club. Everything short of plopping herself beşevler escort down in his lap.

She swayed and shook in front of him. Being down on the floor, his face was at about crotch height anyway. Ella used that. She didn’t seem to mind at all that Mercer’s face was alternately directly across from her pussy or ass, depending on which way she turned. If anything, she seemed to be playing with just how close she could get without actually grinding on her brother’s face.

Mercer was absolutely riveted. He stared at his twin sister’s pretty little pussy. His head moved toward her at times before he remembered himself and jerked away again. His cock twitched and leaked precum like crazy.

When Ella turned around, Mercer reached for her ass as though he was hypnotized. Ella made a small sound of surprise as she felt his hand on her bum, but only reached back to lightly swat him away.

“Ah ah, no touching,” she said in a low, throaty voice.

“Sorry,” Mercer said, not sounding particularly apologetic.

Ella kept dancing, finishing out the whole song as agreed. Only when she turned off the music and realized everyone’s attention was still firmly on her did Ella show the slightest hint of self-consciousness. She flushed a mild pink and ducked her head for a second as she sat herself back down.

“That was… a good dance,” Lise said, breaking the silence.

“Thanks,” Ella said, pushing her hair back as an excuse not to make eye contact.

“Really good,” Mercer echoed faintly.

Reese squirmed and tried to adjust himself. His cock was making an obvious tent, and didn’t appear at all comfortable.

“Kinda wish I was naked now too,” Reese said.

Lise eyed him. “You can be. Just lose. It’s easy. We’ve all done it.”

“Not so easy when you’re as good as I am,” Reese said.

“Lucky and full of yourself, more like,” Lise shot back.

Lise snatched the cards and dealt them out before Reese could.

It took a few more rounds for Reese to catch up to everyone else and lose the last of his clothing. He was pretty happy about it by then, being able to free his cock from its prison. Lise snickered at him about it, but eyed his throbbing erection in the process.

The forfeits in the meantime were fairly tame. Refilling everyone’s shot glasses while naked. Trying to do a handstand while naked. Generally just being naked and having all the attention for a minute.

Given how drunk and horny everyone was, no one particularly minded. Lise and Reese called out Ella again for staring at her brother a little too closely though.

“I wish you guys would stop being weird about this,” Ella grumbled.

“Us?” Reese said, wide-eyed. “Are you kidding? I keep expecting you to jump Mercer at any second.”

“He’s my bro-ther,” Ella said simply, as though it were both an irrefutable fact, which it was, and would bring an end to the argument, which it didn’t.

“So why you two keep eye-fucking then?” Lise asked.

“You’re just being gross now,” Mercer said. “Whose deal is it anyway?”

“Yeah, gross,” Ella said. “Mercer’s my bro-ther. Everyone’s just drunk and weird and horny, that’s all.”

“Is that all?” Lise asked pointedly.

“I just said it was, didn’t I?” Ella said. “Anyway, we just need to be a little less horny. So maybe next loser has to masturbate or something.”

“In front of everyone?” Reese asked.

“Of course.”

“… for how long?”

“A minute,” Mercer interrupted.

“Not a minute,” Ella complained. “That’s not long enough.”

“Gonna slow the game down if we have to sit and wait for someone to cum,” Mercer said. “And then they might not want to play anymore anyway.”

“Well how are we supposed to chill any if no one ever cums?”

“Not saying no one can cum. But maybe they gotta work for it.”

“Hm, ok.”

“I don’t know,” Reese said. “Maybe we-“

“Too late,” Mercer said. “Dealing.”

“Right. Fine.”

Reese and Lise shrugged and finished their shots, pouring new ones.

“I gotta slow down a little,” Lise murmured. “Don’t wanna pass out here.”

“Need enough to deal with these two though, huh,” Reese said.

“Damn straight.”

Lise was flustered to be the first to have to play with herself in front of everyone. Sometimes the cards just weren’t kind.

Still, it was kind of a thrill, and she was a wet, horny little thing. Rubbing herself took some of the edge off.

Lise’s eyes flicked between everyone watching her. Even the twins both stared firmly at her rather than at each other, as they were all too often wont to do.

“That’s a minute,” Reese declared.

Lise blinked and reluctantly pulled her hand away from her pussy. It felt like she’d only just started. Which, after a minute, she supposed was exactly correct.

“Already?” she asked, then blushed at how pitiful the question had been. She didn’t want anyone to think she wanted to masturbate in front of them all. Though maybe it was too late to care about that sort of thing.

“Maybe you’ll get to go again,” Ella said, gathering the cards.

Lise ankara escort did not get to go again. Ella was next to have to rub herself.

Ella didn’t even hesitate. She saw the lay of the cards on the table, nodded once, then spread her legs. She even angled her body to make sure Mercer had a good look. And, naturally, he took advantage of the view.

Ella moaned softly as she fingered herself, rubbing her wet little slit and needy little clit. Mercer was enraptured the whole time. More so than he had been for Lise. No one called him out for it this time, though.

Just the same as Lise, Ella was disappointed to have time called on her. She sneaked an extra rub before pulling her hand away, then absently sucked her fingers clean before closing her legs again.

Mercer took his turn very similarly to his sister. He turned partly toward her before gripping himself and stroking his cock. Lise and Reese were too intent on watching everything to bother mentioning the obvious sibling eye-fucking that continued to happen in front of them.

“Better hope you don’t cum right now,” Ella said. “You’d probably get it on me.”

Mercer groaned and kept stroking. “I can’t cum on you. That really would be gross.”

“Mmm,” Ella agreed in what was very nearly a full moan. “Super gross. Cumming on your sis-ter.”

Reese shook his head to clear it. “That’s definitely time. And I mean… would asking you to stop even do anything?”

“Stop what?” Ella asked innocently.

“Talking about Mercer cumming on you.”

“I told him not to,” Ella explained patiently. “You’re being a little weird tonight, Reese.”

“Right. Of course. I’m the one being weird.”

More minor masturbation sessions went around the table. Inevitably, things didn’t stop there.

“Hey, don’t take the cards again,” Ella protested as Mercer scooped them up. “You’ve dealt the last two hands!”

“Yeah. So?”

“So your shuffling sucks. Let me.”


“What do you mean no?”

“I got the cards first. I get to deal. Easy.”

Ella launched herself at her brother, again causing a naked sibling scuffle as Lise and Reese called out from across the table to calm down.

“Guys, come on. You can’t-

“Don’t wrestle like that!”

“You’re gonna-“


Ella ignored her housemates’ concerns and kept trying to grab the cards out of Mercer’s hand. He only laughed and kept stretching them farther away from her.

As Ella climbed across her brother, her boobs dragged in his face, and their naked bodies got rather inappropriately tangled.

“Give ’em!” Ella insisted.

“No,” Mercer said.



They kept struggling together, breathing coming increasingly raggedly. Every movement from one brought more full-body contact. Sibling skin on skin, sliding around all nude and aroused.

They only stopped when Ella accidentally landed her pussy directly on Mercer’s dangerously stiff cock. She froze instantly, then abruptly pulled away, her face bright red.

“Oops,” she said softly.

Mercer sat back up, awkwardly holding the cards. “You, uh-“

“I know what I did!”

“See?” Lise said. “You have to be more careful.”

“Well it’s his stupid fault,” Ella pouted.

“My fault?” Mercer said. “I was just about to hand the cards over. No way now.”

“Oh you were not.”

“Was too.”

“You know what, you’re going to lose the next hand, and you’ll deserve it.” Ella jabbed a finger toward Mercer for emphasis.

“Like hell.”

“Even if he does, he’ll just enjoy jerking himself off some more,” Reese pointed out.

Ella’s eyes narrowed. “True. Ok, when you lose, you have to rub me then.”

Lise tilted her head. “Um…”

Mercer snorted. “Ha, fine. Well then when you lose, you have to do me. Which you’re definitely going to lose, by the way.”

Reese cleared his throat. “You know this is only going to make things wor-“

“Deal!” Ella said firmly. “Give me some cards already.”

Reese helplessly held up his shot glass and made eye contact with Lise. Lise nodded and the two of them knocked back another set of shots.

The cards went out, the game was played, and Mercer lost.

“Oh fuck’s sake!”

Ella laughed in his face. “Told ya!”

“That shouldn’t have happened!”

“Well it did!” Ella turned to her brother, spread her legs just as wide as when she’d masturbated, and smiled sweetly at Mercer. “Ready when you are.”

“Uh huh. Sure.”

Mercer shifted a bit closer, still glaring at Ella. He reached down and cupped her pussy. Ella, despite trying her best to maintain a superior smirk, gasped and let her mouth drop wide open at the very first touch of his hand to her sensitive little snatch.

For his part, Mercer didn’t let any annoyance he was feeling get in the way of his task. He had to play with his sister’s pussy, and he did so with great dedication. He rubbed her nicely, as though there were no animosity at all between them. It didn’t take long for his expression to change to one of awe, concentration, and enjoyment.

“Time,” Reese said.

Neither sibling seemed to even hear him. He repeated it, then gave it up as a lost cause.

Mercer continued to play with Ella’s pussy. She leaned back, keeping her legs wide, wide open. Her eyes were half closed, her lips parted in a soft pant, giving the occasional small moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32