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I walked up the driveway, my rubber flip-flops thwacking the blacktop with each step. The air was already thickening and the July sun was beginning to bake my naked shoulders. The Millers’ lawn was already brown in patches and the summer had only just begun. I gulped in the humid air thinking how this summer was somehow sweeter than any other I’d experienced in my 18 years. I had just graduated high school and was more than ready to shed this quiet little town where nothing ever seemed to happen. I smiled at the thought of the new freedom awaiting me in just a couple of months.

I was startled when Mrs. Miller suddenly appeared before me, having swung out from behind the bushes near the front door and rummaging through her pocketbook for her keys. She nearly walked straight into me, but my gasp of surprise immediately alerted her to my presence.

“Sara… hi.” She went back to searching her bag. My being there barely registered, but I guess she was used to my visits by now. “Danny’s around back,” she said distractedly.

I heard the front door shut and Mr. Miller appeared just behind his wife. “Hi Sara,” he said smiling warmly.

I wondered what they thought of me, this girl who seemed to be almost inseparable from their son for about 7 months now. I knew Mr. Miller liked me. I mean, he was always all smiles around me and really friendly. I think given the opportunity, he would have jumped at the chance to do the same things to me that his son was doing. But Mrs. Miller I wasn’t sure about. She never seemed to acknowledge me as anything more than just another one of Danny’s friends. I wondered how much they knew. I wondered if they knew that I had popped their son’s cherry. Or that he had done the same for me.

Mr. And Mrs. Miller walked past me and got into their car. I turned and headed towards the narrow pathway that leads to their backyard. The concrete walkway was cracked and tiny weeds were sprouting up from underneath, tickling my fuchsia-polished toes. The shrubs and trees lining the path were overgrown and their arms jutted out into my path. I felt as though I were walking through a neglected labyrinth just feet from the exit.

The path spilled out into the backyard and there was Danny, dangling on one of the swings on his rotting swing set. He didn’t notice me at first and I just stood there watching him for a moment as he hung there limply, staring at his Converse.

I started walking through the grass towards him and the swish of the still-damp grass caught his attention. He looked up at me and smiled. “Hey.”

“Hey.” I smiled back looking into his suddenly beaming brown eyes.

I was suddenly conscious of the hot breeze brushing against my bare bronzed thighs beneath my short white ruffled skirt. Danny’s favorite. He said it reminded him of a flower when I wore it. How he had to peel back the petals to get to the soft, wet center. I thought of this when I slipped it on this morning and then pulled illegal bahis on a thinly-strapped black tank top over my bare breasts. The air conditioning had hardened my nipples beneath the thin fabric and thankfully, once I stepped outside, they softened up.

I could sense Danny thinking the same thing about my skirt and I started to feel as moist as the blades of grass beneath my feet. My fingers began to play with the hem of my skirt, twisting it and pulling it up a bit. I became aware of the sun kissing my chest, wishing I could feel the same warmth on my breasts, revealing the nipples I had so wanted to conceal earlier.

Danny remained sitting in the swing twisting around a bit and then letting it snap back into position. His long wavy dark chocolate locks were perfectly messy and seemed to beg for my fingers to entwine with them. His thin but well-toned, gently bronzed body wore his old yellow t-shirt and worn out jeans as if he’d been wearing them forever and they had molded to his form. I loved that smooth part of his arm that peeked out from beneath his short sleeves. A hint of biceps. How many times had I kissed him there while we lay naked in his bedroom? And his shoulders. Strong, but soft. I wanted to ask him to take off his shirt so I could see them and, more importantly, feel them.

He parted his legs and I nestled between his denim-covered thighs, relishing the way the rough fabric felt against my silky skin. Danny’s hands slipped around my waist, partly under my top. His skin against mine ignited nerve endings in a domino effect throughout my body. That spot between my legs that he’d explored so many times already burned and itched for his attention. I placed my hands on his chest and leaned down to press my cherry-flavored glossed lips to his. Slowly, I felt his warm tongue dip into my mouth and his right hand moved up my shirt a bit.

He stopped for a moment and said, “My parents went shopping. They won’t be home for like an hour.” His eyes peered into mine hoping that I had understood what he was trying to say in his teenage tongue – “Let’s have sex.”

I answered by kissing him again, harder than before. This time my tongue slipped between his lips and I put my hand on his and guided it further up under my tank top. He was happy to discover there were no extra straps, wires or hooks keeping him from cupping his hands around my breasts. His thumb found my nipple and began to rub gently. I swore I could feel each and every ridge of his thumbprint brushing against the sensitive pink bud. His other hand slid down to my thigh and then moved up my skirt. He wrapped his fingers around to my ass, slipping them beneath the soft white cotton of my panties.

My hand found it’s way to the bulge in his jeans. He was so hard and it seemed as though his cock was emanating heat through his pants as I rubbed my hand against him. He lifted my shirt up so that his tongue could trace a path up to my breasts and illegal bahis siteleri circle my nipples, lapping at them like a cat laps up milk. He slowly stood up and backed me away from the splintered and rusted swing set towards the center of the lawn, laying me down on what felt like a million little green fingers tickling my skin. Danny pushed my tank top back up, it having fallen back down over my bare breasts, so that he could resume sucking on my rigid little buds. His hands went up under my skirt and tugged at my panties, quickly stripping them off me over my feet that had already lost their flip-flops. It felt nice to be exposed like that in the open air. The tips of grass twitched at my swollen pink clit as the lower part of my ass pressed against the moist ground, the blades of grass making indentations on the smooth skin.

Danny flipped up the front of my skirt and buried his head between my legs. His tongue sent shivers echoing through me as he skillfully did what I had taught him to do the last time we were in this position. He had never gone down on a girl before and he had sheepishly asked me to tell him if what he was doing was right. I smiled, feeling a bit pleased that I was more experience than he was. I’d only done it once before with a guy I’d met while on vacation with my parents the previous summer, but still.

Danny flicked the tip of his tongue against my delicate little pearl as I maneuvered him out of his t-shirt, flinging it a few feet away. He licked back and forth against my quivering lips, occasionally dipping into me. My thighs began to tremble and his hot mouth exploring my every crevice created a pang of pleasure mixed with the slightest bit of pain that enflamed my entire body.

He sensed this explosion within me and stopped. Danny’s mouth began a trail of passionate kisses from my inner thigh up to my stomach then my chest curving around to my neck and then up to my mouth. As he kissed me with all his strength, I could taste myself on his lips. I felt him trying to fumble with his fly with one hand while he held himself up with the other so that he wouldn’t put his entire weight on me. I stopped his struggling and took over, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly.

His cock sprung free and I looked down at it, ever amazed at the size and hardness of it. His was the only one I’d ever seen in the light and the only other one I’d ever come in contact with was that guy’s from last summer, but I could tell he was quite above average. I had teased him once about how all guys measured theirs and that I was sure he was lying when he insisted he hadn’t. I had grabbed a ruler jokingly to measure it and he had rolled over on top of me, pinning my hands down. He kissed me and as I felt him stiffen against my thigh, I let the ruler fall to the floor.

I helped him shimmy his jeans and boxers down to his knees. He looked into my eyes as if to ask if it were ok for him to continue. Just like canlı bahis siteleri he had the first time. I stared back at him and I felt him brush against my clit. He rubbed himself against my wetness, teasing me as he prepared to plunge inside me. And then, with a slow, careful movement, he slid into me. A small gasp slipped out of my mouth just as I had done the first time – every time. Somehow it always felt like a new sensation, that first entrance, the foreignness of the feeling.

Danny began to rhythmically move in and out of me, the velvety walls engulfing him with each thrust. His pumping increased speed and the friction was driving me insane. He gripped my legs, unwrapped them from his waist, and moved them so that the underside of my thighs were pressed against his bare chest and my feet were pointed straight up in the air. We’d never done that before, but I wished we had. It was as if he’d found some secret button hidden within me, like a self-destruct button, but destruction in a good way. My whole body spasmed with wave after wave of ecstasy.

But Danny was relentless and he continued pumping into me, harder and harder. With every stroke, I did my best to pull him deeper into me. I grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me and me towards him and I clenched him within me. His throbbing cock was tearing me apart and just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more, his muscles tensed and I felt him release inside me. He stayed inside me like that for a moment, trying to recover his senses. Eventually, he slowly slipped out of me and his cum oozed out, dribbling down to the curve of my ass and then dripping into the grass.

He dropped onto the ground next to me and sighed with relief. It was quiet for a few minutes while we both just stared up at the sky through the fluttering sunlit leaves hovering above us.

“I’ve been counting the minutes since I woke up this morning ‘til I could do that to you.” Danny smiled and turned his head toward me.

I looked back at him, returning the smile. “If I’d known that’s what I was in for, I would have been counting the minutes too.”

He laughed, sat up, and reached over to retrieve his t-shirt. I scanned the ground around me looking for my panties as he pulled on his t-shirt and then his boxers and jeans. I recovered my panties, stood up and slipped them back on followed by my flip-flops, and then I smoothed down my skirt and straightened out my tank top.

Danny was still lying on the ground, his head propped up by his hand looking up at me and smiling as he squinted at the sunlight. Suddenly, I heard the back door to the house open behind me and I instinctively swung around to acknowledge the sound.

“What are you guys doing out here? Why don’t you come inside and have some lunch?” Mrs. Miller called from the open door. She didn’t wait for a response, just went back inside and headed towards the kitchen. Mr. Miller had been standing just behind her and remained where he stood for a minute or so looking out at us through the glass door, me in particular.

As soon as Mr. Miller had walked away, I turned to Danny. “Do you think they know?”

“Nah,” he said with the cockiness of alls boys his age.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32