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Intro: This is a total work of my sick imagination. Any resemblance to the real world is just your imagination. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). Several years have passed since Jason’s dad died in a tragic industrial accident. But you know that because you read 1 & 2, right? I think my stuff runs a little long. Just keep reading. It’s worth it. Enjoy, naughty people.


Summer Heat Chapter Three

The Roadside Pioneer

“So, we’re going to see your girlfriend now. That’s rich.” Jason was a little disgusted. “Bitch Donna”.

“Please don’t call her that. She’s really sweet and she’s not ‘my girlfriend’. Just a good friend.”

“A good friend that you like to lick.” Jason retorted.

“Not as much as you think.” Shelby didn’t like telling personal stuff even to him. “Look, she got hurt pretty bad by her ex. Now she fends off men her age by acting bitchy. She’s only a little bit bi. I think she likes men more. She’s a wonderful, sweet lover but… I don’t want to tell details. I’ll just say most of time she just sleeps cuddling me and it’s damn nice.” Shelby was getting upset as she spoke. She stopped short of telling Jason that Donna often cried in her sleep and had bad dreams of her ex. “Look, just keep being nice to her. No matter what she says, be nice. Do it for me, OK? I think she likes you.”

“I’m call ‘bullshit’ on that” he barked. “Nobody that ‘likes you’, talks to you like that.”

“Just be patient and nice. If like is too strong a word, then let’s say she’s willing to tolerate your existence.”

“Oh, boy! She tolerates my existence! Book a church.” He paused, “I guess you can wear whatever you want, but if there is anybody around, try to keep your tits covered. OK?”

Shelby cracked a wry grin, “I’ll wear a bikini. Wear that little racing Speedo under some regular trunks.”

“What are you up to?”

“You look pretty good too, bro. I want to show you off.”

Donna Smith stood on the landing between second and first floors watching Shelby and her brother in the pool. She was thankful to see that Shelby was wearing an athletic style bikini. It was like the ones worn by volleyball players, very conservative for her friend. Jason was squatting down, taking Shelby’s foot in his hands, then standing and launching his petite sister high and far into the deep end of the hotel pool. She was amazed at how far Jason could throw Shelby. She was even more amazed by the flips and dives that Shelby was doing. She also noticed the muscles rippling on Jason’s back and shoulders with every launch. “They could take that act on the road.” She thought aloud. She hurried down to the lobby and into her tiny office. She wrapped a hotel towel around her vaporizer and went out to the pool.

When Shelby saw Donna walking around to the table they were using she started that way. “Wait a minute then come sit with us,” she said quietly to Jason.

Jason nodded in agreement. He paddled around in the deep end discretely watching the ladies. Shelby was cute in that bikini, but Donna was stunning in her business clothes. ‘Too bad she’s got that attitude,’ he thought to himself. The white pants on her long legs and round ass were sexy as hell.

Donna reached the table that Shelby had staked out. With her back to the building, she took a drag off the vaporizer as Shelby climbed out of the pool. She sat and watched her lover approach. The cool water had Selby’s nipples poking out and the material clung so that details were obvious. The bottom was pulled tightly into Shelby’s cleft with a bump in the valley displaying her clit underneath.

“Hey, pretty lady. I’ve missed you. I want to kiss you so bad right now I can’t stand it.” Shelby spoke quietly and did not act on her impulse, knowing she couldn’t for Donna’s sake. “How’s the vape thing working?”

“Hey, Baby.” Donna replied quietly. “Same here. I was glad you were covered then I saw you up close. The water is cold, I see.” Shelby clutched a towel to her chest. “You’ve also got a wild camel toe thing going, too.” She smiled and met Shelby’s gaze.

“You love it and you know it.” Shelby quipped and sat across the table.

“No more cigarettes and I’m rationing this vapor thing. I’ll quit soon, I hope. What are you drinking?” Donna asked.

“Cranberry surprise.”

Donna took Shelby’s big insulated cup and pulled two big swallows from the straw. She sat it back on the table coughing and clearing her throat. “I get the surprise. Surprised you can still taste the cranberry.” The girls laughed to each other.

Jason approached the steps out of the pool in time to hear Shelby, “Mom, I only had one drink’. I just don’t say it’s about a liter.” He climbed out of the pool trying for a dramatic exit only to get a horse laugh from his sister and a grin from Donna. “What, shrinkage?” he barked.

“Your tan lines wreck the whole look.” Shelby said grinning. Jason was tanned illegal bahis all over except for his thighs. They were usually covered by shorts. “You need to go to a tanning booth and just pull your pants down to your knees.” Shelby laughed loudly at his expense. Donna smiled but was silent.

“Hilarious.” Jason said as he circled around to the back of the table. The ladies were facing the pool, so he was essentially behind them. He dried himself and hid behind his sunglasses for a while.

“You should come over tonight. We can watch a movie or play cards or something.” Shelby said to Donna.

“You trying to get me in a strip poker game?” Donna asked with a smile.

“Oh, we play sophisticated games like go-fish, old-maid or crazy eights.” Shelby replied smiling.

“Shell cheats a crazy eight.” Jason spoke up. “Besides, strip poker is no good because she doesn’t care if she has clothes on or not.”

“True.” Donna added, looking a Shelby grinning.

“Oh, you two make it sound like I’m a nudist or some kind of exhibitionist or something!” Shelby looked at Donna who stared at her blankly. She turned around to look at Jason who nodded agreement. “Fuck y’all. Fuck y’all all to hell.” Shelby proclaimed slouching in her chair. Followed by a chuckle all around.

“I can’t anyway. I’m working tomorrow. Besides, I am meeting my dad for dinner then I’ve got to hurry home before dark. I’ve got a headlight out. I don’t know when I can get it fixed.” Donna said.

Jason spoke up. “You’ve still got that Chevy, don’t you? Easiest car in the world to change a light on. Bring it over. I’ll do it.”

“No, I can’t ask you to do that.” Donna protested. She felt some discomfort talking to Jason directly.

“Oh, bullshit. We’ll pick up the lamp at S-mart on the way home. You come by and we’ll put it in. Easy-peasy.” Jason extended the offer.

“Let him do it. He’s handy sometimes.” Shelby added.

They all sat quietly staring at the water for a while. Donna broke the silence, “I saw your friend, Freida at S-Mart the other day.”

“Oh, goddam. Will I never hear the end of that? We were both single and she looked fine that day. What’s the big deal?” Jason protested.

Donna turned around to Jason. “What are you going on about?” Danna asked in a stern voice.

“Wait, Jase. She doesn’t know about that. She was talking to me.” Shelby said.

“Are you kidding? Your brother had a roll with Freaky Freida!”

Jason blushed a sat silent. “Look you two, I want to say something and then the whole ‘Freida thing’ is history”. Shelby said firmly. “I told her to never come over again about a year ago. I told you she treated me like a whore.” Jason nodded that he remembered. “She really treated me like a whore. She offered me money to do something to her. I told her I’d do it for fun but not money. Then after she left, I found a hundred-dollar bill on my dresser. I cried all fucking night.” Shelby was getting upset. “I needed the money, so I kept it, but I told her to never come around me again.” Tears rolled from behind her sunglasses. “She wasn’t supposed to come over again, ever. And you’re too good for that skank. I’m not a whore. You guys know that. Don’t you?”

Jason sprang to his feet and over to his sister. He took her face in his hands. “Sis, I know that. You’re a free spirit and a bit over sexed but you are not a whore. I love you absolutely.” He kissed her cheek then forehead. Shelby smiled and hugged Jason. He walked over and fell into the pool.

“He’s the best guy I know.” Shelby said wiping her face.

“What did she want?” Donna asked, watching Jason’s ass walk away in the little speedo.

Shelby just made a fist and moved it in a piston pumping motion.

“A hundred for a fisting, huh?” Donna was looking at her and grinning. When Shelby looked back, “So, how much would you charge me for an all-nighter?” Both girls laughed loudly.

“Fuck off, my love.” Shelby said softy smiling. “God, I want you right now.”

Katherine heard her phone chime to announce a text on her way home. She waited until she was parked at home before reading,

[ Shelby Cell: >Mom. Check the fridge soon as you get home. Your loving children. LOL]

She did just that. Once out of the heat, she kicked off her shoes and went straight to the refrigerator. Inside was a large salad with strips of grilled chicken on it and a large rocks glass filled with ruby red liquid. Floating in the drink were three large ice cubes and a slice of lime. There was a note which read, “Add soda. Gone swimming. Back around 7:00. Love J & S.” Katherine took a sip and then complied. She poured a big splash of 7-Up into the drink. “Oh, yes. That’s better. Love those kids. I guess I’ll keep them.” She said aloud.

Katherine took her drink to her huge bedroom. She continued to sip the vodka-cran as she pealed out of her cloths. “Oh, that’s a good drink.” Half of it was gone by the time she was nude and ready for a shower. All afternoon illegal bahis siteleri she had a firm pressure high up in her bowels. Eating cottage cheese three days in a row has its side effects. Passing by the full-length mirror, she looked at herself. Katherine raised her drink and said, “Not bad, old woman.” She rubbed the pooch at the bottom of her tummy.

In the master bath, she prepared her apparatus with some warm water. One big squirt into her anus and she scampered to the toilet. A little water came out then two little balls. “Oh, we can do better than that.” Back in the bath, she set the water to just a trickle, inserted the nozzle in her ass and stood there. Katherine could feel the water slowly filling her and finding its way deep inside her. Suddenly her colon decided it was time to go. She was cramping hard but gingerly made her way back to the toilet. Katherine clinched her sphincter to keep from shitting the floor. Once at the throne, she was rewarded with relief. The water brought out long hard stones that were pleasurable with their exit. Back in the tub, she applied a couple more squirts of water to clean herself. She reached back to wash and feel of her anus. It was still dilated and loose. She slid two fingers into her gaping ass. Swishing her fingers around stimulated her tissues and felt wonderful. “Oh, you slutty little butt.” she said. Her late husband, Jason’s dad, had taught her about anal pleasures and she never looked back. Katherine rinsed off her body and dried.

Returning to the bedroom and finding her drink, Katherine stood in front of the mirror again. She sipped her drink and once again admired her figure. She could see the bulge in her belly had gone down. She admired the results of her work-outs. Posing and flexing, she had never been so pleased with her own body. She finished off the strong drink and began to feel it. The mirror was on a stand. She pulled it over to the bed and tilted the glass so that she could see herself well. Sitting on the bed, Katherine enjoyed inspecting her large pussy lips and clit. She pulled it wide open to see the bright pink inner folds. ‘I’ve got such a hot looking pussy,’ She thought.

Looking under the far side of the bed, she pulled a sweater box from underneath. Moving some sweaters onto the floor exposed her toy collection. “Hello boys. Miss me?” Katherine selected a large tapered dildo with a suction cup base and a butt plug that was two inches at its widest. With a little lube spread around her asshole, Katherine went back I front of the mirror. She lay on her side where she could see her ass. She pressed the plug into her hole. It took several tries before it popped inside. An instant of burn and a rush of pleasure shot from her hungry ass all the way up to her shoulders. She moaned with the pleasure as she popped the plug in and out. A rush of pleasure shot through her each time the widest point passed her intimate hole. After several cycles the burn was gone, and pure pleasure ensued. Finally, she left the plug in and stood in front of the mirror. With her legs spread and the mirror tilted back, she had a nice view of her crotch. Her pussy was wetting, and the base of the plug shown hanging from her ass. Katherine rubbed her swelling pussy with one hand and tapped the plug with the other.

As wonderful as this was feeling, still her body wanted more. She walked to the bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels, rolling her hips worked the butt plug around in her ass as she walked. She then collected an old dinner plate off the dresser, dumping the coins and assorted keys and clips onto the dresser. Katherine spread the towels on the corner of the bed. She then stuck the suction dildo to the plate and placed it on the corner of the bed, a trick she learned from a porn video. When everything was lined up with the mirror, Katherine slowly lowered her pelvis until the head of the dildo nestled into her lips. She watched and pressed as the realistic head popped into her pussy. She lowered until the shaft was half inside her. Slow oscillations on the phallus felt better and better. Creamy goo began to flow down the dildo as she got faster and harder in her ride. The pressure of the plug in her ass made her pussy tighter and pushed the dildo into her g-spot. Pressure built until Katherine had a welcomed orgasm as she sat hard on the dildo. “Oh, that was nice.” She raised up off the thing and dribbled sweet nectar onto the plate and towels.

Still standing in front of the mirror, Katherine dipped her fingers into her pussy and played with the goo and her swollen lips. She examined the stubble around her labia. She needed a shave, but could she have Shelby down there again? They both got so horny last time. Shelby kept pressing her clit. Katherine was sure it was deliberate. Could she look at Shelby’s pretty, little pussy again without plunging her fingers into her daughter? She pulled the plug from her ass. Again, it was a rush, so she shoved it in again then extracted it. Her canlı bahis siteleri ass hung there open. She saw the dildo still standing between her legs. She lowered herself until the rubber dong began to slide into her waiting rectum. When she was sure it was lined up proper, she sat down all the way until the base was slammed against her ass. Katherine’s hungry ass seemed to convulse in a pushing reflex. She sat down hard. “Oh, my sweet Danny, you made such an anal freak out of me. God, I love it.” She began to bounce on the dildo in her ass. She leaned back on her hands and watched in the mirror as the toy shucked in and out of her ass. Her filled ass compressed her vagina against her g-spot. She began to fuck in furious fashion. Still she couldn’t help thinking of Shelby’s beautiful body and dainty little pussy spread wide inches from her face. Oh, how sweet it would be to kiss her daughter’s pussy. Shelby’s pussy smelled so wonderful. Oh, to lick and suck on that pretty, little pussy.

Could it be that bad for a mom and daughter to share pleasure? Katherine bounced harder on the dildo. Her ass was loving the fucking. Cream was dripping from her pussy. “My children are so beautiful.” She thought. She rode steadily, fingering her pussy. Jason is so much like Dan. I wonder if his cock is like his dad’s. She worked her hips and thought of Jason’s cock always showing through those gym shorts he wore. “Come here baby. Help mommy and shove your cock in mommy. Let’s see if it feels like your dad’s.” Katherine was now going at a frantic pace. “My kids are so beautiful and sexy. How can they keep their hands off each other?” An image flashed into her head of Jason and Shelby entwined in an embrace with Jason’s cock buried in his sister, fucking passionately. Katherine exploded into an uncontrollable orgasm. She came so hard that she made sounds as if vomiting. A stream of cum shot from her pee-hole. She sat with such force that the plate broke under her. “Oh, God. Oh, no.” She climbed off the dildo and off the bed, careful not to cut herself. “Shit, I broke another one,” said aloud.

Katherine combed out her freshly washed hair in the bathroom mirror. Braless in a tight tee shirt, she saw her nipples poking out slightly. She rubbed them, “You naughty girls.” laughing. Her tight pink shorts were showing off the work she had put in at the gym. As the kids piled out of Jason’s truck in the drive, she stepped out onto the small balcony that formed the awning over the sliding door below. “Hey guys, where have you been?”

“In the pool at the Pioneer. We have beer and pizza.” Shelby answered smiling.

“You eat too much pizza.” Katherine answered. “You better not get Miss Donna in trouble.” She held up her empty glass. “Hey bartender. Why don’t you bring that up here and eat with me?”

Jason looked up smiling at his mom. She looked so fit and beautiful. He noticed her perfect “D” boobs with nips poking out and the hot pink camel toe of her shorts. ‘I wonder if they make an anti-Viagra?’ he thought.

“Shell, call or text Donna and see if she’s coming.” Jason was up early Friday. He was ready with the headlamps and tools. “Tell her it will only take two minutes.” Jason started a pot of coffee.

“Jase.” Shelby yelled on her way to the bathroom. “She’s uncomfortable with you doing this. I told her you already bought the bulb.” She ducked into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She emerged a minute later. “She just texted. She’s on her way. I asked you to be nice, but this is a bit much.”

“No, it’s not. It’s really nothing. Jason shrugged. “Ask her to pull down to the garage.”

Jason checked baseball scores with his coffee until he saw Donna’s maroon car pass the house and roll to the garage. He jumped up and headed out. He walked to the front of the car as Donna came there herself. “Can you pop the bonnet, please.”

“Do what?” Donna asked.

“Oh, pop the hood. I’ve been watching British car shows.” He replied. When she pulled the release and walked back to the front of the car, “Good morning. This will just take a minute. I’ll show you how easy it is.” ‘Why am I nervous? I’m babbling.’ He thought to himself. “All you need is a ten-millimeter wrench.” He went to the right headlight, spun out the two bolts and the headlight assembly rolled out into his hands. “Then this cover comes off with a twist.” He reached in and released the lamp. “Now you just unplug it and toss it out. The low beams are on the outside, brights toward the middle.” He plugged in the new lamp and took a tissue out of his pocket. “You wipe any dirt and fingerprints off, so the lamp will last longer.” Jason had it all back together in a minute. “Now the other one.”

“Only one was out. Why are you doing both?” Donna asked.

“It’s best to replace them in pairs. The other one will blow soon and it’s easy on your car. Shelby’s car is a bitch.” He replied.

Shelby and Katherine came to the garage together. They both hugged a greeted Donna with Shelby taking a slow kiss. “Good morning, Doll.”

“Donna it’s so nice to see you. You haven’t been around lately and when you were, I didn’t see you.” Katherine said. “You are welcome anytime. I’ve got to go. Come see us.”

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