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My summer vacation after graduation was going to be as exciting as I could possibly make it. My new step dad had asked me and my stepbrother to straighten up the garage over the summer, but other than that, we had the days to ourselves. We decided to work on it a couple hours each day instead of killing ourselves and doing it all at once. I was looking forward to spending some time around my new stepbrother…his dad and my mom had only gotten married a few months ago so living with two guys in the house was a big change to adjust to. Especially with an 18 year old stepbrother as gorgeous as Tommy was.

I started sprouting when I was 15 and by 18 I had filled out nicely. I had seen Tommy looking at me and I was pretty sure he thought I looked hot. My hair was a little longer than my shoulders and dark black. I have green eyes that I got from my dad and my breasts had grown nicely in the last year. I was sporting a 34C-25-34 body that I was very proud of and was in great shape from 4 years of field hockey and cheerleading. I had been teasing him a little over the past few weeks…leaving my door open when I changed, coming in to the kitchen after a shower with just a towel, wearing tight belly shirts…trying to get him to notice me and it seemed to be working. I had peeked into his bedroom one night and caught him masturbating. He was stroking himself through the sheets and though I didn’t get to see him naked down there, I went back to my room and fingered myself to an orgasm thinking about him.

I walked into the garage that morning, ready to get the days work out of the way. Tommy didn’t hear me right away when I came through the doorway from the house, so I asked what we were supposed to get done today. He kind of jumped and threw something into an open box at his feet and turned bright red.

“We can start stacking these boxes against the wall, I guess,” he said. I could tell by the way he was acting that I caught him in the middle of something.

“Sure, OK,” I said. I tilted my chin at the box at his feet. “So what’s in that one?” I asked.

Tommy looked down at the box and his face got even redder. “Just some of my dad’s old stuff,” he said.

“Can I take a look?” I asked. I started reaching for the box and Tommy bent down illegal bahis and pulled it away.

“It’s nothing you’d be interested in. It just kind of fell open when I tried to move it and I was putting the stuff back, that’s all.” I could tell he was very nervous about me seeing what was in the box.

“Oh, OK. No big deal. So where should we stack them then?” I asked. Tommy turned away to point to the back wall of the garage and I reached down and pulled the box towards me and opened the top.

At the top of the box was a huge stack of porn magazines. I could see a couple of Hustlers and Penthouse magazines in there, but there were also a lot of hardcore magazines, mostly one called Puritan, which was what Tommy had been looking at when I surprised him. The girl on the cover was naked on her knees with a guy standing over her naked. She was holding the tip of his cock in her teeth and smiling for the camera. There was another guy behind her and from the camera angle you could see most of his cock buried deep in her pussy.

“WOW,” I said and bent down to grab the magazine. I held it up and looked at the cover for a long time. I glanced up at Tommy who looked like he was bout to die. “How many of these are in here?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I just found them this morning. That one was on top. I didn’t look through the rest yet.” He was nervous and licked his lips. “What are you going to do?”

I bit on my lip and looked some more at the cover. The girl was really beautiful and seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. I looked back up at Tommy. “I think we should see how much more of this is in there.”

Tommy ‘s eyes got wide, but he bent over the box and began removing the contents. We decided to stack them up by title to see how much and what kind of stuff was in there. Once we pulled all the magazines out, we counted the piles. There were 7 Hustlers, 2 Playboys, 2 Penthouses and tons of Puritan magazines that had serious hardcore photography in them. We also found a surprise at the bottom of the box…about 10 video cassettes with no labels on them.

“Holy shit,” Tommy said. “I didn’t know all this was in here. Dad must have had this stuff for years.” He looked back in the box. “What do you thinks on the tapes?” he illegal bahis siteleri asked.

“I bet it’s more of the same,” I said. “Look at some of these magazines though.” I picked up another copy of the Puritan magazine and flipped through it. I stopped at a picture of a gorgeous red head bent backwards over the top of a couch with a cock slid deep into her pussy. She was squeezing her tits and looking at the camera while she bit and licked her thumb. In another picture, she was in a 69 position with the guys tongue in her pussy. She had her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. I looked closer and saw that he had a finger in her ass. I bit my lip. “That looks hot,” I said.

Tommy looked over my shoulder and he smiled. “She sure looks like she’s enjoying it, doesn’t she?” he asked. I nodded and couldn’t take my eyes of the picture. You could tell by the saliva streaks on his cock that she had taken almost the whole thing in her mouth. I turned the page and here was a picture of him cuming all over her tits. She was smiling while she licked at some of the cum on the top of her tits. Tommy snorted a laugh. “Yeah…definitely say she liked it.”

We both sat down and began paging through different magazines. Tommy was wearing a pair of loose sweat pants, but I could still see how hard his cock was getting. When he thought I wasn’t looking, he would touch himself and give it a few strokes through his sweat pants. We looked at the magazines most of the day and would show each other pictures that we thought were hot. I could feel my heart beating in my chest and my pussy was throbbing with every beat. My nipples were pushing hard against my t-shirt and I was moving around a lot just to get the sensation of them rubbing against the cotton. He kept remarking how hot the girls looked and how neatly trimmed they were. I could tell he was still nervous…he wouldn’t even say the word pussy until I got bold and said how big on of the guys cocks was. He looked at the picture and got a little red. Then he held up a picture he was looking at of a girl sitting in a chair facing the camera with her legs spread wide sucking on a guys dick. “Look how she trims her p-pussy,” he said and blushed a little more. He pulled the picture back and looked at it again. canlı bahis siteleri I could see his cock twitch in his sweat pants. “God, she’s fucking hot.”

I looked up at the clock on the wall over his dads work bench. My mom would be home from work in about 20 minutes. I tossed the magazine I was looking at back in the box and started putting the rest of the magazines back. “Mom’s going to be home soon. We better try and make it look like we did something today.”

“What should we do with the box?” he asked.

I looked around. “Let’s put it under the workbench back there so we know where to find it,” I said. Tommy grinned and helped me pack things up and then we stacked as many boxes as we could before my mom pulled up in the driveway.

All night long, I could feel Tommy staring at me. I was laying on the floor watching TV and I would roll around and stretch when I knew he was looking. I’d get myself into some of the positions that we had looked at in the magazines all day and when I’d look over at him, he would blush, but also smile, then look away. I’d laugh a little to make him think I was just joking, but I also got a thrill when he had to grab a throw pillow and use it to hide his erection. Before turning in, I decided to take a bath. While I was in the tub, I thought about how much Tommy had liked that girls trimmed pussy in the picture. She was mostly bare with a small patch at the top of her pussy. I picked up the razor that I shave my legs with and went to work. By the time I was done, my pussy looked just like the girls from the picture. I was so wet from the water and my juices and it felt so good to touch it…the skin was so smooth. I rubbed my fingers over my pussy and clit a few more times, liking the feel of it, then crawled out of the tub, dried off and headed for my room.

When I got to my room, I took the towel off and sat on the bed looking at myself in the mirror over my dresser. I started to get in some of the poses that I had seen in the magazines…holding my tits and spreading my legs wide, admiring my newly shaved pussy. I thought I looked pretty hot…as good as some of the girls in the magazines even. I slid my hand under my ass and pushed a finger in my pussy with one hand while I pulled my left tit up and tongued my nipple…it was one of the poses Tommy showed me that he thought looked hot. I heard my mom say goodnight to my dad downstairs and when I glanced over at my room door, I just caught it closing slowly. I knew Tommy had been watching me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32