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Another entry from the diary of the Viking
To guard my memories from the ravages of time

It had been a hot sunny day. You were expecting me. The night before we had talked about all the wonderful possibilities. I was wearing no underwear just like you had asked. The denim and zipper felt hard and rough against my swelling cock. It had been a long week. You had been so busy that you had no time for me and I had been all over working on various projects. The life of a consultant is not easy with 10 bosses who all think their project is the most important problem in the world. The idea of an evening with your undivided attention and no other distractions caused my cock to twitch. The anticipation during the drive over was wonderful in an awful sort of way.

At last, I was at your door. Looking back, if I had been thinking with my other head, you know the one on my shoulders, not the one in my pants, I would have realized that fate has a way of stacking the deck against horney men.

When I knocked, you did not answer. I rang the bell twice. I heard movement. You were home. I had not been stood up. My heart soared. You looked through the Judas and opened the door. You were bright red, almost as red as your swimming suit. You looked in great pain. Your eyes were moist. It hurt to look at you. My dreams evaporated instantly under the intense heat of your sunburn.

If you had not been in such pain, you would have been the perfect sight for my lusting eyes. Your bright red suit covered even less than I had dreamed. Your tan lines had always seemed larger than this suit looked. The top was just two little triangles of fabric that covered your nipples and the soft mounts of your breasts. These were connected to a tight cord that tied in back and behind your neck. The bottom was more like a thong that I would have expected an exotic güvenilir bahis dancer to wear. It was hard to say it covered the subject. There was just a small patch of fabric in front that tapered to a cord to run around back. You had never let me see you in this suit, claiming that every woman needed some secrets. I had always thought this amusing, given that I had seen you naked, that I had feasted on your treasures, and that we had shared some most intimate moments.

However, at this moment, I had to agree. You seemed more naked and sexy in this suit than when you had let me seek my release deep in your pussy doggy style the first time. I will always remember the way you encouraged me to press hard and then harder….your primal drive had been awesome. My cock had been so hard. My cum was so big. I had flooded your pussy to over flowing. I had felt 18 again. And then you had made me lie down next to you and snuggle while we both basked in the pleasure of the moment. (But that was another time).

I was at a loss. Here before me was my love goddess, so sexy, yet in so much pain. I new better than to even touch you. You were rattling on about how you intended to just get a little sun. You wanted a little color before our trip to Mexico. You had fallen asleep and had managed to burn both sides. I had woken you with the doorbell. I followed most of what you said but your expression said it all. I knew you wanted to please me. I knew that you loved it even more when I pleased you. The evening looked blown.

I asked if you going to invite me in. I treasured the view of you in this suit but I did not want to share it with every neighbor. You had already complained to me about how men hit on you, just because you are beautiful. You gingerly closed the door. I could tell that even walking was uncomfortable.

At that moment, I knew what türkçe bahis I needed to do. I needed to put my lust aside and take care of you. I asked if you had any aloe lotion. After learning that you did and that your bed was made with your satin sheets (another wonderful memory…but that too is another story), I send you off to bed. The doctor was in. You gave me a grim smile and headed towards the bedroom.

It had taken me a few minutes in your kitchen to make some iced tea. It was hard to find the aloe in your bathroom among all the beauty secrets. Ultimately, the bright green color had saved the day. Now suitable armed and appropriately focused I headed towards the bedroom. Needless to say my little friend was back to his more normal size. I needed to care for you. You were hurting. I almost felt noble.

You looked so lovely. Your back was towards me. Your ass cheeks were almost glowing in the half darkness. You gratefully accepted the iced tea sweetened with fake sugar just like I had seen you make it. You smiled thanks. I asked which side first. In answer, you laid down on your tummy.

I began gently applying the aloe on your feet and legs. I moved to your arms and back. I gently untied the cords on your suit to avoid pulling on them. You purred softly as the aloe cooled the fire of your sunburn. You asked me to apply another layer. I was happy to comply. Your sweet softness was one of the things I liked most about loving you.

When I finished, you turned over leaving the top of the suit on the bed with a grin. And then you shed the thong too. You told me I was a lot less than half done. I began applying the aloe. You chided me for missing your tits. I justified my missing them by saying aloe tastes bad. Your look was priceless. I had known for a while that we had a special bond. But there it was again, a feeling, a feeling güvenilir bahis siteleri that we had been and were destined to be lovers through all time.

I straddled one leg using my knee to gently dry hump your pussy. I ground my knee into your pussy causing you to purr and relax. My big hands caressed all of your body and coated you generously with aloe. Your fiery glow was changing to the soft glow of passion. The tension flowed out of your body as the fire cooled.

As I finished coating your body except your nipples and your face, I leaned forward and licked one nipple and then the other…I chuckled, “toasted to perfection”. You laughed and pulled my face down hard on your tits. I suckled gently supporting my weight so as not to touch your sensitive body.

When you began undoing my shirt, I knew I was going to get more than lucky. We had gotten beyond just sex many weeks before. We were learning to care for one another and to be there for one another. This was just another example.

The zipper on my pants got stuck and I needed to help. Soon I was naked before you. My cock was rising. I was soaring in anticipation. You pulled yourself around on all fours. You looked back at me with a wink. I knew what you wanted. I slid beyond you and positioned my cock. Your pussy was wet. I started to slide in and you pushed back to take me in. We settled quickly in a gentle rhythm. In and out without touching. It was like you were reading my mind.

I could feel my loins tightening. I was getting close. You pushed back harder willing me to come without saying a word. I moaned and grunted my release, filling your pussy with my hot seed. It was wonderful. I lied down next to you content and happy that you were smiling. I resisted the temptation to pull you into my arms.

Looking in your face, I knew that we were destined for more. However, I did not expect it to be so soon. When you began caressing my cock, I was surprised. When you moved to straddle me I was thrilled. I still remember the feeling of release that came when we both came that night.

Sleep well my love.

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