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Rolling over and staring at the clock. 7:15 The numbers a bright red reminder that it was Sunday morning… OUR Sunday morning. Both working full time jobs we always tried to make as much time for each other as we possibly could. We were both off on Sundays so we made it our day. I would usually wake up before she did (she’s quite the sleeper) and would just watch her. It became a nice routine.

7:20 My favorite way to wake her up would be to start kissing up her calf my lips pressing over her warm soft skin. By the time I would get to her inner thigh she would be awake smiling down at me knowing that another Sunday morning had arrived. The red numbers ticking away slowly rolling back over to the empty side of the bed where she was supposed to be. 7:27 Her work schedule changed. Our perfect little plan stopped dead in its tracks every third Sunday.

7:33 A few times I am able to get myself back asleep. Most times I lay in bed restless my mind racing remembering all those Sunday’s past and the things we did. The same result every time all revved up and no place to go. Not this time I thought to myself.

7:51 Quickly springing out of bed I race to the shower. Throwing on some clothes I grab my car keys sending her a quick text. “Cumming to see you xx.” Searching around the store searching her out my eyes fixated on her. Walking up behind her I Slide my arms around her kissing her neck and whisper in her ear “Hi sweetstuff I missed you.”

8:45 She is startled at first, turning in my arms she faces me her smile spread out across her face placing her wet soft lips against mine. “What are you doing here?” I grab her hand and don’t say a work.. looking around the store I led her up the stairs to the breakroom. Knowing not many of her coworkers will be in this early my plan going smoothly. Kicking the bathroom door open and illegal bahis pulling her inside. She asks again “What are we doing??”

I press her up against the door pushing myself against her I smile “Its Sunday Morning baby…” My lips attack hers suddenly biting and sucking them. My hands running up her sides under her top. Her hands reach for mine trying to stop me before she succumbs to my will breaking the kiss to slide her shirt over her head. My fingers quickly undo the snap on her bra and it quickly joins her shirt. I take my hands and cup her big, firm tits and squeeze sending chills through her body.

As she lets out a soft moan she starts to protest. “Oh my god baby you are so going to get my fired.” Her nipples tell a different story as her body begins to betray her mind. My lips close over her hard nipple as I squeeze one tit and suck on the other. She pulls my shirt up from the back her nails dragging against my skin. Knowing I am going to get my way ( I usually do cause she loves me) she pushes me into a stall until I am sitting down you kneels in front of me unbuttoning my jeans pulling them down along with my boxer shorts my already hard cock springs forward.

Her eyes glisten at the sight of my throbbing shaft and she catches the head between her lips and sucks hard. My hands on the side of the stall slowly make their way to the back of her head as she trails her talented tongue down the base deep throating me completely holding her there till she gags hard. Letting her up she forces her mouth back down over and over again sucking my cock and squeezing my balls. She finally lifts her head from my lap her chin glistening with saliva. She looks at me and says “My turn.”

Pulling me up I know exactly what she means. She is already shaking her hips from side to side sliding her jeans and thongs down illegal bahis siteleri kicking them to the side. My eyes fixated on her ass as she walks past me and jumps up on the counter. Her heavy tits bouncing as she does. Her legs spread and her fingers go to work on her clit. Stroking it pulling on it I watch it grow seeing it start to pulsate on its own. With a simple phrase in her sexy growl she commands me, “Suck my fucking minidick!!” I dive right in taking it between my lips working it up and down. The “head” throbs and my tongue presses against her. Her cunt already dripping wet easily allowing two of my fingers inside. She pulls my hair pulling my head back and looks down at me. “Say it” she says.

My immediate response “I love sucking on your minidick.” She forces my head back against her and I restart my sucking motion it isnt long before she start to hump against my face forcing her minidick into my mouth. Her orgasm is trigged soon after as I press a finger from my free hand into her asshole. Screaming out she’s cumming into my mouth.

Breathlessly she says. “Again”

As her third orgasm subsides she pulls me up to kiss her. She moans tasting herself on my lips we savor the taste together before she breaks the kiss and looks be in the eyes and tells me to fuck her. My hands on her hips pulling her to the edge of the counter my cock at the perfect height I slam forward my cock disappearing into her cunt with a single hard thrust. Her legs wrapping around me pulling me back into her I start to fuck her hard and fast. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she begs and I do.

Pounding her cunt over and over again my eyes fixed on her. Hers on mine I cup her tits and squeeze hard digging my nails as they bounce up and down. Her head snaps back as I begin to stretch her nipples out from her body. “I love you canlı bahis siteleri baby,” I tell her as my cock pistons in and out of her her ass slapping against the counter and she screams again as she cums pushing me away as she starts to squirt drenching me with her juices.

“Fuck me from behind baby,” she tell me and I gladly oblige. Bending her over squishing her tits into the counter watching ourselves in the mirror. Raising my hand I smack her ass sharply causing her to arch her back.

Slamming my cock back into her my hands on her hips pulling her back onto my dick. “I love the way your cunt feels on my dick baby,” is what I whisper into her ear as I lean forward forcing my cock deep into her. Her plea’s of me to fuck her return. My cock soaked with juices I pound harder my thighs slapping against her ass as she begins to push back towards me. Forcing every inch of my cock into her.

My pace quickens and she knows I am close to cumming. She looks back at me and says “Cum with me baby I want to feel you explode in my cunt. Fuck me hard and cum in my cunt. Scream my name baby fuck me CUMMM.”

Her last and most powerful orgasm hits. Her walls spasm and quiver gripping my cock my balls tighten then explode sending stream after stream inside her “MADISONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!” Is all I can muster as the sweat drips down off my forehead onto the small over her back. Holding her in my arms I kiss her tenderly. “Mmmm god I love you baby.”

She smiles and kisses me back giggling and tells me, “MMmm morning baby. I love you too,” she tells me as she begins pulling her pants back on. “Make sure no one is out there.r as she starts to get dressed.

“We’re good,” I tell her rebuttoning my jeans and pulling my shirt back on. Turning back in time to catch a glimpse of the girls before you puts her bra back on. She looks at me and smiles she throws my shoes at me pretending she is mad I take her back into my arms and kiss her long and hard. “Now thats a Sunday morning,” I tell her.

She kisses me back and says ” Mhmmm but what are we doing for lunch…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32