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Slowly you turn me over and return to your position between my legs. I reach out for you.

“Come here?”

“In a minute, I like it here.”, you say smirking and gently knocking my hands away from you.

You know there’s a bit of me still unused to being this exposed and I would rather have you on top of me.

You’re not sure for a tiny moment where to start. You rest your hands on my knees as you decide, looking me over. My eyes are on you, my chest rises and falls as I try to regain my composure and my nipples are pointing towards the ceiling, hard as always. You run your hands slowly over my thighs, contemplating not stopping when you reach the top. You can see how wet and inviting my pussy looks. Your cock is oozing and pushing against your boxers too, everything calling for attention.

You decide not to stop when you hands get to the top of my thighs. Instead, you lean forward a little and allow your thumbs to touch me, opening me, allowing your tongue easy access to my slick hard clit as you close your mouth over me, licking and sucking teasingly slowly. My back arches, willing you to go harder, faster and i moan slightly, clenching my fists against the sheets.

You raise your eyes to mine. You won’t be rushed because you love to see me worked up and desperate for more so if anything you decide to slow down further. You break away for a moment and grab the ice cream tub. It’s not empty but what’s left is melted.

“Close your eyes” You say softly.

I do as I’m told and hold my breath as your pour a wiggly line of liquid ice cream over my breasts and straight down to my hot pussy, filling my belly button on the way. My nipples ache to be touched now and as you return your attention to lapping the ice cream from the dripping folds of my sex, I touch them myself rubbing the cold ice cream back and forth over my whole breast and squeezing my nipples. Again you feel my back arching, asking for more, again you hear gasps and moans and find my eyes with yours.

“Anyone would think you were desperate, babe” you say, laughing.

I stick my tongue out at you.

“Now there’s an idea” You whisper against my skin.

You begin licking upwards, dipping your canlı bahis şirketaleri tongue into my belly button before coming up towards my breasts.

I frown when you stop short and pull away from me, getting off the bed. But then you step out of your boxers and I see your hard cock, shining with precum and I smile at you again.

I sit up and swing my legs down off the bed . You step forward and I put my arms out to you, but rather than presenting your cock to my mouth, you get down on your knees between my legs. As we kiss i hold you firmly between my thighs and my arms are around your neck, pulling you closer. My breasts feel sticky with ice cream and hot pushed up against your chest. You put your hands on my ass and pull me right to the edge of the bed, now there’s no air between us and your erection is pushing against me, bruising me. I am so desperate to feel you inside me. I try to move a little to feel your cock push against my clit which is longing for more attention, knowing you will slide easily in the wetness and be enveloped by my sex. You hold me in place, kissing me harder and deeper, bringing your hands up to bury them in my hair.

“Please” I ask, gasping for breath.

“Not yet”

You ease your hold of me and dip to take a nipple in your mouth, nipping a little with your teeth and making me jolt. Only when you feel each nipple has received enough licking, nibbling and sucking and I’m again, arching my back, gasping and moaning, do you pull away and stand up.

I waste no time in taking your thick cock in my hand and hungrily guiding as much as I can handle into my mouth. Usually I would begin by slowly licking and kissing you, gradually taking you in my mouth little at a time, working up to taking longer deeper strokes. Tonight I have to force myself to slow down. You have taken such a long time pleasuring me, I want to make you equally lightheaded and longing to cum. I take a calming deep breath and resume slowly sucking whilst holding you with a gentle pressure. You pull my hair away from my face and hold it in place with your hands behind my head. You watch your cock slowly moving in and out of my mouth and try to the resist the urge to pull canlı kaçak iddaa my head forward and thrust harder. You are very ready to fuck me already but you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you.

You close your eyes and now it’s your turn to steady your breathing as my tongue swirls around your rigid shaft. You inhale the smell of sex and cocoa butter in the room. You breathe slowly, noting the Kings of Leon ‘I want you’ on the iPod and thinking how perfect your song selection is. This feels perfect- right now, here in my room, with your cock in my mouth, keeping you close to cumming.

You know that watching could push you over the edge but eventually you open your eyes to see me with one hand on your cock, one hand between my legs and your balls tighten even more.

“I’m desperate now too” you say.

“Perfect” I respond, smiling.

I release my grip on you and allow you to pull me to my feet and into your arms. As we kiss you bring my wet fingers up for us both to suck and taste while you slip your own finger between my legs and inside me for the first time. I whimper into your mouth making you smile and you thrust into me a little more firmly before withdrawing it completely and telling me to turn around.

You let me move but continue to hold me closely against you, taking my full breasts in your hands and twisting my nipples with your fingers. Your saliva covered cock is pressed against me, your mouth is on my neck licking and biting at me. You bend me forward and I part my legs. One hand moves down to my hips, holding me still. With the other you take your cock in your hand, and with your fingers in a ring around the base, you ever so slowly push into my dripping wet, tight, pussy, filling me. I am barely breathing, holding my breath loving the sensation of finally having you inside me. Excruciatingly slowly you stroke into me as I bend even further forward allowing you easier, deeper penetration until I can feel a bump against my cervix each time.

This view is one of your favourites. A full view of my ass and the position makes my waist look tiny. It crosses your mind that you could pull out and wank your cock to cum all over my back. Not yet, you tell yourself, canlı kaçak bahis you don’t want to waste a minute that you could be inside me, now you’ve waited this long. You allow yourself a few firmer, quicker strokes before withdrawing and coming to sit where I had been earlier, on the edge of the bed. With a knowing unspoken exchange, I straddle you.

You’re leaning back, supported by your arms behind you. I grip your shoulders to steady myself as I move, gently easing myself up and down and rolling my hips a little. You feel each tiny movement. My inner muscles clench and tighten around you with more intensity as I take a hand away from your shoulder and slide it between us, starting to circle my clit.

My eyes close, breaking contact with yours but allowing you a second to watch the movement of my breasts and lip biting concentration on my face. You can feel how close to cumming I am.

“Fuck” I whisper “That feels so fucking amazing. I need to cum”

“That’s right Babe. Fuck me harder. Do it now!”

Your words push me over the edge and I cum, pulsing around your cock, making you all the more desperate for your own release.

I cling to you, trembling and breathing heavily on your neck but before I can recover youre moving me on to my back beneath you on the bed. Your weight is on top of me. Your tongue is in my mouth as you slide into me again. With your lips never leaving mine, you grind against my hypersensitive sex with increasing pressure. My arms are around your neck, holding you close to me. Your breath is short and your forehead beads with sweat. You’re close again now.

“I love these tits.” you say, taking one in your hand.

“Enough to cum on them?”

“God yes!”

You don’t need any more encouraging.

You withdraw, reposition yourself and I watch as you take your hard cock in your hand. Your climax is instant, splashing my soft breasts and hard nipples as you continue to wank slowly until the spasms subside. You see my fingers rubbing your cum further across my tits, over my nipples and into my mouth to be sucked clean. I repeat my movements and offer my finger to your mouth instead. Of course you accept it, holding my eye contact as you taste your cum before we kiss again. “You’re gorgeous” you say.

“You’re a great fuck” I answer, giggling.

You bite at my lip and shut me up pretty quickly by kissing me with more intensity than I expect.

“I’m not done with you yet Babe”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32