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Chapter 74 — In the Shade of a Blooming Maiden’s Legs

In December, at our private English center here in Vietnam, we were changing the whole curriculum and also the sets of books we were using, which required weekly meetings of all staff members. While I was still thinking of Linh and, particularly, her mother Yen, I saw Mira frequently in the mornings. Mira was a young Filipina, who I had started an affair with at work. Several afternoons last fall, we had met in her room, which was in the shorter wing of the L-shaped school.

Mira was 23 or 24 and bisexual, and over the last three months, I had warmed her up to proper intercourse, after she had only had engaged in oral sex with her former girl- and boyfriends. Mira was still waiting for her girlfriend Carol—another of our young Filipina teachers—to return from the Philippines, where she had been stuck for ten months now because of the whole Corona-situation. Mira and Carol had shared a room here at our school, and it hadn’t taken long for the rather adventurous Mira to coax her more bashful friend into a sexual relationship. Eager for Carol’s return, Mira had told me though that she wanted to ‘wait till Carol was back’ for our relationship to continue.

I found Mira’s ‘chastity vow’ strange, silly, and completely unnecessary, however: First, Mira and Carol weren’t married; as far as I knew, Carol had a boyfriend in the Philippines. And then, Mira didn’t have to tell her that we sometimes met in her chambers. And, last but not least, I doubted that once Carol was back, she would agree to have sex with me and Mira together, as Mira seemed to be hoping. But since I had just had two incredibly rousing and satisfying afternoons with Linh and her mother, I wasn’t going to beg Mira to continue our relationship, especially since my affair with Yen was going well and was to continue for a bit, as far as I could see.

As much as I wanted to keep my cool towards Mira, however, last week I had seen a girl or young woman scurrying through dozens of densely-packed students in the courtyard downstairs, while I was smoking on the fourth floor balcony. That cute, young person had been wearing a tight, white-and-blue T-shirt—like Vietnamese students—and an even tighter, very fashionable grey mini-skirt, which would have been unlikely for Vietnamese girls, though. But just when I had thought to myself that this young woman was rather hot, I realized that it had been Mira. As cool, calm, and collected as I had promised myself to remain: the sheer sight of her — even though it had been from a weird angle from several floors above — had stirred my blood and cock.

And when she had sat in last week’s morning meeting in her simple grey T-shirt and black sports shorts, my desire had made me almost nauseous. I had deliberately arrived late, as those meetings never started on time, and so was able to pick a seat from where I could ogle her well. I only listened with one ear but remained completely transfixed on her slim, muscular, naked thighs. I wanted to squeeze, lick, and bite them and then sink my mouth and dick into her young, lithe body. Yet, after the meeting, she was standing among a bunch of Filipinos outside the meeting room and only shook her head, telling me not to come up to her room.

Well, as I had almost fallen in love with Yen, Linh’s mother, my eagerness to see Mira had somewhat subsided, but, still, her thighs and supple figure were driving me insane from time to time. Once, a week or so ago, I had seen her in red little sports shorts in the kitchen on my way up, and I almost grabbed her, but Elizabeth was standing next to her. So, I pulled my affair with her to the front burner again, as the sight out her little thighs basking in the neon light of the conference room was one of the hottest moments of the whole year. I had almost fallen off my chair when my trained eye had also noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. And once during the meeting, she also had turned towards me and licked her lips lasciviously. After it was over, I ended up going to my classroom to jerk off, which I rarely do; but that’s how serious it was.

Well, perhaps Mira wasn’t feeling right the day of the previous meeting, or she didn’t want to risk anyone seeing us going into her room. Although, we could have worked that, I was sure. Well, anyway, it was too late now, and at yesterday’s meeting she hadn’t looked as hot in her long pants and sweater. She had, also, sat down in the middle of the last row, with her back against the wall, so there wasn’t really a chance for me to gawk at her. The best I could do was to sit next to her friend Elizabeth—yes, the one with the gorgeous thighs—and exchange at least some glances past Eliz. However, against all expectations, Mira whispered ‘Tomorrow morning?’ past her friend, and I was back on Cloud Nine. I nodded and showed her ‘half-ten’ with my fingers and lips behind Eliz’ back.

When I was teaching my student Nhat the following morning, Mira called me on Skype. Nhat was writing, and I was sitting across from her, but at least ten feet away. My computer illegal bahis was already muted, luckily. Mira was still in bed and was using her phone for the call, which she was holding above her body, so that I could see her red satin pajamas. She had opened (or not closed to begin with) the three upper buttons so that I could see the onset of her small breasts. She was lolling lasciviously but didn’t seem to want to go further, which was probably for the better. At some point, she just said she would stay in bed until I arrived. The door would be open, and I should to do ‘whatever I wanted’, which sounded a tad cryptic, but Nhat was asking me something right at that moment, so I just ended the call.

Nhat and I kept working but talked a lot during that class, so that I kinda forgot about Mira, until the bell rang. Mira and I had already spent one morning in her bed, so I was sure that, somehow, it would be good. I had actually deflowered her one afternoon two months ago. Like I said, Mira had had sexual relationships with both, men and women, but had only resorted to oral sex. She was also pretty conscious of her large clit, which had prevented her from offering her young body with impunity. Today, she seemed pretty horny, though, but I was sure that she would tell me that this was our last meeting before Carol would be back next month. Promiscuity and bisexuality were looked down upon in the Catholic Philippines, and I knew Mira was suffering from being ostracized by her Filipino colleagues.

When Nhat, my student, left around nine-thirty, I smoked a ciggie and then moseyed down to the third floor, where Mira’ room was. I checked if anyone was in sight while pressing the door handle but there was no one, as it was a grey and nippy morning. The door opened and I went in. It took me a while to get used to the darkness of her room; the curtains were drawn. I saw that Mira was lying on her back but had covered her legs only to about two thirds up her thighs. She had taken off her pajama pants but kept the jacket on. I saw her belly heaving—so she was still alive—but below the hem of her PJ top glistened her cute, pitch-black bush—framed by the green blanket that covered her legs and the red pajama top. Together with her light skin, that was quite an arrangement. Her midsection looked like the hottest Christmas present ever.

She had pulled another blanket over her head and seemed to be saying: ‘Here’s what you want. Take it! Enjoy!’ Of course, I instantly loved the idea but wasn’t entirely sure if I wasn’t misreading the situation. But everything seemed carefully arranged; it was not that she had just passed out and the blankets had arranged themselves like that accidentally. Slowly, I stepped closer, mesmerized by what I saw. Yen’s butt, when she had kneeled on the chair last week in her kitchen had been as powerful as Mira’s snatch here, but Mira’s fluffy little bush here was quite a sight to behold. Goodness gracious me! That was slick, I said to myself, smacking my lips.

Mira’s tantalizing fragrant bush, which wasn’t much more than four or five square inches big, isolated from the rest of her sporty, lithe body. Exposed like a piece of art. Like I was gaga and, otherwise, wouldn’t have known what truly mattered. That salacious little bitch! The longer I was looking at the arrangement, the more it turned me on, but I still asked myself what it meant. Mira liked chatting and laughing, and she had a charming young face with a beguiling smile, especially now that she had had her braces removed. And we liked to kiss. But now she was hiding everything, apart from her midsection, apart from her bush and pussy.

It occurred to me that this was perhaps her way of getting around her bad conscience regarding Carol: hiding her face, Mira wasn’t offering her whole person, as her soul wasn’t involved, purportedly. Or it was more trivial and she was just too sleepy from working too much and now just wanted a hassle-free bang for her buck? And, as a bisexual woman, she understood enough of the male psyche to know that ‘sex with no frills’ could definitely be enticing. I had always found it hot when a woman told me ‘You can do whatever you want’, even though that hadn’t happened very often. Only two Micronesian girls had ever said that to me, actually.

Anyway, I admired Mira already for the idea to invite me to mount her in such an alluring way and sat down next to her on the bed. I unbuttoned her top first and put the fabric to the sides. Briefly, I thought she might throw off the blanket any moment to startle me, and my heart began to beat faster. It was like in a thriller or a chamber play, and, frankly, as pale as she was, she also reminded me of a corpse, even though I had never seen one in real life. But I could hear and see that she was still breathing. I even thought that I could feel the warmth of her night here next to me and felt like cuddling her. A warm Christmas-feeling washed all over me.

Looking at her breasts closely, I saw that her nipples were already stiff. Perhaps she had masturbated a bit earlier. Her legs were still closed but illegal bahis siteleri when she heard me undressing, she opened them a bit. I saw her large clit sticking out from the slim folds of her lips but I wasn’t sure if there was some nectar, as the room was too dark. So, I just sat down again next to her legs, removed the one blanket with which she was covering them, and began to caress her thighs with my fingertips. Her miniature bush with its soft, fluffy, black hair started to heave, just like her belly was.

Mira’s tits were really small and flat, like tiny cushions. But her nipples seemed to have grown even longer during the last two minutes. They were more than an-inch-and-a-half long and pointing at the ceiling. I kissed her bellybutton ever so slightly, rolled my tongue around it, and then watched the goosebumps develop. I presumed she didn’t want to be tickled, as that would have ruined the whole arrangement as well as the plan to just get banged, and so I circled the tender flesh in front of me with my lips and tongue, admired the blood vessels through her waxy skin, before I began to suck her tiny titties. After a while, she reared up for a split-second before she caught herself again and lied back down flat on her back. She clearly was enjoying the treatment. It was hot to experience her presenting herself without compromise, but she knew that she didn’t have anything to fear.

I briefly mused for how long she might have had this fantasy but decided not to ask her, of course. And, again, perhaps she was just too lazy to actively engage in some sort of love-play. Mira worked seven days a week; if she wasn’t teaching at our center, she taught online classes to support her family in the Philippines. Anyway, everything was good and could only end well. She knew I would eventually fuck her and, obviously, didn’t mind. When I took one of her nipples in my mouth again, I heard a first quiet sigh under the blanket.

My dick was swelling, naturally. It had quietly pumped itself up during my reveries and was, in principle, ready to go in. But, of course, it was too early for that. So I caressed her thighs some more, after I had sat down next to her hips again. I looked at her body like a piece of art, and tried to lure her clit out from its comfortable hiding place. Mira’s whole body started to twitch, like I had held two wires to it. And, lo and behold, she opened her legs even more and let me look between them.

I admired the slim lines of her inner labia, which now seemed ever so slightly moist. I was waiting for her pussy to open by itself. But perhaps she was too young for that; her labia still clung to themselves. Perhaps they would open when she opened her legs even wider, though. Or I would assist a little: I licked the tip of my middle finger and began to caress the chiseled edges of her pink inner lips, which were protruding a bit from their housing. Unlike other women’s, Mira’s lips were rather sharp, like the blade of a butter knife and of a similar color as the inside of her snatch.

I heard her heave and then watched her belly. Now, she opened her legs another 20 degrees, which I took as an invitation to place my upper body between them. When my head was resting about four inches away from her treasure, a whiff of her warm, slightly sour pussy aroma embraced me. Overnight, molecule after fragrant molecule had danced and gathered on her perineum, pussy, and pubic hair, which now gave me the kick to shift gears. I pecked the insides of her little firm thighs, where my whiskers brought warm shivers to Mira’s whole nimble body. My caresses triggered excited shrieks and moans, which were muffled by the blanket, however, that she had still over her head.

Now, her whole body began to writhe to the rhythm of her arousal. Her pussy lips actually parted, and I could see the opening of her urethra framed by her inner labia. I leaned forward and opened her slender lips further with my tongue, before I pressed my mouth onto her pussy and my tongue in. After some sucking, I also licked her groins, with my nose still in the fragrant fluffy fuzz above. In the end, I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled her pussy open with both thumbs, until it was almost round. I took her large clit in my mouth and sucked it like a bonbon. It felt like it was getting bigger in my mouth, and when I pressed it gently with my lips, I sensed a warm wave of oily liquid running past my unshaven chin.

Her body couldn’t help producing more of the delicious juices, which were now oozing out from her delicate snatch in quiet cascades. I took some and rubbed it on her nipples, which immediately made her clench her teeth and suck air through them, judging from the subdued noises I could hear under the blanket. But when I spread the juice in the slim crevice between her sets of lips, her pussy became so slippery that it was hard to hold it open with my fingers. But it was heavenly to be able to watch and smell the delicate details of her tiny, tantalizing pussy. I lied down in her lap and enjoyed the quiet sounds and the warm, yet fresh aroma for a few canlı bahis siteleri minutes before we would shift gears again.

I had been ready to mount her for several minutes now, but I still believed that a chance like this might not occur again soon, if ever. Carol was going to be back soon, and she was going to sleep in this very bed here. Even if Mira and I were going to meet while Carol was teaching, for instance, it would be different, as Mira perhaps wouldn’t want us to soil their sheets in the absence of her girlfriend. I was keen and ready to embrace Carol as well, but I was skeptical that she would agree to that.

As I was musing the near future, more and more juice was leaking, almost like there was a competition between her body and my mouth who could wet her sheath more. Her nectar was of exceptional clarity, though: translucent and of perfect viscous consistence; it tasted sweet and fresh, with just a tad of acidity. Mira was heaving and groaning considerably, so I propped my upper body onto my forearms and reached into the jagged pink ring at the bottom of her pussy with two fingers. Her urethra opening was twitching in front of me, just like her whole base of her pelvis, including her anus.

Would she demand that I come in at some point, or was the timing truly in my hands? As much as I just wanted to mount her unceremoniously: seeing her writhe like this was hot and would probably remain a unique moment in her and my life. Writhing more under the upper blanket, she was wailing and whimpering now, like she was saying: ‘Why are you doing this to me?!’ And so, instead of splitting her snatch with my fat, pulsating, purple glans, I kept licking and sucking her firm young, gorgeous flesh — until I saw fat, thick, yellow drops jump my way.

At first, I hadn’t been certain if it had been pee, actually, but then everything developed into a small jet, which came arching towards me. Eager not to miss a single drop, I immediately leaned forward and watched her discharging and draining herself. I adjusted my head and opened my mouth to catch as much as I could, so that we wouldn’t soil her precious bed, where she would soon sleep with her gorgeous girlfriend again. Good Lord, was she twitching! And screaming, like she was obsessed. This all looked like a proper orgasm to me, even though she was ‘only’ peeing. I asked myself if she had actually planned to piss on me, or if she had just gotten carried away, but the answer didn’t really matter. It was so hot and lovely that I can truly say it was the pinnacle of our relationship. So far.

Mira knew that I wanted her to piss on me; that I wanted to drink from her delicious, refreshing champagne. Aah, was that heavenly! As small as she was, Mira didn’t pee for long, though, maybe only for ten seconds. Perhaps she had been to the bathroom this morning already, although her aroma was quite intense, like it had had time to ferment over several hours during the night. In any case, it was just the right amount, as I couldn’t possible drink a pint—unless it was Nguyet’s or Tuyet’s, perhaps.

Refreshed by the frothy libation, I licked everything off her skin and admired and squeezed her supple thighs once more. When I looked back in her center, I saw that her hands were in her lap now; she had pulled her pussy open and was obviously waiting for me to finally fill the cavity in her body that was meant to hold a dick. So I slid upwards, onto her, positioned my glans where it ought to be and pushed tenderly yet forcefully inside her twitching, muscular sheath.

Oh, Good salacious Lord! After all those weeks of uncertainty and playing games how, when, and if at all we would ever fuck again—and if I would ever get to drink her piss—all my dreams had come true. She had let go in the perfect moment, and the way she had been presenting her cunt just a minute ago, was going to go down in history. When I had finally mounted her, she threw her blanket away and grinned on account of her cheekiness to piss an older colleague in his face. She didn’t seem entirely sure, though, if she hadn’t gone too far. As ‘punishment’, she now got a good taste of her own piss when I kissed her.

Our long, intense foreplay showed its effect when I felt that her body was producing nectar at an alarming rate, which prompted me to take her slim thighs between mine to make her tighter. I propped myself onto my stretched arms and watched her sprightly upper body shake with every thrust. Her flat titties wobbled joyfully, and when I looked down at her belly, I persuaded myself that I could see my glans thrusting under the thin veneer of her abdominal wall. Well, as petite as she was, that was a possibility.

Mira had long closed her eyes and squeaked periodically, while she was enjoying getting fucked. At some point, she even bent her head back and wailed towards the headrest of the bed—loud enough that anyone passing her room could have heard it. I banged her faster and harder and eventually lifted up her little ass. I squeezed her butt cheeks, which were only the size of large pears, and held still, before I started to push and pull her body on my rod. Encouraged by the whole arrangement that she had presented me an hour ago, I treated her like the Christmas present that she purported to be today: ‘Do whatever you like!’ she had said. Well, she could be served.

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