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It was a slack day at work. The economic climate had severely reduced traffic through the airport, and there were only three of us working the security gate: two on the x-ray machines, and one for checking anything suspicious. My colleague had gone for her break, so I was sitting at the terminal. I saw the woman approach but I didn’t really pay attention as I was thinking about my plans for the weekend. She put her oversized handbag on the conveyor belt and stepped through the gate with no alarms going off.

I stared intently at the contents of her bag on the screen. How come women put so much stuff in there? Why do they need to have it all to hand? My eyes alighted on what looked like a case for spectacles, but the thing inside it didn’t look like glasses at all. I studied it for a while but couldn’t make it out. I knew I had to check it out. I pushed the button for the conveyor belt to let the bag go through, and looked back towards the entrance — there was no-one else waiting or arriving.

I stood up and looked at the woman. She was maybe in her mid-thirties, wearing a lowish-cut sweater with just a hint of what looked to be a very nice cleavage. She held herself well and her clothes were nicely cut. She was attractive and classy.

“Sorry ma’am, but I’m going to have to check through your bag,” I told her in my professional voice, my face serious as I was supposed to be.

She smiled and nodded, and I proceeded to open her purse wide. There was all the usual stuff and then some: two wallets, a credit-card holder, passport, document holder, keys, hairbrush, tissues, a few pieces of make-up, a folded cloth grocery bag, chewing gum, a cellphone, a packet of mints, a brooch, a toothbrush and a mini-tube of toothpaste, a Ziploc containing some fabric, and the spectacles case. I held up the Ziploc.

“Can you tell me what this is ma’am?”

“Yes,” she said, “It’s a pair of clean panties for when I arrive.” She was unfazed, didn’t even whisper. But I’m sure I blushed slightly.

I hurriedly put the plastic bag back in her purse and brought out the spectacles case. “Would you open this for me please, ma’am?”

She opened the case and turned it towards me so I could see the contents. It was purple and shaped a little like a lobster claw. It appeared to be made of some sort of shiny-looking rubber. I looked at the woman and found she was staring me right in the eyes — quite intently I’d say. Her face didn’t betray any emotion. Her mouth wasn’t smiling exactly, but I could see the beginning of a dimple in one of her cheeks. Was she laughing at me? Or maybe she was challenging me. I couldn’t really decide.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s a vibrator,” she said matter-of-factly.

I could feel my eyes had suddenly gone wide. It didn’t look like any vibrator I’d ever seen. I pulled myself together.

“It’s Canadian,” she said, stressing its nationality, as if that was supposed to make me feel more patriotic. It just made me suspicious.

My colleague came back from her break, giving me the opportunity to investigate a little further. In these days of terrorist threat, you cannot be too careful. I asked the woman to pick up her bag and accompany me to the office.

Closing the door behind her, I asked her to take a seat and explain again. While she fished illegal bahis the case back out of her bag, I rooted around in the drawer of the desk for my list of permitted and non-permitted items. I scanned the electronic devices category but couldn’t find anything pertaining to sex toys.

“It’s called a We-vibe,” she elucidated further. “See, the logo is printed inside the case.” I looked at where her finger was pointing. Effectively, it did say that, but I wasn’t convinced. “Let me show you,” she continued.

She stood up and rounded the desk, bringing the object just in front of me at chest height, leaning over towards me. I got a better view of her cleavage, but that just made me more suspicious.

“Look,” she said, “this part goes inside the vagina,” she was pointing to the slightly slimmer part of the ‘claw’, “and this part rests against the clitoris.” Her fingers indicated the two little dimples at the ‘nose’ of this latter part. “It has two speeds. You press one of these dimples to make it work, and the other one to turn it off. Shall I show you?”

“Please do, ” I said in my most official voice. I watched as she brought it towards her again and pushed her thumb against one of the dimples. A buzzing could be heard and she took my wrist in her hand, turning my palm upwards to place the device in it.

“Each part has its own motor for maximum stimulation,” she went on as I stared at this strange purple thing shaking in my hand, sending tremors through my arm. It was quite powerful. “But that’s not all,” she said. I looked up at her and her eyes seemed to be sparkling. I felt a twitch in my trousers and breathed deeply, trying to calm myself. “The REALLY interesting thing is that you can use it with a partner. That’s why it’s called a WE vibe.”

My mouth was a little dry all of a sudden. “What do you mean?” I croaked.

“Well,” she said, looking at me as if I was a little dim, “it’s designed so that you can get a cock inside at the same time.” She paused. I wasn’t sure if it was for dramatic effect or to give me time to take in this information. Probably the latter because once I’d realised exactly what she’d just said, I found my own cock was straining against my pants. I saw her eyes drop to my crotch area. “Hmmm,” she moistened her lips, “looks like you’d be curious to find out exactly what that’s like, eh?”

While I was still trying to weigh the consequences of that possible action in my head, she went over to the door of the office, turned the lock and pulled the blind down over the window. I stood up suddenly, my pants tented in front of me, my palm still held out with the we-vibe trembling on it.

“Ma’am!” I tried to protest, moving from behind the desk to stand by its side, but I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I mean, this great-looking woman with an amazing pair of tits was offering to fuck me in this office, using this ingenious sex toy. How could I refuse???

She was striding back across the room, pulling her sweater over her head, exposing her luscious breasts encased in pink lace. Any doubts that remained in my mind instantly evaporated.

“You can still use it on its own, of course,” she said, as if she was a sex shop salesperson — perhaps she was. “But there’s nothing quite like using it with a man. And it’s extremely pleasurable illegal bahis siteleri for him also.”

By now, she was standing right in front of me, beginning to unbuckle the belt of my pants. I still had the we-vibe in one hand, but I used the other one to run my fingers through her hair, settling on the back of her neck and pulling her head towards me for a kiss. She tasted a little minty; must have been chewing gum recently. Her tongue darted across mine as her fingers grappled with the fastener of my waistband and unzipped my trousers. I felt her hand caress the length of my dick through my shorts, making me twitch, and then both her hands pull on the elastic to free it.

Her mouth pulled away from mine and I watched her head descend as she pushed my shorts and pants round my ankles. On her knees now, she licked the length of my shaft from my balls to the crown. God, she had a long tongue! And she proceeded to swirl it round the head before taking me into her mouth and bobbing up and down a few times. A jolt ran through me and I nearly dropped the we-vibe.

She stood up and grabbed it from my hand, kicked off her shoes, and pushed her pants and underwear over her hips. Perching her ass on the edge of the desk, she whipped them off, dropping them to the floor. I continued to watch, mesmerised, as she put first two of her fingers in her mouth, then the we-vibe, coating them in her saliva. She rubbed her fingers between the lips of her pussy and then inserted the toy.

Her legs were spread wide and I could see the we-vibe moving as her vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed. She was leaning back on her hands, her eyes closed, obviously enjoying the sensations. I began to stroke myself as I looked at her, or rather the movements of the toy.

“Oh God!” I exclaimed as I saw that creamy white juices were beginning to leak out around the small purple shaft that protruded from her pussy.

She opened her eyes and smiled. “Yes, I think we’re ready now,” she said. “How shall we do this? Hmmm…” she pondered. “With me leaning over the desk, I think.”

Satisfied with her decision, she jumped off the desk and turned around, placing her forearms on the surface and her nicely-rounded ass just in front of me. I wasn’t sure what to do. I mean, I knew what she was expecting, and I was game, but her self-assurance was a little disconcerting.

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled again. “Don’t be shy, now. Come on over here a little closer, and I’ll give you a hand.”

My trepidation left me and I shuffled the few steps closer to her, pushing my hips forward, feeling the smooth material of the we-vibe against the tip of my cock. She reached her hand back and gently enveloped her cool fingers round my shaft, sending a shiver through me. Spreading her legs wider and tipping her pelvis forward, she guided the head of my prick past the resistance of the we-vibe and into her opening. I held it there for a moment, letting the vibrations run through me, and her juices oil my passage. I wasn’t sure I’d last long, but we probably didn’t have much time anyway.

I pushed in a little further and leaned over her enough to be able to get my arms around her front and push her bra up so I could get my hands on those lovely tits. Her back arched as my fingertips canlı bahis siteleri came into contact with her nipples.

“Mmmm! Yes! Oh yes, tweak my nipples — I love that!” she exclaimed.

I was beginning to regret that this would be so short. Crushing her breasts hard in my hands and squeezing her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, I penetrated her deeper, then deeper still. The vibrations were amazing all along the underside of my cock and radiating through it, and her moan as I slid into her was even more of a turn-on. Not that I needed any more help.

I saw her hand move down towards her pussy. I’m not sure whether it was to massage her clit better or to prevent the we-vibe from moving too much with my thrusts. I didn’t care anyway; I just needed to fuck her now and fuck her good. I began to stroke long and deep inside her, and she began to moan sub-vocally, her breath leaving her mouth in long sighs, in perfect timing with my thrusts. Christ! This felt good! She’d been right. It was also extremely pleasurable for the man. My eyes closed and I savoured every sensation: the tremors of the vibe; the warmth, the wetness, the tightness of her pussy; and the friction of my cock inside her.

I could hear her breathing getting faster and her moaning start to get a little louder.

Suddenly she hissed at me, “Fuck me harder!”

I obliged as I could feel myself getting pretty close as it was. My strokes became shorter and harder, ramming up to her cervix. Her head dropped forward, her hair dangling on the desk. I squeezed her tits some more, making her mewl. I could feel my cum begin to boil in my testicles and I hoped to God I could hold out long enough.

She had gone very quiet all of a sudden and her body had begun to tense. Her head began to raise and her back to arch. Her vagina walls had contracted. I could see she was on the edge. I let myself go with my own feelings, pounding into her almost mechanically.

She threw her head back and began whisper, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” getting progressively louder. “Yes! YES! YES!! YES!!! OH YES!!!!”

That was it. My balls tightened and my cock swelled, and I ejaculated into her, my breath rasping with every spurt. I stood with my eyes closed for a few moments, panting. I could hear her panting too. When I opened my eyes again, I saw she had her head on her arms on the desk. The vice-like grip of her pussy relaxed and I pulled out, watching the cum run down the tops of her thighs. She reached a hand down and pulled out the we-vibe, and I watched in awe as she brought it up to her lips and licked and sucked off every drop of her juices and mine.

I pulled myself together and reached for the box of tissues in the desk drawer — the advantage of working with female colleagues. I handed them to her and she took a few to clean herself up, before I did the same. We dressed quickly and I felt a little embarrassed, not knowing how to handle the situation now. But, cool as ever, she placed the we-vibe back in its case, the case back in her bag, then grabbed her purse, threw it over her shoulder, and leaned towards me to kiss me.

“Thank you,” she said. “I enjoyed that very much.”

All I could do was mumble something about how I’d enjoyed it too. I mentally shook myself and accompanied her to the door and back out into the security area. She looked towards me one last time and smiled her warm smile again.

“Well, thank you again, she said. “Have a nice day!”

“Have a good flight, ma’am,” I replied. I must have been grinning as I walked back to my post.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32