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Chapter 15c: The Party, Part 3

We all entered the large bathroom suite. It was enormous. There was a large walk in shower, a hot tub with those jets in the side that turn the water into a bubbling mess, bidet as well as all the normal bits including a separate bath.

The hot tub was already occupied by the good doctor, the nurse and a brother and sister we’d see arrive earlier. The parents were sitting on the side of the tub watching the “examination” take place.

Doc had the young girl bent over the side of the tub and was holding open her pussy lips while probing with a spatula into her recesses. The nurse played with the boy’s cock while running a lubricated finger into his arsehole.

“Oh, Hello.” Said the doctor nonchalantly, “Sam isn’t it? And these two must be the twin I’ve heard all about. Don’t mind me just thought I’d keep my hand in, er .. um .. as it were and give these two a bit of a service. Mr & Mrs Datchet wanted to keep an eye on their two lovelies and by the state of Mr Datchet’s erection there’s nothing wrong with his eyesight .. ho ho.”

He turned back to his fiddlings. “Now Sasha, this may be a bit uncomfortable so may I suggest you pacify yourself by sucking on your Daddy’s rather large erection please.”

The young girl manoeuvred her self around and looked up at her Daddy who gave her an encouraging smile. Opening her mouth she took the tip of her Daddy’s cock in her mouth and started to lightly suck. Her father smoothed down her hair. “Mmmmm there’s a good girl. Just see if you can get just a little bit more into your mouth, honey, and don’t forget to use your tongue like Mummy showed you.”

Nurse had nearly all her finger up the young boy’s anus now and was pumping it at the same time as twisting it around. The young lad was moaning with delight.

“Mrs Datchet,” asked the nurse, “wonder if you’d mind taking you son’s hard penis into your mouth and sucking it please. We just want to check normal erotic reactions to my anal probing.”

“Of course Nurse, my pleasure.” Replied the mother. “Don’t worry son, this is all for medical science.” She reassured as she leant over and took the small cock all the way into her mouth and started sucking off her son.

We watched the erotic show getting a little hot between our legs ourselves, but decided in the name of cleanliness to proceed to the shower and watch from there. As the hot water cascaded down on us we started to soap each other’s sticking bodies paying especial attention to breasts and pussies as the erotic show stepped up a pace.

Doc felt that the young girl was ready for phase two and indicated to the nurse to bring over the young boy. The mother looked a tad disappointed at having to remove her mouth from her son’s prick but acquiesced when she saw the aroused state of her daughter’s pussy. Doc pointed to the boys cock then at his sister’s gaping hole. The boy nodded his understanding and waded over to his sister, clasped her hips and fed his little pecker into her hungry pussy.

The girl humphed and spluttered a bit around her Daddy’s cock but soon fell into stride with her brother’s fucking motion. The mother sat to one side of the copulating couple and stroked her pussy until the nurse, seeing her distress came over and buried her face in the young mother’s crotch.

Toni had reached illegal bahis around me and was soaping my pussy up a treat as I reached behind and did her. The twin was similarly posed each stroking and fingering a cunt as we watched.

The doctor rose from the water sporting a rather impressive erection which he proceeded to bury into the nurse’s cunt from behind. At the same time he posted a lubricated digit into the young boy’s already prepared behind. Things went bolo from that point.

The young lad, unable to contain himself further started jerking his cock up his sister as he filled her with his cum. This action set off the girl who was rewarded through her orgasm with her Daddy pulling his cock from her sucking mouth and pumping a prodigious amount of cum all over her face. Mother orgasmed into the nurse’s mouth and Doc filled the nurse full of jism.

Toni leant against me as she orgasmed on my fingers and I on hers. The twins set each other off shortly afterwards.

It was then Toni’s parents came in and asked her to join them. We watched lustfully as she dried her gorgeous body then waved saying we would definitely see her later.

“Well that was interesting.” I panted leaning against the shower wall letting the water revive me. “What’s next?”

April leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. “Do you remember at school when I know.”

“What, pissed all over me and Miss Pike?” I stated bluntly for her.

“Er .. um .. yes. Well I just wondered if you could um”

“Do the same for you?” I ventured.

“Well er .. yes.” Stammered April. “It’s just you said it was rather horny and I thought …”

“You’d like to try.” I suggested. “Ok, sit down against the wall over there, April and we’ll see.”

April looked a picture of demurring innocence sitting against the shower wall, her legs slightly parted showing a little glimpse of her pretty pussy. I went over and settled over her with my legs wide so she was staring up into my pussy. Taking my outer lips in my fingers and exposing my pee hole I tried to concentrate but it was no good, the whole psychology of it just wasn’t working for me.

May came over behind me running one hand down over my tummy and the other slipped down to my slit. “You dirty little girls,” she teased, “I know what you’re up to. So my darling twin sister wants to be drenched in your piss, Sam, does she. Let’s see what we can do.”

Her fingers started gently rolling around my urethra while the other hand pressed against my bladder. “Come on Sam, a nice long stream of hot piss for my sister, you can do it. Your bladder is really full and you really want to piss.” She chanted in my ear and it started to work.

I felt that familiar tingling down below then a small dribble ran out over May’s fingers. I clenched my muscles and a much harder stream splashed out spraying everywhere as May’s fingers got in the way. She removed them quickly to the side holding my lips apart as the golden rain showered down at first on April’s shocked face, then down over her breasts and further to her pussy. I moved position slightly as April opened her legs and let me piss directly into her pussy hole. She started moaning deliciously as she rubbed herself in the warm piss shower enveloping her.

As my stream came to an end I heard May groan beside illegal bahis siteleri me and felt a hot stream start to flow against my leg. I ducked down to the floor of the shower and cuddled into April as we both were hit with May’s powerful flow. I opened my mouth and let her piss right into it. The taste was mineral, slightly salt and almost effervescent. April followed suit then we let the remaining stream spray our breasts and pussies.

We all hit the floor laughing, giggling like, well like little schoolgirls I suppose. It was then I noticed we had an audience. Doctor and Mr Datchet applauded then stepped forward.

“That looks like jolly good fun girls,” stated Mr Datchet aiming his prick at us.

“Not desperately hygienic,” chided Doctor, “but I guess all in a good cause.” He stepped up and joined Mr Datchet then both issued forth with powerful streams of piss over the three of us. There wasn’t a part of our bodies that didn’t get covered.

The effect was, indeed, erotic. I needed cock and how.

The three of us were on our knees in front of the two men before they had finished and our mouths engulfed the two cocks swallowing the remaining dribbles and working the men up to full hardness in just a few sucks.

I had Mr Datchet fucking my mouth in no time and April assisted her sister in double ganging the doctor’s now rampant prick. The doctor was groaning out his approval and had grabbed the back of May’s head to allow him to force his cock deeper into her mouth. April’s tongue flashed over his ball sack and lapped at the remaining cock not in her sister’s mouth while her fingers worked into his bumhole.

Mrs Datchet and her two children watched avidly while they stroked each other’s bodies. Mrs Datchet was slowly rubbing her son’s cock into hardness while her daughter slipped her fingers through her mother’s wet sex. She turned to her son smiling, “You have a lovely hard cock, Jamie. Would you like to fuck Mummy?”

“You mean I can put my willy in your pussy Mummy?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes dear. Put your cock into Mummy’s pussy and fuck me.” She replied lying down on the bathroom floor and spreading her legs wide. “Come here between Mummy’s legs and put it into this hole here.” She instructed sliding her finger into her soaking cunt.

The young lad settled between his mother’s thighs and let her guide his stiff member into her expectant hole. “Aaaah that’s right Jamie. Now start fucking me like you did your sister. Sasha come her darling and let Mummy suck on your cute little pussy hole. Come sit on Mummy’s face darling.”

I watched the young girl as she lowered her bare pussy onto her mother’s flicking tongue and gurgled with delight as the tongue slipped deep into her tight little cunt. I was getting very worked up now and needed a cock in my own cunt. Mr Datchet had the same idea and pulled me away from his rampant member. He clasped me around the back of my thighs and lifted me against the shower wall. In the same movement he impaled me on his dripping cock.

“Grrrrrrrgh, fuck yes, Mr Datchet. I want all that lovely cock in my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me while your little boy and girl watch. Let them see you spurt your cum deep inside my cunt.” I urged.

A sharp scream made me snap my head around. Doctor had rather forcibly pushed May canlı bahis siteleri against the shower wall and had rammed his cock balls deep in her tender fuck hole. She was supporting herself with her forearms against the tiles.

“Ooooph, jeeesssus,” croaked May, “Fuck that uuh .. uuuh ..cock deep in my uuuh … uuuhg hole Doctor, fuck me har .. har ..rd. I’m going to c .. c .. cum all over your uuh .. uuh ..cock.”

April slipped in beside her and reached down to massage her sister’s clit. The good doctor unsatisfied with just fucking May pushed two thick fingers deep into April’s soaking pussy and started to finger fuck her.

“God, I need to taste that dripping pussy, April.” Panted the doctor. He pulled out of May and lay down on the shower floor stroking his slick meat. “May, get down here onto my cock. April sit on my face and rub that lovely pussy on my mouth.”

Both girls complied. May guided the doctor’s stiff member back into her bereft hole and April lowered herself onto the doctor’s mouth. She immediately felt a stiff tongue ravaging her dripping hole and for good measure the doctor slipped a stubby finger deep into her rectum.

“Ooooh doctor,” April yelped, “You’ll have me cumming in your ooooh .. mouth real sooooon.”

Both girls went into sexual overdrive twisting and pumping their hips to gain maximum pleasure. Their lips met and they shared saliva as they massaged and fondled each other’s wet breasts. They both came together moaning deliciously into each other’s mouths.

Suddenly April broke away yelling, “Oooh fuck, yes …uuuh .. uuuh …ye …oh no. It’s going to happen again … I’m going to pee … aaaaaaah.”

There was insufficient warning and she raised herself slightly off the doctor’s face and let go of her bladder. We all watched in awe as the doctor took it in his mouth swallowing some before the volume got too much and cascaded over his face to the floor. April fell back holding her pussy lips open, her stream still gushing from her slit in an arch that landed on the doctor’s chest and splashing over May’s pussy and legs.

“Oooh fuck,” yelled May, “You’re going to make me cum …. Aggaaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnrg”.

It was then that the doctor exploded into May’s grasping cunt practically lifting her from the floor with each thrust.

The whole scene was too much for Mr Datchet. “Oooh Sam, I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your young pussy .. nnrg … nnnrg … nnrrraaaagh.”

“Yes, fuck yes,” I managed as my orgasm erupted on his cock. “I want your cum in me. Spurt up me pussy pleeeeeaaaaaase.”

Mrs Datchet could just about see the scene around her daughter’s sweet little bottom as it mashed into her face. Her muffled cries demonstrated that she too was taken over the edge by the events. Her son still pumping her cunt had little choice but to follow suit and flooded his mother’s hole with his young cum. Her daughter let rip on to of her face twisting her little pussy on her mother’s mouth and probing tongue.

As the cries and moans subsided we could all still hear the familiar sounds of a woman in orgasm. We looked in the direction the wails came from and saw nurse. She was in the bath with the taps full on forcing their flood through a single faucet. Nurse had spread her legs and was letting the full force of the flow cascade down directly on her pussy. With the aid of her right hand frantically rubbing her clit she exploded in a massive orgasm while we all watched.

“Ooooh Doctor.” She exclaimed after calming down. “That was unbelievable.”

I made a mental note.

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