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Sweet Sister Ch. The Last

One of the readers out there has suggested that these tales have gone on a bit too long. I have to agree and therefore I shall close these stories on with this short chapter.

Our steamy holiday was a month ago now and we had settled into the rest of the summer break from school. One lazy summer afternoon Daddy called my brother and I to come and have a chat and we all gathered in the study. Alan was clueless as normal but I had an inkling as to what was going on.

Daddy and Aunty June had become closer since we had moved in with the Jones’ and the looks that had flashed between them had not gone unnoticed by me. I’m sure Aunt Polly had understood as well being her twin sister an’ all.

“Well Alan, Sam.” Spoke up Daddy. “I think you may have noticed how close June and I have become over the last several months. Well, last night I asked Aunt June to marry me and she agreed. I wanted you two to be the first to know and, well, to seek your approval more than anything.”

“Daddeee” I shrieked, “that’s wonderful news. When is the wedding? Can I be bridesmaid?”

“Not so fast young lady, we’ve only just brought this into the open. How about you Alan, how do you feel?”

“Cool Dad. Why not?” Alan said in his best don’t care voice.

“One thing though, Daddy.” I asked. “How about, you know, us?”

“You mean will my darling little daughter still be getting a portion of Daddy’s cock every now and then?” He güvenilir bahis teased.

“Well I wouldn’t have put it quiet so insensitively, but since you ask. Yes. I’d really miss not having my Daddy giving me a good hard fucking with his beautiful stiff cock.” I said bluntly feeling a familiar tingling between my legs.

“Of course, sweetheart. I’ve discussed everything with Aunty June and nothing need change in that regard. She even said she hoped that it wouldn’t put you off having a taste of her pussy every now and again either.”

“Good that’s settled then. Can I be a bridesmaid?” I smirked.

The wedding day approached and the place was alive with planners, relatives, hangers on and all sorts. April, May and I were to be bridesmaids and Alan the best man. Our dress fitting had been perfect even down to Alan poking his nose in to be the first to fuck all the bridesmaids. I did tell him it was only supposed to be the chief bridesmaid but he argued that there wasn’t one chief so he’d have to give us all one.

The fitter’s face was a picture when my brother lifted up my flowing skirts to have a good goggle at my white stockings and lacy panties. He was a complete wreck when Alan pushed his face into my crotch and started sucking on my pussy through the material. The girls made him feel all at home though by unzipping him and sucking his stiff cock into their gorgeous little mouths.

Alan was soon balls deep in my cunt while the fitter fucked türkçe bahis the twin doggie style in turns. As Alan unloaded his cum deep in my womb the girls licked and sucked the fitter’s sticky cock until he exploded all over their faces.

On the wedding day itself Aunty June and us bridesmaids waited in her room until the limo arrived to take her to the church. She was a nervous wreck and we did our best to take her mind off things by taking it in turns to finger her hot wet pussy until she came. Her cum spurting antics nearly ruined the dress but we managed to clean everything up in time for when the car arrived.

The wedding went off without a hitch and we partied well into the night before giving the happy couple a good send off on their honeymoon.

Before he went Daddy called me into one of the side rooms. He slipped his hands around my waist and bent over to kiss me tenderly on the lips. I couldn’t help myself and slipped my tongue into his mouth prompting him to start sucking it.

“Sam,” he said breaking away from the kiss and slipping his hands around my buttocks, “you really looked beautiful in the church today and made your old Daddy very proud.”

“It seems you’re still pretty proud, Daddy.” I grinned slipping my hand up and down his burgeoning erection.

It didn’t take Daddy much persuading to have me unzip him and ease his cock into my hand. I knelt in front of him and sucked his lovely stiff prick into my mouth. I curled my tongue güvenilir bahis siteleri around and over and around the shaft until his cock was dripping with my saliva. Slipping his cock from my mouth I looked up at him with doe eyes.

“Daddy, please fuck me. My pussy’s all wet and slippery and ready.”

Daddy smiled and helped me up onto the table pushing my voluminous skirts up our of the way. Pulling my lacy panties aside he slipped two fingers into my slit making me gasp with pleasure.

“Mmmm you really are wet aren’t you Sam. That pussy needs a big stiff cock if I’m not mistaken.”

“With that he pressed the tip of his cock against the entrance to my hole and with one thrust shoved it in all the way.”

“Aaaaahhh ….. ooooh …. Daddy.” I cried out. “Give it to me, fuck your little girl’s cunt.”

He said nothing but started to pound my cunt hole with some force making the table jerk and tip underneath me. His big strong hands gripped my hips as he grunted out his animal passion.

“Daddy, ooooh Daddy, you’re gonna make me …. Aaah … aaaaah … cccc uuuuuuuuuuu mmmmmmmmmm!” I screamed.

As my cunt clamped down on his cock I felt it leap inside me and his sperm come gushing, filling me up. We both panted to a standstill and he let his sticky cock slip from my dripping hole. He pulled my panties back over my sensitive slit so that his cum would drain out into the crotch as a evening long reminder for me.

He kissed me goodbye and headed off for the main room.

Well that’s about it. Needless to say we lived happily ever after.

Apologies to all that this is such a weak final chapter but the whole thing needed to be wrapped up pretty smartly.

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