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Authors note: No physical sexual acts occur with minors. All depicted acts ultimately are between persons over 18 years of age and are incestuous in nature. If this offends you don’t read it, move on to another story.


My wife and I had been married for 16 years when she found life with me and our 14 year old daughter unbearable. She had been having an affair with a younger man from her office for several months when I found out about it. She had called home one evening and left a message on the machine saying that she would be about 2 hours late getting home as there was a project that she almost had finished and wanted to complete before she left. I thought nothing about it. She was that way about everything. Once she began something she would sink her teeth in and finish it as quickly as possible no matter how long it took.

We hadn’t seen each other for any long period of time in over a week. Just the usual good morning and quick kisses as we went to our separate jobs. So I decided that I would surprise her with dinner in her office. I stopped by our favorite Chinese take-out place and picked up several of the dishes she liked. Trying to time it so she would be about done with the extra work, I got to her office about 7:30 pm and the security guard buzzed me in. The funny look he gave me as he said good evening didn’t register until several minutes later.

I loved my wife and had from the first moment I had met her. I thought we were doing ok. I thought we were working for a mutual goal and a happy old age of afternoon naps together and playing with our grandchildren. As I rounded the corner in the hall leading to her office I had visions of her just wrapping up her work and smiling at me. She’d thank me for dinner and say she was starved and glad I thought to come down. I’d take her in my arms and kiss her with all the stored up passion of the last few months. We’d eat and head for home where I’d run us a bath, light a few candles. I was such an incurable romantic then, but the events of that night cured that in me forever.

Humming a happy little tune I reached her office and opened the door. My world exploded into millions of tiny sharp pieces that cut my life apart and lodged in the walls of my heart ripping it to shreds, etching the scene permanently on the back of my eyelids. I saw it for months afterwards every time I closed my eyes. My wife was draped of the back of a chair that had been drug into the middle of the room. She was completely nude except for a black lacy garter belt and black stocking that had a line of embroidery up the back. Her full breasts dangled over the back of the chair and one was in the firm grip of a man that was pulling the nipple and twisting it. He stood behind her and before they realized I was there he pumped his cock in and out of her ass several times. What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion, I still remember it that way. He grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her head back, a loud moan escaped from the delicate curve of her throat as he slammed his cock into her ass again. In disbelief I groaned “Oh God no.” and dropped the bag of food on the floor. I can clearly see the boxes popping open and the rice spraying into the air and falling grain by grain on the carpet. She turned her head and saw me standing in the doorway. I watched her expression of pure lust change to one of fear and desperation. She pushed away from the back of the chair throwing the man mounted on her back across her desk. Her laptop computer slid off the edge and several of the keys popped out as it struck the floor on its corner. I looked at the man sprawled on her desk, he was trying to recover, his dick sticking straight up in the air like a flag pole. It looked bigger than mine. Was that why she would do this?

As I turned I saw her take a step toward me, her breasts jiggling, her nipples hard and red and swollen from pinching and sucking they had just received. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t think, I needed to get out, get fresh air. It seemed unreal, dream like and I would wake any minute to find my wife curled warmly against my side asleep. I ran down the corridor and slammed my hand against the elevator button. The doors opened just as she grabbed my arm. Anger flared, hurt ripped through me and I rounded on her, grasping her with all my strength by the arms and shook her. “Don’t ever touch me again you fucking bitch! Don’t come home! Don’t call! Don’t do anything just get out of my life!” I’m sure my shouts were heard in the next universe. I flung her from me and stepped into the elevator. The last I saw of her, was her spread out on the floor, a tear in her black stocking and her gaping wet pussy that she had given to another man. I turned away as the doors closed.

The months that followed were dim, I was numbed, and distant. And my daughter did the best she could on her own. I should have been more help, but I couldn’t seem to get past it all. My wife never came home, never called, she quit her job and moved to somewhere. She had instructed her lawyer not to give me bursa escort that information. Months past and finally some of my friends tried to set me up with several women. But every time I went out all I could see was my wife bent over that chair while some guy fucked her up the ass. And I would wonder if this would end that way as well. I gave up on dating and finally my friends gave up trying to help out.

It was at my daughters 16th birthday dinner that I noticed she had grown up, and that the last couple of years had been just as hard on her. As I watched her at the head of the table laughing at something someone had said I saw her as a young beautiful woman. I watched the gentle curve of her neck, the soft sweep of her dark hair against her shoulders, the sparkle of excitement in her crystal blue eyes. She was going to be a strikingly beautiful woman. She saw me looking at her and smiled broadly at me and winked. That did it, that sealed my fate, melted my cold heart and purchased me a special place in hell. Nothin could ever come of this; she was under age and she was my daughter.

The next two years I spent every spare moment with my daughter, getting to know her, letting her get to know me as a person. We liked each other. We went to movies, the theatre, school games and conferences. I thought by doing this I would learn to see her in the proper light a father should see his daughter in. I encouraged her to date, gave her liberal curfews hoping she would find a nice boy that I could let her go to. I couldn’t touch her but I wanted her to be happy, to have someone that would make her happy. And all the while I watched her mature, watched as her breasts filled out and firmed up. I watched as she grew taller, as her childs body changed into a womans. I watched as her legs lengthened and took shape, and oh such a shape they were. I would lie awake at night and masturbate and dream those damning dreams.

I had countless talks with myself, berating myself for such unholy thoughts. Logical talks, telling myself it was because I just hadn’t had a woman in so long. So I tried dating again; lovely women with intelligence and good looks and sweet bodies. Women any man in his right mind would find irresistible. Yet with each good night kiss, a kiss I hoped would break the spell, free me from my demon, I would see my daughters face, imagine it was her lips I tasted. What was wrong with me? How could I get out this pit I had dug for myself? Was there a way out?

My daughter turned 18 halfway through her senior year of high school. We had a pool party for the occasion. So my back yard was filled with wet half naked teenagers romping in the pool. I watched with fascination the energy of them. I had invited a couple of friends, Rick and his wife June, over to help with the event and to help me stay sane. I was standing just inside the sliding glass door sipping on a soda and watching the kids in the pool when Rick came up beside me. He stood there a long while watching the kids jumping off the diving board.

He leaned close and said in a voice just loud enough for me to hear, “some of them are no longer jail bait, you know.”

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Later I could’ve killed him for planting that seed. He had just removed the last barrier, kicked open the last gate that had restrained my vivid imaginings from running wild and taking form. I turned and looked at him in amazement.

He shrugged his shoulders and said “Hey, at least I’m willing to admit I’m a man, and as one, I can’t help but admire Gods handicrafts.” He drained his pop can and set it on the counter and took another look out the window. “hmmm, mmmm, He does some fine work.” He turned back into the house, “better go see if June needs any help.”

He left me standing there staring at all the young bodies, staring at one in particular, my daughter. The thought, she’s legal now, playing over and over in my head and I slid into an even deeper level of hell.

The next month I avoided all contact with her. She would hug me good-bye and I would step away quickly. She would come to kiss me good night and I would make it quick on the cheek feigning interest in a TV show. I noticed her watching me, I knew my actions confused her since we had been so close. But I couldn’t help it. I needed the space to keep any semblance of propriety.

Then one morning just after her 18th birthday pary, I was running late for work and without thinking walked into the bathroom to say good-bye and give her some money for the day and there she stood. Naked, with all the feminine curves of a woman and I gasped in awe. She turned to me completely unconscious of her nudity, completely unaware of its effect on me and said “Have a good day at work Daddy, I’ll see you tonight. Maybe we could do pizza and a movie?”

I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, I was frozen in time and space. Finally I did manage a weak smile and stammered “ok, that… that sounds fine.” I was about to leave when she stepped up to me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug, bursa escort bayan pressing her naked body to mine. My reaction was instant, I felt all the blood drain into my dick and my arms went around her pulling her even tighter against me. I felt the warmth of her through my clothes, the soft dampness of her skin against my hands, the smell of her hair fresh from the shower filled my mind with smoky images of hot kisses and stoked the fire of my lust. She kissed me on the cheek and stepped away glancing down at my crotch. I know she saw the hard outline of my cock pressed against the tightness of my jeans. She didn’t say a word, there was no acknowledgement of it in her eyes or on her face. As she turned back to the mirror and picked up her hairbrush she said, “Daddy, I need some money for gas.”

I took a deep shaky breath and looked at the floor. “Ok, I’ll leave it on the kitchen table for you.” I hurried out of the house as fast as I could. All morning at work I was distracted and unable to concentrate. The smell of her warm from the shower stayed in my nose and tormented my thoughts. At lunch I raced home, locked myself in the office, turned on the music loud and masturbated to the memory of her skin against my hands, her body as it had molded to mine. As I imagined the taste of the dampness between her legs I came, great shuddering spasms that spewed weeks of pent up semen on the carpet. I relaxed back in my chair feeling each beat of my heart as it slowed, and still the images of her played in my mind, they mingled with her as a child. Me teaching her how to ride a bike, morphing into her on roller skates, morphing into her in high school swim team, morphing to her this morning and the way she felt in my arms. I was hard again and as I pumped my cock for a second time I envisioned her under me and how she would feel moving in rhythm to my thrusts. As I came again the overwhelming feeling of despair washed over me and I wept at the loss of my soul. I knew the only way to cleans this from me was to take her, to make love to her, to sate the years of cravings. I stepped from the world of fantasy into the world of the damned. I formulated a plan, one of lust and seduction.

In the weeks that followed I touched her as much as possible, hugs and kisses, a swat on the fanny now and then. I complimented her on her hair, her dress, her smile, her figure. I made subtle innuendos about sex. I asked about her friends and boyfriends. She didn’t have a boy friend, she was working to hard for a scholarship, she said, and didn’t have time for that yet. That made me glad beyond what I thought it would have. I wooed her like any man would a woman he wanted. When guilt would rear its ugly head I squashed it and sent it sniveling back into the blackest corners of my heart.

I swam in the pool and asked her to put sun screen on my back. I reveled in the feel of her hands on me. Slowly she began to respond. I would catch her staring at my crotch or my chest. She started volunteering to rub tanning oil on me. She began to make the jokes about sex and to compliment me on my body. I worked out regularly and maintained a firm and muscular shape. I arranged for her to see me naked by “accident” a few times. And saw the look of lust in her eyes. On many nights I stood outside her door and listened to her quiet moans of pleasure as she masturbated in the solitude of her room and I masturbated to her sounds in the darkened hall outside her door. Was it me she imagined in those moments of ecstasy? I was more than tempted to go in and finish her myself. But, she would have to come to me, it would be the only way I could ever live with myself afterward. If my daughter wanted me to make love to her, then, I had convinced myself, that would make it be alright. I would be honoring her wishes. Oh how twisted the mind can become with an obsession; bending the rules and morals to angles that allow us to reach that poisonous fruit.

One afternoon she came home from school and I was lying on my bed taking a nap. I was deep asleep dreaming of her toughing me, stroking me, kissing me. I was making low guttural moans as I dreamed. Curiosity and concern brought her to the door of my bedroom. Quietly and slowly she pushed the door open and looked in to see if I was alright. She stood there staring at me as I slept and dreamt of my daughter’s mouth sucking on my cock. She watched as the bulge in my shorts grew and hardened and quivered in excitement. I came up out of sleep a level, not realizing she watched me from the doorway. I slid my hand inside my shorts and stroked my cock feeling the velvet softness of my erection. I came up from sleep another level, still just under the surface of full wakefulness. I pushed my shorts down freeing my cock, making it easier to stroke as I gained full erection. I heard her clothes rustle in the doorway and came the rest of way awake, my eyes were closed and I opened them just a slit, enough to see her standing there watching me stroke my cock. I saw the change from curiosity to desire pass over her face and knew that the time had escort bursa finally come. I knew that today I would have her at last.

Keeping my eyes open only to slits I looked at her and slid my shorts down exposing my cock and balls to her hungry gaze. I raised one foot and pulled them the rest of the way off and spread my legs giving her a better view. She still didn’t know I was aware of her presence. I moaned and with my other hand played with my balls, rolling them between my fingers, tugging on them, stretching them away from my body. I grasped my dick firmly and with slow deliberate strokes I masturbated. She couldn’t look away from me, as she watched her nipples began to swell and she slipped a hand inside her blouse and massaged her breast. I could see her breathing increase, hear the heavy intake of breath as she toyed with her nipple. She licked her lips, running her tiny pink tongue over them, moistening them and a thrill went through me. I felt my cock jump, felt the fluid of pre-cum travel to the tip and ooze out.

She spread her feet wider apart and pulled her skirt up with her other hand. Her lacy panties damp at the crotch made me pump my cock faster and when she pushed her hand inside them and began to finger her wet pussy I almost came. Letting go of my throbbing prick I reached down and pressed a finger against the vein on the bottom and pulled on my nuts hard enough to stop the orgasm. I groaned and rocked back and forth on the bed. I couldn’t cum now, now that I was so close to her, so close to fucking her, I had to wait, to keep the opportunity going until she approached the bed. And I knew she would, she was almost there, almost ready. The rhythmic movements of her fingers inside her panties matched the steady movement of her hips as she humped her fingers, told me she would come to the bed.

I imagined what her fingers must be feeling, the dampness seeping from her hole, the full hard swollen little clit, the softness of hair at the edges. She stared at my pulsing cock as it jerked with each thunderous beat of my heart. I rubbed my hands over my stomach and stretched out straight stroking them down my thighs slowly bringing one hand up to grip my balls and squeeze and tug gently on them. Taking my cock in my other hand I felt it harden even more. It felt like it was about to burst, it is so hard it was almost painful. Releasing the hold on my nuts I rubbed the droplet of moisture around the head as I stroked my hand slowly and firmly the full length of the shaft. When the palm of my hand was wet I returned to massaging my balls, I liked the feel of the slick moisture on the bare skin of my nut sack. Another droplet oozed from the end and as I watch her, she licked her lips again wondering what the taste of it would be.

Unable to stand there any longer she came over to the bed and stood watching as I continued to jack my cock. I opened my eyes and looked directly at her. She flinched when our eyes met but didn’t turn away, or run from the room, she stood there a moment and slowly bent over. With a shy finger she reached out and touched the droplet on the head of my cock. The slight contact with her finger sent a shock through me and I groaned aloud. She raised her wet finger to her lips and licked the droplet from the tip of her finger. I was beyond reality at this point, the fever that burned through me consumed all reason, all thought and left only her, only the hard pounding need for her remained.

She drew her tongue back into her mouth and savored the taste, tilting her head back, she moaned and swallowed. I rolled toward her and gently took her hand and pulled her down onto the bed. She sat there unsure what to do, so I took her little hand in mine and placed it on the shaft of my penis. I can’t describe the shear pleasure that raced through me as my daughters fingers curled around me. The image of her hand grasping my cock, the light glistening off her class ring, the delicate pink of her nail polish is forever branded in my brain. It’s what I picture even now when I grip it myself and masturbate.

With my hand over hers I guided her in the up and down movements. I felt more pre-cum race up my dick and ooze from the hole in the head. She stopped the stroking and sat still for a moment. Then to my pleasant surprise she leaned down and licked it from the end. Oh God, oh God in heaven, that was so sweet my entire body quaked with the sensation. My breathing was ragged and uncontrolled. My heart was beating so hard I had to be on the verge of a stroke. She opened her mouth and sucked the head into its warmth, running her tongue over the head. The tip of her tongue exploring the pee hole in the end. I gripped the sheets so hard I could feel my fingernails biting into the palms of my hands through the material.

Slowly she slid more and more of it into her mouth. I raised my head so I could see my cock disappearing into the eager mouth of my daughter. “Ooohh, baby girl, that feels soooo much better than I ever imagined it would.” I cried out and fill my hand with the softness of her hair. She couldn’t take the whole thing in her mouth so she started licking along the shaft and down to my shaven balls, sucking each one into her mouth and rolling it on her tongue, then licking back up to the head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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