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We have been together now for only about three months but when Ralph is just near me it makes me wet, he is that terrific. So when he asked me if talking dirty to me while having sex would turn me on it made me horny so fast I couldn’t believe it. I guess it turned him on too because he started stroking my body all over. That in turn made me feel hornier and gave me the shivers up my spine which made me wetter.

So the next thing he does is play with my nipples. He peeled my blouse back then worked his hand under one cup in my bra. While he played with that nipple he undid the bra with the other hand then teased the other nipple with his mouth. Tweaking one breast with his hand and sucking the other began to get me wetter since each time he would manipulate one nipple I would feel it down in my cunt.

By now I just wanted him to fuck me. I could feel his hand working its way down my ribs then my bellybutton. Suddenly it was under the waistband of my pants and very close to my wet bush. As he advanced I trembled and shook in anticipation making soft moans away back in my throat. He illegal bahis stopped and then removed my pants entirely. He also removed my soaked panties in order to tease me more.

“We have to take these off your super wet cunt, my dear. It is so wet it surprises even me. Are you my sodden slut, love?”

I quickly replied, “Oh yes, I am your slut now and always.”

I opened my legs wide for him to feel him inside me but no, he teased instead. I let out a moan as he slipped a finger inside. He slid it in and out to tease my clit rubbing it each time. My clit felt tingly and burning up as he played with it. I was shaking with pleasure and spread my legs wider so he could see what he was doing. Of course that turned me on all the more imagining him seeing what he was doing.

“I’m playing with your slippery clit and making it grow under it’s hood. You are such a slut, my dirty girl.”

Now it was time for two fingers inside me and I felt them pushing harder and deeper. They are soaked with my juices but he doesn’t stop, He keeps hitting my G spot then talking dirty to me about illegal bahis siteleri my gestures when he does it. As he rubs against my G spot with his fingers I hear myself moaning and moaning. I knew my orgasm was close but he stopped only rubbing my clit a few times.

“Sorry, you little cunt. I’m not letting you cum yet.” he said with a grin. I couldn’t get my breath I was breathing so hard and my pussy was dripping wet. I was desperate for his cock.

I could feel it inside his pants and tried to touch it to tease him. I had tried to get his pants off while he played with me but I couldn’t because I’d twitch or turn in my intense pleasure. I couldn’t control my own body but he noticed what I was trying to do so he quickly removed his own clothes. I latched on to his hard tool smeared with precum and stroked it spreading the lubricant.

He inserted those two fingers again and pushed but I hung on to his cock working it. We started groaning together when he asked me, “Do you like that hard cock? Do you want it inside your bitchin cunt?” I tried to answer him but I canlı bahis siteleri was just too weak with pleasure so it came out as a grunt.

He stopped to quickly slide a condom on his jutting organ then he thrust it inside me. I was so wet and slippery his cock slipped right inside me with ease. I felt it deep inside me pushing hard and fast. He whispered in my ear, “I love your tight wet hole, my slut.”

This made me groan and all I could gasp was, “Yeah.” because I was moaning so much. He knew how to work my slit, that’s for sure. He would thrust hard for a while then just make short thrusts on my G spot. He kept asking if I liked it and I asked him the same. He told me how terrific it felt inside my hot slippery tunnel like a glove. Of course that brought to my mind the image of his organ covered in my hot wet juices and it just made me hotter wishing he could coat my cunt in his creamy juices.

We didn’t slow down. He kept pushing deeper and faster as my pussy got hotter and hotter. I knew he was close now too. I urged him faster and faster, harder and harder until the dam broke and we both came with grunts and groans, squealing and yelling. Wow! It was so good he laid on top of me for a full five minutes with his cock still inside me.

Talking dirty was so good I think we are going to do it all the time from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32