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This story was suggested to me by my friend Michelle. Thanks bunches, darlin’! Hope this one puts a smile on your face!


Tamara Wittmer changed into the outfit she was going to wear to have lunch with her daddy. The butterflies in her stomach were doing the Minuet – but if she didn’t calm down, she felt like they’d be doing the Hustle.

Her mother, Bethany, had argued and ranted and raved that she was wasting her father’s time, that he had a lot of work to do. Brandon, she said to her husband, you should work through lunch and get caught up. You have a lot of accounts to oversee. Tamara had interjected, telling her mother that Daddy needed some rest and relaxation as well, voices had been raised and Bethany had stormed off in a huff. Stupid bitch, Tamara thought.

Tamara and Bethany were constantly at odds now, especially since Tamara had turned 18 last month. It seemed to the young girl that her mother didn’t appreciate how wonderful a husband she had, how caring and giving – and, at 46 – sexy. Tamara just thought her father was the YUMMIEST man she’d ever known.

Brandon Wittmer was also one of the smartest men Tamara knew. His advertising agency had some of the biggest clients, including the lingerie chain, Le Papillon. How her father avoided having a fling with one of the models that paraded in and out of his door, Tamara could not comprehend. Hell, she was straight and SHE thought some of them were scrumptious!

Her poor Daddy, going sexless for such a long while. It just wasn’t fair, she felt like stamping her foot. Her beautiful father, hunky at 6’4″, with his chiseled good looks, salt & pepper hair and dark, brown eyes. Why was her mother so fucking stupid? She knew they had stopped sleeping together, her parents had separate rooms now. They’d had them for over 5 years and Brandon wasn’t the type of man who would cheat on his wife.

Dumb Daddy, real dumb, Tamara thought. Like Mom would give a fuck.

Her mother liked being the Society big-wig, chairing various committees, getting her name in the papers. As for sex, she just didn’t seem to give a damn. Poor, poor Daddy.

Tamara got into her Beemer and drove downtown, to her Daddy’s office. She was greeted by Shelly, her Daddy’s pretty, efficient secretary.

“Hello dear. Your father’s just finishing up with Miss Mero, from Le Papillon.” No sooner did Shelly say those words, then the door to her father’s office opened and Samantha Mero strode out. The word “strode” was appropriate, for Samantha Mero commanded attention wherever she went. She was tall, beautifully built. She’d started the company herself, she was its first model. She recruited some of her friends and their daughter’s and nieces and within five years, her company was a raging success. She now used professional models, but Brandon had told Tamara they still liked to use new, “undiscovered” girls and whenever Samantha found one, she was in seventh heaven.

Shelly had modeled for the company a few times, but the tiny redhead had been a bit too nervous behind the camera. Still, the pictures had come out nicely, and Shelly really looked hot, Tamara remembered.

Samantha Mero stopped, whirled about and pointed at Tamara. “YOU!”

Tamara started for a second. “M-me?”

“Yes girl, you. Have you ever considered being a model?”

Tamara hadn’t thought of it at all. She knew she was pretty, at 5’10”, she’d inherited height from her father. She had long, jet-black hair and sapphire eyes. Her breasts were round and full, she had a flat tummy from hours of swimming, bike-riding and aerobics. Her legs were sleek and smooth, in a touch of vanity, she shaved her legs every day. Tamara had been buying lingerie every few weeks, using the money from her allowance and the fact her Daddy got a 25% discount from Le Papillon. Her personal collection of teddies, bustiers, bras, negligees and stockings was filling her dresser drawers. She liked silk and lace, she liked the way it made her feel, all girly and soft and sexy.

“No, Miss Mero. Thank you, what a lovely compliment.”

“Ah, you know who I am?”

“Certainly, Miss Mero, you’re famous!”

Her father appeared. “Miss Mero, this is my daughter, Tamara. Tamara, you obviously know Miss Samantha Mero.”

Samantha Mero offered her hand and Tamara stood up and took it. The woman’s grip was strong and firm, this was a woman who obviously knew what she wanted and took her body very seriously. She took out a business card and scribbled something on it, handing it to the teenager.

“This is my private number, you can reach me at my office or residence at this number. Please, call me. I think you’d make a fantastic model.”

She turned around and smiled at Brandon. “Good Day Brandon. I’ll sign those new contracts and send them back to you. Good Day, Shelly. Tamara, nice to have met you.” She strode out of the office.

Brandon walked over to his still-stunned daughter and gave her a hug. Tamara beamed, she always felt safe with her bursa escort father. He turned to Shelly and said “Shelly, you can go to lunch. As a matter of fact, with my business with Ms. Mero concluded, it’s a quiet day. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?”

Shelly was only happy to do just that, and left the office in a hurry. That left Tamara alone with her father. “What do you want for lunch, honey?” he asked his pretty daughter.

“Mmmm – Chinese daddy, that’s both our favorite!” Brandon got on the phone and called their favorite place, who delivered the food within half an hour. They ate in Brandon’s office, chatting merrily.

“Daddy, do you really think I could model? Man, it’d be nice to make that kind of money.”

“Certainly baby, you’re pretty enough. You got the best of both your mother and I!”

Tamara sighed. “Daddy, why do you stay with that bitch? She treats you like shit!”

“Tamara, that is still your mother you’re talking about.”

“I’m sorry Daddy, but at least around you, she’s a fucking bitch. You’re a wonderful husband, a wonderful father. She doesn’t seem to appreciate that. I’m always surprised you didn’t have an affair, all those pretty girls around.”

“I don’t do that Tamara, and you know it. Besides, who’d want to have an affair with an old guy like me?”

Tamara nearly choked on a mouthful of fried rice. “Daddy, you’ve got to be kidding. All of my girlfriends think you’re hunky! My friend Heather’s asked me a couple of times if she could fuck you!”

This time it was Brandon’s turn to choke. Heather was a friend of his daughter’s, a cute, sassy redhead with a dynamite little body. He bet boys were lining up to fuck her and she wanted HIM? He was trying to wrap his mind around the idea when his daughter spoke up once more.

“But, Daddy dearest, I’m saving that honor for myself.”

He choked and sputtered again, any sense of composure totally gone. “Tamara, do you have any idea what you just said? Or how impossible that would be? You’re my daughter, don’t be ridiculous! That’s incest!”

Tamara smiled, that elusive smile she sometimes got. She stood up and walked over to her father and stood proudly before him. “Daddy, incest is just a word. Heather and her brother have — well, let’s just say they’re very close. I want to be that close to you, Daddy. I want to give you all the things Mom won’t.”

Brandon was incredulous. His daughter was a stunning, truly beautiful young woman – but he hadn’t considered, even for a minute, sleeping with her. She was his precious baby girl.

Tamara planned on blowing that image all to hell. She stood up, removing her coat. Underneath it, the brunette temptress was wearing a sheer, powder-blue blouse, under which she wore a black lace bra. She was wearing a new leather mini she’d bought just for this occasion – the occasion of seducing her father. She had on her favorite black silk stockings and black stilettos. She knew most men would give their left nut to fuck someone as hot as she.

She moved towards her father, tentatively at first, and wrapped her arms around him, pulling his face close for a passionate kiss. Her tongue slid all along his lips, she took in the scent of his cologne – the “Stetson” she’d given him last year. His slightly-scratchy face felt manly as she continued kissing him.

Brandon knew he should pull away, yet he was unable to do so. He found himself being drawn into the kiss, his cock got hard – for the first time in a long while. He still found Bethany attractive, but his daughter was correct – she’d turned cold and distant. His daughter was a pliant, willing, sexy young partner.

Tamara could feel her father weakening as she continued to kiss him. She put her all into the heated kiss, her right hand roamed under his shirt and over his muscular chest. Her nails raked gently over his flesh and she heard a slight gasp coming from his lips. Tamara moved her hand down the leg of her father’s dress pants, towards his cock. She was not at all surprised to find his cock already hard and eager. Tamara knew, from that second on, that she had her father right where she wanted him.

“B-baby – we can’t do this … ” Brandon said to his daughter, she put a slender finger to his lips.

“Daddy – we CAN do this. We probably shouldn’t, but we’re going to. You’re going to fuck me Daddy, as much as you want. You’re going to put your big Daddy-cock in my hot pussy and fuck my innocence away.”

“Oh, God!” was all he could say.

Tamara moved away from him, she began unbuttoning the blouse. Her stomach was doing flip-flops, she’d summoned up ever last bit of courage she had in order to seduce him. She twirled the pale blue blouse around and threw it on top of his desk. She stood before him in just the bra and skirt, stockings and heels. She saw her father blink his eyes, as if not believing what he was seeing.

She slithered out of the skirt, now all she was wearing was the thong, stockings and suspenders and bursa escort bayan her stilettos. She moved towards him, but this time it was Brandon who drew her close and his tongue that moved against her own. All of his hesitation now seemed to have vanished. His strong hands cupped the rounded cheeks of her ass as he kissed her, forcefully, eager to taste her succulent young flesh.

“I may go to hell for this, but dammit, I think it will be worth it” he growled as she pulled away from him, teasingly. She smiled brightly.

“I promise to take you to heaven on earth, Daddy darling” she demurred as she took off the bra. Her round breasts spilled free, Brandon couldn’t help but stare at them.

She was at least 36C on her tall, sexy frame. Those breasts were firm and full, not a hint of sag. She had big, fat nipples which commanded his attention. He leaned in and licked one with his tongue, causing Tamara to sigh in delight.

“Oooh, Daddy, yes, that feels so nice. Please, kiss the other one.”

He did as his sex-crazed daughter requested, sucking it into his mouth for the briefest of seconds. He felt her tremble, he wrapped his arms around Tamara to stop her from falling. “Oooh Daddy, you’re so strong. I love how strong my Daddy is.” Tamara knew full well her “sexy little girl” act was getting to him, she’d planned it that way.

The entire day had been planned for a while. She’d bought a dildo a while before, using it on herself to bust her own cherry, so her first fuck with the man she loved most – her own Daddy – would not be messy. She couldn’t wait to feel the big cock inside the walls of her pussy, her horny little cunt filled by his massive cudgel.

She knelt down in front of her horny parent, sapphire eyes flashing, and unzipped his fly. She fished out his cock and began sucking on it. It wasn’t a chore, it was delightful, the way Heather had told her it would be. He was so hard, so yummy, so big and meaty in her mouth, she loved the feeling of his maleness within her lips.

“Oh, Tammie” he groaned, using her childhood nickname. She sucked and slurped his big knob, taking special care of the tip. She slithered her tongue all over it, including giving extra attention to his piss-slit, which seemed to turn him on.

“Does Mom spoil you like this, Daddy?” she looked up at him as she sucked, knowing full well the answer. Her sapphire eyes seemed to catch the light as she gave him the best head of his life.

“She used to baby, I’ve never understood what happened between us” Brandon told his daughter. His knees were nearly buckling as she knelt before him, sucking his cock. “Let’s not talk about it baby, let’s go over to the couch. Daddy wants to return the favor!”

Tamara practically squealed as she went over to the Sienna couch in her father’s office. She’d always liked the rich leather upholstery and know she was going to enjoy her first fuck on it. Brandon placed himself between the silky thighs of his tall, brunette daughter and took in the view for a minute.

She was so beautiful, there was no other word to describe her. Her skin was darker than his, somewhat more akin to her mother’s. Her hair was long and shiny, her legs long and soft and silky. Her belly was flat and smooth, she’d recently received permission to pierce her navel and wore a little “Playboy” rabbit head. But her pussy …

Brandon looked up at her grinning face. “You shaved?”

Tamara smiled down at her father. “Just for you, lover-Daddy. I wanted to be your little girl. You like?”

He nodded and went down between her spread thighs. “Let me show my little girl just how much I like.”

Brandon took his place between his daughter’s legs and began to kiss up and down her thighs, to her ankles. Tamara practically shuddered as he did so, it felt so good. His touch electrified her entire body, how could her mother give up something that felt this nice?

The instant Brandon’s tongue stabbed at her clit, it was like a bolt of electricity went through Tamara. She screamed out, loud, glad no one was nearby to hear them. Oh God, having your pussy licked was so wonderful, her darling Daddy was so good at it too!

Brandon’s tongue slid gracefully over his daughter’s clit and her aroused cunt. She was sweet, delicately so and very wet. He rubbed the little nubbin of her clit with his thumb as he ate her out, judging from her “Ooohss” and “Aaahhsss”, she seemed to be pleased with their first stab at incest.

A brief pang of guilt washed over him, but he pushed it down. His Tammie was right – this was wonderful. Who were they hurting? Bethany didn’t seem to care. Tamara was an adult, so was he, free to fuck whoever she wanted, as was he. He was proud that she’d chosen him and was sure as hell going to make her happy she had.

Inflamed with desire for the brunette teen, Brandon went to work on her cunt. He sucked and licked and fingerfucked her, turning her into a mass of squealing girl-flesh. She bucked her pussy up against his face escort bursa for more pussy eating, her father didn’t disappoint her. His tongue went deep up inside of her, hitting spots she’d only thought about reaching.

Tamara wanted to `69′ with her Daddy, but she knew that was a ways down the road. For now, she was content to let Daddy feast on her snatch and pleasure her. Little ripples of joy traveled throughout her body, her nipples had NEVER been this hard, she had no idea anything could feel this good.

His hands roamed all over her stocking-clad legs as he continued feasting on her muff. She saw the gleam in his eyes and she winked at him, she was glad he liked the lingerie she’d chosen. She wanted to wear it for him, to be his little girl and his wild, sensual playmate.

Moving his hands freely all over his daughter’s prone form, he cupped her tits. They felt soft, warm and delicious in his hands, he fondled them and saw the look of pure bliss that crossed Tamara’s face. He kissed her tits and down her belly, before sliding his tongue into her pussy yet again.

Every moment her parent made love to her, Tamara went to a new degree of heaven. It was as if he knew what buttons to push, where to caress, to make her body come alive. Seconds later, her father moved from between her thighs.


He smiled, leaned down and kissed Tamara softly on the lips. Brandon removed his shirt and the remainder of his clothing, standing before his wild, kinky offspring stark-naked. “So, what do you think of the old man, baby?”

“I think he’s terribly sexy and I can’t wait to have his big hard cock inside of me – FUCKING me!” Tamara squealed, putting extra emphasis into her voice.

“Baby, can I try something with you? Something your Mom would never let me do?”

She was a touch apprehensive, but Tamara knew her father would never hurt her. “Sure Daddy – your little girl wants to be your little slut too! Whatever you want!”

Brandon marveled at what a wild-child he had raised. He told his daughter “Push your tits together baby. Yes, like that. Now, Daddy’s going to tit-fuck you!”

Brandon moved his hard cock between the valley of his daughter’s tits. She loved the feeling of it, seeing his rigid cock moving between her boobs, she leaned forward and gave it little, perfunctory kisses from time to time. His cock twitched every time she did so, Brandon was in his glory. Was there nothing his little fuckable slut of a daughter would not do for him?

The sapphire eyed girl looked up at her father, so obviously enjoying their tryst. “I think it’s time Daddy, don’t you?” He nodded.

“This is your first time baby, so I want to be gentle. How do you want it?” Brandon asked her, with no small amount of concern in his voice.

“I’ve kind of been – practicing, Daddy” she told him with a smile. “So don’t worry, I won’t be hurt. Can I ride you? That’s been my fantasy!”

Brandon still found it hard to believe this sexy, vibrant, raven-haired beauty had fantasized about HIM, but he wasn’t going to deny her anything, not ever again! He adjusted his position on the couch and let his daughter straddle his cock, which was aching and twitching. He wanted so badly to bury it deep inside of her, to couple with her and make her his fucktoy – and it thrilled him to no end that seemed to be her desire as well.

She moved downwards, her pussy enveloped his cock in a sea of warmth. Tamara moved slowly at first, she rolled her hips in small circles, taking in the wondrous sensation of the first REAL cock her pussy had ever known. She began to move her hips back and forth now, grinding her naked pussy against her father’s manhood, It felt good, so fucking good, to have Daddy’s cock inside her cunt! She giggled inwardly at the lewd words, Heather had told her men loved hearing a woman speak trashy.

“Fuck me Daddy. Fuck the hell out of my cunt – NOW!”

Hearing the nasty side of his daughter emerge got to the older man. He moved his cock upwards inside of her pussy and began really putting it to her. He stroked his shaft in and out of her, her body went slapslapslap against his as she rode him. She took full measure of his dick and still seemed to crave more.

Facing him, Tamara rode her father with all the heat she could muster. He looked into her sapphire eyes, he’d never seen them blaze with such intensity before. He saw her teeth gritted as she rode him, ass bouncing and rolling as her vaginal walls gripped his cock. Her tits jiggled and he leaned forward and kissed each nipple, still trying to come to terms with the change in their relationship.

“Fuck me Daddy, oh God Daddy, fuck me, keep fucking me. You’re gonna have to keep fucking me Daddy, don’t wanna stop fucking my Daddy. Wanna be my Daddy’s fuckslut!” Tamara screamed as she felt his cock surging within her.

His daughter’s lewd words and actions, her kinky desires, it all seemed unfathomable to Brandon. He wasn’t going to question it anymore though, her skill at lovemaking – right from the outset – nearly surpassed her mother’s. It was if Tammie had a natural talent for screwing and making a man feel good.

“Are you gonna cum, Daddy?” she smiled down at him. He nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32