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Dominic turned on his monitor and noticed that his neighbor, Tara, left him a quick note on his instant messenger. Being in the playful mood he often woke up in, he decided to reply.

Dominic: I saw that you left me a “hi” note last night. I wanted to entertain someone last night. When I saw that you said “hi” and I was like, ‘damn. I missed out.’

Dominic flirted with Tara often. Not much ever came from it, but when the flirting or entertaining went back and forth, Dominic enjoyed himself all the more.

Tara: Throbbing

This took Dominic back a moment. After regrouping, he replied:

Dominic: You are throbbing? Nice.

Tara: Yes. I’m on the couch; back and head resting on the side arm, my knees bent, the laptop resting on my lap, legs parted slightly.

Tara: and all I can think about is someone coming over and teasing me

Dominic: now I am throbbing too

He knew that Tara liked to flirt on occasion. He had one previous experience with her that let him know that sometimes they could enjoy each other’s company. He decided to push a little bit more, to see how she would react.

Dominic: Using the fingers first? Just the tip, with just a bit of warming lube…

Tara: no, mouth

Tara: slippery minty tongue

Dominic: using two fingers to spread your lips just wide enough to lick just under and over your clit, no direct attention

Dominic: then spreading the lips even wider, but licking the slit and the opening, as the warm breath washes over your clit, before the tongue returns just to the hood

Tara: ok you need to stop

Tara: this isn’t right

Dominic: both thumbs, right next to your clit… not touching, but you can feel the ghost of them touching it

Dominic: as he looks up to your face, his breathing a little more heavy on your clit as you enjoy his touch

Dominic: ahh.. Give me a moment to deal with a distraction or two. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Tara felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but reluctantly said that she would. She felt wrong playing with him, since she was best friends with his wife. It didn’t matter much that he and her husband had been friends for as long as they knew each other.

She was all worked up playing a fantasy in her head and just couldn’t get herself to climax. She kind of liked the forbidden aspect of it all, but would avoid hurting anyone else in the process. Still, it was all online and nothing more than güvenilir bahis flirting. It would be ok.

Dominic let himself in through Tara’s back door. They had been neighbors for the last couple of years, and normally, he wouldn’t intrude like this, but he had desired her for so long that he was willing to take the risk.

He knocked on the archway between the kitchen and the living room, trying not to scare Tara more than he would. He looked over and saw that she was unprepared for visitors.

She was wearing a loose pair of shorts and a tank top, her fingers alternating between the keyboard and her thighs, enjoying the feeling of being teased.

She jumped a bit at first. She didn’t know what to do. This was not what she had wanted or planned, but it began to excite her a bit before she started to say anything.

“You aren’t supposed to be here. We really shouldn’t do this.”

Dominic heard the slight hesitation and moved closer to her.

She moved the laptop and started to get up when Dominic pushed her gently back to the couch. He kneeled between her legs, kissing her thighs. He knew that if she was going to stop him, it was going to be now.

After a moment, he looked into her eyes as they began to close. Her head moved back slightly he inched the crotch of her shorts to the side.

He did exactly what he typed to her, starting with using his fingers, and spreading her lips slightly, enjoying the sweet smell of her pussy. He proceeded to lick her slit just underneath the hood that covered her stiffening clit. He followed by flickering the tip of his tongue up and down her slit.

Tara moaned in pleasure. She knew it was wrong, but she had a need that felt even stronger. She wanted to stop, she told herself, but she couldn’t overrule her body. She wanted this at this moment and there was nothing she would do to stop it.

Dominic reached up and put his fingers in her waistband, and started to slide her shorts off. Tara mindlessly lifted her hips, allowing him to remove the shorts.

With the shorts out of the way, Dominic pressed her legs a bit wider. He then used his thumbs to spread her labia open, enjoying the look and smell of her beautiful pussy. He began to tease her even more, letting his tongue encircle, but not touch her clit as he continued to tease. He moved his thumbs up and down with exaggerated slowness as he breathed heavily on her button.

Tara’s head went to the back türkçe bahis of the couch. She loved the feeling of a warm tongue teasing her pussy. She loved feeling the hard breathing as she pushed her hips towards his face. She loved anticipating how he was going to kiss her pussy and tease her to satisfaction.

When he looked up and saw that she couldn’t take much more, he put the tip of his tongue on her clit, holding it there at first then flicking his tongue across it a few times. He brought his mouth to her pussy and sucked her clit in, holding it with his teeth as he continued to flicker his tongue over her enlarging clit.

After a moment or two of this, Dominic released the hold of her pussy and slowly licked her opening, pushing his tongue in and out. He took his time teasing her and enjoying her sweet juices.

He then brought his hands up to her pussy and pushed the tips of his thumbs into her opening as he used the tip of his tongue to encircle her clit. After a moment or two, he took his hands and places them on her hips, edging her a bit forward to give him better access to her beautiful pussy; he opened her pussy wider to suck in more of her juices before he slowly worked his way up her body.

Tara began to arch her back. She felt herself being worked up and enjoyed being lost in the moment. The taboo of the situation added to her stimulation. She knew that this was wrong for many reasons, but the heat from between her legs made it feel right.

He lifted her shirt as he began kissing and sucking on the undersides of her breasts. He took his hand and teased her slit as he began kissing and sucking each of her nipples into his mouth.

After a few minutes of this, he moved down her body and began kissing her thighs. He started using a finger in and out of her pussy, enjoying how warm and tight it felt against him. He started moaning with his lips on her pussy as he felt more of her juices flowing.

Dominic then lifted her legs, putting her feet against her sexy ass. He slid his tongue deep into Tara’s pussy causing him to moan even more. He more aggressively used his tongue to fuck her as he reached up to grab her hands. He placed the hands on his head, which made Tara pull him deeply into her pussy. Dominic responded by grasping her ass and pulling her into his mouth even more.

Dominic backed off slowly. He reached down and pulled off his jeans. He then reached up and pulled off his t-shirt.

Tara güvenilir bahis siteleri in a wonderful daydream-like haze pulled her tank top as well. Dominic then helped Tara to her feet. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply before turning them both around. He backed into the couch and sat down, guiding her gently into his lap.

Tara straddled him, leaving his cock outside of her wet pussy, but she enjoyed the teasing feeling on her clit. Dominic continued to kiss her insistently.

He then urged her to lean back with his hands on her waist. He kissed the undersides of her breasts softly in contrast to how he kissed her. He playfully took each of her nipples into his mouth, nibbling each one before playing with the other.

Dominic eased Tara off his lap and turned her so that her back was pressed against him. Easing her slowly down the length of his shaft, he reached around with his fingertips and teased her clit with his right hand. With his left he continued cupping her breasts. Pushing his hips forward a bit, Tara leaned back against Dominic, allowing his cock to delve deeper inside her.

He took the hand off her breast and put the finger tip in her mouth as he leaned forward to kiss her neck. Reaching down with his right hand, he pushed the tip of his finger along with his cock inside her, stretching her a bit more as he massaged her clit with his thumb.

As she approached orgasm, he reached his hand from her mouth to her breasts and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

This was all it took for Tara to reach her climax. Her hips gyrated and pushed down against Dominic as he lifted his hips, pushing himself deeper into her. He pulled his finger out of her pussy and continued to rub her clit as she continued to cum.

As her orgasm subsided, Dominic continued to kiss her, but more softly and playfully as to let her come down of the high slowly.

He then gently lifted her off his lap, and laid her on the couch. He spread her legs and continued to lick her pussy gently as to not get her riled up again, but enjoying the flavor of her fresh juices.

As Tara slowly started coming out of her daydream, she looked around and saw that the house was still empty. She looked down and saw that her tank top was hanging over her breasts and that her hand was still in her shorts. She looked over at the laptop and saw that Dominic left a note apologizing for taking so long to return, followed by another note asking if she was still there.

Was this all a daydream, Tara asked herself? She slowly slid her hand out of her shorts and put her top back down. “For a daydream,” she thought to herself, “I definitely need to clean up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32