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I arrived in Denver just after noon. I rented a car and started the drive to Steamboat Springs. Its such a gorgeous drive. The Rockies take my breath every time I’m there. The snow was beginning to fly as I arrived in Steamboat; fresh powder!

I checked into my room at the hotel near the Headwall. I loved that place. You can ski right up to the hotel, walk in to the bar and have a drink, or a meal and hang with the other skiers. I stowed my gear in my room and went down to the restaurant for my favorite meal there; bison steak, a house specialty.

Once I’d finished my dinner I moved to the bar and ordered a Captain and Coke. I was sipping my drink and absorbing the atmosphere, when a rather gregarious group entered the room. It was three couples. They were all fairly attractive people, at least the women were. I didn’t pay much attention to the men. One of the girls was a brunette, pretty and chatty. She seemed to be the life of their little party. Another was a petite blonde, with short hair and an animated face. She hung on the talkative brunette’s every word, reacting to and reflecting the mood of the brunette’s story.

The third was the most remarkable though, the one with the mane of curly red hair. She was the most attractive to me. She seemed a little distracted. It was obvious to me that her mind were elsewhere. And there was just a trace of sadness in her deep brown eyes. For whatever reason, my heart went out to her; this redheaded stranger that I would never know. I felt her sorrow from across the room.

The party was seated at a table near the bar, with the animated blonde and the sad eyed red head at the far side of the table, affording me a view of the two most fascinating faces amongst them. Once they’d placed their orders, the chatty brunette launched into another tale. I watched the blonde’s cute little face as she mirrored the tone and emotion of the brunette’s story, changing with each turn. I couldn’t hear a word, but I grasped every mood from the blonde’s expressions. She was so rapt in the story that she didn’t notice that I was staring at her. I began to unconsciously mimic her facial aspects.

My gaze shifted momentarily to the redhead, to find that she was watching me imitate the blonde while hiding a slight smile. The sadness had been replaced with a trace of mirth, which made her all the more appealing. It wasn’t long before the natural clown in me took over and I began to exaggerate the blonde’s visage. This put the redhead in an awkward spot, trying not to get caught looking at me while stifling her laughter. I kept it up until, the story ended, which was mercifully on a humorous note. The table responded with polite laughter, as the target of my antics erupted into a guffaw and had to excuse herself.

The redhead was on her way back from the lady’s room as I was walking away from the bar. Our eyes met as we passed one another. Her expressions spoke volumes in mere seconds. Her eyes scolded me for an instant for nearly embarrassing her , a wry little grin then let me know that had she enjoyed being amused in such a way. By then she’d passed me. We both glanced back over our shoulders and she revealed a genuine smile that warmed my heart.

As was typically the case, I had trouble sleeping in a strange bed that night, despite being exhausted. I lay there in the dark, trying to sleep, with my minds eye full of that redhead’s smile. She’d come in to the restaurant illegal bahis looking so sad. But for that brief instant, as she returned to her table, her face shone; her eyes sparkled. What a face she had; so expressive. Something in her face told me that emotion and passion ran deep in that woman. I tried to clear my mind and get to sleep, but it was useless.

I tried to read and watch TV, but I was obsessed with the image of that woman’s face, that woman’s smile. I decided to have another drink or two, perhaps that would put me out. I went down to the bar and ordered a drink and as I turned to look at the fire I spotted someone on the couch by the fireplace.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see it was the redhead from the restaurant; the one with that face; that haunting smile. Without a moment’s hesitation I walked over and introduced myself.

“You’re the guy with the face,” she said. Suddenly I was the one with the face. “The funny faced guy at the bar.” I just nodded. “You made me spew water out of nose, I’ll have you know,” I stifled a snicker. “Not only that, I peed my self a little.” I had to laugh out loud. “Its not funny,” she said. The wry grin I’d seen earlier returned and she shook her head slightly.

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked.

“I have one,” she said, pointing at a half empty glass of milk on the coffee table. “It helps me sleep.” She glanced down at the cushion beside her. I took that as an invitation and sat down next to her.

We sat there, close on the couch, talking about ourselves and nothing at all. She was easy to talk to. I felt at ease and comfortable with this stranger. We exhausted our small talk in no time at all. We sat looking into each others eyes. There was a long pause, but not an awkward pause at all. Her eyes told me that the conversation could have easily become very serious; deep questions asked, dark secrets revealed. But rather than speak, we instinctively leaned toward one an another and kissed. It was a long, warm, kiss that carried the promise of so many possibilities. We both pulled back slowly, gazing at each other, reading one another’s expressions.

I stood and looked at her once more, possibly for the last time. She blew me the tiniest kiss. I winked at her, turned and walked away. As I made my way out of the lobby, I wondered if I’d handle things right. I would have loved to have carried on with her, right there on that couch. I realized, of course, that was impossible. The kiss was too much. It might not have gone unnoticed, even though there was no one else there except the bartender. I couldn’t have asked her for her number. She was married and there with her husband. There was no way it could have gone any farther.

“What was I thinking,” I wondered. I stared at the floor numbers above the elevator and quickly convinced myself that I’d gotten all revved up over nothing. It wasn’t exactly nothing, there was that kiss after all. And was quite a kiss it was. There was no tongue involved, just warm, sensuous lips, and passion; undeniable passion.

I had seen in her eyes that she hadn’t wanted things to end there, but we both knew it was not meant to be. Two ships passing in the night and all that.

I’d had a hard enough time trying to get her face off my mind. How could I ever wipe that kiss, that soft, simple, passionate kiss, from my memory. I could still taste her lips and feel their impression on mine.

The illegal bahis siteleri elevator doors slid open. I stepped inside with a sigh. I turned to press the button for my floor, and there she stood. The doors closed behind her and she looked up at me. Her face told me all the things that were going through her mind. She was a giddy little schoolgirl one second and a sex starved wife the next. She was slightly embarrassed and somewhat ashamed. But more than anything, she was hungry, hot and horny. She was ready to go. She looked down for a second and I felt the blood rush to my face.

The ride in the elevator was silent. We glanced at one another a couple of times. The anticipation was palpable. That wry little smile crept back to her face and she took my hand. I squeezed her’s gently just as the elevator stopped at my floor. The doors opened to an empty hallway. We both stepped out and she stayed back as I walked to the door of my room. I unlocked and opened the door. I looked back at the gorgeous redhead at the elevator and she hurried to my side. She stepped into my room and I followed.

I closed the door behind us. We stood there for several seconds, just looking into each others eyes. That little redhead was suddenly no longer a stranger at all. We knew at that moment that we were lovers; we were meant to be lovers. There was a fire burning within us. There was an urgency. I wanted to grab her up and kiss her forcefully; tear the clothes from her body, throw her on the floor and ravish her.

I could see in my new paramour’s eyes that she felt the same things I felt, but she had complete command of her emotions. The fire that burned in her was contained and controlled. We approached each other slowly, deliberately. I reached for her and she for me. We pulled one another close and our lips met. I could have sworn I heard a hiss of steam as my lips touched hers. Her lips parted and my tongue slid languidly into her mouth; her hot mouth. My tongue tangled with hers as they twisted and swirled; slowly, smoothly and soulfully. It was the deepest kiss I’d ever known. It touched the farthest reaches of me.

We performed a slow motion tango as we moved toward the bed, undressing one another as we went. My raven-tressed lover was stripped to nothing but her black, satin panties and I to my boxers by the time we’d reached the bed. I tore the comforter from the bed and her modesty overcame her. She quickly slid between the sheets and gazed up at me. The lust in her eyes betrayed the demure expression that was on her face.

I crawled into the bed and we were drawn together as if by some natural force. We embraced. The combined heat of our bodies only intensified as we began to kiss again. I had never known such passion and still been able to control myself.

This sultry, smoldering seductress was setting the pace. Our tongues danced and dueled as I pulled her breasts to my naked chest. Her nipples hardened between us. Our hearts pounded in rhythm. I pressed my hard member to her body and she moaned into my mouth.

We rolled over together. Her legs spread and I positioned myself between her smooth, soft thighs. My eyes were drawn to hers again and I was assured that what was about to happen was welcomed. Her eyes begged me not to stop just before they closed to conceal the other emotions that spiraled in her mind. There was no stopping us at that point. She raked the backs of my legs with canlı bahis siteleri her heels and gripped my shoulders tightly, digging in with her fingernails as the head of my hard cock grazed the soft, swollen lips of her sex.

I lowered my weight onto her, feeling her hard nipples against my chest. I felt the warm, moist lips part as the head of my cock slid between them. The gasp that escaped her lips was one of anticipation and delight, tinged with a touch of guilt. I pressed on, slipping more of my throbbing member into her. She continued to inhale as I burrowed deeper and deeper inside of her. I held my breath until the last inch of me was deep within her.

She whimpered and bit her lower lip. I exhaled with a coarse growl and slowly pulled my cock back, nearly all the away out. I drove deep into her once more, eliciting a moan. Her hips rose to meet me. I pulled back and thrust in again, driving ever deeper into the warm folds of my new lover’s tender treasure. Pulling back and driving in; deeper, harder, faster. We found our rhythm; moaning , panting, clamoring to become one. She undulated beneath me.

We kissed vociferously, consumed by our passion. Our pace increased, our desire heightened to a feverish pitch. The sounds of bodies, slapping together, my member slipping in and out of her filled my ears. The heady aroma of our sex, our sweat and our breath filled my nostrils and intoxicated me.

I was completely out of my mind with ecstasy. I had never been so overcome with a fervor. I kissed every inch of her face and sucked her earlobe. My lips grazed down her neck. Just as I began to kiss and nibble the tender flesh of that neck, her body tensed. The walls of her hot pussy contracted on my cock in spasms. She began to pant and grunt as wave after wave of orgasm seized her. She trembled and shook beneath me. That sent me over the edge.

I’d been fighting back the urge to cum. My lover’s orgasm was more than I could bare. I erupted into that glorious pussy of hers; white hot streams of my cum. I plunged my cock as deep as possible into her as she continued to squeeze me, milk me of every last drop.

Once I was completely drained and totally exhausted, I rolled the two of us over, bringing her on top of me. After we’d caught our breath, we kissed again, tenderly, as we had done before. My cock softened and she slowly slipped off me. She lay beside me and rested her head on my shoulder. We nestled together, such a natural fit, as if we’d rested that way every night for years.

The next thing I remember was waking to sliver of light, streaming across me in my hotel-room bed, alone. She was gone and I was all by my self. I had to wonder if maybe it had been a dream. But as I inhaled, I smelled her; her perfume, her body and her sex. That much of her lingered, along with the afterglow of the ecstasy that she’d brought me. She’d taken me to heights of passion the likes of which I’d never known, and haven’t experienced since.

I wondered how I might react if and when I saw her again, in the presence of her husband and friends. But that never happened. I didn’t see her around the hotel, the restaurant or on the slopes. I had been nervous about seeing her and about how I might react, but when I didn’t see her, I was terribly disappointed.

Perhaps I’ve distorted my memories over time and exaggerated things in my own mind. Maybe it wasn’t all that I remember it to be. Maybe its just a tempest in a teapot. One thing is for certain. I’ll never forget that little redhead; her beautiful hair, those deep expressive eyes and that beguiling smile. Nor will I ever forget the heat of our passion on the cold, snowy Colorado night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32