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“So you gave a torrid time to Savita-di last night?” Ritu was sitting in the drawing room with a can of chilled mid-morning beer. Bira 91.

“Yes, the cow was rather lively last night. Kept squealing while I drilled into her.”

“Must have been the blessings of the Devi … she must have somehow turned the right knobs on her body.”

“True, true.” The Thakur gave a knowing smirk. “Even I was feeling charged up last night.”

“Oh! That is wonderful news.” Ritu smiled coyly. “Perhaps even I will be able to feel her blessings sometime soon.”

“You will, you will. I am planning something big for you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? I cannot wait …”

“Tomorrow is Navami, the last day of the Puja and I have invited the local MLA for dinner in the evening.”

“And what are you planning for him.”

“Ha, Ha .. that is a secret, but I bet you would never have seen anything like it before … “

“Oh please .. I am dying to know.”

“Janab Murtaza Ali is a man of eclectic tastes. I have to cater to him.”

“With what?” Every piece of information was important for Ritu.

“I have arranged for some really good entertainment for him … but then, wait. Why not even you?”


“Yes .. You are a dancer right?”

“Well Santhal girls have a natural flair for swaying to the beat of the madol.” She did not quite admit it, but having been in Bombay for so long, the Bollywood ishtyle dancing was something that she was generally quite comfortable with. She was always a hit in their office parties.

“Janab Murtaza Ali needs to be softened up and I want you to help me with that.”

“By dancing?”

“To begin with .. and then of course his own nature will take over.”

“Hmmm.” This would be a challenge but Ritu’s mind was whirring. The challenge would have to be transformed into an opportunity. Things would have to be made to fall in place.

“You need not be too alarmed. The MLA is a happy-go-lucky man. A man of eclectic tastes .. as you will see.” The Thakur smirked. Ritu was wondering what would that mean but in her mind things were falling in place. But there was one piece of the puzzle that was still missing.

“Would you be attending to the Sandhi puja in the evening?” Sandhi puja is when Ashtami, the eighth day of the waxing moon, ends and Navami, the ninth day, begins. The legend of Mahishasurmardini Durga — the Goddess who slays the demon in his buffalo form — says that the Goddess triumphed over the demon at the moment of the Sandhi, the boundary between Ashtami and Navami.

“Arrey No Riturani. That is my prime drinking time and nothing will take me away from that pleasure.”

“Same here Thakur. All this piety gets on my nerves. Savita-di wants me to accompany her for the Ashtami puja and the offering of flowers for the Pushpanjali.”

“When is that?”

“I have to go now, thats why I need this Bira 91.”

“But you are free in the evening.”

“I will be always free for the Thakur of my life.” Ritu was laying it on, thick and sweet.

“When is this Sandhi puja?”

“It’s around 9 o’clock in the evening, but I will be back well before that ..”

“And what does the Rani want to drink tonight?”

“We could begin with any single malt but I want to end the night by sucking up some authentic Bihari Cream.” Ritu could be as shameless as any harlot whenever she wanted to be so.

The Ashtami day had passed of rather uneventfully and now it was evening and Durga Puja pandels all over India were getting ready for the Sandhi Puja. Rudra and Ritu had planned their moves as well as they could but then in an operation as complex as this, many things could go wrong.

“Kid, have you checked that bangle on your wrist?” Both Rudra and Ritu were wearing a small, nondescript metallic bangle on their wrist and this was the third or fourth time that Ritu was checking on this.

“Yes, Ma … do not worry.”

“Ok, you go and wait.” Ritu whispered. “I will let you know when we come.”

Ritu was absolutely ravishing that night. She had had a bath and had shampooed her hair in the afternoon and now it was spread all over her back. She was wearing a white muslin saree, so sheer that it was about as see-through as any fabric could be and it was edged with a fiery red-and-gold border that showed up in sharp contrast. She had tied it low, well below her navel and one could just about see, or imagine, the crack of her buttock just where the saree was clinging to the flare of her hips. For her upper body, she had thin, sleeveless blouse that could barely contain the swell and sway of her breasts leaving vast swathes of her dusky shoulders, back and belly visible to the lustful looks of any red-blooded male. She had lined her eyes with kohl and in a dash of extravagance had drawn a bold bindi on her forehead that almost looked like the third eye of the Goddess herself

The Thakur too was dressed rather magnificently tonight. He had Budhia and Chotu massage his body and had gelled his head of thick, white canlı bahis and long hair till it flowed over his shoulders in a leonine mane. He had traded the traditional regal sherwani for a rough, sleeveless body fitting dress that not only showed off his big, tattooed biceps but also, unwittingly, revealed his bloated paunch that sagged over a pair of loose, patiala style pants.

The Thakur and his Rani were sitting in the drawing room, sipping from squat crystalware filled with the golden smoothness of Glenmorangie Signet. The air conditioner was humming quietly in the corner and “Fucking in the Rain” from Pornhub was playing through Chromecast on the giant 65 inch TV on the wall.

“Ah what giant prick that fellow has ….” Ritu gushed as if she was salivating at the thought of being drilled.

“More than his prick, I admire his athleticism …” added the Thakur. “Oh god! That wench is actually hanging from his prick.” He suddenly pulled Ritu to his side and started fondling her breasts.

“She has her hands around his neck and his prick is stuck in her cunt.” Her hands were stroking against his crotch.

“Hey you, come and sit on my lap.”

“Not yet, not yet, not here … oh wow, watch. She is upside down.”

“That is impossible.”

“They must be acrobats from a circus”

“Her thighs are around his neck …”

“He is sucking at her cunt”

“And she is hanging head down ..”

“With is prick in her mouth .”

“A vertical 69.” Suddenly the Thakur could not take it any longer and grabbed Ritu by her head and started kissing her on her lips.

“Wait, Thakur-ji, Wait.” Ritu freed herself from him. “The night is still young and a lot of scotch is still left in the bottle.”

“Scotch can wait.”

“And so will I … but the real pleasure of the hunt is in the chase. Not in the fuck”

“I know. I have been chasing you since the day Raghu brought you in from the jungle.”

“I know … and I love being chased by you. Or why do you think I came back here.”

“But why did you run away then?”

“I was a kid then. Now I am more mature … and can appreciate the good things in life”

“Like that 30 year scotch.”

“Yes … and hence all the more pleasurable for the seeker.”

Ritu poured herself a little more of the Glenmorangie but a lot more for the Thakur. It would have to be an Indo-Scotch operation tonight! The couple on the screen were now fornicating in what seemed like knee deep water!

“Hey I hope that that girl does not drown. Her head is almost going into the water.”

“The stud is strong enough to hold her up.”

“Enough of watching others .. I need you.” Suddenly the Thakur made a grab for Ritu but missed her as she dodged him with some dexterity.

“Ok … Thakur-saab, finish this drink and then you can chase me to my room.” She poured themselves another drink each that the Thakur downed rapidly. Ritu too picked up her drink but after a notional sip, quietly put it down on the side table. Instead, she grabbed one of the bangles on her wrist and pressed it twice … then waited until the bangle vibrated twice more. Rudra was ready and waiting.

“Come Thakur-saab. Time to hunt your prey …” and briskly walked out the room with the Thakur at her heels.

The guest room was dimly lit with just a few strategically placed lamps glowing. This had created an intriguing play of light and shadow. A heavy incense was burning in the corner but the windows were open and a cool wind was gently blowing in from the lake. On the centre table in the sitting area was a tablet paired with a bluetooth speaker and on a side table along the wall was a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur and two shot glasses.

But the most critical component of the drama that was about to be played out in guest room was Rudra and he was sitting on a stool, near the window and covered from head to toe by the huge and heavy curtain drape that had been pulled partially pulled apart! Through a gap in the curtains he could keep an eye on all parts of the room and yet would not be visible unless someone were to move the curtains aside. Tonight was crucial to their plans and the vibrations on the bangle on his wrist had warned him that the drama was about to begin.

His mother was the first to come in through the door followed immediately afterwards by the Thakur. The moment they were in, the Thakur grabbed Ritu and started kissing her on her lips and Rudra watched as his mother responded eagerly to his kisses and started kissing back with equal gusto. Locked lip to lip, the couple started waltzing around the room and for a few seconds they came dangerously close to where he was secreted but of course since Ritu knew where her son was, she traipsed out of the way and back to the centre of the room.

“Thakur ji …” Ritu stopped in the middle of the room, “I have a question for you?”

“Yes Ritu Rani.”

“Since you are here, who is watching us on that CCTV camera that you have installed there.” She was blunt and to bahis siteleri the point.

“Oh, really, no …” the Thakur was taken aback at having his secret exposed.

“Then let’s us cover it up.” Ritu took a pillow cover and wrapped it around the camera. “Now we have the privacy and you can fuck me however you want and your wife will never get to know.”

“Actually Savita is not aware of this ..” he trailed off as he realised that Ritu was no more interested in his excuses, but was smiling coyly and invitingly at him.

“Come, Thakur, come …” she held out her arms, “Come and fuck me out of my senses tonight.”

The Thakur needed no further invitation. Rudra watched with increasing fascination and an increasing erection as his mother started stripping in front of her aged paramour. First to go was the blouse and the bra. Then Ritu with just a saree wrapped around her, pulled the Thakur to the sofa and after pushing him down, proceeded to melt herself into his arms. The Thakur gave a grunt of pleasure as he felt her hands on his prick as he himself started fondling Ritu’s breasts and teasing her nipples.

Behind the curtains, Rudra’s erection was getting bigger and harder but his fingers were on something even harder, in his pocket.

Suddenly the Thakur pushed his hand right inside Ritu’s saree and started feeling up her thighs and beyond. Ritu squirmed as she felt her fingers on her crotch, tugging at her panties. She lifted her buttocks to help the Thakur pull out those white cotton panties …

“Aha, the Rani is already wet.” Thakur sniffed at her panties and examined them closely.

“What else do you expect from a woman who is sitting on the lap of an absolute stud.” Then in a quick fluid movement, she switched on the tablet lying on the table. Almost immediately, the mellifluous tones of Pandit Chaurasia’s flute washed across the room with the tunes of the late evening Raag Hamsadhwani.

“Now I want your raw meat, Thakur ji.” With a quick pull, Ritu had the Thakur’s billowing patiala trousers around his ankles leaving him in — of all things — a red polka dotted brief that had tented out precariously with his erection.

“You want me to give you a massage?” The Thakur nodded in consent and Rudra watched as his mother quickly removed what was left of his clothes and laid him out on the carpet on the floor. Then she stripped of her own clothes and after rummaging through her toiletries she pulled out a bottle of Nivea body lotion that she poured liberally on his body but mostly on his crotch!

Ritu’s hands were sliding all over the Thakur’s body and he gave a grunt of pleasure as he felt her stroking his already erect and swollen penis. The smooth slide of her hands as they first cuddled, then squeezed his balls then travelled all the way up to the glans and stretched his uncut foreskin sent a shiver up his spine.

“What are you doing with this big keys?” Ritu asked innocently as she fingered the gold chain around his neck. “Let me remove it.” She took a gamble.

“No, no, no ..” the Thakur refused the bait. “Just let it be.”

“Sure.” but of course that could never be.

For the next couple of minutes Ritu massaged the Thakur and then all of a sudden, the Thakur wanted to massage Ritu in return and so the two of them, both stark naked slithered around in each other’s arms as a whole new bottle of Nivea body lotion was emptied to the accompaniment of much laughter and merriment.

“Thakur-ji, I have been serving your Chota Bhai – the little brother, the penis — for quite some time and he has grown up nice and big. Should we not a find a home for him?” Ritu was hinting for some action. “He needs to give me some pleasure as well.” She got up and pulled up her paramour from the floor. She needed him on the bed and embedded in her for the next part of her plans and it wouldn’t do to allow him to pass out on the floor.

“Come, come to the bed.” She gently pulled the naked hunk to the bed and after laying him down on his back, started licking his balls and sucking his cunt.

“AAah … “, the Thakur moaned with pleasure as he felt his cock rising again. Ritu was slurping and sucking harder and faster and was relieved to find that the Thakur’s prick was big and hard again. Time now for some decisive action.

“Come, come Thakur ji. It’s time for the bull to mount the cow.”

Rudra watched as his mother lay down at the end of the bed while the Thakur went back on his knees on the floor and started to lick her on the crack of her pubis. Ritu had trimmed her pubic hair so that it formed a neat little triangle, the sign of the Devi, with the slash through its middle and for the Thakur this was truly a candy for his libido. He started to lick and slurp at the lips of her labia and fingered the nub of her clitoris.

“Oooooooh …” Ritu let out a scream of pleasure and pressed the Thakur’s head in her crotch. She then slithered further up the bed until she was close to the headboard and her well gymmed biceps bulged as she bahis şirketleri pulled the massive bulk of the Thakur right up to her chest as well.

“Come on Thakur. Be a bull and put your stick into me.” She screamed.

The Thakur was busy licking and sucking at her tits but his penis had grown bigger and harder and Ritu reached down and positioned it against her cunt. Then with a upward jerk she lifted her buttocks and rammed her crotch into his.

The Thakur grunted as he felt his penis slide into Ritu’s cunt and her muscles started pressing in and squeezing his embedded member. Ritu bucked her hips again and as the Thakur got into his rhythm and he started thudding into her with greater gusto.

Ritu was delighted. Not just with the fire that had been kindled in her cunt but also because the Thakur was now well and truly excited. She slid her hands up and down his broad back and raked her nails along his spine, possibly drawing blood. The Thakur gave a howl of pain, or was it pleasure? And kept hammering at her with increasing strength. It was as if an Asuric — a demonic — strength had started to flow through his body and Ritu responded with equal if not a higher force. Trained in physical combat as a part of her Intelligence job, she knew enough to take down the biggest of men … but of course here, she was just matching his violence with her own.

The Thakur was grunting, roaring and rubbing his face on her breasts, her tits while his penis was remorselessly pounding her crotch. Ritu squealed — a very womanly squeal — as she felt that the Thakur balls were throbbing and about to burst out with his cum. But slowly and without the Thakur being fully aware of it, Ritu hands had clasped the Thakur neck, her lips on his lips and in her hands was the gold chain and its keys.

Then it happened all at once …

At the precise hour of the Sandhi Puja, in each and every puja pandel in the neighbourhood, there was — as is always the case — a simultaneous explosion of noise. The Devi had just slayed the Demon. Women blew conch shells and the drummers after waiting quietly all this while, suddenly burst out with their their fastest rhythms. Thakur gave a scream as his balls started trying to pump his semen into Ritu’s waiting cunt .. and

Ritu grabbed the gold chain and its keys and her muscles bulged as gave a massive yank. The chain broke and keys flew across the bed and fell on the floor just a few feet away from where her son was hiding behind the curtains.

“My chain, my keys …” The Thakur murmured as he felt it break but Ritu would have none of it.

“Your chain will wait but I cannot, Oh Thakur-saab …” she screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me now … now now and now.” With her hands she pressed his head against her chest in an iron grip and her legs were crossed behind his thighs, pressing his crotch into hers. In a sense, the Thakur was in a vice like grip, locked with Ritu from crotch to neck, his hips thrusting with greater and greater power into her crotch. Ritu felt a rather weak squirt of fluid seeping through her vagina but she gave a howl of pleasure as if her innards were being flooded with a tsunami of the Thakur’s cum.

“Ah Ah Thakur-saab. You are flooding me with your cream. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Ritu saw that Rudra had not wasted this opportunity. Slowly, he parted the curtains and came out from behind them. Then in one fluid motion he picked up the two keys that were lying on the floor, raised them in his hands for his mother to see.

Ritu with the naked body of the Thakur heaving and thrusting against her own, smiled at him and gave a wink. Rudra made a quick gesture, pointing to something on the floor and then quickly and quietly glided out of view. Ritu gave her son another minute to leave the room safely and then slowly relaxed her grip on the Thakur’s body.

“Aaah …” he gave a sigh of pleasure as Ritu expertly flipped him on his back and started sucking at this rapidly shrinking penis. “Come on Thakur … ” she encouraged him, “I need more of your Rajput cream.” She pressed his penis on her face to leave what looked like cum marks on her cheeks, her eyebrows and her forehead.

But the Thakur was spent. His age and the scotch in his blood was catching up with him. He would have happily crashed on the bed but suddenly he remembered.

“My chain, my keys? Where are they?”

“Oh they should be here on the bed .. let me find them for you.” Ritu got off the bed and on her knees on the floor.

“Ah here they are … look, on the floor”

“Where?” The Thakur scrambled off the bed as well and of course they were there on the floor. The two Mingbang keys, identical to look at as the ones that Rudra had walked away with, that they had picked up from their contact in Dhanbad last night, were lying on the floor along with the chain that Ritu had broken in her frenzy.

“Good.” The Thakur was relieved, “but the chain is broken …”

“Don’t worry Thakur saab. Here is my gold chain, let me put the keys into it and then you can wear it around your neck again.” With that she quickly removed her own thin gold chain, picked up the keys from the floor, threaded them on the chain and put the chain around the Thakur’s neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32