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After my masturbation session with Layla, she would creep into my mind late at night when I was alone. In my bedroom I would squirt some lube into my hand and turn on my headphones and think about parting those killer thighs of hers. My fat cock turned erect and immediately demanded my attention. I leaned my head back on the pillow as I submitted to my cock’s wishes and rubbed it up and down to my fantasy. I would use my fingers to trace my fingers up and down the front slit of her bikini bottoms to tease her…up and down my fingers would trace her slit until she felt wet and wanted more…Then I would move over the tight fabric of her bikini bottoms and flicker my tongue over that sweet peach of hers. She would gasp as my tongue vibrated her clit.

“Oh God Chad!” I heard a cry and I looked up from my bed to find Layla staring down at me. My boxers pulled down and my lubed erection pointed at her that I had been fisting and pumping into the air not knowing she had been watching me squirm.

“You just think you can let yourself in now!?” I asked noticing her low cut shirt that held her round breasts and jean skirt that was tight around her plump ass. She pulled back a strand of her long blonde hair and grinned.

“You looking fine tonight, I was just thinking of you.” I smiled and looked her up and down. I squeezed by bare erection and slowly moved my hand up and down my cock in front of her. Her eyes widened as I looked straight at her lightly pumping my huge boner.

She looked away and giggled. “Cut it out Chad!” She grabbed a shirt on the ground and threw it at me. It fell short of where I was laying. I sat up and scooted myself to the edge of the bed.

“Layla come sit on my lap…I have something for you.”

“I’m not doing you illegal bahis tonight.”

“I didn’t expect you would, but I do have a present,” I said and I spread my legs open balls exposed. “Come sit between my thighs then.”

She looked suspicious, but to my surprise she slowly sat her plump ass between my thighs and looked over her shoulder inches from my face. “Where is my present?” She demanded. It took mw a second to respond because I was very aware of my erection against the back of her silky blouse.

“Your quite trusting in a strange territory.” I said thinking about grabbing her rounded chest. I resisted and leaned my arm over the edge of bed and brought up a red box. I brought my arm around her, lightly brushing by her nipples and sat the box on her lap. I daringly pushed my erection against her back and she looked like she had a chill. She fumbled he fingers to the lid of the box and opened it to find a vibrator wrapped in tissue paper. It was was large and had head on its end.

“Told you I was thinking of you.” I said and placed my erection under her silk shirt so that my cock pushed against the soft skin of her back.

“Its kind of big.” She said softly holding it carefully in her hands.

“I got it to be about the same size I am…I want you to feel things I can do to you Layla…and I want to tell you a story of what happened to me while you were away.” I said smelling her scent.

“Oh?” she said.

“I was horny at work tonight…so I went into the bathroom to masturbate.” I confessed.

“What is new about that? Your such an addict.” She laughed.

I rubbed my head up and down her bare back and sighed. Pre-cum oozed from my head. “If you don’t be good Layla and let me finish my story I’m going to force my illegal bahis siteleri cock into that tight peach of yours,whether you like it or not.” I pushed the length of my erection against her so she could feel what she would be dealing with. Her back stiffened and she became silent. I put my arms around her and turned on the vibrator to low in her hands.

“I had seen one of the new girls at work…Tiffany, and she is beautiful just like you. I found myself getting a hard-on under my desk and watching Tiffany bend over I found myself rubbing my cock on the underside of the desk. I knew I had to excuse myself to wack off.”

I put the vibrator into Layla’s shirt and rubbed it around her perky nipples that had turned hard. She moaned at the tingling sensations it gave her.

“As I had just pulled myself out of my pants I noticed something about the stall I was in. There was a hole on the side of the bathroom cubicle and with red markered graffiti around the hole that said ‘glory hole’.”

“You didn’t! Did you?” Layla questioned.

I turned the vibrator to medium speed and pulsated hard, I rolled the vibrator up and down her thighs to the fringe of her tight panties and pushed my erection harder against her back. “What did I say about talking?” I asked.

“Well, I heard a voice from the hole that said ‘put it in…I want to suck you’ I saw a pair of lips in the hole and a tongue that poked out begging for my cock…I was unsure at first and just put my head in to see what this mouth had to offer. I hoped no one would come into the bathroom as this tongue started licking and swirling around my head. I groaned, the person in the other stall sure knew how to give my head attention.”

I turned the vibrator to trace the curves canlı bahis siteleri of her panties I vibrated it up and down her slit and she gasped. I also put my erection under her ass and started fucking her between her sweet thighs she she saw my head poking in and out under her panties. She squirmed on it and I felt her getting wetter.

“I pushed the erection into the hole and the lips wrapped around my shaft. The suction was amazing and I deep throated the stranger, they gagged a little but I knew what they wanted. My whole body was pressed against the gray wall of the stall, my pants around my ankles. I sighed as I pushed myself in the hole in the wall, pushing myself deeper and deeper into the stranger’s throat that had the suction of a hoover vacuum.”

I pushed Layla’s panties aside and the head of the large vibrator vibrated up and down between her vaginal lips. I paused and rubbed her clit and she squirmed wanting more.

“Oh!” She gasped.

“I warned you .” I said. I turned up the vibration high speed and entered the head into her tight pussy. I slid my erection up and down her ass and it felt good as she squirmed against me and my other arm held her tight against my chest as I dared to push the vibrator farther up her. She screamed as I pushed the large vibrating member all the way up her pussy at full speed. She started to hump it.

“The lips obeyed as I fucked the mouth harder till I came down their throat and held myself in till they swallowed all of me.” I whispered as I continued fucking her in and out with the vibrator.

“Oh its so big, but feels so good.” she sighed and I could feel her juices running down the vibrator and between my fingers. I pumped it harder into her and snickered.

“Its too much!” She cried.

“Deal with it.” I ordered fucking her hard.

She arched her back and I felt her muscles tightening around the vibrator. Her head fell back to my shoulder, her blonde hair sticking to my chest and she came hard, like an explosion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32