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It was one of those Summer days, when you get the full benefit of a soft top. The sun was shining, and the warm air blew around me, as I took the minor roads to get to my destination, an Air B&B, that I had booked for two nights.

My work took me to many different cities and towns and I was fed up with staying in bland, corporate hotels, so when one of my clients asked me to work with them, I decided to book an Air B&B instead.

It was situated in a small, rural village, that I had stayed at in lodgings, when I secured my first ever job, many years ago and was also not far from the client’s office.

I decided to plan my journey, to arrive mid-afternoon, so I could take a walk around the village and stir memories of good times from my past.

After a couple of hours driving, enjoying the sights and smells of the countryside and the changing landscapes, I arrived at the village and pulled up outside a quaint thatched cottage.

There was a small wooden gate, that led down a path to the front door, above which was a rose bush, that had been trained over the door, like an arch. The perfume from the pink roses was heady and the bees buzzed, as they took pollen from them.

I knocked on the door, placed my overnight bag on the floor beside me and waited. After a couple of minutes, the door opened and there stood, Jo, the owner of the B&B.

Jo smiled and after I had introduced myself, invited me into the cottage.

Jo was about 5ft 6in, had dark bobbed hair, dark-framed glasses and was wearing a beautiful floral dress, cut off at the shoulder. As I followed her in, her perfume wafted towards me, which I later found out was called Loverdose.

The cottage was homely and welcoming, with a woman’s touch when it came to the furnishings. Ornaments and pictures enhanced the charm of the old cottage. I noticed a photo by the fireplace, which was obviously Jo and a man to one side of her and a small girl stood in front of her, based on the clothes they were wearing, at a celebration of some sort, such as a wedding.

Jo asked me whether I would like to see my room, or have a glass of homemade lemonade, that she’d just made for her and her daughter. I said that the lemonade sounded a great idea, so she told me to leave my overnight bag in the lounge and follow her to the kitchen.

I followed her, watching her backside sway from side to side, as she led me into the kitchen. A large wooden table, with four chairs was in the middle of the kitchen and rustic work surfaces and cupboards, wrapped around this central feature. The décor was in keeping once again with the age of the cottage, albeit the fittings were quite new.

I noticed that two high-ball glasses where on the table, fizzing with the ice cubes, that had obviously recently been added.

Jo took another glass from the cupboard and as she stretched up, I noticed, through the material, near her armpit, that she did not appear to be wearing a bra. She poured my lemonade, added ice cubes and asked me if I could carry the other two glasses and follow her out of the open kitchen door, into the garden.

The garden was a kaleidoscope of colours and many scents, from a huge variety of flowers and herbs.

At the far end of the garden was a double-fronted Summer house and just in front of this was a garden table and chairs.

Jo and I placed the drinks on the table and Jo shouted to her daughter, Gillian, that her lemonade was on the table and that their guest had arrived.

Gillian appeared from the Summer house and I immediately noticed that she was like a younger version of her Mother. She was wearing tight-cut floral shorts, flip flops and a plain white t-shirt, which hugged her figure. She skipped across to greet me with a warm smile and handshake.

Jo invited me to take a seat and her and Gillian did likewise, and we began to enjoy the homemade lemonade, in the sunshine, in their beautiful cottage garden.

Jo asked how my journey had been and we proceeded to talk about a variety of topics. During this, Jo shared that her husband and Gillian’s Father had died unexpectedly 8 years ago. Gillian was 16 at the time and because her husband had been a successful businessman and had good insurance cover, she had been able to give up work, to help Gillian focus on her studies.

Gillian, had a passion for art and had started to make a reputation for herself as an upcoming glass artist. She showed me some of her work and it was stunning.

Jo, who I found out was 42, said that whilst she did not need the money, she had decided to try out offering Air B&B, as a way of meeting people, as the village was quite small and meeting the same villagers to pass the time of day had become a little mundane.

She had been doing this for about 6 months and let me know that I was the first solo male that they had booked in, as previously they had just had couples stay, for her and Gillian’s safety. She said that having spoken to me on the phone, when I made the original enquiry, I put her at ease, hence taking my pendik escort booking.

After drinking my lemonade, Jo showed me to my bedroom, which was on the first floor of the cottage. She also showed me the bathroom, directly opposite my room. She mentioned that, as it was an old cottage, this was the bathroom that everyone used, so to lock the door for privacy.

Jo asked what I was going to do for the rest of the afternoon and my plans for an evening meal. I said that I was going to explore the village, as this is where I had stayed many years ago and asked if she knew of a good pub or restaurant nearby.

Jo told me that whilst the local pub was friendly enough, the food wasn’t great and wondered whether I would like to join her and Gillian, as she’d roasted up a chicken and they were having it cold with some salad from the garden. She told me there was more than enough and that they would be delighted if I wanted to join them.

I gratefully accepted Jo’s generous offer and asked where the nearest general store was, as I would like to provide the wine for the meal. Jo told me there was a store at the end of the village and that her and Gillian enjoyed Pinot Grigio. She laughed and said that they were so close and liked many similar things, including wine and that they were more like lifelong friends rather than mother and daughter.

As I was about to head off for a walk around the village and to buy the wine, Jo told me to go down the side of the cottage when I got back, which would lead me into the garden, where her and Gillian would be.

After wandering around the village for a while, which had not changed much in the 30 years since I last stayed there, and picking up three bottles of Pinot Grigio, I headed back to the cottage. As Jo suggested, I headed down the side of the cottage and as I rounded the corner into the garden, I heard my name mentioned and giggles coming from both Jo and Gillian. If I had not known, seeing them together, I would have thought that they were sisters.

Jo and Gillian saw me, and both smiled. Jo took the wine from me and headed into the kitchen to put it in the fridge to cool. I said that I needed to get some emails sorted out and Jo gave me the Wi-Fi code and password and I headed to my room.

Jo had told me that dinner would be at 7pm, so I had time to do my work and then have a shower before dinner.

It was fascinating to shower in the bathroom that Jo and Gillian used. Perfumes, hair products and everything that women used to make themselves look, feel and smell good. I saw a bottle of perfume and picked it up and took off the lid. Immediately, I realised that it was the perfume that Jo was wearing, and it was called Loverdose. Its smell was heady and erotic.

7pm came around quickly and I headed downstairs, just before the hour. Gillian and Jo were already sat at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio, chatting and laughing, the table already set for the three of us, with the chicken carved and a huge bowl of salad, with condiments, in the middle of the table.

Jo poured me a glass of wine and we proceeded to eat.

As we did, the conversation flowed easily and spanned many different topics. We laughed and smiled as we talked about our favourite food, holiday destinations, books, comedy, music and much more.

Before I knew it, it was 10 pm and I said that I needed to head for bed, due to my meeting in the morning. I helped Jo and Gillian to clear up, before heading upstairs to my bedroom, after thanking them for their hospitality and an enjoyable evening in their company, which made a difference to my normal time alone in corporate hotels.

After cleaning my teeth, I headed to my bedroom. The bed linen was crisp and cool against the heat of my skin and I lay there thinking how enjoyable the day had been and why I had not thought of booking an Air B&B previously. It was then that I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in,” I said and with that, the door opened, and Jo appeared. She was wearing a silk Kimono-style dressing gown.

“Sorry to disturb you,” she said, “I’ve had such a great evening and I wondered whether you might like a nightcap?”

With that, Jo opened her dressing gown and let it slip to the floor. There she stood in the natural dimming light of the Summer evening, totally naked. I noticed that her breasts where full, rounded and her nipples were pert and hard. My eyes dropped down further, and I saw that she was completely shaved. Her pussy lips were protruding, and I detected a slight glistening of moisture.

“Well that would be a lovely way to end the evening.” I replied.

I pulled back the duvet and Jo immediately saw my state of arousal.

“Well, if that isn’t a sign that you want a nightcap, I don’t know what is.” Jo giggled.

She joined me in the bed, immediately kissing me deeply, our tongues entwining and dancing around each other’s mouths. Our hands began to explore each other, as we panted for breath. It was as though we were teenagers, maltepe escort enjoying another’s body for the first time.

My hands cupped both of Jo’s breasts and I squeezed her nipples, which were already hard. She moaned with pleasure and her hand dropped to my cock. She began wanking it slowly and I likewise moaned with pleasure.

Jo then straddled me, turning around as she did. There in front of me, was her delightfully shaved pussy lips, slightly open and I could also see, based on the light in the room, how wet she was.

As I looked at her pussy, I felt Jo grip my hard cock and then the pleasurable feeling as her lips engulfed the head of my cock and began to slide up and down.

To reciprocate the pleasure that I was feeling, I used my fingers on both hands, to spread her pussy lips wide open and delved my tongue deep inside her. Jo tasted divine and let out a moan, as my tongue explored further.

I continued to lick and probe, using my tongue to flick across Jo’s clit. I knew that I was hitting the sweet spot as Jo’s sucking of my cock became more intense, accompanied by gripping my shaft much harder.

Eventually, due to my attention with my tongue, Jo’s hips bucked, and a warm sweet liquid flooded from her into my mouth and over my face. She had squirted, a wonderful phenomenon that I had only encountered once before with a woman. The taste of her juices was incredible and heady.

Her orgasm spurred Jo on and before I knew it, she moved herself away from my tongue, further down my body.

“I need you inside me,” she announced. “I’m on the pill, so just do it,” she told me.

“I’ve had the snip anyway,” I replied.

With that, Jo gripped my cock and guided it into her tight, wet pussy.

“My God, that feels so so good,” she uttered.

Jo proceeded to move her hips and I had a prime view of the length of my cock disappearing and then reappearing.

Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed movement at the door to my bedroom. I looked over and saw Gillian, illuminated from the light in the hallway. She was wearing a t-shirt and bed shorts and I immediately noticed that her hand was in her shorts and she was rubbing herself as she watched her Mum sliding up and down the length of my cock.

Jo appeared to be oblivious to her daughter stood in the doorway and moved faster and faster, as her breathing got quicker and quicker.

Jo also felt my thrusts to get as much of my cock inside her intensify and instructed me to fill her pussy with my cum.

This spurred me on and a final few deep thrusts later and I felt my balls tighten and I began to cum. I could feel spurt after spurt going deep into Jo’s pussy, as she let out a moan of satisfaction as her own orgasm broke. I felt her pussy grip my cock, as her muscles spasmed, squeezing every last drop of cum from me.

I looked up at the gap in the bedroom door and saw that Gillian was rubbing herself faster and faster until her legs buckled, as she too orgasmed, her legs trembling as she did.

Meanwhile, Jo had moved from above me and was now laid beside me, taking great delight in licking a mixture of her juices and my cum from my softening cock.

“Thank you so much,” she said, “you do not know how much I needed and enjoyed that.”

“I think I do and thank you also for a most enjoyable nightcap,” I replied.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it also and perhaps we could continue tomorrow, as you are staying two nights?”

I looked at Jo and we both smiled knowing that we definitely would.

I looked towards the door and Gillian had gone.

Jo gave me one last deep kiss, before leaving the room and closing my bedroom door.

Before I drifted off to sleep, I heard the muffled sound of Jo and Gillian talking in the hallway. I detected them giggling however could not make out their conversation.

That night I had a wonderful deep sleep and felt totally refreshed when I woke. The events of yesterday evening immediately entered my brain and resulted in my cock hardening, thinking about what Jo had said about continue this evening.

I showered, changed, and headed down for breakfast. Jo was in the kitchen, with her back turned towards me and was wearing the silk Kimono that she had on last night.

The smell of the fried breakfast she was cooking, filled me with joy. As she heard me enter the kitchen, she turned, smiled and said “Good morning, I hope you slept as well as I did?”

“I had a wonderful sleep, thank you after a very enjoyable nightcap,” I replied, smiling back at her.

With that, Jo loosened the silk belt on her Kimono, so it opened, so I could see her breasts and pussy. “Would you like some more of this later on?” she asked.

“Most definitely,” I replied.

“Excellent,” Jo said, smiled and tied her dressing gown back up.

Shortly after, Gillian entered the kitchen. “Good morning everyone, what a glorious morning it is. The sun is shining, breakfast smells delightful and I’ve got a feeling that today is going to be kartal escort a good one.”

As she said this, she looked over at her Mum and gave her a naughty smile and wink, thinking that I had not seen her do it.

After breakfast, I said my goodbyes and headed off to my meetings. I told them that I would be back about 5 pm and asked if they needed anything in town. Some more bottles of Pinot Grigio were requested and I also said that rather than them cooking, I would buy a takeaway of their choice, if they knew a good one that delivered.

They did and opted for Chinese and said we could choice what we wanted and share it when I came back.

My day went well and I arrived back at the cottage just after 5 pm, going down the side of the cottage, as suggested the previous day. Both Jo and Gillian were in bikinis, laid out in the sun on two sun loungers. We greeted each other and found out that we had all had a good day.

I gave Jo the carrier bag with the bottles of wine in it and we went indoors, and she put them in the fridge, leaving Gillian to enjoy the last of the sun.

I said that I was going to freshen up with a shower, at which point Jo asked if she could join me, as she needed to also freshen up and it would save on water. Who was I to refuse?

I went into my room, stripped off my clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the bathroom.

“Wait for me,” Jo shouted as she came down the hallway from her bedroom.

She joined me, stripped off her bikini and got into the shower, testing the water to ensure it was the right temperature. I soon followed her.

I stood behind her, kissing her neck as I let my hands wander to her breasts, cupping each one in one of my hands. The soap made them wonderfully slippery. I felt Jo’s hand reach back and grab my already hard cock and begin to wank my foreskin over the top of my cock. I took each of Jo’s nipples between my finger and thumb and began to pull them, making her moan and her nipples become rock hard.

“Fuck me from behind,” Jo implored me.

She bent forward, placing her hand on the far wall of the double shower, and spread her legs. I took myself in hand and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. I felt her tightness grip me as I began long deep strokes. I continued to play with her breasts and nipples, as I steadily fucked her.

Jo meet my thrusts by pushing back herself. Our tempo was in unison, adding to our mutual pleasure. My cock went harder, faster and deeper, as Jo moaned more frequently.

“Yes, yes, fill me with your cum,” she once again begged me.

I thrust even harder and faster, my balls slapping against her pussy as I did. One, two, three strokes and my legs tensed, and I arched forward, as my cock pulsed, sending jet after jet of my hot cum inside Jo. She shuddered has her orgasm engulfed her.

We gasped for breath at our exertions and she turned towards me and kissed me deeply.

As our passion subsided, we left the confines of the shower and began to towel ourselves dry. It was at this point, the door swung open and Gillian came in.

“Oops, so sorry, I didn’t realise that you were both in here.”

“Saving water,” Jo said, smiling at Gillian.

Before she left, I noticed Gillian taking a good look at my cock, that was still semi-hard after fucking her Mum. Neither seemed embarrassed by what had happened.

After having an excellent Chinese takeaway, accompanied by a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio each, we retired to the lounge. Jo and Gillian sat next to each other on a sofa, whilst I sat opposite in an armchair. Between us with a low-level coffee table, which we put our drinks on. Under the wooden coffee table, where a selection of magazines, books and games.

Gillian, saw me looking at them and asked me, “Do you fancy playing a game of something?”

“Why not,” I replied. “What do you fancy playing?”

“How about a game of strip poker? Mum, do you fancy that?” Gillian enquired.

“Well that might be fun, if our guest is up for a game?” Jo replied.

I nearly spat my wine across the coffee table. Here was I, a guest in a B&B, I had fucked Mum twice already and now I was being invited by her daughter to play strip poker with them both.

“Well, I’m up for it, if you are?”

“Why not,” Jo replied.

“Great,” said Gillian, “I’ll put on some background music in that case.”

“What are the rules,” I asked.

“Well, the rules, as taught to me by an ex-boyfriend are that we deal the pack of cards out into three piles, face down. We each take a pile and in turn, turn the top card up and put it in front of us. If it is a court card, then the next person clockwise has to put a court card down or lose an item of clothes. An Ace means they have four cards to put another court card down, King, three, Queen, two and Jack, one.

Once all the cards are used, we reshuffle and start again.

The loser is the one who loses all their clothes first.

“Sounds good to me, however, we need to ensure we all have the same amount of clothes on.”

Gillian and Jo agreed and because they were both wearing a t-shirt, bra, pants and shorts, we agreed on four items of clothes, so, I counted my socks as one item, making four with my shirt, trousers and boxers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32