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At lunch time the next day, Mr. Smith went to Jenny’s school. He walked into the office of Father Nick, and pretended to be Jenny’s Daddy.

“Hello Father Nick, I’m Jenny’s Dad. I’m here to pick her up early from school today. She has a dentist appointment.”

“Oh, certainly. Let me call for her.”

Father Nick announced her name over the intercom, to come to the main office.

Jenny came trotting in and seen Mr. Smith waiting there.

“Jenny, your Daddy is her to pick you up. Have a nice day.”

Jenny and Mr. Smith left the school and got into his car.

“Jenny, I’m taking you to the clinic, so you could run in and get birth control pills. Before we get there, would you like to earn some more money?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith! I told you that I’m saving as much money as I can get. What do I have to do?”

Mr. Smith opened his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

“Come here Jenny. Bend down and suck my cock while I drive. We’ll take the long way.”

“Okay Mr. Smith, but this seems really naughty.”

He pushed Jenny’s head down onto his cock, and she sucked him while driving through town. He had an evil thought. While Jenny was giving him a blowjob, he drove past her house. Jenny’s Dad was mowing the lawn up front. As they drove by, he beeped the horn and waved to him.

This cute little Catholic schoolgirl was taking her time, doing a good job to earn some more money. He drove all over the place and finally to the clinic. He pulled into the lot and parked, waiting for Jenny to finish him.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum now. Swallow it baby. Don’t make a fucking mess.”

Jenny sucked and swallowed every drop. When it stopped cuming in her mouth, she sat up.

“Was that okay, Mr. Smith? Did I do a good job for you, Sir?”

“Yes Jenny, that was great. Here’s $20.00, now go inside the clinic and ask them for the pills. Hurry up, baby.”

Jenny wiped her mouth off and hopped out of the car. Mr.Smith zipped his pants back up, and waited for her.

After ten minutes had gone by, Jenny came out carrying a bag. Inside were her birth control pills. She got into the car and opened them. Jenny read over the directions and took one.

“Jenny you need to be careful for the first week, after that you should be fine.”

“Yes, the nurse already told me.”

“You have me so turned on. I want to fuck you before I drop you off. We have to hurry up because I need to get back home. Rose is there with Joey.”

He drove down the road canlı bahis to a place that he spotted the other day. It’s a dirt road that goes behind a bunch of storage sheds.

He parked the car and they go out.

‘Pull your panties down Jenny and bend over the hood.”

She did, and Mr. Smith pulled up her skirt. He poured some of his wife’s hand lotion on her asshole, and put his hard cock to it. He pressed the head against Jenny’s asshole, slowly penetrating her.

“Oh, oh, oh Mr. Smith! I never did this! Please, please be gentle?”

He got his cock all the way in, and started fucking her ass.

“Oh, Jenny. Your ass is so tight, baby. You look so sexy like this. Oh honey, I’m going to fuck your ass so hard and cum inside of it.”

“Oh, Mr. Smith. It hurts. My asshole hurts. Please pour some more lotion on it?”

He took the bottle and poured some more out. His cock was sliding in with ease now.

“Oh yes. Oh Mr.. Smith, that feels better. Fuck me. fuck my young ass. Fuck this young little Catholic schoolgirl up the ass. Come on, fuck me! Cum inside me!”

He finally pumped every drop of cum out of his cock. Shooting what felt like streams of cum, deep inside Jenny’s bowels. He slowly pulled out, and couldn’t resist. While his cock was still hard, he slid right into her wet pussy and fucked it for a few stokes till his cock went limp.

“Ahh Mr. Smith! Oh, oh, oh, I wish you could cum inside of my pussy.”

“Soon Jenny, very soon.”

She pulled her panties up and they got back into the car and drove away. He dropped her off near her house, so she could walk up as if she got off the bus.

The next day, Jenny came right over, after stepping off of the school bus. Joe’s Grandma left for work and Jenny was there to babysit by herself.

little Joey was taking a nap, so Jenny sat and watched television. She thought about what has been going on between her and Mr. Smith. It made her young pussy wet just to think about it.

Jenny got up from the sofa and decided to snoop. She went upstairs and walked into the Smith’s bedroom, opening up some dresser drawers she found some adult toys and sexy clothing.

In one of the drawers, she found the breast pump that belonged to Mrs. Smith. Jenny pulled her white cotton panties down and off. She lie down on the bed, spreading her legs. Jenny lightly rubbed her wet pussy, then turned the breast pump on and put it up against her pussy and over her clit.

The light suction that it created bahis siteleri on her pussy drove her crazy. She lie there humping the pump that was being held in one hand, while playing with her nipples with the other one.

She was about to cum, when she opened her eyes for a second. Mr. Smith was standing there watching her. She didn’t hear him come home.

“Are you having fun, Jenny? Is this what I’m paying you to do?”

“Um, um no. No Sir. I’m very sorry. I, I don’t know what came over me.”


“Excuse me, Mr. Smith?”

“Take your schoolgirl uniform off and lie back.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jenny removed every piece of clothing, and lie back onto the bed.

“Spread your fucking legs, baby.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jenny felt so naughty and embarrassed, spread out on the bed naked in front of him. No one has ever seen her completely naked before.

Mr. Smith started to remove his clothes, as he practically drooled while looking at her.

A sweet, shy and innocent eighteen year old schoolgirl, naked on my bed with her legs spread wide. Her skin is a creamy white and firm. Her pink nipples show up nice against it. Her legs are very shapely and toned from gym class.

Mr. Smith crawled up between her legs, and licked her tender pink pussy. Jenny was so wet and tasty, nothing like his wife’s pussy.

Jenny was lightly humping Mr. Smith’s mouth as he ate her. Both of his hands were playing with her nipples. Jenny was enjoying this so much.

“Oh Mr. Smith, that feels so good. Please don’t stop? Oh, my pussy feels so good. No one has ever done this to me before. Oh, oh, oh.”

Mr. Smith gave her a few more licks, and then moved up over her. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it. Jenny put a hand over the back of his head, and ran her fingers through his hair.

As she held Mr. Smith’s head to her nipple, she reached down to his cock with the other hand and stroked it.

Jenny wanted his cock just as much as Mr. Smith wanted her pussy. She guided his cock to her fuck hole, and with one slow steady thrust, he was completely inside of her.

“Oh, oh, yes! Mr. Smith, fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy! Oh, oh, oh, yes!”

The bed started to rock, as he fucked Jenny. You could hear the headboard hitting the wall, each time he shoved his cock into her. Mr. Smith felt as if he were in Heaven, as he fucked this eighteen year old Catholic schoolgirl.

“Oh,yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, pleas? Harder! Harder! Fuck my sweet bahis şirketleri little pussy! Oh Mr. Smith, I love feeling your cock inside of me! You have such a nice cock. Oh, it feels so good. Fuck me with that big cock! Fuck me!”

Mr. Smith couldn’t believe how much of a slut, that Jenny turned into when having sex. During the day she was a shy and naive schoolgirl, her knees were practically bolted together.

“Oh Mr. Smith! I’m going to cum! Cum! Oh, oh, oh!”

As Jenny came, Mr. Smith felt his cock getting ready to shoot. He kissed the side of Jenny’s neck and whispered in her ear.

“Jenny, I’m going to cum. I want you to feel it spurting inside of you. Are you ready, baby?”

“Yes. Yes, Mr. Smith. Cum in me. I want to feel it.”

His cock started to pulse as the cum began to shoot out of it. Spurt after spurt, shot deep inside of Jenny. He was happy that she couldn’t get pregnant now, as he thought about his sperm entering her womb.

“Can you feel it, Jenny? Can you feel my cum shooting inside of you?”

“Yes. Yes Sir, I can. It feels so good. It feels hot inside of me. I love to feel it hitting me each time it shoots. I’m so glad that you took me for the pill. Now you could fill me any time you want, Mr. Smith!”

That was music to his ears. He turned over and lie beside Jenny, when little Joey started to wake from his nap and cry. Jenny got right up to tend to him. When she stood up, all of Mr. Smith’s cum dripped from her pussy. Jenny ran downstairs naked and got the bottle ready, then ran back up to feed him.

Mr. Smith got dressed and went downstairs. He opened his wallet to give Jenny a few bucks. When she was done feeding Joey, she put her school uniform back on and came downstairs. She grabbed her books and walked over by the door, where Mr. Smith was standing.

“Here’s some money for you, Jenny.”

She took it from him and put it in her blouse pocket.

“Thank you, Sir. Do you need me for anything else before I go?”

“Um, yes. Get on your knees.”

She did, as Mr. Smith opened his pants.

“Suck my cock some more before you leave, baby”

Without hesitation, Jenny wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked. It felt so good, until he heard his wife’s car pull in.

“Okay Jenny, get up. Rose just pulled in.”

He closed his pants and Jenny opened the door to leave. She met Rose in the driveway.

“Hi Jenny! How was Joey?”

“Hi! He was fine, no problems.”

“Good. Mr. Smith and I are really happy to have you. Aren’t we, dear?”

Rose turned to look at her Husband, waiting for his answer.

“Yes. Yes, I am. I’m very happy to have her.”

He gave Jenny a wink, while answering his wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32