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Big Tits

I slowly become conscious. My head resting on your shoulder and your arm wrapped around me. The seagulls are calling from the beach outside the hotel room. I can hear the waves breaking gently and feel the soft ocean breeze coming in through the balcony doors. I open my eyes to the misty gray light of pre-dawn. I smile to myself as I remember how we spent yesterday.

We cruised around this beautiful island on a scooter. Not quite the big motorcycle you drive at home, but fun for the location. Still, an opportunity to wrap my arms and legs around your body, pressing my full breasts against your back. And since it is warm here in the Caribbean, much less clothing between our bodies. We cruised from beach to beach to snorkel the shallow reefs offshore. We took turns deciding where to stop yesterday and where to snorkel on each reef. This morning I look down at our bodies in the pre-dawn and see our skin glowing whitely where our swimsuits were.

At the last beach we visited yesterday lust got the better of us and we kissed hotly in about 4 feet of water as we were swimming back to the beach. Your mouth tasted of saltwater. I could feel you growing hard through your trunks and my nipples poked through the thin material of my swimsuit. I reached down to feel your growing cock as our tongues continued to intertwine.

We broke our kiss and grinned foolishly at each other. “Feeling brave?” you whispered.

“To do what?” I replied.

“I want to make love to you on the beach” you say.

My body quivers at the thought. You know I secretly harbor a voyeuristic/exhibitionist streak and so do you. Both of us afraid to let ourselves indulge in that fantasy at home. Could I be brave here where no one knows us? “No, I don’t think I have enough courage for the beach.” I tell you, “But I could be persuaded to screw you senseless here in the water….”. This is daring for me. We are in shallow water and there is no telling who might see us.

“Do you want to go to deeper water?” you ask.

“No, let’s stay shallow” I reply.

You pull aside my swimsuit and thrust a single finger into my dripping pussy, making me hiss with illegal bahis pleasure. We kiss hotly again and I start to work your trunks off. I hold your trunks in my hands as my arms encircle your neck. Anyone looking from the beach would know that I am holding your suit. You peel the straps of my suit off my shoulders exposing my breasts to the breeze. Under the water you continue to pull my suit off completely. Now holding it in your hands so it doesn’t float away and watching my breasts bob in the waves.

I wrap my legs around your waist and impale myself completely on your hard cock. I stay still in order to feel you stretching and filling me. I clench my pussy muscles around your cock causing you to groan and start thrusting. The water is slapping gently around us and we are both starting to moan louder. I lean back away from you to let myself float weightless as you hold me by my waist and continue to thrust in and out of me. My breasts are floating at the surface and I reach up to tweak the nipples as you watch.

While you have been enjoying my wantonness you decide it is time for you to be able to use your hands a bit more. You slide your cock out of my dripping pussy. You turn me away from you, facing me toward the beach. You whisper “If anyone is watching, I want them to see your face when you come.” We are both standing now and you push my shoulders away from you toward the beach. My nipples are barely grazing the surface of the water. You slide your hard cock into my pussy from behind, making me moan in delight at how deep you can penetrate me from this position.

You begin thrusting in and out of me and I start to thrust back, meeting you stroke for stroke. Your arms wrap around my waist and you sneakily slide a hand down toward my clit. You pull back the hood and lightly begin to rub my clit making me moan even louder. I don’t care who sees us or hears me at this point. Perhaps no one is there and yet…. maybe there is someone on the beach watching us. I have my eyes closed and my head is thrown back. I’m gasping and moaning as you use your hard cock and hands to bring me closer to orgasm.

Then, you begin illegal bahis siteleri to kiss the back of my neck and that drives me over the edge. I scream with the pleasure of my orgasm. My legs are trembling and my pussy is clenching uncontrollably.

You hiss out “Yessss…I’m going to cum inside your hot pussy” just as you start to shoot your load deep into me. You groan and moan loudly with the pleasure of your orgasm. Anyone watching from the beach would clearly know what we were doing. Your thrusts slow as you send the last of your cum into my pussy. I stand upright and rest back against your chest. As I do your cock slips out of me.

I turn around to face you. We share a slow sweet kiss. The kiss ends and we open our eyes to look at each other. Slowly we begin to grin at each other. Not complete exhibitionism but the closest we have ever let ourselves go. We slip down into the water and each begins to put back on our swimsuits. Once we are covered again, we stand up and hold hands as we walk up onto the beach to dry off.

The memory of that escapade yesterday has made my nipples hard and my pussy wet as I lay here snuggled up to you this morning, listening to the waves in the pre-dawn. I roll slightly toward you so that my hard nipples touch your side. You smile sleepily and wrap your arm tighter around me.

I sit up and gently slide to the foot of the bed. You let out a small whimper that I have moved away from our warm embrace. I gently pull the sheet off of you and see that your cock is semi-hard. Maybe you were reliving yesterday too. I stand up from the bed and grab your ankles. I tug and slide your body toward the foot of the bed. Just far enough that your calves and feet are hanging off the edge of the bed. I lean forward between your legs to lick your semi-hard cock from the base to the tip. Your cock reacts like a shot and is instantly, completely hard. You moan and blink your eyes open. “What a way to wake up,” you mutter.

I crawl up over your body, straddling your thighs. I reach down to stroke your cock and rub the single drop of pre-cum that is there around the head. You are still blinking canlı bahis siteleri up at me sleepily but with a grin on your face. Then I scoot myself forward to hover over your cock. I guide your cock to the entrance of my pussy and thrust myself completely down onto you. You gasp and now your beautiful eyes are wide open and sparkling at me. This time you don’t mutter but state emphatically “What a way to wake up!”

I smile at you and begin to gently swivel my hips in a circle feeling your cock touch every part of my pussy walls. Then I begin to gently ride you, up and down. You realize that I have positioned your legs and feet to hang off the bed so that you cannot get any leverage and I am in complete control of the pace of the thrusting. I stretch my arms up over your head and grab a pillow. I tuck it under your head so that you can watch your cock slide in and out of my pussy at the pace I set. You smile and enjoy the view. My breasts are beginning to bounce vigorously as I increase the pace of my thrusting on your hard cock. I’m starting to gasp and lean back slightly, allowing the head of your cock to rub across my g-spot with each thrust.

You can see that I’m getting close to orgasm and you encourage me “Yeah baby, just like that, ride my cock.”

I throw my head back and groan loudly with the pleasure of my orgasm as it engulfs me. My thrusts slow and I sit, completely impaled on your hard cock, trying to catch my breath. I open my eyes to find you grinning and enjoying watching me orgasm. I giggle, swirl my hips and say, “I’m not done yet; that was just the warm up.”

I begin to thrust up and down on your hard cock again. I know you are not far from an orgasm. I can hear it in your breathing and how it starts to become shallower as I start to rock on you again. Now it is my turn to encourage “Come on baby, I want to feel you fill my pussy with your hot cum.” You are groaning now with your eyes closed, your hands clutching at the sheets.

You open your eyes and say “I want you to cum with me.”

“Rub my clit,” I tell you. I continue to bounce on your cock, holding my breasts and rolling my nipples in my fingers. You slide your hand to my clit and start to rub. Your breath is short and gasping now and I feel your body spasm beneath me as you shoot your cum deep inside me. Your finger touches my clit exactly right sending me over the edge too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32