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It was another sleepless night for me, nothing new, as usual I found myself at one of the few places that stays open 24 hours, the dreaded superstore. I loathed coming here, it is always the same thing; cheap crap no one really needs at prices everyone can afford. The only reason I ever ended up here was because of my insomnia. The only positive thing about the place was the bar crowd usually ended up here at 3 when the bars closed, which meant good looking drunk chicks stumbling through the store. But not tonight, tonight I was earlier than usual and I was wanting to get the hell out of here. I first saw her as I was looking at a clearance rack of clothing, she was a tall girl, but that could have been because of her black high heels, with shoulder length blonde hair. It was more of a dishwater blonde than anything, and I’ll be honest I didn’t get a good look at her face because I was sizing her up. She was wearing a one-piece black dress, something you might wear clubbing, mid cut neckline, flowing fabric at the hemline and those shoes. The heel wasn’t all that high maybe 2 inches, but it was the straps that wrapped themselves around her ankles and up her well defined calves. I’m a sucker for great calves. The rest of her was pretty well camouflaged because of the dress style. I could tell she was decently stacked, but as far as waist and hips it was pretty much a crapshoot.

“How you doing,” I asked in the deepest voice I could muster as she walked by me.

She briefly raised her head at me and I caught a glimpse of her face. She giggled a little and replied, “I’m good, how about you?”

“Better now that you’re so close,” I spat out knowing it was one of the cheesiest lines I could say. I knew these encounters in passing never amounted to anything, but I figured the least I could do is give her a good laugh for later. What shocked me was her response to my comment.

“How sweet,” she cooed as she continued walking.

I was stunned. I turned my head to see if I could check out her ass and got busted. She was looking me over. I gave her my stupid little smile; she smiled back, turned and walked away. I wasn’t sure what to do, I knew she could have been teasing me, but I had to find out. I started down the aisle between the men and women’s clothing, seeking my blonde flirt.

I spotted her looking at panties; yeah I was that deep into the women’s section. I thought I’d make a pass on the outer aisle, and act like I just came across her, so I went around the far side and started walking up the aisle. When I neared her I slowed down and looked up the aisle. She was holding up a pair of silky black French cut bikinis.

“Those are cute,” I said startling her, “I bet you’d look real tasty in those.”

“You think,” she asked holding them up to her waist, “I normally don’t wear panties, I was just considering which I should wear tonight pantyhose or panties.”

“Ah,” I stuttered, I felt the blood start to flow to places you shouldn’t have blood flow to when you’re wearing gym shorts, “I’ve always been a fool for a woman in hose. I’d skip the panties and stick with the pantyhose.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” she said putting the panties back, “I appreciate your help.”

“Anytime,” I said as I watched her walk away.

I felt as if I had had enough of the super center and decided to check out. I now had something to do when I got home other than flipping channels. Being midnight there weren’t that many checkouts open, but that was okay, there weren’t that many people checking out either. I paid for the few things I had bought and stepped out of the way for the next person to do their business. As I stood there typing my bags up, the blonde walked up to the same cashier. I saw she had a pantyhose box in her hand, and she smiled at me when I finally looked her in the eye. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, but she also wasn’t the ugliest either. I don’t mean to sound judgmental because I’m no Adonis, but in clubbing terms she was a two-drink minimum; you need at least two drinks before she looks good enough to take home. But I’m not a picky guy, at least not when I’m on such a dry spell, I finished tying my bags as she walked right by me.

“Need help with those,” I sheepishly asked.

“I’m sorry,” she said stopping a few feet from me.

I figured she was getting ready to scream rape, or pervert, or something else that would get me arrested. I wasn’t sure if I should ask her again, but figured I had nothing to lose but my self-respect. “Do you,” I swallowed hard, “need help with canlı bahis those?”

She laughed, that was a good sign.

“I don’t think so,” she started putting a hand on her hip and shifting her weight, “I was just going to go into the bathroom and slide myself into them. I’ve got a date I need to get to, why, what did you have in mind?”

“Nothing really,” I replied, “it’s just that I’ve got a suburban out in the parking lot with nice clean carpeted floor and dark tinted windows you could use, if you wanted to I mean.”

I felt like a nervous teenager again, asking a girl out on a first date.

“Okay,” she said quickly, “lead the way.”

I didn’t ask questions, I just led the way to my parking spot. I opened the door and helped her inside; she made comment about the missing middle row and how much room there was inside. I was getting ready to close the door when she stopped me.

“Aren’t you getting in,” she asked, “I thought you wanted to watch this.”

I didn’t need a second invitation; I climbed in and sat next to her. The light stayed on for a few seconds and I watched as she began to remove her shoes. When the light clicked off she made comment about letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. I reached up to a fixture over our heads and clicked on a red light.

“Wow,” she giggled, “mood lighting, how sexy.”

“Something like that,” I answered, “you can’t see this light through the window, and you can’t see us either.”

“Good,” she smiled, “then they can’t see this either.”

She reached under herself and pulled her dress up. Her bare ass touched the cool leather. I glanced down quickly to see if I could see any of her nakedness. Then she did something I didn’t expect, she stripped her dress completely off. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked all at the same time. Here was this stranger, whom I met about twenty minutes ago, sitting in my car in a black lace push-up bra and nothing else. I glanced down again and noticed she had her legs spread slightly, I was treated to a view of the hairiest pussy I had ever scene. That’s when I realized she wasn’t a true blonde.

“Oh that feels so liberating,” she laughed.

Then she climbed towards the front seat. I was treated to a full view of her plump ass, wide hips and a shot of her pussy. She climbed forward to lay her dress over the front seat, and I guess she felt my eyes on her ass.

“You enjoying the view,” she said catching me off guard.

“Yeah,” I blushed, “who wouldn’t?”

“Open these up for me please,” she said handing me her smiling faced bag.

I grabbed the bag and tore into the box. As I was retrieving her pantyhose she sat back down next to me and proceeded to play with the hair around her pussy. She stretched her long legs out and spread them slightly and combed her fingers through her bush. I almost forgot what I was doing because of my new entertainment.

“Have you ever seen a hairier pussy,” she laughed as she stroked her pubic hair.

“Um, no,” I said craning my neck to get a better view.

“Do you want to touch it,” she asked.

“Yes,” I almost yelled.

“Now be nice to the kitty,” she teased as she grabbed for my left hand, “you have to pet the kitty just right.” She pulled my hand to her thigh and helped me stroke back and forth against her bare skin. As I started taking over the stroking motion on her thigh she eased her grip on my hand. I continued to stroke ever so lightly as she released my hand totally.

“Mmm,” she purred, “that feels nice.”

I stroked higher on her legs coming closer to her jungle of a bush. She leaned her head back and started to coo ever so softly. I finally couldn’t stand any more teasing, I moved my hand to the thick of her bush and continued to stroke my hand back and forth. I could smell her sex she was so hot, and I wasn’t far behind her. With my other hand I readjusted my shorts so my dick was sticking out of the left leg hole. I slowly began adding pressure to my stoking and soon found she was dripping wet. When I finally did get through all of that hair I found a very hot and very wet cunt. My first stroke into her wetness made her convulse ever so slightly. And then I found the two benchmarks I was looking for; first her clit, I gently took it between my fingers and gave it a little pinch and she nearly came out of her seat, and the second, her honey hole. I shifted in my seat and noticed she had pulled her titties out of her bra and was pinching her nipples, I also noticed she had her eyes squeezed shut and her tongue kept licking her lips. When bahis siteleri I shift I had better access to her pussy, using one hand to play with her clit and the other to finger fuck her. She was moaning louder as I slipped a third finger into her. I was really hoping I could fuck her because by now my dick was really aching. I leaned towards her and nudged one of her hands away from a nipple, she knew what I wanted and thrust her tit at me. She cried out as I gently nibbled on her nipple.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out, “your fucking tongue, lick my pussy please.”

I waited a few seconds.

“If you suck on my pussy I’ll suck on your cock,” she begged.

I again waited, nearly pulling my fingers all the way out of her.

“Rim job,” she pled, “tell me what you want, whatever it is I’ll do it, just suck my clit.”

I released her nipple from my mouth and plunged my fingers back into her pussy. She groaned openly as I asked, “Anything?”

“Name it,” she said with a wild look in her eye.

“I want to fuck you,” I said pulling my fingers out of her box again.

“Done,” she snapped.

“And,” I continued, “I want to cum inside you.”

“But my date,” she said, “we were planning on.”

“Guess you better go then,” I said pulling my hands back.

“Fuck it,” she said moving onto the floor, “you better get down here and suck some clit!”

The only way I saw it happening was if I mounted her in 69, I quickly stripped off my shoes, shorts and boxers. I didn’t wait for her to protest, I almost did a flying wrestling move as I dove off the seat and onto her. Before she could get a word out about my dick being in her face I dove into her pussy, exploring her hair and folds looking for her clit. I finally had to reach out with one hand and spread the hair before finally finding my goal. She was just lying there until I clamped my lips around that clitty, then she went absolutely nuts. It was just a few seconds of me giving her clit a lip massage when I felt her engulf my cock. I could feel her lips running up and down my cock while her tongue swirled around the head. I felt like she was out doing me so I stepped up the pace. I released her clit from between my lips and stretched it just a bit to tongue fuck her. One of my exes told me I had a fat tongue when I wanted it, and I wanted it now. I fattened up my tongue and dipped it as deep into her honey pot as I could. She let my cock pop out of her mouth and moaned.

“Yes lover,” she moaned, “fuck my pussy with your face!”

I felt her hands on my ass as she pulled me closer. I felt her take both of my balls into her mouth and swirl her tongue all over them. I felt her release my balls and pull me in tighter. I didn’t expect what happened next, as I was strumming her clitty and tongue fucking her she reached out with her tongue and dipped it into my asshole. My body tightened up at first, some from the shock of someone sticking their tongue in my ass, but mostly because it felt so good. Once I was over the initial shock I went right back to her pussy. My body parts changed position, I went back to sucking and swirling on her clit while my hand played with her pussy. As I sucked on her clitty I could feel it becoming harder and harder between my lips. I finally pulled out my last trick and stuck my fingers in as deep as they could go and curled them up, tagging her g-spot. Her body convulsed, and she stopped doing everything.

“What the fuck was,” she started saying as I tickled her g-spot a second time. Her body convulsed again, and her clit stood excited and proud.

“Oh my,” she started again as I tickled it for a third time, ” I don’t know what you’re doing but, but, mmm.”

Her voice fell off into a muffled scream as she clamped her mouth onto my leg. After tickling her g-spot for a third time I figured it was time to make her cum. I clamped down on her clit and started swirling my tongue around it; all the while I started stimulating her g-spot with both fingers. She came two ways all at the same time. After a few seconds she finally pulled her mouth away from my leg.

“Oh my gwad,” she begged, “please, stop, can’t.”

I finally released her clit from my lips and stopped my finger dance on her g-spot. I rolled off of her, my hard on jutting from its perch. She lay there panting, glistening with perspiration, and smiling.

“That,” she said fanning herself, “was incredible. My date is never going to believe this.”

“You mean you’d tell him,” I asked.

“Sure,” she said propping herself up on her elbows and eyeing my slowly bahis şirketleri deflating cock, “I tell my husband everything.”

“Your,” I stumbled for words, “your husband?”

“Yeah,” she grinned reaching for my cock, “can’t wait to see how the story ends.”

She leaned over and engulfed my cock, saving it from deflating completely. She bobbed her head up and down on it a few times then pulled it from her mouth with a pop sound.

“Hop back up onto the seat,” she demanded.

I got back up onto the seat and she pulled me down a little. Nearly all my ass was hanging off the edge of the seat. She crawled up on her knees and spread my legs real wide. She dipped her head down and started rimming my ass. My body jerked at first but then got used to the sensation. As she pulled her tongue away she replaced it with a finger, which she kept moving in a swirling motion around my brown eye. She licked the outside of my prostate to my balls. My dick jerked as she covered my balls with her saliva, the whole time she was licking my balls she was staring me in the eyes. She held my dick in her hands and licked the underside up to the tip; she let her tongue linger and dance on the tip as she stared at me. I finally broke from her eyes and looked down at my dick. I must have made a face because she chuckled and smiled before taking all of my 7 inches down her throat. When she hit my pubic bone with her nose I moaned out loud. She pulled off my dick.

“Did you like that,” she asked still swirling her finger around my asshole.

I only nodded.

“Good,” she smiled, “then you’re gonna love this.”

She dipped her entire middle finger into her mouth and pulled it out soaking wet. Then she swallowed my dick again, and started bobbing her head up and down. I felt that finger swirl around my exposed asshole, except she was applying pressure to the outer ring. It was uncomfortable but it was also fueling my need to cum. She had a fantastic blowjob technique, good suction, combined with tongue and lip pressure, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I really wanted to fuck her, but I wasn’t about to ruin this wonderful woman’s rhythm. She increased her head bobbing speed as well as the pressure she was applying to my ass. I could feel my balls begin to tighten.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, “I’m not going to last much longer if you keep this up.”

She didn’t let up she kept right on sucking. Trying to be courteous I figured I better ask.

“Do you want me to tell you,” I asked sheepishly.

She popped my cock from her mouth, “No sweetness, you deserve the whole thing, I want to taste your man jelly.”

She went right back to sucking me off, except she reached up under my shirt and started playing with my nipple. I leaned my head back and enjoyed the ride. I could feel the cum in my balls start to boil and I knew this was going to be a great orgasm. It was going to be a great orgasm until she pinched the shit out of my nipple.

“Fuck,” I yelled, “that fucking.”

I never got a chance to finish my sentence, as I was yelling at her she pushed her finger into my asshole. The sensation of her finger going where no one has gone before, combined with a quick deep throat and hum on my cock sent me over the edge. My body froze up in mid sentence and released in the biggest, most pleasurable orgasm I have ever had, or probably will have again. I felt my balls contract five or six times, shooting out cum from my balls some of which hadn’t even been made yet, it was such an intense orgasm. She choked at the first shot, and had to pull my cock from her lips; it was like watching a porn with me as the star. She held my dick at her lips and aimed it at her open mouth, my cum just spewing onto her tongue. I nearly blacked out as she pulled her finger from my ass, my cock jerked one last time from the pleasure. My cock deflated and I sat spent as she cleaned herself up and pulled her dress back over her head. She didn’t say anything as she shook her hips to make her dress fall back into place, but before crawling out the door she leaned over me and gave me a deep soulful kiss. I realized she could probably taste herself on my lips, because I was tasting myself on hers. She crawled over to the door and climbed out, but before she could slam it I yelled out. She pulled the door back open and stuck her head back into the truck.

“You forgot your pantyhose,” I said holding them up.

“Keep them,” she smiled, “I might get lucky tonight and I don’t want anything to get in the way.”

She winked at me and slammed the door. As I lay there enjoying the after glow of a good fuck, I realized two things. The first, I never did get to fuck her, and the second, I never did get her name. Guess I’ll just have to keep coming back until I run into her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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