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Big Tits

Back at the cabin…as the first day draws to an exciting end, day two holds the promise of even more pleasure. From the first flames the fire smolders and the heat builds. The first chapter ignites, what will come from day two? Thank you for coming back!



Slowly waking as if from a dream….was this a dream? Did I really meet a new man named Russ? Turning and stretching, I realize that I am lying on the rug in front of the fireplace wrapped in the arms of the man I thought was a dream. The moisture still pooled between my legs adds credence to my thought. Not a dream then, I think, definitely not a dream. My movement wakes him and his arms tighten gently; pulling me closer to his chest. His breath quickens as his lips close softly over mine. My lips respond slipping over his mouth, along his cheek and up to an ear. Licking gently, I slip my tongue in and out circling and then sucking the lobe into my mouth. Nibbling and kissing down his neck, I leave wet trails and feel him shiver. Pulling back so that I can look into his beautiful grey eyes, I smile. “Are you comfortable here on the floor, Russ, or would you rather we move? Why don’t we go get into the hot tub?”

“The hot tub sounds absolutely wonderful, Gina” he replies, kissing me quickly. Russ rolls to his side, tucking a leg under him and stands.

Reaching out to me, I place my hand in his and he pulls me up to him. “I’ll get us a couple of towels, if you would get another bottle of wine and the glasses,” I say. Smiling he turns to toward the kitchen, as I turn for the bathroom. We both stop and look back at the same moment. Appreciation for the view crosses both faces as he smiles and I blush. Stopping in the bathroom I brush through my hair and check my face. I hear the sliding door open and then close. From the linen closet, I grab two wonderfully big towels and make the short journey through the kitchen and out to the deck.

Stepping out onto the deck, the cool night air immediately tightens my nipples and chills my naked body. Looking across the deck, I see the long line of his body. Russ sits perched on the edge of the tub, one foot on the step, the other on the deck. His legs open; his large cock exposed. As I approach, it grows and expands, hardening. I stop my approach at his knees, close but not touching. His cock moves, rises, and reaches for me. Tossing the towels to the side bench, I place my foot on the bottom step. His hand touches my ankle freezing me in place. He runs his hand up the inside of my leg and I tremble at his touch. His fingertips glide upwards, seeking and searching. Finding the moist entrance, Russ slips his finger into me. Looking into his eyes, I see his excitement flare and his desire ignite. Smiling, I slip my hand over his hand and lean over to place my lips on his. Maintaining the deep kiss, he stands, pulling me to his chest; his lips on mine, his finger still buried in my wet pussy. With one arm around my waist, he lifts me into the tub and then he steps over the side. In the center of the tub we stand in each others arms. Breaking our kiss, Russ leads me to the side and sitting, he pulls me down onto his lap. Reaching out he flips the switch and the bubbles begin their soothing dance.

With my back to his chest, I sit with my head against his shoulder. Looking up into the night sky, the stars bright in the darkness, we relax into each other. His hands roam over my body, gently caressing, touching. With one arm circling my waist, his other hand slips gently down the front of my chest, gliding over and then under my breasts. Cupping one in his hand, his fingertips roll my nipple, sending jolts of pleasure straight down to my center. My muscles tighten and a low moan shudders through me. “AHHH, Russ, your hands feel so good against my breast. Please don’t stop.” I whisper. I place my hands over his and press them against me. Pushing back against his chest, my ass wiggles on his lap as the hot swirling water rushes and rolls around us. Reaching my hands down to his firm thighs I manage to push myself away, stand and turn to face him. Flushed by the heat of the water and the closeness of his body, I lean in, kiss him and whisper into his ear, “Russ, sit up on the side of the tub, please.” As he stands, the water rushes off of him, cascading down into the tub. He is a magnificent sight, glistening in the moonlight. My breath quickens. He sits, as requested, on the side of the tub, legs apart, pulling me into his embrace. Kissing deeply, my hands roam up and down his back, across strong shoulders and down his arms. His hands explore my body as well, resting for moments on my ass before traveling up my spine and around to cup both breasts.

I lean in to kiss across his neck, my lips trailing down the center and out to the right side to circle his nipple. Circling, nibbling and kissing I let the little hard nub slip into my mouth and suck. I feel more than hear his groan, the vibration of it felt through his chest. Sucking the nipple harder now, my tongue flicking it in my mouth; my lips locked illegal bahis around it. “Ohhhh, baby, that feels so good” he breathes into my hair; his face buried in its silky softness. I slip his nipple out and begin to kiss and nibble my way to the left; wetting him as I move in and begin to pay identical attention to the other nipple. I circle, I nibble and then I slip it into the heat of my mouth. Sucking and holding it firmly between my lips, I pull a groan from his throat. “Arrrggg” he growls. Popping him out, looking up into his hooded eyes, I smile.

Reaching forward I place a kiss on his lips and moving off right away, I lick my way down his chin and continue down, down, down. Slowly, I lick his chest, stopping only to kiss his belly button, plunging my tongue in and out, swirling it around and continuing on. As my tongue approaches his dark curly hair, I take his cock in my hand, pushing it aside, as my lips continue their journey to his base. I can feel him pulsing in my hand as my lips circle him, brushing even lower and then lapping at his balls. Licking first one then the other, moving between them fairly and then flattening my tongue I press it between them hard, and slip under him. Licking and kissing I move forward again, over and around him and slowly up the under side of his shaft. Along that hard vein, my tongue runs over ridges and bumps making its way up and up. At the top, I slip open my lips and slide him into my mouth. Taking just the tip, lips locking underneath, holding hard, I suck…and suck…and suck. Watching as I pull him in and hold him; his head rolls back, his eyes close; his breath becomes ragged; his moans loud and throaty. Watching for his reaction, I release the tight hold under his tip and take him all the way, deep to the back of my throat all at once; and swallow. “OH MY GOD, yessssssssssssssssss,” he bellows into the quiet night. Holding him hard in my throat, the muscles rippling up and down his cock, for as long as I can and then slipping him up and out. My hands caressing, stroking; my lips kissing and nibbling, I press his rock hard cock once again to closed lips, open and then slide it in. I begin my smooth in and out rhythm.

Placing my hands on his thighs, my knees on the seat between his outstretched legs, his hands behind him supporting and holding; I bob up and down. I can feel him begin to swell, my hands reach and cup both balls as they fill and tighten. I know he is close and grasping him in both hands, slipping him out of my mouth, I look up and say, “Russ, I want to take you in my mouth. Cum for me baby. Feed me.”

“Yesssssss, Gina I’m so close. I can’t hold on much longer.” He gasps raggedly. As I pull him in again, I let my lips tighten and release, milking him as I slide him in and down. Tighten and release, the muscles working, pulling and tugging his cock deeper. As I quicken my movements, his cock begins to twitch. At that moment, I slide him in deep and fast; down my throat and swallow. Gripping and clenching, holding it hard and deep, I feel it convulse as he screams out my name, “GINA, AAARRRRRRRRGGGG, I’m cumminggggggggggg” and it explodes down the back of my throat. Ropes of hot creamy cum shoot out and I struggle to swallow it all. Gasping for air, I slip him up and out, licking and sucking his beautiful shaft. Kissing my way out over his thighs and hips, up the side and in across his chest, I find my way to his lips. He pulls me to him hard. Taking my lips and tongue into his mouth, he devours me. Kissing deeply, he tastes his cum in my mouth and we melt into each other. Turning me, he places me on the side of the tub beside him and holding me against him he nuzzles his face into my hair. “Gina, you are the most exotic, erotic, sensual woman on this earth.”

“Well, this erotic woman needs a drink!” I laugh. Russ, being the gentleman, reaches over to the table for glasses and the bottle of wine. As he pours us both a glass, I lay back on the deck to catch my breath.

Russ hands me my glass and then gets up to retrieve cushions off the patio loungers. Tossing the cushions down, Russ takes my glass, rolls me over onto the cushion and collapses beside me. “AHHHHH, this is more comfortable!” he sighs.

“Indeed” is my only answer. Laying on my back, gazing up into the night sky, I shudder as I feel Russ’ hands begin to caress my breasts. A tremble gently shakes me, pulling a sigh from my lips. Closing my eyes, I let my body enjoy the wonderful sensations that his fingers and hands create. Russ brushes his fingertips along the soft underside of my breast. As he gently teases and touches, I surrender my body to his talented hands.

The art of bringing a man to such a great climax using only my lips and hands is one of my most pleasurable activities. I get so excited from it that I have been known to cum just from the act of sucking cock. This time my excitement came second to my need to make it the best blowjob Russ has ever experienced. And now his hands were repaying my efforts. A soft sigh builds then exhales, as I shift and arch my back into illegal bahis siteleri the cushion, trying to get more of my breasts into his hands. Russ circles his fingertip around my nipple decreasing the arc until he flicks it hard. Taking the hard nub between his finger and thumb, he gently rolls it, creating extraordinary jolts of sensation. His big palms encase my breasts and I press into him as he kneads them gently. He then slides both hands under my back. Russ lifts my chest up to his lips and tenderly kisses along one side of my breast. As his lips nibble my soft skin, I feel my nipples puckering and extending as goose bumps ripple down my arms. He rasps his hot wet tongue over the sides, along the edge and slips the nipple between his lips. I shudder as he sucks it hard into his mouth; pressing the hard nub to the roof and holding it there with his flattened tongue. My hips buck involuntarily and then my legs flex, pressing my ass hard into the cushion. Russ holds me to his face firmly in both hands as the rest of my body begins to writhe beneath him.

He pops my nipple out of his mouth and buries his face in the valley of my flesh. Shaking his head back and forth he devours both breasts. Kissing and sucking, he manages to cover every inch of me. Then slowly he slides down my body. I can feel the heat radiating from him as he slips lower and lower. Kissing and biting me, leaving wet trails all along the way, he stops briefly and dips his tongue into my belly button, blowing into it and then slipping lower. As he reaches my mound, I hear his soft moan as his tongue lashes through the close trimmed red fur. His nose is buried against me; his breath hot and moist. I can feel his wet salvia soaking me. His breathing quickens as he inhales my excitement. He stops. I tense. I wait. Moments seem like an eternity, until I feel it; his wet tongue softly touching my rock hard clit. I exhale my need. My sigh loud in the quiet night as he slides his tongue past my clit and down along my wet lips. Reaching bottom his talented tongue slides to the other side, over and around my clit, making me jump. His lips close over my clit and he holds me hard and sucks. Pulling me solidly into his mouth, he sucks me as I twist and squirm in his hands. “Oh, Russ, that’s it baby. Yes, yes, yes.” I cry out. His lips release my clit as his tongue slips lower and plunges into my wet pussy. Twirling it around, plunging in and out, he fucks my pussy hard with his tongue; plunging in and out rapidly, his tongue lapping at my walls and lips. Pulling out and taking my clit in his lips again he sucks hard and long. I shake and shudder as my orgasm slams through me quick and hard. “Oh god, I’m cumming, Russ. Ahhhhhhh yes baby, cumming hard.” I gasp as my body is flooded with waves of pleasure. Slowing his attentions on my clit, I feel his tongue running gently along my slit, licking and cleaning me. Lapping up my juices from the inside of my legs and then moving up again through and into my pussy he licks and sucks me.

Rising up, he looks into my eyes, smiling and with hands at my waist pulls me off the cushion, over the side of the tub into the soothing hot water. Taking me into his arms, pulling me tight to his chest, our lips brush and then linger. My arms around his neck, I melt into his embrace. Stepping back slightly, he looks down at me and says, “It’s been a long day for you, with the drive here and all. Let’s get you to bed for awhile and I’ll come back later today. Would you like to take a hike through the valley to the lake?”

I hadn’t realized how late it had gotten. It was technically the second day of my vacation! “Yes, I would love to go hiking with you Russ” was my reply. “And yes I do need to get some sleep.” Turning he stepped up and out of the tub, extending his hand; helping to steady me. I grabbed the towels to dry off. We walked arm and arm into the house. As we reached the living room, he stops to gather his clothes and dress. Turning to me finally, he pulls me close to him and we kiss deeply.

“Get some rest, Gina. I’ll come back around noon to get you.”

“I’ll pack us a lunch” I said as he opens the front door and slips out into the dark night.

Closing the door, I lean back against it and sigh. What a wonderful night this has been, I think. Pushing off from the door, I move quickly to the bedroom dousing lights as I go. Dropping into the big bed, pulling up sheet and comforter, I am asleep as my head hits the pillow.

My eyes fluttered open. The morning light, filtering through the trees, brightens the room with a soft glow. I stretch and for a moment didn’t know where I am. Ahh, the cabin, I realize. And last night! Oh my, what a night. And the day holds the promise of pleasures as yet unknown. I slip out of the warmth of the covers, grab my robe and slippers against the chill of the morning and head out to the kitchen to make coffee. As the coffee begins to brew, I make my way back to the bathroom for a shower. The hot water quickly warms the cold tiles and as I stand beneath its spray, I recall the canlı bahis siteleri previous evening. A little shiver runs through me as I remember the barely contained lust of our meeting, the tentative little touches at dinner, the roaring passion in front of the fireplace and the exquisite play by the hot tub. As my breathing begins to quicken, I know that I need to curb my thoughts for the time and concentrate on my shower. Lathering up and scrubbing down my body, my hands revitalize the tingling on my skin. As I shampoo my hair, rinsing it clean and soft, I feel that this day will bring me only good things.

With my shower finally done, I dry off, wrapping myself in the big towel, comb through my hair and wrap it in another towel. Back to the kitchen I head for the coffee pot. Grabbing a mug, I slip open the slider and step out onto the deck into the cool morning air. The birds sing their good mornings as little wildlife creatures race from tree to tree, doing their little wildlife dance. What a wonderful way to live I think, in the quiet peace of nature. Sitting in the chair I let the towel slip off my front and pool to my sides. Virtually naked in a deck chair the sun dries and warms me. You can’t do this in the city! Well actually you could but you’d probably get arrested.

The sun promises a bright and cheerful day and my thoughts turn to a hike with an interesting new man. As I sip my morning brew I think about this turn of events in my life. I did not expect to meet anyone here this week, least of all a possible lover. Funny how things turn out! Gathering my towel about me, I take my coffee mug and go back into the cabin. Pouring another cup, I amble back to the bathroom to dry my hair and get ready for the day. Dressed in jean shorts, t-shirt and light-weight hiking boots, I grab a sweatshirt jacket and long jeans, stuffing them into a small backpack and head for the kitchen to pack a picnic lunch. Cheese, sliced deli meats, really good sourdough bread, a small bag of chips, some paper napkins and bottled water all go into a convenient basket I keep here for just this reason. Looking at the clock I realize that it’s almost noon and a touch of excitement begins to build low in my body. At the sound of a vehicle driving up to the front of the cabin, I cross to the front window and see an old Ford pickup stop. As the driver jumps out, I recognize Russ in faded jeans, green and brown shirt and boots. He pulls a pack out of the front seat and tosses it into the back. My heart skips a beat at the sight. I open the front door and step out onto the porch. Russ looks up and stops. From where I stand I can see his eyes wander over me. I watch as his mouth curls into a smile, then widens into a huge grin. “Good morning, Gina” he shouts, “you look ready for the day!”

Smiling, I think to myself, boy am I ready. Out loud I say, “Want a cup of coffee before we head out?”

“No I’m okay. I’d like to use the bathroom and then just head out if you don’t mind. There is a great path I want to show you and it’s just a little drive from here.”

“Okay, come in and I’ll grab my pack and the lunch basket and load it in the truck.”

We drive down a tree lined country road; the light playing glimmer games through the windows of the truck, we talk and the radio plays softly. A short drive finds us at a dirt turn off. After about 15 minutes we pull up and stop in an open glade off the side. Russ turns and says, “Well, now we walk.” Turning he jumps out of the truck and as I push open my door, he grabs both packs and the basket. Coming around to my side, he helps me into my pack and I return the favor. Russ takes the basket and my hand and we head off down a dim trail into the trees. The sunlight plays across the path, first light then shadow. The air is cool and pleasant and the path though narrow, is solid and fairly level under our feet. The walking is easy and the company good. After 30 minutes of pleasurable hiking, the path widens to a small sunlit glade canopied by giant trees. Emerging from the dim pathway into the soft filtered light, we are greeted by the kiss of a cool breeze. Turning to me, Russ quietly asks, “Well, Gina, will this place do for our picnic?”

“Oh, Russ, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.”

Russ takes my hand and leads me slowly to the edge of the glade. “Quiet…and watch” he whispers. Dropping my hand, gently setting down the basket, he turns to the center of the glade and claps his hands. At the sudden sound, the earth moves, literally moves as thousands of butterflies ascend from the ground and fill the sky with brilliant colors.

Squealing with laughter, I step forward into a magnificent kaleidoscope. “Just like a scene from a movie” I giggle. “Russ, this is just wonderful!” Grinning, he shucks off his backpack and drops it to the ground. Unzipping it, he reaches in and extracts a blanket, flicks it open, and spreads it on the ground. Pulling me to him, his lips find mine and his hands slip off my pack dropping it to the ground. Holding our kiss, we both drop to our knees, hands roaming up and down our bodies. Breaking the kiss, sitting back, we look into each other eyes and laugh. I reach over and draw the basket to me, pulling out two bottles of water and tossing him one. “Hungry, Russ?” I ask smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32