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This happened during my third year of art school. My boyfriend Bob was really close to his younger brother Matty and hadn’t spent much time with him during the summer, probably because he was busy dating me. Matty had just turned 18 at the time and Bob and I were 20. Bob had promised him a camping trip for his birthday and I figured it was just going to be the 2 of them, but Matty wanted me to join them as well.

He had a wicked crush on me and I thought it was just too cute, he would do all these nice little things for me. Bob would just laugh and tell him to back off, I was his girlfriend and not to get any crazy ideas about stealing me away. Mat would get all flustered, but continued to treat me special. I caught him a couple of times trying to peek down my blouse when I was bent over getting a beer or something. It didn’t bother me or anything… I thought it was kind of cute. So I guess, thinking about it… I wasn’t really too surprised when Matty invited me along on the trip. I told him it was up to Bob, it was supposed to be a getaway for the 2 of them, no girls.

Bob didn’t really have a problem with that, he was pretty easy going where it concerned his brother, he just said, if Matty wants you to come along, why don’t you if you don’t have any other plans.

Matty looked at me with such big puppy dog eyes that I couldn’t refuse and so joined them for this week of fun and adventure. Bob told Matty to pack his stuff and we’d pick him up on our way to Maine.

The following week, when we got to their parent’s house, Matty had everything sitting in a pile on the porch and as we were packing it up, Bob noticed that there was no sleeping bag, just some blankets.

“Where’s your sleeping bag”? Asked Bob

Matty told him he couldn’t find it. He thought he had left it over a friend’s house a couple weeks earlier, but they were on vacation too and he couldn’t get it. Bob looked at him and told him it gets cold sometimes this time of year in Maine. Matty just laughed and said not to worry, he could handle the cold just fine. I think he was embarrassed to have Bob question him in front of me.

Bob just said, “OK fine, let’s get going then.”

Their parents wished us well and we were on our way to Maine.

I don’t know how many of you have been to Acadia National Park, but it’s really beautiful. It’s so rough and wild. We stayed at a campground about an hour north of Mount Desert Island that Bob knew about. The sites were right on the water and it was just outside of another part of Acadia called Schoodic Point. It was absolutely gorgeous!

We got settled in and were having a great time hiking, eating out in town, just general vacation stuff. Bob and Matty are very close and they both were paying a lot of attention to me as well. A girl’s dream to be lavished so much attention. I felt like a princess, they pampered my so much. It was almost like a gentle competition between the two of them, I loved it.

We all stayed in the same tent together; it was kind of small and cozy. Bob and I had zipped our bags together and Matty had set his blankets up next to us. With all of our clothes and stuff in the tent it was tight quarters but manageable. One night, I came groggily awake only to realize that Bob was making love to me! He was slowly sliding in and out while squeezing and playing with my breasts. It felt heavenly, we hadn’t been able to do anything at all so far during the week and this was pleasant surprise.

I knew Bob was probably asleep. He would do that sometimes, I don’t know how or why, but I’d wake up and he’d be spooned up behind me like he was now and would be rhythmically be stroking in and out. It would usually last for a long time and his pace would never change. The first time it happened I mentioned it to him the next day and he had no memory of it at all. I finally figured that he was making love to me in his sleep. I don’t know how he would get me undressed and all, but it worked out OK and I always enjoyed these impromptu sessions even if it did make me dead to the world the next day at school! I figured that must be what was happening now and must have been for some time, because I was really excited.

Well I was just lying there in a blissful fog enjoying a nice slow screw when suddenly it occurred to me where we were and who was sleeping in the tent right next to me. I opened my eyes and sure enough, there was Matty lying on his side facing me staring at my breasts as his brother played with them. I glanced down and saw that the sleeping bag was pulled back and my breasts were totally exposed. It was nearly a full moon, so we might as well of had a light on in the tent and Matty was only a few inches away from me. I don’t think he ever realized that I was awake. When I looked closer I saw that he had his dick out and was slowly stroking himself while he watched his brother make love to me. I could hear canlı bahis the wet slapping sounds as Bob continued to pound away at my soft, wet pussy. I’m sure Matty could hear it as well.

I suppose I could’ve pretended to wake up and pull the sleeping bag closed, but I just didn’t know what to do. Most of my mind was occupied with what Bob was doing. I guess I also figured the damage was already done and nothing could help that. I didn’t want to embarrass Matty by letting him know that I was awake and knew what he was doing. But no small part of it was that I like to be watched and this had the added benefit of me getting to watch a guy jerk off, for me this is pretty rare and I was turned on watching Matty stroke his hard dick. I decided we could both enjoy our illicit little shows. I’m sure he wouldn’t been horrified if he knew that I had seen him playing with his dick.

As I continued to watch him through lidded eyes, his hand reached out and very slowly began to inch the zipper of the my sleeping bag down until it was completely open. I continued to moan my pleasure. With this drama unfolding, I was getting really excited and aroused. He waited for a minute or so to make sure that he wouldn’t get caught then reached out again and very gently pushed the sleeping bag back and away from rest of my body. Now I was totally exposed and he leaned in to look at his brother dick sliding in and out of my pussy. I’m sure he couldn’t see too much, with me being in the spoon position like this, but he sure tried.

My orgasm was building quickly, I think the idea of this young guy being so intrigued with me and watching him do himself was really getting to me. When all of a sudden I felt it rise to a peak and I went over the edge, coming hard. I tried to be as quiet as I could, but that’s so hard for me to do, I tend to be pretty vocal. When I did come, the spasms of my pussy were enough to send Bob over the edge as well. I felt him let go, shooting deep into me. He never woke up and over the next couple of minutes he slowly softened, finally slipping out of me as he rolled over and away from me.

I lay there still getting my breath back and when I discreetly looked over, Matty was still studying my body. Sighing heavily, I rolled onto my back opening my legs a little. When I peeked again, Matty was lying back pretending to be sleeping. I spread my legs wide apart, moved my hand down so that my finger was grazing my sensitive clitoris. I was soaking wet; I spread the lips of my pussy so that it was spread wide open for him if decided to take a look. I was being so evil and I knew it, but it was hot having this young guy checking me out. I swear I was almost ready to come again. Every time I touched my swollen clitoris, I let out a soft involuntary moan. I waited to see if Matty would take a look. I wanted and silently willed him to look.

I had my arm over my eyes, but could see out from underneath without him knowing. When I didn’t move any more, Matty opened his eyes and looked up and studied my face for a few moments. I guess he figured I had gone back to sleep because he inched down slowly till he was even with my waist and leaned over to peek at my pussy. It must’ve been quite a sight. My nipples were hard and puffy and I could only imagine how my pussy looked, still swollen and open from a long screwing. To top it all off, I was slowly rubbing my clitoris as he watched.

He looked back up at my face, confused I think, he must’ve figured that I was doing what I was in my sleep because he sat up and started to stroke himself faster as he looked at me. I found this wickedly exciting; I never had a guy jerk off while just looking at me. It made me feel pretty sexy that I could have that effect on him. He leaned in closer to get a better look at my pussy and when he did; I spread my lips apart again and slid a finger in. I heard him gasp and under his breath exclaim and then he started stroking like a madman and then blew his top. That was it for me too, while he looked on I came again. Using two fingers, I held my lips apart so that he could see my pussy contract as I quietly moaned out my orgasm. I arched my ass off the ground raising my quivering pussy closer to him as my second orgasm claimed me. I could hear his quiet moans as he came blasting shot after shot onto the tent floor. He continued to stroke even as his moans quieted down. I rubbed my pussy for a moment longer. I saw him take his T-shirt and mop up the mess on the floor of tent. Smiling, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep exhausted keeping my legs spread wide open so he could continue to do whatever he wanted.

When I woke in the morning, the sleeping bag was zipped back up and both guys were outside making breakfast. I was still nude inside the sleeping bag. I lay there for a while listening to the guys and thought about the night before. I was kind of embarrassed, I couldn’t believe bahis siteleri that I had masturbated for this young guy. Another part of me and I don’t know why But another part found it so exciting. I really was turned on just thinking about it again. I couldn’t resist a little self-satisfaction and I was feeling pretty daring as well. I opened up the sleeping bag and started to rub my pussy and clit. The danger of being caught by one of the guys only made it more exciting and it was just a couple of minutes before I quietly had another orgasm. I lay there on the sleeping bag with my legs spread wide open getting my breath for a couple of minutes… actually hoping someone would come in. I sat up still naked when the door of the tent opened and Bob stuck his head in and told me breakfast was ready. He smiled when he saw me and whispered that he wished we were alone, he take advantage of the situation. I smiled and motioned for him to close the door. I could see Matty out there trying to discreetly get another peek at me.

While we were hiking around during the day, Bob told me that when he woke up in the morning and looked over at me, I lying there with the sleeping bag kicked off totally nude with my legs spread wide open with my pretty pussy totally on display.

I looked over at him shocked, “really, do you think Matty saw me”?

Bob laughed and said “no I don’t think so, that would’ve made his year, I just covered you back up again and got up to get the fire going”.

I asked him if he remembered making love to me during the night. He didn’t remember a thing, but hoped that we hadn’t woken his brother up. I told him I didn’t think we did, it was pretty quiet. He laughed and told me he wished he wasn’t such a heavy sleeper, it seemed he was missing more sex that way. I laughed and told him he didn’t miss it, just didn’t remember it is all. Same difference he replied.

The next day, we woke up to rain. We went out to breakfast and then decided to drive up the coast for a couple of hours. It was really beautiful, driving through all those rustic fishing villages. By the time we had gotten back, the rain had stopped and the day cleared, but it was much, much colder. We decided to just go out to a movie and then have dinner in Ellsworth, the only major town around us. By the time we got back to camp, we all just a little bit toasted from the wine with dinner.

I took a quick shower and went back to camp; the guys were already in the tent. Matty was wrapped up in his blankets and Bob had our sleeping bags all warmed up. It was really cold outside and it felt really warm and cozy in the sleeping bag. In no time at I fell asleep. It couldn’t have been more than an hour later that I woke up and heard teeth chattering. I looked over and Matty was facing away from us, but I could see him shivering in the moonlight. I woke Bob up and whispered that I thought Matty was freezing in his blankets. Bob listened for a moment and sat up turning on the light. Matty was huddled in a ball trying unsuccessfully to keep warm. Bob told him to climb in with us in our bag, there was plenty of room and it would be warm. Initially, he didn’t want to, but I told him it would be all right with me too. He finally decided being warm was better than freezing.

He unzipped our bag and slid in behind me. His skin was freezing cold, I couldn’t believe he was just wearing a T-shirt and underwear, he was shivering like crazy. He seemed a little embarrassed at first and didn’t know where to put his hands. Bob shut off the light and I cuddled up to his back. I took Matty’s hand and wrapped them around my waist. Talk about warm and cozy; here I was sandwiched between 2 guys on a cold night. I drifted contentedly back off to sleep.

I came up to a kind of semi consciousness and realized that Bob was making love to me again. It was very slow and sensuous; he’d move in and pause there for a bit, then slide out, again pausing before sliding back in. His hands were just as slowly running all over my body, but focusing on my breasts. It was delicious and I just drifted in and out of sleep as he continued to make love to me. After a while, as my own excitement built, I came a little more awake and started to push against him gently. I moved my legs up a little more so he could thrust deeper into me; he cupped my breasts and rolled my nipples between his fingers. As he moved deeper into me, I moved my legs up a little more and felt another body and remembered that Matty was in the bag with us.

I listened for a moment and realized he was fast asleep. I could hear his deep breathing and quiet snoring. Bob was going really deep, but with the same slow deliberate strokes. He moved a hand down and started to play with my pussy while moving in and out of me. That seemed to get him pretty excited and a moment later, he started thrusting harder and faster and then suddenly shot his load with bahis şirketleri a groan. I was a little surprised, he usually lasted longer, but that was OK too. There would be other times and we did have Matty in the bag with us, so it was really risky and best to stop before we got caught again.

I expected him to get soft and pull out, but he continued to slowly stroke into me while exploring the folds of my pussy with his hand. With his other hand, he kept squeezing, pulling and pinching my nipples as well. This was very unusual for Bob, but I wasn’t complaining, it kept my motor humming and felt great. I was a little concerned to be doing this with Matty right there, but I could still hear him snoring, so I just gave in to the sensations taking over my body.

After a few minutes he picked the pace and continued to make love to me as if he had never came. He would pull all the way out until I could just feel the head of his dick barely touching my lips and then he would slowly push all the way back in until he had almost buried his balls into me. When he’d do that, I could feel him tense up and be on the verge of coming. He’d get back into control again and pull all the way out, wait a moment, I think to calm down and repeat it all over again. It excited me to know he was so excited and so close to the edge. I wondered if he was still sleeping, but didn’t want to chance waking Matty by asking.

My breathing was getting so heavy that I began to worry that I would wake him up anyway. I lay there and pushed gently back at him as he worked back and forth in me. I could feel an orgasm building and since it was building so slowly, I knew it was going to be intense. Bob was really starting to get excited as well. He was having more and more trouble controlling himself and as I started to orgasm, he started thrusting hard and fast into me. He took his hand from my pussy and moved it up my body to the side of my face, I turned my head and sucked his wet fingers into my mouth and sucked on them as I came. That sent him over the edge and he blew his top again.

I was so wanton; I wanted more, but knew Bob was probably spent for the night now. Incredibly, he stayed inside of me not moving, but not getting soft either. I moved my hips a little and felt him slide a little deeper in. Both hands were cupping my breasts and gently kneading them, he didn’t move and by his breathing, it sounded like he was sleeping again. Matty hadn’t woken up during our noisy last couple of minutes. I was relieved. It had been exciting to have him see me the other night, but this was great sex and I didn’t think Bob would continue if he thought his brother was awake. I put my hands over his on my breasts and started to drift back to sleep with him still hard inside me. I came back up out of dreamland a little while later, realizing that Bob was back at it again. I couldn’t believe it, in the time I had dated him, we had only fucked to 3 orgasms in a couple of sessions. It sure did feel good and it did my heart good to know that I could still have this kind of an affect on him.

My hands were still over his as he was squeezing my breasts. He moved them so that my own hands were playing with my breasts with his on top of mine. I started to pull and pinch my nipples harder than he had done and he squeezed and rubbed my hands as I did this, feeling what I was doing. Feeling me play with my own breasts seemed to excite him to new heights, I never knew this got him hot. He was stroking in and out at a good pace now and seemed to be in a lot more control of himself, but excited nonetheless.

He moved one of my hands down my body to my pussy and started to rub about down there. I felt him sliding in and out of me and it excited me to feel him so hard. I moved my hand to my clitoris and started to rub it as his fingers pulled at my pussy lips. He moved his fingers over mine and felt me playing with my clitoris; he traced his over mine. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier as was mine. I pulled the hood back and my clit popped out. He started to rub on side of it while I did the other side and it was sending electric currents through me. Every time he would touch it, I would buck. He was kissing the back of my neck as he playing with my body.

I started to pull hard on my nipples with my other hand. Realizing what I was doing with my nipples he took other one and started to pull and twist it harder than he had ever done before and it was making me crazy. He was thrusting into me like jackhammer now and we were both on our way to jarring orgasms. I couldn’t even try to be quiet even if I wanted to. As I went over the top, I grabbed the hand on my nipple and pulled it harder, it was pain and pleasure at the same time and the waves crashed over me, I slammed back into him as I felt him coming into me. It was wild! As I calmed down, Bob still was rubbing my breasts and still in me, finally losing his erection, I moved my legs to relieve a cramp and accidentally banged into Matty.

I heard him wake up and mummer something. Bob’s voice groggy with sleep in front of me, asked why I had woken him up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32