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Close Up

All characters are over 18 years.


“Primitive camping?” Tara Stevens exclaimed. “Dad, are you serious?”

“Yes, dear, trust me, you’ll end up loving it,” Don, her father, replied. He had planned a camping trip away from the hassles of the big cities.

“We will sleep in tents and cook in the great outdoors,” Tara’s mother, Didi explained.

“Come on Sis, it won’t be so bad,” her brother Tim added. “It will be different and could be alot of fun.”

“The only hangup that I can see is that you two will have to share a tent,” Don said, looking at his two kids. “But, you’re both old enough to make that work, I’m sure.”

“Oh great,” Tara sighed as she sunk down into her chair. She was resigned to the fact that her vacation would be in the wilderness instead of a crowded sandy beach.

As if reading her mind, her mother said, “They do have a large wonderful lake for swimming.”

“Oh, yeah and to complete the primitive experience, the showers and restrooms are all shared by the campers,” Don said, smiling.

Tara slumped even further in her chair, causing her young breasts to stand out proud on her chest. Her brother Tim, was a year older than her and would be starting his first year in college. He looked at his sister and admired her firm boobs. She had gotten his notice lately as she was a beautiful and popular high school senior. Her blonde hair and blue eyes had most of the boys in her school popping boners. Her young, tight ass was just one of her gorgeous assets, so to speak.

Tara did not have any trouble getting dates and she usually had sex every weekend with some lucky boy and maybe even snuck in a few during the week. She went to her bedroom wondering how she was going to go for two weeks without sex, let alone being stuck out in the wild. She flopped down on her bed and wondered what her brother was going to do, going that long without sex. That will be hard on him too, she thought.

Tim had his share of girls too and he was getting laid on regular basis. He had a strong build, with blonde hair as well. He had a great smile that charmed most girls. He was concerned too and his thoughts began to wander to his pretty sister. He had to admit that she did creep into his fantasies every now and then. He figured he was human and he couldn’t help it if he lived with a sexy girl.

Tara was still laying on her bed thinking about her brother when she slid a hand down into her shorts. Her hand slid over her shaved pussy mound and into her wet slit. She loved using her thumb to rub her large clit while sliding two fingers into her pussy. She brought her self to an orgasm as she thought of ways to tease the hell out of her brother. If I can’t have any sex, at least I can have fun teasing Tim, she thought.


With their big SUV loaded, Don steered the big rig out on to the highway for the four hour trip to the campground. His wife, Didi, sat up front with the kids in the backseat. Tara was ready to begin teasing Tim and she wore loose short without any panties. As they headed down the road, she leaned back to rest and put her feet onto Tim’s lap. Tim was just about to complain when he looked down and saw that her shorts had slid up her leg and she was very close to being exposed.

Tara placed her feet illegal bahis in his lap and laid back to rest. Tim tried to look out the window but his eyes kept looking down at his sisters legs and up to her crotch. Tara knew she was close to showing Tim her pussy and she felt her shorts slide up on her. She wiggled every now and then until she could feel cool air on her bare pussy. Tim almost gasped out loud when part of his sisters pussy became visible to him. He quickly looked up front to see if his parents were watching. Luckily, they were engrossed in the road and several maps. Tara peeked through her eyelids and saw Tim squirming. She had to suppress a smile as she was having fun.

Tim’s cock had grown hard looking at the bare pussy in front of him. He was amazed to find it totally hairless. He so much wanted to reach over and touch it but he knew that would be wrong. He laid a hand on her leg and felt the smooth skin. He lightly began to rub her leg for her and she just moaned her approval. He kept looking toward her face to see if she was teasing him. Maybe she’s just sleeping, he thought, and this is just my lucky day and I get to see a beautiful eighteen year old bald pussy. I’ve never been this lucky before, he sighed, as he adjusted his rock hard cock. He had worn shorts as well and his cock was growing toward the opening along his leg.

Tara knew she was getting to her brother but she decided to take it up a notch.

“This arm rest is very uncomfortable. Big bro, do you mind if I laid my head on your lap?” Tara asked, innocently.

By this time, Tim was not thinking real clear and just nodded his head. Tara swung around and laid her head on his legs and stretched out on the seat. At least I won’t have to stare at her sweet pussy, Tim thought. His cock was still rock hard but he figured this way he would be able to settle it down. That is until Tara rolled to her side. She rolled toward Tim and her face was facing his crotch. Tim was looking out the window when he felt hot air on his crotch. He looked down and his sister had rolled over and her mouth was just a few inches from where his cock was poking out the end of his shorts. He could just barely see the head of his cock and it looked like she was sleeping, at least her eyes appeared to be closed.

Tim again looked at his parents and they were still oblivious to the backseat. He closed his eyes and he could feel his sisters hot breath on his thigh. He knew his cock was getting real close to where she was breathing and he could feel the heat. His cock was beginning to throb as he felt the heat every time she exhaled. His sister had a content happy look on her face as she laid there. He still wasn’t sure if he was being teased or if he was getting lucky.

Tim laid a hand on her side and gently stroked her side as she peacefully rested on his lap. He tried to think of other things as a way of letting up the pressure on his cock. He was so hard that it was beginning to hurt. Tara’s breath was hitting him right on the head of his cock now. His cock poked out right at the end of his shorts and he was afraid she would be upset if she woke up and saw it.

Tim asked his mom to pass back some brochures of the campground. He figured he could use them to shield their view of his sisters head in case illegal bahis siteleri they looked to the back. As she handed them to him, Tim leaned forward to take them and he felt Tara’s head move slightly. As he leaned back, he looked down and was shocked even more. Tara’s mouth was now just an inch from his cock and her breath was blowing right on his throbbing dick. He unfolded the brochures and acted as if he was reading them but all he could think of was his cock. He could see the end of it was purple and so hard that it hurt.

He didn’t want to wake his sister but he had to do something. He slowly reached his hand down and gave his cock a quick squeeze in an effort to lessen the pressure. He suddenly felt the gush of warm liquid squirt from his cock and laid on his leg, dripping from the end of his cock. Oh shit, now what do I do, he thought. His mind was racing as his cock still hurt and he was afraid Tara would be mad if she opened her eyes and saw him. He laid his head back and tried to put his mind on something else. Everytime he thought he was doing ok, Tara would exhale stronger and blow more hot air on to his cock.

This has to be a coincidence, he thought. Surely Tara would not be doing this on purpose. I must be a pervert thinking of my sister this way, Tim thought. However, his dick would not let him think of anything else. His entire focus was the hot air blowing on his cock. His dick was leaking on to his leg and he couldn’t do anything about it. But, he thought, what if she was teasing me. What if she is trying to get me worked up. Whichever way is true, he thought, it was working as his dick now hurt more than he could ever remember. He had never been so hard or horny as he was now.

Tara knew exactly what she was doing. She kept peeking through her eyelids to see how he was doing. At first she was shocked to be face to face with his cock. She almost burst out laughing just thinking of the spot her brother was in. She used his movement to edge closer to his cock and aimed her breath right at his cock. Her pussy was wet just thinking of how hot she was making Tim. She could see his cock dripping and she loved that she caused that.

“Ok, let’s pull off here and take a bathroom break,” Don announced. He steered the truck into a gas station.

Tim gently shook Tara to wake her. He had the brochures around her head and Tara, acting sleepily, began to rise up. In one motion, she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his bared cock. She quickly tasted his juices as she sat up. Acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary, she asked what they were doing.

“We’re taking a bathroom break and stretching our legs,” Didi explained as Don parked the truck. Tim, completely in shock at feeling his sister’s lips touch his cock, had covered up and wanted to hurry to the bathroom. He ran ahead and as soon as he was in the stall, he pulled his cock out and began to cum with long ropes of white cum shooting from his dick. His body shook as he released his built up pressure. Tara had done a job on him and he needed to cum hard.

Tara smiled as she saw Tim bolt toward the bathroom. She was worked up as well and when she got into her bathroom she rubbed her bare pussy. Her fingers slid easily up and down her wet slit and she caressed her canlı bahis siteleri clit. The hard knob stuck out and it begged for a massage and she stroked it over and over. She kept up the stroking until she came on her fingers.

Back on the road, Tim decided to see if he could turn the tables on his sister.

“My turn to rest?” Tim asked Tara.

“Oh, I guess so,” Tara sighed, laughing. Tim laid his head down on her legs just as she had. He rolled onto his side and faced her, just like she did to him. He wrapped an arm around the back of her tight little ass and rested his hand on her far hip. Temporarily satisfied, he did want to rest and closed his eyes as he rested his head.

Tara, feeling his hand and arm around her butt, wanted to keep teasing him. Poor Tim, he doesn’t stand a chance in this game, she thought. Her pussy was covered but Tim was exhaling right into her crotch, like she did. Even though she was getting horny by this, she knew how to make it worse on him. She reached over and picked up the brochures. As she did this, she allowed one hand to reach down and pulled the leg of her shorts way over to the side, exposing her naked pussy. She held the brochures up and around his head so her parents’ couldn’t see what was going on.

Tim, feeling the brochures covering his head, opened his eyes. He was staring right into his eighteen year old sister’s bare naked pussy. His cock went stone hard in a second. He could not believe he was within two inches of a beautiful, bald pussy. She is definitely doing this on purpose, he thought. And, if she is, he thought, I’m going to enjoy this. He exhaled right on her wet lips.

Tim leaned in a little closer and made sure that his hot breath was blowing right on her pussy. He could clearly see her pussy lips and they looked red and swollen. He figured she was getting hot too. He could feel that his head was covered with the maps so he decided to see how far she would go. Extending his tongue, he lightly touched her pussy lips. With his hand wrapped around her ass, he could feel her tighten up as he lightly licked her skin.

Tara shifted slightly in her seat and opened her legs a little more. Tim took the opening and licked into her wet pussy, tasting her. He almost laughed when he wondered what his parents would think if they knew he was licking his sisters pussy while they were driving the car. He soon forgot about them when he reached her clit and began to lick her harder.

Tara looked down and could see Tim’s hard cock poking out in his shorts. With a look toward her parents to make sure they were busy, she slowly reached over and lightly gripped the head of his cock. Tim jumped as she gently pulled on his cock. He went back to licking her and tried to suck her pussy lips into his mouth. The most he could get was running his tongue over her clit.

Tara felt like she was going to cum and gently pulled his head closer to her clit. Once Tim latched onto the hard knob, she leaned back and stifled a moan. She started cumming and her brother kept kissing and licking her wet pussy. Tim tried to lick her quietly and he could feel her butt tighten as she came. He smiled as he lapped at her hot sticky juices. This, he thought, was fun.

As Tara came down from her cum, she realized that she still had her brothers cock in her hand. She began to pull harder on it, trying to make him cum too. Tim, not wanting to cum in his shorts, reached down and slowed her hand. He knew there would be more to this as the trip was just getting started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32