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I was in need of some relief. I had broken up with my last girlfriend, we had fun, but she wanted a family; I was not ready for that, so we split up. It was not friendly. But we did have enough together to still not make it into too big of a thing.

I was in my last semester of a BA in Sociology. My problem lay in the fact that since the campus was small, and my Ex was held in very high respect. Every girl on campus believed I was the devil himself. I couldn’t blame her, she was just being herself; it’s just that her opinion quickly became law.

But fuck, I still hadn’t had a woman in over a month. I had lost my fix and every girl who I saw was freaked by my presence. I knew it would eventually die down. But I was desperate for something.

I knew that the Grunge bar at the other end of the small town was the only place where I would stand a chance. For you see, the university students never went there. It was an Outlaw bar. The Outlaws are mean biker gang that ran the local drug trade. I needed some pussy, and I did not have a better choice.

I put on my leather pants, and a black t-shirt. I had been a biker during high school. But I had been part of a rival gang. So I was shit out of luck here. I came to this little town for the university. It was the only one around. It was in rival turf. But what choice did I have.

I knew if they ever found out I was a Wheeler they’d likely try killing me. But I had been out of the scene for four years and hoped that my rep had died down, or faded. I had been an enforcer for the Wheeler, A well known and respected one at that.

I was not really worried; I knew I could take just about anything they could dish out. The only thing I was mildly concerned about was not being able to stay in the town. I did want to get my BA; Fuck, I had worked hard for it. It would have really pissed me off to have to leave right before I finished the course. I still was desperate and took the risk.

The place was called the Rusted Nail. It was a dive, but I felt right at home. I entered the bar, I was confident. I got many a look, but nobody seemed to have recognised me. I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. I had barely had a chance to grab the bottle when I felt a tap on my shoulder. ‘Great, I knew from the strength of the tap that a large, probably pissed off man must be standing behind me.’

I slowly turned my face. A forty year old man with grey hair was standing behind me. He wasn’t happy. I said sternly: “What do you want, motherfucker?”

He roughly said: “That’s my seat asshole. Now fuck off.” He waved his finger towards the door.

I downed my beer, and then said: “Why the fuck should I care?”

He sneered: “Because that’s my old lady beside you.”

I looked to my left. The cutest little girl I had ever seen was sitting beside me. She looked too young to be allowed in here. She hardly looked sixteen. I looked at her and said: “Ain’t she a little young to be here?”

The girl smiled and said: “I am eighteen. I may not look it, but I am.” She gave me a little smile. I smiled back. The old guy noticed this and grabbed me by the collar.

He yelled right in my face: “Hey fucker that’s my bitch you’re eying!”

I looked at him. My eyes filled with anger and I said softly: “If you want to be able to use that hand again this year, you will remove it from its current location.”

He laughed at me and pulled back his other fist. He pulled on my shirt as he put all his strength behind his fist and tried to punch me in the face. I moved my right hand to intercept his fist. He connected to my open hand, mere inches from my face. I did not recoil. His face filled with doubt. I squeezed on his fists.

His face contorted with pain. He released my shirt and sent his other flying at me. I caught it also. I squeezed it. A loud crack could be heard. He fell to his knees. A second cracking sound was heard. He started to bleed from his left hand. Everybody in the bar looked towards us. I released his hands. He fell to the floor, cradling his left hand.

The young girl beside me said: “What the hell just happened?”

Everybody in the bar was still looking at me. I replied nonchalantly: “I just broke his knuckles, I warned him.” The bar grew silent.

The little girl beside me said: “Hum, this may come as a shock to you, but you just broke Snake’s hand. And since he was defending his rights to me, you just won a challenge against the leader of our gang.”

I rolled my eyes, and thought: ‘Oh great, I just fucked up the main man; and in a challenge none the less. Just perfect, not at all what I wanted to do on this Friday night.’

The girl beside said in a soft voice: “I am Candy, I am now yours. And you have just become our leader.” I smiled and thought. Well it could be worse.

Four big, angry guys moved towards me. The biggest one said: “We are Snake’s champions. If you want to live you will fight us. Should you win, you can be the boss.”

Great fucking shit. Here I am trying to get illegal bahis laid, and I just picked a fight with four Outlaw enforcers. I got up and said: “You ugly assholes want me to kick your ass in here or outside?”

Everybody in the bar except Candy started to laugh. I looked at her. I saw it in her eyes. She knew what I was. She smiled at me as everybody else laughed and softly whispered: “I want to fuck you after you fuck them up.” Then she winked at me.

Now that sounds like a plan. I looked at the four idiots and thought. ‘Oh well, I need the practice anyway.’ I grabbed two closest by their shirts. They stopped laughing. I picked them both up. My muscle now flexed, the crowd stopped laughing. I threw the two men I was holding backwards, clipping the other two; they flew back towards the door. All four men were now lying on the ground by the door leading outside.

The crowd went silent. I removed my loose fitting leather jacket. My muscular arms now fully exposed, the four men’s faces filled with fear. I lunged forwards. My shoulders lodged themselves into the two guys closest to me. I felt their rib cages crack against me. The two guys collapsed to the floor as I landed on my hands in a position like a push up.

I extended my arms quickly, flying upwards, I landed on my feet. The two remaining men were now frozen with fear. I swung my arms forwards, my fist landing on their shoulders. The sound of more bones breaking resonated in my ears. The two collapsed to the ground, each with a broken shoulder. The crowd was frozen, and completely quiet.

Only the sounds of the four moaning men could be heard. Then I heard a single pair of small hands clapping softly. I turned back to see it was Candy clapping. I walked back to her. The crowd moved to their fallen comrades. Candy placed a kiss on my lips. I smiled and said softly while picking up my jacket: “Your place or mine?”

She smiled and replied: “I am yours, so yours is good, besides I don’t really have a place. I live with the man who owns me.”

I hugged her close and headed out of the bar with her. As I cleared the door I said: “Clean these pieces of shit off the floor, we will be back tomorrow.” We got on my Harley and headed to my place. I was happy that I had chosen to live off campus.

We arrived at my apartment. My girlfriend had talked me into getting a small loft. It was fairly roomy. But it was basically one room, split into two floors, no walls and a bathroom, the only door in the place.

Candy looked around and said: “Nice place. By the way what is your name?”

I replied without thinking: “My name is Vinny the crusher.”

Her face filled with fear as she said: “You’re a Wheeler enforcer.”

I knew I had fucked up. I said: “I was a Wheeler enforcer. I ain’t been a Wheeler in four years.”

Candy looked at me and said: “Why did you just take over the local Outlaws?”

I replied casually: “Well, I did not want to. Frankly I was just looking for a little action.”

Candy laughed: “Figures. So what are you going to do with me?”

I looked at her and softly said: “I am not really into rape. I would like to make love to you, but I ain’t going to force you to.”

Candy smiled: “Now there’s a surprise. Snake got me as payment for drugs from that motherfucker who I called dad. He raped me on my eighteenth birthday. And he’s been letting all his buddies use me ever since. Fucking bastard even sodomized me. I shit blood for a week. I gotta say I won’t miss him.”

I looked at her with tenderness and said: “I am sorry to hear that. If you want I will sleep on the couch and you can use the bed.” I figured: ‘I can live without fucking for another day. She doesn’t need me to take advantage of her too.’

Candy walked to me and hugged me close. Tears filled her eyes as she whispered into my ear: “Please hold me.” I held her close as she started to sob into my shoulder. She cried her heart out for almost an hour. I just held her softly.

When she was done, she softly whispered into my ear: “Thank you.” She looked at me with pleading eyes: “I am not used to being alone, can we sleep in the same bed?”

I whispered back: “Sure, but nothing is expected, actually, I won’t permit anything to happen.” Candy had been wearing a small jacket and shed it. I removed my jacket and pants, leaving me in a black t-shirt and pair of black boxers with a skull and crossbones motif. I know kinda corny, but I liked them.

Candy saw them, and said smiling: “Nice boxers.” I did not know if she teasing me, but I let it slide. I lay down on my side; she snuggled up to me and asked that I hold her. So I held her close; she had her arms in front of her, and placed her face against my chest.

She fell asleep wrapped in my arms. I spent most of the night thinking, trying to figure out what I could do to help her. I did eventually doze off. I woke up to find that Candy was still sleeping in my arms. It was Saturday, so at least I did not have to go to any classes. I just held illegal bahis siteleri her close, waiting for her to wake.

Candy woke softly. She looked around and tensed up for a second. However as soon as she remembered where she was, she relaxed. I softly said: “What is it Candy?”

She turned to face me and with a tear in her eye said: “I am just not used to waking up with someone gentle beside me. For the four months I have been with Snake, I always get woken by a man penetrating me painfully.” She sobbed into my shoulder as she said: “The damn bastards don’t even wait for me to get wet.”

I held her close, trying to comfort her. I said softly as I stroked her hair: “I will take you away from here; you can start a new life somewhere else.”

Candy softly sobbed as she said: “I have no family, except that bastard. No friends other than the bikers. I don’t even think I could make it alone anymore.” She was sobbing uncontrollably into my shoulder. I stroked her soft hair for twenty minutes while she sobbed softly.

Candy finally looked up at me, her eyes red and puffy. She looked so sad. It broke my heart. I said in a concerned tone: “Is there anything I can do to help you then?”

She thought for a few seconds then said: “I was not mistreated before Snake bought me. And since I am the property of the new leader. As long as you remain my owner, you get to choose who plays with me.” Her eyes filled with softness.

I groaned and replied: “I was trying to stop being a biker, I would love to protect you, but I don’t want to be the leader of a bunch of drug dealers.”

Candy had a puzzled look, and then said: “What are talking about? We lost the drug trade almost a year ago. The Columbians got the University’s security force to take it over.”

I looked at her in surprise and said: “You have to be kidding me.”

She replied: “If you don’t believe me check it out. I am certain you’ll see I am right. Fuck even the local pigs are on the payroll.”

I thought: ‘Great, I had to pick a town where the bikers were clean.’ I looked at Candy and said: “I will have to check this out, but if you’re right. I will gladly lead the Outlaws.”

She smiled and kissed me firmly on my lips. I enjoyed the tender feel of her lips. I unconsciously started to caress her back with my left hand. Candy noticed and said in a playful tone: “Are you trying to take advantage of me?”

I realized what I was doing and stopped. She looked hurt. I said: “You can’t tell me you want me to keep going after all the shit you been through.”

She smiled and said: “Well, there’s the issue, all the fucking I have been subjected to has made me into a sex addict. I can’t help but get wet whenever a man pays any attention to me. Not a very good feeling when you’re about to be raped, but it has reduced the pain I feel. I think it’s a defensive mechanism by my body.”

I kissed her softly and said: “I am horny as hell, but I want you to know, I will not just fuck anybody. I have my honour, I have to feel something. Well at least to keep doing it.”

Candy smiled and said: “To keep doing it. So you will fuck before falling in love.”

I replied: “I am easily aroused myself. Fuck I really need to jerk off or fuck at least four times a day to be happy.” She smiled. “I have been in a hell of a dry spell.”

She smiled and said: “Sounds like you want this as bad as me.”

I groaned and said: “Stop fucking teasing me. I maybe strong, but I am only human.”

She smiled and said: “I’ve seen you fight, you do not fight like any man I have ever met before.” She ran her hand softly over my face. “Mind you, I am curious to see how you fuck.” She smiled as she said: “I would love for us to be together.”

I replied: “Nice, I will be gentle. And if you want me to stop, just say it.” She just moved closer, smiling.

I kissed her firmly. Our lips parted, her tongue moved to my mouth. I moved my hands to her ass, kneading her soft flesh. She moved her hands to my waist and lifted my t-shirt. I lifted my arms and finished removing it. She stroked my muscular arms, revelling in their size. I was easily three times her size.

She was small and svelte. I towered over her. I was twice as wide as her. I am in great shape, but I am massive, I have been described as being built like a brick wall. Mind you, I love smaller women; I guess it was my desire to protect the weak. I never really understood it, but I loved tiny women, and they loved me too. I am gentle and tender. It always surprises them when we first start fucking. They always seem worried. But by the end most of them tell me, they wished their previous lovers would have been so gentle.

I removed her top; she was not wearing a bra. I softly stroked her nipples. She moved her hands to my chest. She stroked my pecs. Her face was filled with wonder as she said: “You are really huge.” She smiled remembering yesterday and said: “I can remember seeing you crush Snake’s boys; you are one tough motherfucker.”

I canlı bahis siteleri smiled and gently stroked her breast, tenderly tweaking her nipples. She moaned softly: “But fuck you have such a gentle touch.” Her head tilted back as I continued to explore her beautiful body.

I moved my mouth to her left nipple and softly sucked it into my mouth. She laid back, my mouth following her. I slowly moved my hand to her shorts. I undid them; she lifted her ass ever so slightly and permitted me to remove them from her body. She was now only wearing a tiny g-string. I looked down; I could not see any hair. I moved the little bit of material over ever slightly, exposing her pussy. I did not see any stubble either. I looked at her softly and said: “Do you shave?”

She replied softly: “No, it runs in my family, none of us women have much bush. In fact my mother only had some during her pregnancy with me.”

She looked too young, I did not want to hurt her feelings, but I had to know. “Please don’t feel insulted, but are you really eighteen?”

She smiled, giggled then said: “Been eighteen for four months now.”

I looked at her and said softly: “You really don’t look it.”

She smiled and said teasingly in childish voice: “I thought all men wanted their women to look young.” She giggled as she smiled.

I laughed and said: “Maybe, but I do not want to feel like I am robbing the crib either.”

Candy’s hand reached to my cheek. As she softly stroked it she said: “I ain’t no fucking virgin here. I have been used like a blow-up doll for four months.”

I placed my hand softly on her cheek. “I promise to never let that happen again.” She smiled. I looked at her tender body and said: “I think I will have to go and punish Snake a little more for his actions.”

Candy smiled, and then said: “Fuck me first. Then we can go and punish the bastard.”

I moved my hand to her hips. I slowly moved down and brought my mouth to her exposed lips. I inhaled her gentle feminine odour. She smelled so sweet. I moved my tongue to her and starting lapping at her exposed flesh.

Candy moaned loudly as I moved my tongue into her dripping pussy. She came quickly as my experienced tongue explored her folds and teased her clit. She tasted great. A welcome feeling, I had missed the unique taste of an aroused woman. After she came, I got up and dropped my boxers. I never thought myself big. But she looked at my engorged cock with awe.

She gasped and said: “That thing is fucking huge.”

I looked at myself, and then said: “You’re kidding me, it’s only 10 inches.”

She looked at me incredulously and said: “The longest cock in the outlaws here in only 8 inches long.”

I said: “You have to be kidding me. The wheelers held a biggest dick contest a few years ago. The local group I was a part of sent three guys to the contest. I was too short. The top guy was 15 inches, and the other two were 12 a piece. I think the winner was like 18 inches long.”

Candy’s eyes filled with surprise as she said: “Well you are now the longest one in the Outlaws of this city. I have done almost all of them, so I should know.” As she finished saying that, she moved to my cock and started to give me a blowjob. She was only able to get half my penis in her mouth, but she was trying to get more into her.

I let her try for a little while, and then said: “You are not going to swallow me this time. Maybe if you work at it you will be able.” She looked at me a little disappointed. I continued: “Let’s see how much of me you can fit in your pussy.”

She smiled, seeing a new challenge and let go of my cock. She lay back on the bed. I moved closer to her and moved my engorged head to her opening. As she felt my head touching her opening she shivered. I slowly moved myself forwards. Her lips parted as I started entering her body.

She was getting tighter with every millimetre I moved into her. I was a little scared; I did not want to hurt her. She looked at me lovingly and said: “Be gentle as you enter, but keep going.”

I eased myself into her. Her passage constricted more as I moved in. I could feel her flesh stretching slowly. I was going to be in her, but it would take time. Her face filled with ever increasing lust as I entered her. My head popped into her. She looked at and said: “Be gentle, but I want you all the way into me.”

I kept moving in slowly, thank god she was dripping wet. It took a long while, but eventually I felt my cock bottom out against her cervix. I filled her body completely, yet I still did not have all of my cock in her. But I wasn’t far from it. I decided let her body adjust to me; slowly she relaxed, smiling the whole time. She rubbed her hand on my face and said: “That feels so fucking good.”

I softly replied: “You feel pretty fucking good yourself.” She smiled.

I began to move out of her slowly, feeling her resistance giving; I began to piston myself into her at an ever increasing tempo. Candy was smiling lustfully, Sweat rolling from my body, dripped onto her soft skin. I continued my relentless pace. Candy’s pussy began squeezing my cock harder as she came. I looked at her face, she looked completely blissful. I could actually see joy, not just lust but joy in her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32