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Stacy had always struggled with English class when she was in high school. Now she was stuck taking English 110 with Mr. Hanes at the community college. He was rumored to be the toughest English professor on campus with high expectations of his students. No matter what, she was determined to leave his class with high scores (or at least a passing grade).

“Excuses won’t cut it,” Mr. Hanes said on the first day of class. “If your work is not in on time, barring you being in a hospital or dead, I will mark it as ‘incomplete’.”

Here they were into the second week of class and Stacy still had no idea what she needed to be doing. The syllabus listed all sorts of timelines for when work was to be submitted. She didn’t struggle with the timelines at all. It was “what” she was supposed to be doing that she struggled with. This was a writing class, and she had no idea what kind of topics to be researching.

Shrugging off her fears, she approached Mr. Hanes for some help. She was amazed to find he was not as difficult as rumored and was more than happy to assist her. He looked over his calendar and scheduled time for her later that evening after his last class.

“How old are you, Stacy?” Mr. Hanes asked when she arrived later.

“I’m 18, Mr. Hanes…” she said smiling, “actually just turned 18 in August.”

“So this is your first semester here, then?” he asked.

“Yes, sir, it is. I just graduated last spring.” She quickly replied.

“Ok, well, Stacy…” he began, “there is nothing wrong with seeking help. It is better that you come for help, than try to figure it all out on your own. Now, what exactly are you struggling with?”

That is how it began. Stacy would stop by his class twice a week for a small tutoring session after his last class of the evening. Over the next month and a half her writing skills did nothing but flourish as Mr. Hanes taught her everything he knew about writing. She absorbed everything he had to teach her, and each session she grew more confident in her abilities.

By the time the mid-term arrived the sessions with him had gone from 30 minutes a day, to an hour a day and finally to close to 2 hours. Although each session began discussing English, their time together was no longer just about English and her writing skills. She learned more about him and he learned more about her.

Mr. Hanes was easily twice her age, married and the father of two teenage twin girls. But she never felt closer to another person in her life. She talked about her goals, her aspirations and her dreams. He listened unlike anyone before, and she grew closer and closer to him.

“What is your final paper going to be about?” he asked her as the semester progressed.

“First time experiences in college.” She replied confidently.

“Oh? Interesting, any specific experiences in mind?” he asked patiently.

“Yes…” she said and blushed slightly when she realized they were standing closer together than usual. She could smell his cologne radiating from his skin, bostancı escort and felt drawn to his masculine demeanor unlike any other time.

“Mr. Hanes…” she said softly.

“Yes, Stacy…” he said just as softly.

“Kiss me… please…” she whispered.

The gap between them closed almost instantly as he pulled her into his arms. He gently tilted her head up and placed his lips against hers. Their lips pressed together and tongues intertwined as he explored her young mouth with his tongue.

She felt his strong hands grip her ass as he pulled her against his body. His hard cock pressing against her felt wonderful and she wondered (not for the first time) what it was like. She had never seen a man’s erect cock in person before, let alone felt one pressed so closely against her.

They kissed for what seemed to her to be an eternity. It was a hot, passionate kiss that she never wanted to end. His hands traveled over her body exploring her soft curves over her clothes, while his tongue explored her mouth and the soft spots on her neck.

When his hand went to her sweatshirt, she didn’t even fight him. She wanted this as much as he did, if not more. His strong hands slid over her stomach, pushing her sweat shirt up until her black bra was revealed to his gazing eyes.

He caressed her soft breasts over her bra tickling her nipples and making them grow stiff from the stimulation. She moaned softly as he pinched her nipples through the fabric and pulled on them. Until now she was the only one that had ever done that and it felt so much different when he did it.

She leaned back slightly as he pushed her bra to the side, exposing her tit and hard nipples. His finger traced over her nipple sending sparks like lightning over her body. The feeling was intense as he slowly circled her hard nipples with his finger. She thought she was going to faint, when he bent over to pull them into his mouth.

He suckled on her nipples, teasing them with his lips, tongue and teeth. She took his hand in hers and pushed it down her body, guiding it into the waist band of her sweatpants. He didn’t need any other encouragement, as his hand slipped into her pants and panties.

She sucked in a sharp intake of air when she felt his fingers slide over her pubic mound and down between her legs. When his fingers found her pussy lips she began to openly moan and started grinding herself on his strong hand. His fingers felt so good against her sex and she bit down hard on her lip as the first digit slipped into her wet opening.

Stacy felt his tongue and lips against her hard nipples while his fingers slowly, gently explored her young pussy. This was a round of firsts that she definitely hadn’t expected, but was in no rush to see it end. It didn’t take long for her juices to begin flowing openly over his probing fingers. Her breathing was becoming more labored as a sensation she was not familiar with sprang up in her loins.

When his fingers found her stiff little nub, it was ümraniye escort bayan as if a flood gate were opened. She moaned loudly and buried her head in his neck as wave upon wave of pleasure exploded over her body. He continued stroking her sensitive clitoris and sucking on her nipples while she whimpered from the intense pleasure.

As it began to pass, she felt a growing hunger for him. Her hands found his pants and she fumbled with his belt buckle in a rush. She growled in frustration when she couldn’t get his pants undone and he pulled his fingers free from her pussy long enough to help her.

Mr. Hanes pushed his pants and underwear to the floor. For the first time, Stacy was confronted with a large erect cock. A look of fear crossed her face as she wondered how it would ever fit in her. Her hand slid down and she tentatively took his cock in her soft hands.

“Yes…” she heard him sigh, “that’s it…”

Stacy traced her finger over his thick cockhead, and stroked him lightly as her hands explored his hard shaft and hairy balls. She nearly pulled back when she felt wetness begin oozing from the tip of his cock, but decided it must be normal.

Wanting a closer look, she slid down his body. It was a wonderful work of art, so hard, yet so soft at the same time. She continued stroking him lightly, loving the sound of his soft moans and sighs. As more fluid began to seep from his cockhead, she stuck her tongue out and tentatively licked it. The taste was unusual, more salty than sweet and definitely alluring.

“Yes, Stacy, lick me…” he began to moan.

Stacy remembered what she heard girlfriends say about men and what they liked. She parted her lips and pulled his cockhead into her young mouth. She continued to lick him as she pulled him deeper into her mouth. When it slipped to far in, she began to gag a bit, but quickly adjusted to allow him to slow fuck her mouth, when she realized that he liked that the most.

He slowly rocked his hips back and forth, holding onto her head. She savored the feeling of his hard shaft sliding between her lips. The fluid was now leaking even more from the tip of his cock and coating her tongue. “If this is what cum tastes like it isn’t as bad as I thought.” She thought, smiling around his hard cock.

“That’s it… Stacy…” he moaned “Suck my cock.”

She bobbed her head back and forth faster. He flinched and jumped when her teeth grazed his cockhead accidentally a few times. She quickly found the rhythm, sucking on his cock while stroking him hard and fast.

Mr. Hanes moaned loudly and his cock began to swell between her lips. When she slid down his shaft pulling him deep into her mouth, she heard a loud yell. That was the only warning she received as his cockhead exploded in her mouth. Jets of fluid shot into her mouth and down her throat.

Out of pure reflex, she began to gag as his thick fluid rushed down her throat. But she quickly began swallowing, taking all of his cum into her mouth and down his kartal escort throat. He filled her mouth completely, with drops of cum seeping out of the side of her lips around his shaft.

“Holy shit!” he cried, “Damn girl! Swallow it all…”

She did as he asked, swallowing every bit of cum that spurt into her young mouth. As the pulsating cock began to subside in her mouth, she pulled her head back and watched as it twitched before her eyes. She continued stroking his semi-erect cock, licking the head with just the tip of her tongue until it once again felt hard in her soft hands.

He pulled her to her feet roughly as his hands found her waist. He turned her around and bent her over his desk. She nearly jumped when his hands grabbed her pants and panties. With one quick pull, he had them down around her knees.

She just stayed there, her bare ass and puffy pussy lips exposed to him. Suddenly he was behind her, his thick cockhead pressed against her pussy lips. Before she could say anything, he pressed his cockhead between her pussy lips and penetrated her moist canal.

Stacy felt his cock sliding into her, and she moaned loudly as her pussy lips stretched and accepted his girth. Tears sprang up in her eyes as she felt a tearing in her pussy, and then a sharp pain as he broke through her inner barrier. He continued to push into her, completely unaware of her discomfort.

She felt stretched and completely full as he completely entered her. His hairy balls pressed against her body and she could have sworn that she felt his cockhead pressing against her insides. She moaned loudly as he began thrusting slowly in and out of her.

Soon the initial pain began to subside and the more he thrust, the more pleasurable it became. Before long he was thrusting hard and fast into her tight pussy. All she could hear was him saying over and over how tight and good she felt around his cock.

Once again she began to feel that special heat forming in her loins and the desire to find that release quickly overcame her senses. She began thrusting back hard to meet his forward thrusts. Her breasts swayed, her overly sensitive nipples tickled by the lace bra brushing against them. The feeling was the most intense she had ever felt.

She began to moan loudly, thrashing her head back and forth while he pummeled her young pussy with his hard shaft. He began behaving erratically, thrusting hard, then slowing and repeating the pattern. As he began thrusting hard again, she felt that barrier within break as she began to orgasm around his hard shaft.

Mr. Hanes moaned loudly as her young pussy gripped him tightly. It sent him over the edge and he pulled out of her tight confines and began spraying her ass with his hot cum. She must have looked like a wanton slut, but she didn’t mind.

When their mutual orgasms subsided, he wiped her ass off with some tissue. Afterwards he cleaned himself off and quickly pulled his pants up. She righted her clothing and kissed him briefly on the lips. Then picking up her book bag, she made her way to the classroom door.

As he hand hit the door she heard him say in a worried tone, “Uh… Stacy… you aren’t planning on writing about this are you?”

She just looked over her shoulder, smiled and pushed through the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32