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Part 19

When Toni arrived home, she ran to the elevator and quickly went up to her apartment. She could not wait to get to her bedroom and her stash of toys and videos to release the sexual energy she was feeling. She thought of calling Antonio, but thought better of it, knowing he was unavailable tonight due to a family thing he was attending. She didn’t want to pull him away from his family gathering just to have sex with her.

So she went to her bedroom and undressed, tossing her lingerie on the dresser and kicking her boots off by the bed. She opened her drawer where she kept her videos and put in one of her favorites, ‘Club 69’ then fast forwarded through it to her favorite scene, one with a black-haired, large-breasted woman taking on 2 well-hung & golden-tanned studs, one blonde, the other black-haired, both of whom had cocks over 9 inches long. She opened the night stand drawer and pulled out her 9 inch long pink dildo and her 7 inch long blue bunny vibrator along with a bottle of plain K-Y lubricant.

She started the video after lubing both toys then slid the pink one into her hot wet pussy and the blue one slowly into her ass, imagining it as Antonio’s rock hard love shaft. She flicked on the button of the blue vibe to the low setting as she fucked herself good with the pink one, coming quickly to her first orgasm as she watched the woman on the screen sucking on one hunky man’s cock while being eaten out by the other handsome stud as she stroked his cock with her hand.

Toni continued watching the video, her eyes glued to the screen. She didn’t even hear her phone ring because she was so engrossed in the video. She was fucking herself hard with both toys and soon climaxed again, this time causing herself to squirt some of her fluids out onto her bed. She almost passed out from the intensity of the orgasm, and as she lay there trying to catch her breath, she realized that anal sex was very good, especially when she had the right partner or toy for the job.

A few minutes later, she finally withdrew the two toys and laid them on the night stand by the K-Y lube, and pressed the stop button on her remote control. She slowly sat up so as not to get too dizzy and swung her legs over the side of her bed. She sat there for a moment before attempting to stand, knowing her legs would be a bit shaky. She stood, only slightly wobbly, and walked to the TV and removed the DVD, replacing it in its case and in the drawer. She went back and got her toys, taking them into the bathroom to clean them off in the sink. After that, she lay them on the counter and turned to start the water in her shower.

She stepped in under the warm spray of water and let it cascade over her heated skin. She washed her hair and face, removing all her dark make-up that she had worn that evening for her appointment with Darren. As she washed, she thought back to him, wondering if he had gotten his own release after she had left. She could almost imagine him still canlı bahis laying on the bed in the hotel room, her thong panties in his hand as he swiftly removed his pants and began urgently stroking his hard shaft. She imagined him doing that for a good five or ten minutes before finally releasing a huge load of cum into the crotch of the panties. She wondered if he cleaned them off before he put the panties in his suit pocket to take with him.

She didn’t really care but as she thought back, she knew he had enjoyed her for the short time she was there. She could tell by the intensity of his tongue licking her, and she got the payment in advance for it too, since Darren had paid for her services directly to the agency, $300 plus a $50 tip. She smiled and said out loud, “$350 for only a half hour, not too bad, girl!” her shower now complete, Toni turned off the water and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around her. She stepped out and wrapped another around her hair before grabbing her toys from the sink and going to the bedroom again.

She put the 2 toys back in the drawer with the lube, then dried off her wet body before sliding on her pink terrycloth robe and her black fuzzy slippers. She went to the kitchen and saw the light on her answering machine flashing so she pushed the ‘play messages’ button. She listened as she put on a kettle of water to heat for a mug of tea. The message was from the agency, notifying her of another appointment in 2 days. The information would arrive in the morning by currier as usual. Toni deleted the message and made her tea, then grabbed the fixings for a light dinner from the refrigerator.

She made herself a chef salad and a turkey sandwich from some leftovers she had in the fridge, then sat at the table to eat and sip her tea. She had nothing to do until she received the file from the agency in the morning, so when she finished eating, she popped some popcorn in the microwave and went to the sofa. She flipped on the TV and scanned the channels, looking for a program to watch. After a few minutes, she came across one of her favorite movies and settled in to watch it.

About an hour or so later, Toni looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was almost midnight, so she turned off the TV and went to the kitchen to take care of the dishes she would wash in the morning. She put the left-over popcorn into a brown paper lunch bag to take to the park for the birds and squirrels later in the week, then she went to bed, turning off the lights and locking her front door on her way to the bedroom. After brushing her teeth, she hung up her robe and kicked off her slippers, then slid between the cool sheets of her bed, falling to sleep almost immediately with a huge sigh.

Around 8 am the next morning, she awoke to the sound of her doorbell ringing. She quickly got out of bed and donned her robe, not bothering with her slippers. ‘It must be the currier from the agency.’ She thought to herself. And she was right. When she opened bahis siteleri the door, there stood Bobby, the message boy for the Escort agency. She gave him a bright smile and thanked him with a $5 tip after he gave her the yellow envelope containing the file on her next client. She said goodbye to him and closed the door, then took the file to the kitchen.

She laid it on the table then put on a pot of coffee to brew, and made herself breakfast of eggs, toast and some bacon. She sat down with her plate and coffee, and ate before looking at the file, even though she was extremely curious about who the client was and what they wanted from her. Once finished eating, Toni quickly washed, dried and put away the dishes except for her coffee mug. She poured another cup then removed the manila folder from the envelope.

Upon opening it, she was surprised to discover that it was 2 men who wanted her services at the same time. She read that they wanted to share a woman and were splitting the cost of her fee for a 3-some, which happened to be minimum $500 for an hour, and $100 for each half hour after that. Judging from the amount listed on the payment slip, they wanted her for 3 hours, which is costing them $900 plus the mandatory $50 tip. She smiled knowing she would get a good paycheck from this encounter.

She looked over the written descriptions of both men and their photos which were attached to the file. Joe, the dark-haired divorcee, muscular and athletic, 38 years old, 6’1″, 230 lbs, clean-shaven with dark brown hair and hazel eyes and an 8-inch cock who enjoyed everything about sex except for urination during sex. His fetish was listed as having his cock stroked by a woman’s feet as he sucked on her tits. She looked at his occupation to see that he was a construction company owner She said to herself, “I can do that, no problem.” She laid Joe’s info aside and picked up the other sheet about the other man.

His name was Bill and he was also a divorcee, 40 years of age, 5’9″, 175 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, goatee, 8-1/2 inch cock, and enjoyed mutual masturbation and massage, in addition to some light bondage. His profile said he enjoyed being blindfolded and restrained, and teased too. His fetishes listed anal stimulation and breast fucking as well as toe-sucking. Toni thought she would do well with this pair and called the agency to confirm the appointment for the following evening to meet the men at the Little Eagle Inn, in the neighboring town, at 8 pm sharp.

Part 20

Toni slept through the evening soundly. She dreamed of being fucked by the two men in her file. The idea of having two cocks pounding her made sleeping much easier. Waking up, however, was more difficult. She kept looking at the clock and hitting the snooze button.

At 10:30 am, she grabbed her robe by the bed and went into the bathroom. The cold tile floor woke her legs up a bit. She waited until warm water filled the tub before she hopped into the shower. The bahis şirketleri water felt good on her body, and the soft soap she rubbed on herself felt great. It made her tingle in all the right places. She vowed not to play with herself today to enjoy that evening more fully.

Feeling that she needed to start the day in earnest, Toni turned off the water and got dressed. She decided to have a good breakfast and make an appointment at the clinic. She wanted her body sexually charged for that evening’s festivities. It turned out that in the phone conversation she had with the clinic receptionist, that there was a client cancellation for early afternoon at 1:30 pm. Toni scheduled the appointment, feeling a bit nervous.

Toni dressed and drove over to the clinic for the appointment. The receptionist recognized her and asked her to fill out some mandatory paperwork for the visit. Toni handed back the forms and waited. Another woman she didn’t recognize called Toni’s name and asked her to follow her from the waiting lounge.

In the dressing room, Toni was asked to undress. She turned around and did that, sliding on the provided robe. The nurse returned a few moments later carrying a bottle of water and a paper cup. She handed it to Toni, who sat on the stool in the room. Toni drank all of the water in the cup, not knowing it contained a medicine to help her relax. The nurse started engaging Toni in small talk about the weather and other simple topics. It wasn’t long before Toni’s speech started to slur like she was drunk. She felt woozy from the medicated water.

The nurse helped Toni up onto the exam table and spread open her legs, placing her feet in the foot rests on either side of the table end. The nurse then wheeled out a machine on a small cart that had a twelve inch long dildo connected to the front of it. The nurse slid a lubricated condom on the device, then slowly moved it toward and into Toni’s waiting pussy and turned it on.

Toni moaned from the vibrations caused by the machine. In that condition, she was unaware that Antonio had entered the room. He removed more of the robe and began to massage and knead her breasts, manipulating her nipples until they were extremely sensitive buds on her full lush mounds. The nurse increased the speed of the machine as Antonio kissed and sucked more of her ample breasts. Toni started to orgasm and covered the condom with her juices. The increased speed of the toy brought Toni to the brink of a mind-shattering orgasm.

Slowly the nurse removed the toy from Toni’s pussy. Her lips were completely swollen, dripping wet from the sexual workout. Antonio slid down to feast at her wet snatch while the nurse rubbed Toni’s clit with a rubber toy that had soft ridges. “Ohhhh yessssss, mmmmmm!” Toni moaned. That sound was replaced with soft whimpers once Antonio used three fingers to massage her g-spot as he caressed her pussy lips with his tongue and lips.

Toni soon woke in a state of confusion, not sure where she was at first. She looked around and found a note folded on the bed beside her. It read, “To turn on two men at once, try new attire and change your appearance to become someone new.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32