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Big Ass

The walk to Becky’s room was no more than a minute or two, but by the time they got there, Zack was so turned on that he couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as they were through the door, Zack slammed it shut, pulled Becky to him, and passionately kissed her. Within five minutes his cock was down her throat, and within fifteen he was fucking her.

When her tall, handsome cousin had agreed to check out her room, Becky had felt a thrill run up her spine. When he’d pulled her forcefully towards him and french kissed her, she’d felt her heart flutter. But after a few minutes of their tongues duelling, it felt like her skin was on fire and electricity was running through her body. Her arousal took over – she wanted his cock inside her, any way he wanted. She wanted to be fucked. Hard.

As he’d pumped his first load into her eager young mouth, Zack had no idea that he was infecting her, unleashing a virus into her system that would take over her body, her mind, and soon enough, her life. The burger that he’d consumed at the airport had contained a virus that was about to change the world and infect the entirety of the human race…starting with Zack and his family.

Its method of survival was simple – it increased its host’s sex drive and lowered their inhibitions. The Virus spread by air or bodily fluids – saliva, semen, vaginal fluids, sweat…the more of the virus a new host ingested, the faster its effects would take hold. If infected by an airborne virus, it could take hours before the full effect of the virus would be felt (though hints of an increased libido and lowered inhibitions would take effect almost immediately and magnify rapidly.)

The small sample of the Virus in Zack’s burger had quickly spread throughout his body, and it had taken no more than a few hours for him to be almost entirely under its grip. He would be unable to think of much else but fucking, spreading the virus, spreading his seed and taking as many women as possible. His cock would never again be soft, and anyone he came in contact with would soon be his for the taking.

By the time their sweaty fuck-session was finished, Becky’s contact with Zack’s saliva, sweat and semen was enough to bring her to Zack’s level of infection almost straight away.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, laying back on her bed. She’d come before, by her own hand (and once by her boyfriend’s) but never that loudly, never that intensely. She could fuck like illegal bahis that all day – simply going down on Zack had caused an orgasm, and that had been followed by many more as he fucked her.

“That was amazing. That was the best that I’ve ever felt. More!” she demanded, and sat up, her sweaty breasts swinging freely. “Fuck me more, Zack. Fuck me all day long.”

Zack, however, was already getting redressed. The temptation to turn around and take Becky again and fill her every orifice with his seed was strong, but the Virus knew that he’d done his job. Becky was infected, and Zack was ready for new, fresh pussy. His attraction to her was lessened ever so slightly, enough to make him think that leaving the room was his idea.

“We can’t, Becky,” he said, avoiding looking at her, knowing that if she was playing with herself, or lying with her legs spread, or on all fours, trying to lure him back with her tight young body…it would probably work. “Someone will miss us. Let’s go rejoin the party.”

Before Becky could say anything to convince him to come back to the bed, Zack had slipped out the door. She pouted. A small part of her knew he was right, but that part was being drowned out by the rest of her, which just wanted to be fucked, again and again.

Alone in her room, Becky played with her clit until she came once, twice, three times. After her third self-induced orgasm, she decided that she wanted more, and got dressed. If she couldn’t find Zack to satiate her needs, maybe another of the strong, virile men at the party would…

Such was the virus’s influence that it didn’t even occur to her that all the men at the party were her relatives. Much more important to her was the fact that they had cocks.


Albert was enjoying the party. He liked his wife’s family, and he loved his wife. Even at forty-five, she had a hell of a body on her…and before today he’d never noticed how much his wife and her sisters had in common. He’d been shaking one of his nephew’s hands, commenting on how much he resembled his father, when he’d looked over and seen his wife standing with two of her younger sisters.

Inappropriate though it may have been at a reunion, with children running around and the like, the image had come into his head of the three women standing next to each other nude, and his penis had immediately started to rise. It had remained erect ever since – the image of his wife illegal bahis siteleri and her sisters naked, the three almost-identical women kissing, making out, touching each other, touching him…he’d found an excuse to sit down almost immediately, before anyone noticed how tight his pants had become.

Since then, he’d been sitting back in one of his large lounge chairs, enjoying the view, casually pretending each of the women around him were completely naked, engaged in sex acts with himself and each other.

He was continuing his game, enjoying the projected nudity of the young girl coming towards him, when he realised it was his daughter, Becky, and Albert quickly mentally redressed her. She was wearing one of her prettiest dresses, and even though her hair was a bit messy, she was his gorgeous baby girl.

“Enjoying the party, love?” his voice boomed, and Becky smiled at him. She’d never noticed how attractive her father was. He had such a deep voice, it was so authoritative. And he owned the house, too. Such…power.

“I’m having a great time, Pop!” Becky replied, and jumped onto his lap before he had a chance to stop her.

Albert held his breath – he hoped that his innocent little daughter hadn’t noticed his bulging pants, or at least that she wouldn’t know what it meant. She didn’t say anything though, and after a few seconds he relaxed slightly. Becky wriggled around, writhing on his lap – she must have been trying to get comfortable – able to feel the uncomfortableness caused by his erection without knowing what it was.

It quickly got worse – the poor girl must have no idea, Albert realised, that her wriggling was causing her father’s penis to grow even harder. Albert wondered how he could stop his daughter without embarrassing either of them – he looked down, and saw that all of her wiggling had caused her dress to ride right up. She was now unintentionally rubbing her panties against him, her cute little arse grinding into his hard cock…this was a tricky situation, but he knew that he could salvage it without bruising his daughter’s innocence.

“Beck, darling…” he started, but his words got caught in his throat as her hand reached around and unzipped his fly. His eyes widened as he put two and two together and worked out what was happening: she must have thought the hardness was his pant’s zipper, and decided she’d get it out of the way. But all her well-meaning actions canlı bahis siteleri had done, of course, was cause his boxer-covered penis to pop right out of his gaping fly.

There was no way he could say anything now without making the situation even worse, so he tried to ignore it and look around the party, as his daughter just tried to innocently sit on her Daddy’s lap. Fortunately, it didn’t seem as though anyone had noticed anything – all the men at the party were just openly staring at the women, and all the women were pretending not to stare at the men.

He was wearing button-up boxers, and as Albert stared at his wife leaning over the chips, Becky undid the buttons, causing his cock to feel the fresh air of the party.

As her hand started to flutter up and down his shaft, occasionally straying down and playing with his balls, Albert started to suspect that this was no accident.

Becky ground her arse against her father’s exposed cock, enjoying the sensations. She too had been periodically checking to see if anyone was watching, but for different reasons than her father’s worry – where he was concerned about the pair being caught, Becky found the idea quite exciting.

When she was convinced that no one was watching, Becky gave up on seeking an audience and turned around to face her father. His eyes were open in shock and betrayal, but she could tell that he was turned on as she started to grind her soaking pussy against his member.

Her panties were so wet that she could barely feel them between them – she was on the verge of cumming now, for the umpteenth time that day. In the heat of passion, Becky grabbed her father’s hand and thrust it down her panties.

Albert had no idea how to react.

On one hand, this was completely inappropriate behaviour from his teenaged daughter, especially in front of their entire family….

On the other hand, he was horny, and from the feel of her pussy, so was his daughter…in fact, from the feel of it…Albert’s brow suddenly furrowed in anger.

On the most important hand, his hand, the hand that had just been playing with his daughter’s pussy…was semen. He lifted it to his nose and sniffed it, inadvertently increasing his rate of infection. Yes, definitely semen. It felt fresh, too.

Albert’s daughter had slept with someone, in the past hour. This was outrageous – she needed to be punished. She needed discipline. He silently pushed her off him, did up his pants, stood up, and quietly indicated that she should follow him – no need to let the rest of the family know what a little tramp his daughter was.

No, this was something that should be dealt with in private.

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