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Part 1 – Cindy

We had been planning it for over two years, a family vacation that would probably be the last one we all had together. I had banked my two weeks of vacation at the engineering firm I worked at for the last two years and this year, with my five year anniversary, I had picked up week number three. So I had seven weeks and Dad had just retired and my brother, David, was supposed to have graduated from college. But somehow he had miss calculated his credit hours and was three short of the requirement. So he decided that summer quarter was the best option. He would graduate in August and could start a serious job search in early September.

We were all disappointed, but understanding. We made motel reservations for the first three nights and planned on being as flexible as possible beyond that. With wi-fi available in almost any motel or fast food joint and even having internet on our smart phones we figured it would be easy to make sure we didn’t have to sleep in the car.

The plan was for Mom, Dad and I to leave early Saturday morning and head west. Thursday afternoon, it looked like the whole plan might go to pot! Mom got a phone call from the dean at the local community college. Would she consider teaching the scrap booking course that she had wanted to teach for the last three years? Please? They had an open spot in their summer quarter and they wanted her to fill it. That’s right, summer quarter. She would have to start Monday and the course would run eight weeks. They offered pay that was twice what she had expected and told her that if there was enough interest it would become a regular offering in their course book.

Talk about mixed emotions! We were thrilled to death for her, but the thought of cancelling our family vacation was heart breaking!

“No!” she said. “You and Daddy can go without me, Cindy! You’ve always been close and this might be the last chance you get to really spend time together. We have no idea when we might get another chance to do this. Besides, the motel reservations have already been made for the first three nights and you know what sights you want to see and … Well, you just have to go without me.”

Daddy was reluctant, but she convinced him that we should go. Saturday morning at 6:30 he and I climbed into the SUV, two suitcases and some miscellaneous stuff in the back, and waved to Mom and David as we pulled out of the drive. We talked constantly for the first day, rehashing the plans to stop and see this or that and spend a day or two here or there. We pulled into the first of our booked hotels at about 5:30, checked in and went to a nearby ribs joint for dinner. At 8:00 we popped into the motel lounge for a couple of drinks and listened to the guy playing the piano until after 9.

“Baby, I am really tired. I guess the long drive and the scotch have just about done me in.”

“Me, too, Dad. Maybe we can find something really boring on the TV!”

Mom and Dad and I had shared motel rooms so many times over the years that we hadn’t considered any other arrangement. The room had a pair of queen sized beds and Dad took the one furthest from the door, leaving me easy access to the bathroom. I fiddled with the TV while he did his thing in there and then went in to get ready for bed myself. When I came back out, wearing the shorty nightgown I loved to sleep in, he was in bed asleep.

The next day and evening were almost an exact duplicate of the first. By the time I’d gotten ready for bed, Dad was sound asleep. Monday we didn’t have quite so far to drive, and after we checked in we did a little sight seeing. Dad didn’t seem quite so tired when we got back to the motel at 10:00. For the first time he was awake to see me come out of the bathroom in my nightgown. I hadn’t realized how close to see through it was until Daddy, sitting up in his bed, whistled!


He laughed. “I’m sorry, Cindy. You obviously don’t realize just how hot you look in that!”


He laughed again. “Go to bed, Princess.”

An hour later, the TV had been off for about 20 minutes and I was nearly asleep when I heard heavy breathing from the bed beside mine. I had thought Dad was asleep half an hour ago. I opened my eyes, and looked over without moving any more than I had to. Daddy was lying on the covers with his hand around his very big erection! His hand moved up and down a few times before he licked it and went back to stroking his cock. His breathing grew more and more ragged, as though he really needed to cum, but didn’t seem to be able to.

“Daddy,” I whispered. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, my god, Cindy!” He jumped and tried to pull the covers over himself, but he was laying on them and couldn’t get enough free to cover his hard-on. “Oh, shit, Cindy! I thought you were asleep! I’m sorry, Baby. You weren’t supposed to see that.”

“Why not, Daddy? There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you need to masturbate. We all do occasionally. And it’s not like I never saw a man’s cock before. Damn, Daddy, I’m not some innocent teeny-bobber!”

“Still, illegal bahis Princess …”

“It’s OK, Dad.”

“I’m sorry, Honey, it’s just that your Mom and I, we, well, we …”

“Are you trying to say you don’t have sex very often, Dad?”

“Well, not for the last several months.”

“You haven’t had sex for several months!”

“No.” It was almost a whisper.

I think it was about then that I realized he was still holding his cock and it was still very erect. I moved from my bed and knelt on the floor beside him.

“Let me help, Daddy.” I pushed his hand away and took that beautiful big cock in my hand.

“Oh, god, no, Baby! No!” He tried to move my hand, but I wouldn’t let him.

“Sh. Just lay back and let me do this for you.” I licked my palm and began slowly stroking him, squeezing and releasing and licking my hand again and stroking him until after a few minutes I felt him stiffen and then he exploded, squirting load after load of hot cum all over both of us.

“Go to sleep, now, Daddy.”

“But ..”

“Go to sleep, Dad.”


Minutes later he was snoring gently. I waited fifteen minutes more before I slipped quietly into the bathroom and slid two fingers into my throbbing pussy. The next morning we acted as though nothing had happened.

I made up my mind shortly after lunch. I would be in control. I would be the one who decided what and when. I didn’t say anything to Daddy, but when we checked into the motel I knew it would be my way and I was in control.

We had dinner at a local sea food eatery and I suggested that we spend a few minutes in the lounge before turning in. It was almost 10:00 when we got back to the room. As usual, Daddy got ready while I got something on the tube and then I went into the bathroom. When I came out, he was under the covers watching the TV. I went to his bed, and pulled the covers back.


“Sh. I know what you need, Daddy.”

I pulled his p.j. bottom down and took his cock in my hand. He started to object, but his cock jumped to attention and he took a deep breath and let me start stroking. I took my time, working gently and slowly, licking my palm occasionally, until almost ten minutes later I felt him stiffen, gasp and he squirted several large loads of cum over both of us. I licked the gooey string from my hand, kissed Daddy gently on the lips and told him to go to sleep.

Wednesday evening I changed the game up a bit. We’d had another short driving day and done a bit of sight seeing before eating dinner. Our motel room was a carbon copy of a million others, two queen size beds, a desk, a few chairs and a TV. Daddy expected the same routine, going into the bathroom to get ready for bed. But when he came out, the TV wasn’t on. And I didn’t go into the bathroom to change into my nightie. Instead, I stood at the foot of his bed and slowly pulled my shirt over my head. Daddy gasped as I pulled my shorts, one inch at a time, over my hips and let them drop to the floor. My bra hooked in front and I took my time about shedding it.

By the time I had pushed my panties to the floor and stood totally naked at the foot of his bed, Daddy’s cock was ready and hard, his breathing already ragged. I pulled on the bottom of his p.j. legs and he lifted his ass to let them slide off. Pushing his legs apart, I crawled up between them and teased his hard-on with my finger tips for several minutes before taking the head of his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around him and then slowly pulled him into my mouth. God, his cock tasted so good! I worked him very slowly, sucking gently as I pulled my mouth back to the tip of his hard-on, teasing with my tongue, and then pushing my mouth all the way to the base of his cock.

He came much too soon! I wanted this to last for hours! The only thing that I liked even close to as much as a big hard cock in my cunt, is a big hard cock in my mouth. Daddy’s cock is really big, and that night it was really hard! He stiffened, arched his back slightly, and started pumping cum into my mouth. I swallowed, and sucked some more. I wanted to drain him, drink every bit of his cum. I kept sucking until he dropped his ass back onto the bed and sighed.

“God, Cindy! That was incredible!”

“Thank you, Dad! I rather liked it myself!”

“Can I …”

“Go to sleep, Daddy.”

“But, you …”

“Go to sleep.”

I stood and pulled my nightgown over my head and climbed into my own bed. Ten minutes later, as Daddy snored, I went quietly into the bathroom and slid two fingers into my pussy. Tomorrow night would be a little different!

Thursday night was different. We were in the middle of nowhere with nothing to see and nothing to do. We had driven longer than usual, eaten at a very bland chicken place and listened to a third rate piano player in the lounge and headed to our room at a little after 9.

Daddy started to go into the bathroom with his p.j. bottoms, but I stopped him.

“Come here, Dad.” illegal bahis siteleri I was sitting in the one easy chair in the corner of the room. He walked slowly to me, not sure what I had in mind. “Take off your shirt.” He hesitated only a moment before doing just as I asked. I unbuckled his belt and slowly unzipped his slacks. They fell to the floor and he stepped out of them one leg at a time, pushing them to the side and standing in front of me in his boxers. I watched for a few moments as his cock started to harden, pushing the front of his shorts toward me. And then I pushed the shorts slowly to the floor.

“You have got an awesome cock, Dad.” I took the head of his cock in my mouth and swirled it with the tip of my tongue for just a moment.

I stood up and gently pushed him toward the chair.

“Your turn to sit for a few minutes.” I directed. I loved being in such complete control.

My blouse buttoned up the front and I released each button very slowly, starting at the bottom and taking several minutes to finally undo all of them. I very slowly opened the front of it and slid it off my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor behind me. My bra was a skin colored lace that fastened in front. I acted like I was going to release it and then changed my mind. Instead I slowly unzipped my jeans. My panties were very small bikinis that matched my bra.

“Do you like them, Daddy?”

“Yes,” he breathed, “God, Baby! Yes!”

I reached for the catch between my tits and slowly released my bra. As I shed my bra Daddy reached for my tits.

“Uh-uh, Daddy. No touching. You can look, but you’re not allowed to touch. Not yet.”

I slowly pulled my panties down revealing my shaved pussy.

“Oh my God, Cindy! You are so beautiful!”

Once again he started to reach for me.

“No, Dad! I told you look, but no touching. Not until I tell you. Not tonight. It’s time for you to lie down.” I guided him to the bed and he laid down, legs spread, waiting for me to take his hard-on into my mouth.

I started stroking his cock gently with my finger tips and in just a few moments he was rock hard and panting, begging me to suck him. Instead I came to my knees over his chest and slowly slid two fingers into my pussy. As Daddy watched I slowly finger fucked myself just inches from his face. In a few minutes I came all over Daddy. Then I slid down and took his cock in my mouth and gently started sucking. My tongue wrapped around the head of his cock and in a few moments he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed and kept sucking. After a few minutes I licked the cum from the tip of his cock and stood up.

“It’s time to go to sleep, now, Daddy.”

I pulled the nightgown over my head and turned off the lights before climbing into the other bed.

“Cindy, are we …”

“Go to sleep, Daddy. Don’t ask. Go to sleep.”

Friday we reached Colorado Springs. We had decided to spend a couple of days sight seeing and visiting some of the many interesting places around the area. I had made reservations at a reasonably nice motel for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. When we got to the motel, Daddy was the first into the room.

“Oh, no! This won’t work. We can’t do this.”

I stepped past him into the room. It was a very nice room, but — there was only one queen size bed. I was sure I had specified two beds, but on the other hand, if I HAD to sleep with Daddy —

“I know I specified a double, Dad. You wait here, I’ll go to the desk and get it straightened out.”

I returned fifteen minutes later. I’d talked to the clerk at the desk and they had found the original request for a double, but someone had messed up the data entry. The problem was that there were no doubles available. “They can’t give us a double, Dad, but they did give us a 50% discount for the three nights we’re here and a coupon for two future nights at a reduced rate at other hotels in the chain. It’s really a good deal.”

“Yes, but there’s only one bed. Maybe we should check the hotel down the street.”

“Daddy! Really? After the evenings we’ve been sharing? You’re going to develop an attitude about sleeping in the same bed? Really? Besides, Dad, I’m actually looking forward to sleeping, I mean really sleeping, with you. Don’t you want to sleep with me?”

“Baby, you know I do! It’s just … Well, OK. I guess I do want to sleep with you. It’s just not easy to admit.”

I kissed him gently on the lips. “Is it easy to admit that you want to eat my pussy, Dad?”

“No, no it’s not,” he whispered.

“But you do, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question. I knew the answer.

“Yes, yes, Baby. I want to eat your pussy. I don’t know why you haven’t let me before now! I really want to push my tongue into your cunt. I want to suck on your clit until you cum in my mouth!”

“Maybe tonight, Dad, maybe tonight.”

“Please, Cindy …”

“Maybe. But now, it’s time for dinner. I saw a really nice looking steakhouse just a couple of blocks up the street. Do you want to canlı bahis siteleri walk?”

We got back to the room at about 9 and I turned on the TV. It took me about five minutes to find the adult movie channel. They were showing hard core porn. A teen age girl was licking the pussy of a woman old enough to be her mother. I could tell Dad was getting really turned on, but I was determined to take this on my own timetable. Then the older woman pulled on a strap-on and pushed it slowly into the young girls cunt.

“Oh, shit, Cindy!”

“It is hot, isn’t it, Dad?”

The woman was quickly picking up the pace as she fucked the young girl.

“Oh, shit!”

“Are you ready, Dad?” The question was rhetorical. It was obvious that we were both more than ready.

I stood, moved between Dad and the still playing porn, and slowly pulled my shirt over my head. Dad’s breathing was getting more labored. I slowly pushed my shorts to the floor and stood in front of Dad in matching bra and panties.

“Do you want to take them off, Dad?”

“Yes, Cindy!”

“Not yet. Take off your shirt.”

He did and then stood to shed his slacks. I reached out and slowly pushed his boxers to the floor. His cock was throbbing, begging to be sucked. I teased the head of his hard-on with the tip of my tongue for several minutes.

“Do you want me to make you cum now, Dad? Or do you want to finish undressing me? Do you want to suck on my tits? Put your fingers in my cunt? Eat my pussy? Or do you want me to suck you off, make you cum in my mouth?”

“Oh, god, Cindy! I want it all.”

“You have to choose. Daddy.”

“Come here, Baby, let me take off your bra.”

It hooked in front and seconds later it was on the floor and my left nipple was in Dad’s mouth. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, how gentle he was as his teeth nipped my tit and he wrapped his tongue in soft circles around my nipple. His fingers gently squeezing my right nipple as he sucked my left one to its full hardness and then he switched sides, sucking my right tit into his mouth as he fondled my left tit.

“Oh, shit, Dad! I think I’m going to cum!”

“No, Baby, not yet.” His thumbs caught the waist band of my panties and pushed them slowly past my knees, where they fell to the floor. His thumbs found my pussy for a few minutes before he slid a finger slowly into my cunt. I squeezed his finger as he started pushing and pulling.

“Enough, Daddy! That’s enough for now!” I pulled away and pushed gently on his shoulders. He fell onto his back on the foot of the bed and I dropped to my knees between his knees. I was greedy as I pulled his erection into my mouth. Moments later he squirted a full load of cum into my mouth. I held it there and quickly moved up and kissed him, dribbling his cum back into his mouth. Then I rocked my pussy against the root of his cock for a few seconds.

“Oh, god, Cindy! Can we …”

“Not tonight, Daddy, but you can eat my cunt. Do you want to? Do you want to eat me out?”

I didn’t need to wait for an answer. I moved quickly over his face and he pushed his tongue deep into me. I came, harder than I ever remember cumming. I felt him swallow and his tongue was teasing my clit and I came some more.

I woke up the next morning with Daddy’s hard-on against my back, his hand resting on my tit and his snores sounding gently in my ear. I slowly rolled out of his embrace and moved to where I could take his cock into my mouth. He came awake just moments before he came in my mouth.

I smiled, his cum dripping from my mouth. “It’s time to get up, Dad! We have a lot to do today!” Before he could respond I was up and headed for the bathroom and a shower.

Part 2 — David

Saturday morning at 6:30 Dad and Cindy climbed into the SUV, two suitcases and some miscellaneous stuff in the back, and waved to Mom and I as they pulled out of the drive. We were both really disappointed, but we both had priorities. I really needed to graduate and get a job, Mom had wanted to teach that course for several years. We didn’t know if we’d get a chance at a vacation like that again, but the job and the opportunity to teach were just too important. We hoped that Dad and Cindy had a great time.

I decided to spend as much time as possible while they were gone cleaning Dad’s garage and doing yard work. I figured that even with the studying I’d need to do, I could find enough time to be sure Dad would come home to a neat, clean garage and a well groomed yard.

I started almost as soon as they left and by evening was worn out. Mom had spent the day putting together a syllabus and some assignments and by the time we turned on the evening news she was barely able to keep her eyes open. She fell asleep in her chair within a few minutes and I coaxed her into going up to bed. I went up myself a few minutes later and fell asleep within a few minutes of climbing into bed.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday. Mom started working on class material as soon as we finished breakfast and I got the mower out. By lunch time the lawn was mowed and I was ready to start weeding flower beds. Late that afternoon I got a few bags of mulch from the home improvement store and by evening the flower beds looked really good and I was really tired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32