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Mindy placed the phone down partially shaking as Pete stared her down. He walked to the counter quietly.

“C-C-Can I help you?” Mindy gave a small half smile unsure at what would happen.

“Withdraw your complaint.” Pete told her calmly “No. Withdraw your complaint and apologize.”


“How about for…constantly nagging someone to fuck you when they in fact don’t like you?” Pete grinned “Or about how you’re a horrible gossip who likes to spread lies and destroy reputations?”

A few people sitting in the waiting area slowly looked up at the scene unfolding, three women and one man. One woman held her shades down to get a better view, mainly at Pete’s ass though, yummy.

“Lets talk about you apologizing for nearly getting three staffers fired from your lies, or for always glamming onto rich guests and men who have no interest in you. Sucking their twenty dollar cocks until they’re dry, God.” Pete said rubbing his forehead “How about for pissing on someone’s bed? My bed?”

“That was-

Pete held his hand up, she had no right to stop him, once he had to say his part then and only then could she have her turn (or half of one if it weren’t bullshit).

“And most of all…for popping gum when someone’s inside you. Who the hell chews a pack of Hubba bubba during sex? You sound like a goddamn dog smacking it’s lips on peanut butter.”

Some of the guests tried their best to hide their laughs, but it was too hard to contain. Everyone was looking at Mindy who had no words, had no reactions, not even to answer the phone which was ringing.


“No, get rid of the fucking complaint.” Pete said this low in a dark tone that sent chills down Mindy’s spine. Pete turned to the guests and smiled innocently as if nothing in the world were wrong.

“I apologize for our rude behavior, please accept some complimentary spa packs via our lovely clerk on your way out from your appointments, and a free massage of your choice tomorrow morning.”

The guests clapped, they did enjoy a drama as well as free tickets to another show. Pete turned to Mindy.

“Um, yes, I’ll have it put in right away.” Mindy tried to smile, but it fell quickly.

Pete didn’t say anything else, but walked away. Mindy had never met “this” Pete, his anger was something he had stored inside, but once release it could even scare Anna. Mindy fanned herself with her hand before sitting back down on her chair.

Mindy started to type once more, it was to Anna. She was removing a certain complaint.

Pete was still pissed, and he couldn’t think straight if he was angry, he needed something to focus on besides Mindy and the complaint. So when he found Valerie down the hall he felt a small relief.

“Hey Pete.” Valerie smiled “Things go okay with Min-

“I need to talk to you…alone.” Pete went into a nearby storage closet, there were a few boxes stacked up in the right corner, probably full of cleaning supplies (or vibrators, the maids were always sporting those through the halls).

“What’s the urgency?”

“I feel like I’m about to snap.” Pete paced back and forth in the small room. Valerie sighed, she knew about the “other” Pete, the one that could take a shot at anyone who looked at him sideways, sometimes at inanimate objects.

As Pete paced, Valerie thought about the first time she saw him, not met, but saw. Currently Pete was seen as Grant’s nurse, his handsome, sweet assistant, who always lent a caring ear. But before he was the good guy, he had anger management issues. Not necessarily a bad boy, but the guy who had no intentions to be good or bad. He did what he wanted all throughout life.

Pete’s mother was a shabbily dressed sadist, who could only point out other peoples’ flaws, but never her own. She was a school teacher, and his father a shy, quiet, city worker. He would never stand up to his wife, fearing a verbal lashing. Pete learned to ignore his mother, bend rules or break them.

He had a party phase, which got him a lot of cute girls, all of whom he left heartbroken. He felt absolutely nothing for the people he hurt emotionally, due to his mother not caring about who she hurt. It all came to a halt when his father died. Nothing much, a simple man with no real desires, passed away and he was left with a cruel shrew.

Pete’s father was the only person who cared, actually showed an interest in him. And that was the crack in his foundation. By the time he got to the Felt, Pete was just rage and bitter confusion. Anna met him at a party which he played the part of a waiter, he grinned quite nicely, believable, nearly real. He had various jobs which he either quit or was fired from usually having to do with violence.

The first day at the resort, Pete got into an argument with an unruly guest who would not take no for an answer with the female guests and staffers. He broke the man’s wrist, his jaw, and bruised a few ribs.

The second day was better, instead of hitting a guest he hit a wall, it cost him of course. And day by day, Pete grew to like the canlı bahis people in the resort, love them, he became kinder, putting away his fury to accept joy.

And now his joy was being sucked away by a selfish, gum-popping, skank.

“What do I do?” Pete groaned pacing the room “I basically threatened her…in front of guests, I tried covering it. I think they bou-

“Calm down.” Valerie placed her hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Tell me what happened.” Pete quickly spoke of his small explosion a few minutes ago. Valerie only listened and nodded as he finished.

“Focus on me.” Valerie’s eyes never left his.

“I don’t know know.” Pete paused “I’m still heated-

“Good, then you have energy to spare. Stress relievers are the best.” Valerie tugged at her skirt, but Pete stopped her. He picked her up placing her on the stack of boxes. “Don’t you usually like the back door entrance?”

Pete smiled “You can be my exception.” He moved his hands over her skirt pulling it down in one swift tug. He rubbed the soft fabric covering herself “Why do you wear thongs?”

“For freedom and privacy.” Valerie winked. Pete pulled the small frail piece of cloth downward onto the floor where her skirt rested, staring in between her legs. A pink, fluffed cove waiting to be explored, where delight could be found.

Pete wasted no time in removed his pants and boxers, he was already hard with agitation. Using his hands he moved her legs on opposite sides of box before shoving his girth inside her.

“Ah!” Valerie couldn’t help, but let out a moan, he shoved his entirety into her with such fierceness, quickly hitting her inner walls, causing moisture to leak onto the boxes. Pete pulled himself outward before pushing back in, his cock was covered in her juices as he slid into and out of her vagina, causing her to constrict with lust.

Valerie felt her head hit the back of the wall a few times as he thrusted, but she was too winded to speak, possibly dizzy. Pete pulled her legs up and drilled himself towards her soft core, using all his might and stamina to reach a threshold within her where he could release all his pleasures.

Valerie herself was beginning to heat up, the further he reached inside her wet cove, the weaker she became wanting an even hotter prize. A sweltering, sticky sweet one, to give her a maximum of passion. He beat her like a bat, his rod filling her, forcing its way, deeper into her.

Pete himself was beginning to feel light headed, his stamina beginning to deplete and Valerie herself close to fainting. He stopped, planted inside of her, he placed his hands on the wall and breathed. Valerie took this time to inhale too, small room plus heat, of course they were out of breath.

“Do you feel a little better?” Valerie huffed.

“And horny.” Pete laughed. A smile, that made sacrificing a few minutes of work worth it for her. Pete had such a gentle smile, one that was genuine and trustworthy.

“I can spare a few more minutes, to finish.” Valerie smirked “Anyway is fine with me as long as it gets done.” Pete pulled Valerie off the boxes, pulling her legs around his waist, she then wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt herself slide down to the hilt of his sword, liquids flowing onto the floor.

Pete thrusted upward causing Valerie to quiver, she could feel a pulse when he hit her walls, each time leaving a vibration inside her. As he began pushing further into her the more Valerie wanted to cum, but she didn’t want to cum early. The harder it became for her to hold herself, Pete thrusted even harder, wanting her to overflow onto him.

She bit her lip as he pumped his cock through her, hard and then a quick pump, over and over, moving himself around in her nook to find every secret hide away. Once all were discovered Pete pressed himself forcefully at her inner sanctum causing her to cum immediately. Gooey and sweet smelling, her cum landed directly onto the floor, on her skirt. Pete followed shortly, releasing three bursts of cum, they disconnected and sat on the floor to reel from their second wind.

“Okay how do we fix my skirt?” Valerie questioned. She would not leave half dressed, that’s for sure.

“Screw the skirt.” Pete replied cheerfully “You have one hundred that are exactly like that.”

“Did you leave a splotch on your pants? No.”

“It’s a splotch, not a puddle.” Pete sidled up beside her against the boxes “You shouldn’t even wear underwear.” Pete rubbed her fingers over her clit.

“You are so needy.” Valerie groaned as he started to insert one inside her, feeling the wealth of cum still present.

“Nothing’s swollen.” Pete shrugged “Did you know Gia sent out a viral video a few minutes before I chewed Mindy out?”

“Really? Let me see.” Pete dug around his pants pockets to find his phone, he found the video and pressed play. It showed Gia being sandwiched by two guys from her suite, they were all on the bed as Gia raised her legs higher as one cock pounded her tight cunt and the other her ass with speed and bahis siteleri force, that had Valerie mesmerized, she wasn’t even touching the bed. She was floating as she got two holes plowed happily. Zack would die from watching this, or get so hard that his dick would explode.

“Okay, now I’m horny.”

“How high can you raise your legs?” Pete asked this out of curiosity, he’d seen her lift her legs before, but he never knew how high she could actually lift them.

Valerie grinned, she stood up sitting on a nearby box, she placed on leg behind her head like magic.

“Does that hurt much?”

“Not unless you’re used to it.”

“Can you do both?” Valeri nodded and then did the same with her other leg, she leaned herself against the wall. Pete rubbed himself against her entrance “Anything else?” She undid her legs and kissed Pete.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Make me forget all about Mindy. Anything really.”

“Pick me up.” Pete was about to until she held out a hand. “From behind.” Pete did, and as he lifted her Valerie stretched her legs out into a split with Pete holding them both up. He lifted her above his cock and then lowered her down.

Valerie felt her legs twitch as he penetrated her, he bounced her up and down onto his cock for ten minutes like a large branch being pulled and sucked back into quick sand, but eventually being devoured fully. Pete filled her warming hole until he felt himself weaken and had to release her legs. Valerie placed her hands onto the floor.

“Give me a minute..” With that Pete withdrew himself and sat on the floor nearby. “The room’s too small.”

“Yeah, but the heat kind of makes it more.” Pete told her. Valerie sighed sitting down onto the floor.

“More, everyone wants more. I wouldn’t want to pass out from heatstroke in a supply closet.”

“We can leave whenever we want.”

“Shame, I was going to demonstrate the plow pose, Halasana.”

“I think that’s best in a larger room.” Pete added “Not that it isn’t tempting. But I can think of something else.” Pete pushed her back down to the floor, moving both of her legs upward to the opposite sides of her, pushing the tick of his member inside.

Valerie grinned “No waiting? I can’t go on forever.” Pete slammed himself into her “Ohhh. Pete I- He repeated the movement, going deeper, the way her pussy dribbled with him inside made him harder with delight, Valerie’s mouth was watering with the force he was using. He had the urgency within him to screw her until she fainted from the shear elation.

He motioned his cock in sharp movements, her insides made splashing noises as he pulled back and then pushed forward, he rocked himself inside her, wanting her feel every bit of his rod. Valerie was becoming overheated again, but she could barely speak as Pete kept pounding her flesh, a warm puddle rested underneath her body, the clinging of her flesh onto his made his movements harder, but he showed no restraint and barreled into her sweet hole, a hard thrust, then a quick one, a long thrust, and then a short one, following no pattern.

Beads of sweat formed on Pete’s forehead as he released his desire into her, but he couldn’t keep up the stamina forever. Eventually he’d have to stop, so slowly but sure he started to go a moderate speed, using hard long thrusts, Valerie felt so much in such little time that she felt that she was in between worlds, one where she was in full bliss. With a final push inside her, Pete fell down onto her chest releasing himself while catching his breath. Valerie then followed suit releasing an even larger puddle beneath their bodies.

“Sometimes I love you.” Valerie managed to say with a large smile on her face. Pete only laughed as he felt his strength give out. “I hope you’re still alive.” Pete gave a weak thumbs up assuring Valerie that he was still with her.

“Good…now who’s going to clean this mess up?” Valerie wondered “And my skirt’s ruined.” Pete turned his head to see the majority of the floor was amassed in their body fluids, her skirt, her thong, his pants, and his boxers, soaking it up slowly.

“I’m sorry.” Pete murmured pulling himself out of her. “I-

“We can continue whatever this is tonight in my room.” Valerie said sitting up “But for now, be so nice as to retrieve extras from the nearest staff room closet.”

“Aye aye.” Pete saluted her and got up, half naked and left the room. She respected his boldness to startle horny divorcees, rambunctious twenty year olds, and desperate women and men who were gracefully fading from their thirties and forties. They would be stuck with the image of Pete’s hard dick forever…hopefully.

Later that night Pete went to visit Valerie who was getting out of her clothing for a bath that she had just prepared.

“You have a lot of stored up energy.” Valerie said sliding her skirt off “I almost couldn’t keep conscious.”

Pete blushed “I think I went a little overboard..”

“Unless I say no, it’s never overboard.” Valerie pointed “Want to join me in the tub?”

“Sure.” bahis şirketleri Pete started taking off his shirt, Valerie did the same. Then he slid off his pants and underwear. Valerie’s bra of choice today had front hooks, so it was easy for her to unlatch it, and off course she never did retrieve a fresh thong after the storage room.

Sliding out of his shoes, Pete followed Valerie into her bath room, she got into the tub first, with him holding out a hand so she wouldn’t slip, and then he got in. Their legs touching one another, Pete leaned back and stretched out his arms to get comfortable.

“So, why bathe now?” Pete asked.

“I need to soak away all the cum, a shower only gets most of the nightly deposits.”

Pete grinned “Mindy dropped the complaint.”

“So now you’re back to normal. Took you a storeroom sex session and her dropping the complaint to get you back.” Valerie sniffed “It was a close call, we could have lost you forever.”

“Yeah, right.” Pete rolled his eyes “I don’t like being a dick, or yelling. I honestly wanted to punch a wall.”

“And you did, several. Just not with your hands.” Valerie teased “What you need is a long night of release, to get it out of your system. Dark Pete should never arise.”

Pete nodded “Agreed, he should never rise. I’m starting to think we’re fucking too much-

“There is never too much sex unless someone calls out too much sex, give me a twenty minute break and then we’ll continue.”

Pete looked at the small ripples of the bath water thinking on something “How’s Anna?”

“Still benched. We’re not getting back together unless she actually puts me above the guests here.” Valerie rubbed her forehead “I mean, being in a relationship, the person you care for the most you put above everyone.”

“She puts Grant above me in sex, then Lodge above me period. I won’t be someone’s doll to do with as they please.”

Pete sighed “She is the manager, she has a million and one things to do, Val. And sometimes that includes exing you out. But I get it, Lodge wants to manipulate everyone for his own pleasure. He’s a forceful prick with money and power, so he thinks he can have everything and everyone.”

“He’s annoying. I want to focus on us, not the things that piss us off.”

“Fine.” Valerie took down a cloth, which she dampened in the water. She pressed down the bottle sitting on the edge of the tub, rubbing the liquid soap in. She rubbing the cloth across here neckline, down her chest, then to her stomach. Pete waited patiently as moved the cloth downward, rubbing it in between her legs thoroughly.

“Turn around so I can get your back.” He said. Valerie turned around, and as he said Pete washed her back, up and down. “Bend down a little.” Valerie bent her body over exposing her rear, he led the cloth over the areas gently. He felt himself be aroused, and by his own instinct, he felt himself rubbing between her thighs, over her clit, wanting access.

Valerie was curious at what he would do, but instead of acting on impulse he moved back to his side of the tub.

After awhile they both got out and got dried, Valerie sat on a stool beside the tub and Pete continued drying himself.

“What do you have planned for the evening?” She asked wondering why he hesitated.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll just make it up as we go along.” Pete went over and placed Valerie down onto the stool with her stomach on the cushion, her head down and hands holding onto the floor. Lifting one leg he entered her clean cunt with ease. Valerie wanted to dig her nails into the tile, it was a great feeling.

Pete pulled her leg as he thrusted inside her, wanting a deeper connection he turned her around, on her back with her legs hanging off the sides of the stool as he pummeled her soft shores.

“I. Need. A…Steady…Surface…” Valerie panted each word with each push of his cock. The stool did wobble each time he moved.

“Then tell me where.” Pete told her. Valerie looked at up at the sink, so he once again helped her up, standing her at the sink, he could see her face reflected in the mirror. He raised one of legs, Valerie tilted more to the side, positioning her leg diagonally as he entered her again. The deep beating from his sack against her was enough to cause her to moan.

Pete pulled out only a little, and pushed in harder each time, it felt as if her vagina was salivating against his cock every time he thrusted. He wanted to go deeper, explore her fully, so he thrusted harder fighting the tightness around him, enjoying the peaceful expression on her face, loving the tenderness that she store within herself.

“Ah!” Valerie jumped at how hard he had tapped into her “Ahh..” But it didn’t frighten her, but excited her. In his surprise Valerie ended up push him down, he fell onto the carpet and let her mount him. Knees and legs folded to the side, Valerie grinded down against his balls, wanting his full measure to hit a new spot.

“Ohh.” Valerie pulled herself against him, his cock was a hard boulder, with such an edge, she hoped to feel every inch of him as he rubbed her breasts, always so pillowy and warm. Pete gave a few thrusts, but he was outmatched by Valerie’s will to get off, something that she was never denied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32