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It was a Saturday night with a slight breeze but a lot of people standing in front of Studio 6, a famous dance club in Miami. In the line there were an array of people that can fill every single category. There were jocks, geeks, attention whores, sporty girls, goths, punks, and etc. In order to get into this club, you had to know someone famous or be someone famous.

However, there was one person who stood out in the crowd, and his name was John. John was your average typical guy wearing jeans, a navy polo shirt, but he had his eyes on a particular women who was wearing the latest fashion while swinging a Luey Votton bag.

John: Hey Dan, you see that broad over there?

Dan: Which one?

John: The one wearing the LV bag.

Dan: Yeah I see her, what about her?

John: I’m going to fuck her tonight.

Dan: And how do you plan on doing that?

John: What do you mean? I’m going to walk over there and let her know. Just sit back and watch the show.

John confidently walks in front of a few people in the line. A punk rocker guy with pink hair says, “Hey get the fuck back in the line! You can’t cut me!” John replies, “Don’t worry, I’m not cutting nobody. Hell, I’m not even going into the club so why don’t you just shut the fuck up.” The LV bag girl notices John’s behavior, which intrigues her, but she was still skeptical.

John: Hey, I was looking at you back there and I was thinking to myself on how nice it would be for us to sleep together.

LV Girl: Uh, excuse me?

John: My name is John,w hat’s yours?

LV Girl: What difference does it matter to you. I’ll tell you my name once you buy me a drink.

John: The last girl that said to me we ended up having sex in her parents bed while they were in the house.

LV Girl: You’re a pig, and I’m not that kind of person to just sleep with anyone.

John: So, why are you here at this club?

LV Girl: To have fun.

John: Well, you can have fun back at my place.

LV Girl: You’re disgusting, if you were the last man on earth I would never sleep with you.

John: Look, you want to come or not?

LV Girl: No.

John: Fine, if you change your mind I’ll be over there.

John walks back towards Dan while LV Girl is thinking about who this new mysterious bold man was and if he was worth investing her time into. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted his warm cock between her legs. By this time her underwear was drenched in her own juices. It would be wrong to not share her juices, right?

Dan: Hey man, how come you’re back so soon? I thought you were going to try to sleep with her.

John: She wasn’t worth the hassle. There are far more better women out there who know what they want rather than just think what they want.

Dan: canlı bahis şirketleri That’s true, but she’s really hot man. If I were you I’d go back there and apologize to her and then try some of those techniques we learned.

John: Are you kidding? The only thing we need, is what’s hanging between our legs. That’s worth more than anything in this world, and don’t forget that.

Dan: Well, some girls are worth the extra hassle.

John: If you think so.

John gets tap on the shoulder and turns around at first thinking it was the punk rock kid trying to start a fight, but it turned out to be LV Girl.

LV Girl: Hi, look we got off at the wrong foot, and it looks like me and my friends are not going to get into the club. My name is Rebecca.

John: Nice to know that you have a name Rebecca, but I’ll tell you what. Since you were giving me trouble earlier, I’m expecting you to buy me a drink.

Rebecca: Uhm, I don’t want to buy you a drink. I don’t think you’re worth it.

John: But you thought I was worth walking out of the opportunity of getting into this club and talking to me instead? OK, I’ll tell you what. I’m a really nice guy, so I’ll give you some options. Either you can buy me a drink and we’ll sleep with each other, or we can just cut the bullshit and go straight into bed.

Rebecca: You’re such an asshole! I’m going back to my friends. Have a nice life jerk.

John: OK, see ya.

As Rebecca walks back to her friends, John notices her perfect round ass bouncing up and down as she walks. Just the thought of rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks made him have the hardest erection. Rebecca on the other hand, was still thinking about John, “He’s such a jerk, but he was so bold. He knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it. I’ve never met a man so bold like him, he’s like a real man.”

Dan: Well man you really blew it that time.

John: So what? If we don’t get into this club soon I’m just going to go home anyways. You want to get a game of baseball tomorrow with the boys?

Dan: Sure, but I want to pitch.

John: OK, you can pitch if you want to, but you’ll never strike me out hah!

Dan: (laughs) Sure, sure, we’ll see about that.

Rebecca tells her friends that she’s not feeling so well and that she’s going to go home. They say their good byes and tell each other to drive home safely. She walks back towards John…

Rebecca: Look, I normally don’t do this, but you seem like a fun guy. Where do you live?

John: Well I’m not just going to leave my friend Dan all alone.

Dan: No, it’s OK man. I’ll get a ride home somehow no problem.

John: OK, c’mon my car is right over int hat parking lot.

As they were talking towards John’s car, Rebecca was brushing her arms canlı kaçak iddaa against John’s. She tried to talk about past relationships, education, and what John’s beliefs, but he seem disinterested and only wanted one thing.

Rebecca: Are you even listening to me? Do you even care?

John: I’m listening, but no, I don’t care.

Rebecca: Ugh, you’re such an asshole! I can’t believe I’m going home with you.

John: My car is just a few blocks from here…

Rebecca starts to brush more and more of her arm near John’s. Eventually, she pulls her arm back slightly so her breast can touch John’s arms. Her nipples start to become hard and they’re visible through her shirt. John notices…

John: I love the way how your tits are hard just by walking next to me. What are you thinking about?

Rebecca: Nothing really, I’m just cold.

John: I’m thinking about having you bent over my table while I’m pounding you hard and slapping your ass.

Rebecca finally decides to give in on John’s game. She knows it’s going to be a fun night, so she might as well be honest and truthful with John…

Rebecca: I would like that a lot,.

John: I bet you would like my hard throbbing cock in your mouth too.

They’ve finally reached John’s car. John holds Rebecca’s arm and swings her around and grasps the side of her face and goes in to make out with her. Their lips touch and their tongues roll together. John grabs onto Rebecca’s tits giving a gentle squeeze letting her know what he wants. John also starts rubbing his cock against her tight body.

John: I know you feel how hard my cock is. Put your hands on it and love it.

Rebecca unbuttons John’s jeans and dives her left hand in grasping his cock. Sliding her hand up and down on his shaft.

John: Let’s get into the car.

They climb into the car and Rebecca immediately unzips John’s pants while putting his hot cock in her mouth. Feeling the soft skin of his hard cock on her lips turned her on even more. John slips down her shorts and feels how wet her pussy is. He turns out the car and starts driving while she’s bobbing her head up and down oblivious to anything happening around her. She uses her own saliva as lubrication as she goes up and down faster. The only thing that she’s focusing on is pleasuring this bold attractive man.

After 15 minutes John parks his car and they both run up the stairs into his room. Rebecca is ahead of John while going up the stairs but John already has hands rubbing on her clit as she’s walking up the stairs. They passionately takes each others clothes off as soon as they enter in John’s house. John starts kissing on Rebecca’s neck and then nibbles on her ear while she’s still stroking his cock.

Rebecca: I never though (kiss) I would canlı kaçak bahis (kiss) do this (kiss) ever!

John: OK bend over on this table and wiggle your ass for me.

Rebecca bends over the table and holds her ass up high. John places his cock easily in her soft wet pussy. Rebcca lets out a moan and is instantly on an endorphin high. John is looking at Rebecca’s ass bobbing up and down on his cock he grabs her sides and starts pounding her harder. Rebecca is letting out loud moans. They’re no longer humans, they are animals fucking with lust. *Smack* *Smack* Rebecca’s ass turns bright red like an apple. John wets his finger with his tongue and places it on top of Rebecca’s asshole. She turns around…

Rebecca: I don’t want to do that. It’s going to hurt.

John: Have you ever done it before?

Rebecca: No…

John: How do you know it’s going to hurt then? I wont put my finger inside you unless you want me to. I’ll just rub your asshole for now.

Rebecca: OK, oh God this feels so good!

John rubs her asshole and they stop moving back and forth. After a little bit Rebecca slides back into him inserting John’s finger into her asshole. She lets out another moan and now bobs her ass up and down experiencing the pleasure of having both of her holes filled.

Rebecca: Ugggghh I never had my asshole massaged like that.

John: The more I stretch it the better it’ll feel

John slips in two fingers this time and Rebecca takes it like she’s been doing this for her whole life.

Rebecca: *Moans* I want you to put your cock inside my asshole.

John takes his cock and slides right into her asshole. Rebecca leans backwards slowly all the way to his balls. She rubs her clit as her asshole is being pleasured. Both of them panting and moaning furiously while their bodies mingled together.

John: Ugh I’m going to cum soon!

Rebecca: Cum inside me, I want you to so badly.

They both thrust faster and faster, John let’s out a loud moan while his cum fills the walls of Rebecca’s asshole. She cums all over the place at the same time and her asshole contracts on John’s cock making him cum harder.

John thanks Rebecca for her service and tells her that she needs to get out.

Rebecca: What do you mean? You’re just going to throw me out like this?

John: No, not at all, I want to keep this relationship going. You were great, but I’m really tired right now and I can’t have anyone else in my bed while I try to sleep. Right your number down on that pad over there and I’ll give you a call sometime. Here’s my number if you want some more fun.

Rebecca closes the door after entering the hallway. She will always remember this night, but promised herself that she would never do it again. The more she thought about, the wider she smiled. She would never tell her friends what she had done, they would never approve, but the next time something like this happens again she wont be so resistant.

Two days later, she calls John again and the rest is history.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32