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Muriel slipped deftly between trees as she dashed through the darkened forest. She was unarmed and barely clothed without even a pair of shoes to her name. How she had come to be in this situation she wasnt sure, but she could feel the dark shadow that stalked her through the woods. Before her departure she had been given one bit of advice: “Abandon all inhibitions, and you will lose yourself to the pleasure you crave.”

Carefully and methodically the hunter followed her movements. He could strike at any moment, but the thrill of the chase brought the final conclusion even more pleasure. Trevor smiled devilishly, this would be a night to remember.

A tremor of panic and excitement burst through Muriel as she raced ahead. For nearly an hour now she had been stalked and her sides burned with exhaustion. Shortly she came to a small creek and paused only momentarily to drink before splashing on ahead. Muriel worried that the delay would cost her, but as she tossed her head over her shoulder to try and spy the hunter she could see nothing. Breathing a sigh of relieve she pushed herself harder and sprinted farther ahead.

Suddenly Trevor stepped out from a tree infront of her and wrapped his arms around her tightly. Muriel wriggled, trying to break free but his well muscled arms held her to his bare chest. With another wicked grin Trevor pressed his mouth to her neck and began kissing and sucking, scraping his teeth lightly across her flesh. Relaxing slightly Muriel let out a small moan, thinking the game at an end, but Trevor quickly released her and lept to an overhead branch.

“Run my darling,” he taunted. “Wouldn’t do for you illegal bahis to be caught so soon.”

Gaining her second wind, with the excitement of nearly being captured pulsing through her, Muriel turned and spurred herself forward. The forest seemed to grow denser and the trees larger with each step she took, at some points forcing her to backtrack and find a path through the underbrush. Behind her she could hear Trevor leaping from tree to tree in pursuit and she knew she would soon be caught if she didn’t get lucky.

Trees flew by in a blur as the beautiful goddess of a woman whipped her way through the forest. She constantly changed direction and dashed between small openings hoping to throw off her pursuit. Just as she believed herself in the clear she came to a dead stop. The trees had formed an impenetrable circle, with the only exit being the way she just came. Quickly she twisted around to run back out when she found her path blocked by a giant of a man.

Trevor’s well muscled body gleamed with a thin sheen of sweat, his short hair spiked up and his emerald eyes gleaming even in the near dark of the canopy. He walked slowly towards Muriel and she gazed hungrily at the smooth way his strong form glided over to her.

“It…it seems you’ve got me now, love.” Muriel panted, from both exhaustion and the lust that was creeping over her.

Trevor reached up and ran a large but gentle hand across her cheek, staring into her beautiful eyes. Without a word he smiled and kissed her passionately. As their lips met Muriel could feel fire and electricity running through her body. The kiss seemed to steal her remaining energy illegal bahis siteleri and she collapsed against him.

Pulling back Trevor gazed into her eyes again and reached down to remove the tattered skirt, the only clothing she was wearing. He ripped it off with one powerful tug before slipping off his own pants. Muriel smiled in anticipation as she saw his seven inch cock standing fully erect at the sight of her amazing body.

Firmly but gently Trevor forced Muriel on to her knees, with her back to him. He grabbed her arms and pinned them against her own back with one hand, meanwhile spreading her legs open with the other. Muriel began panting in hornily as he pushed her forward and brought his cock up to meet her wet pulsing vagina. He smiled as he ran two fingers over her clit, glad to see that the chase had made her horny, and always finding the sight of a horny woman to be the most exciting in the world.

“Oh Trevor,” Muriel moaned. “Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Trevor twisted her arm slightly, not enough to hurt her, but enough to show her who was in charge and slid his big throbbing dick into her eager twat. Muriel let out another long, drawn out moan as he slid slowly into her.

“Mmmm, it’s been soooo long since I felt you in me baby. It feels so good when you fuck me hard.”

Trevor decided to let that comment slide and began pounding her pussy hard. Fucking her hard and deep she could feel his giant penis pushing all the way inside her, stretching her tight twat bigger than she remembered. His balls swung forward, slapping against her clit and she let out a gasp of pleasure with each hit. He began canlı bahis siteleri rolling his hips in a circle thrusting his cock all over inside her, rubbing tight against her G-spot and bringing Muriel to amazing new levels of pleasure.

Muriel felt hornier than she ever had before and began pressing her fine ass against him, moaning louder and louder as little by little his cock sunk deeper into her. Suddenly Trevor grabbed one of her cheeks and cupped it in his large hand, his other hand still pinning her arms down. He slid his hand along her ass till his thumb came to her anus and he began rubbing the rim, pressing in only slightly. Instinctively Muriel recoiled from the thought of anal play but the feeling of him so close, the thrill of the danger made her start shouting his name in among the moans, the ecstasy rolling through her body as she relaxed back against him and reveling in the new sensation of being fucked while having her ass played with.

The waves of a stellar orgasm began building in her sexy body as Trevor thrust his now drenched cock in and out of Muriel’s delicious pussy. She could feel her arms were free and a hand was caressing her curvaceous breasts. Muriel threw her head back and closed her eyes, soaking in the feel of all the different stimuli. At last Trevor could hold back no longer and he let himself go, moaning loudly and thrusting even deeper into Muriel while firing his cum deep into her. The sensation of his semen exploding inside her and the sense of love it gave her broke the floodgates and Muriel gave one massive final moan and shouted “TREEEVVVOORRR” at the top of her lungs as the most incredible orgasm of her life burst over her weary body.

The hunter and the hunted collapsed to the ground together, Muriel laying her head on Trevor’s broad chest. She sighed happily as he wrapped his arms around her and they both closed their eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32