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Claire paced the hall in agitation. At her best she had never been patient in nature but as nervous as she was now the forced wait was only irritating her more. Her nerves were rubbed raw but she was trying desperately to maintain her composure. She needed this job. Needed it in the worst way. Working at Jacks little a vaunt guard gallery these past few months had been fun, but it was doing precious little to get her foot in the right doors. Sure she was meeting truckloads of incredible artists, but they were all of the starving variety. Claire had had her fill of that and then some. She left her tiny town to escape the days of Ramen noodles and Bologna sandwiches not wallow in them even deeper. She needed the clout and the currency that came with a position in a respected auction house if she was ever going to get anywhere other then coffee shops and poetry readings. Besides which, things with Jack were starting to get messy. She liked him well enough and all things considered he was one of her better lays, but he was starting to see rings and babies where Claire still saw open spaces. It was time to move on and she knew it, but it was hard to follow through when she spent most of her free time with him at the gallery.

Claire forced herself to smile as a seemingly endless stream of impeccably clad assistants drifted in in and out of the surrounding offices. She allowed herself a fateful moment to check her reflection in the glass of a painting and knew instantly that she was dressed entirely wrong. Her fitted black slacks, heeled boots and cranberry silk shirt stood out like a sore thumb amidst the tailored suits and stiletto heels that continued to pass her by. She was to curvy. To funky. To something… feeling even more nervous then before she flopped herself into a chair only to hear the gentle sound of her name being called.

“ Mr. Edwards will see you now.” and with a flourish the secretary opened the heavy mahogany doors leading into the office.

Claire gave herself a brief pep talk, reminding herself that she had every right to be interviewing for the position and that the blonde Barbie doll of a secretary was probably there to give the old man head when he got tense so she shouldn’t be concerned by her. Her courage fortified enough to allow her to walk and she strode boldly into the office and found herself face to face with Davis Edwards. He had his eyes fixed on the monitor in front of him and glanced up briefly as she entered, waving her in with an impatient hand. Claire realized with a shock how young he was. Young and handsome. Maybe early thirties she thought. He was clean shaven with a full head of thick dark hair and slightly olive skin and he obviously worked out. Beneath the crisp linen of his shirt Claire could easily see the taut lines that defined his arms and chest. He was tall, probably around six foot two, and his voice was dark and smoky as he dealt with the person on the other end of the video conference.

Edwards glanced up long enough to give her the once over and show her what she thought were the most stunning silvery gray eyes she had ever seen. He didn’t give her much of a look but motioned to a chair for her to sit. Claire tried not to fidget as she looked him over, but there was something about him that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. There was an electricity to him, a magnetism. Claire studied the long taper of his thick fingers as he punched up information on the keyboard. The hands were smooth, and the nails manicured, nothing like the hands of the other men she had known. There were no traces of dirt or paint or clay. No calluses or patches of dry skin. She noted absently that no rings adorned the fingers and then wondered at herself for paying attention.

After what seemed to Claire an eternity Davis Edwards finally stood up to greet her. He extended his hand across the dark wood desk and apologized for making her wait.

“ It’s an unfortunate circumstance of my position.” he explained. “ Even when I clear my schedule I’m still to busy to keep my appointments.”

His laugh was soft and rich and Claire found herself almost giggling as she reached across to shake his hand. She felt her face flush as their hands touched. There was that current again. An energy passing from this man to her that made her shiver. She pulled her hand away abruptly and to quickly dropped down into her seat again. Edwards paged his secretary through the intercom and asked her to hold all calls, then looking up at Claire illegal bahis again asked if she would like a drink. Claire shook her head, although she would have gladly taken a strong glass of wine right then to quiet her nerves. Edwards retrieved her file from the top of his desk and looked it over, glancing from the pages of the application to Claire and back. He pulled softly on his lower lip as he read and Claire found herself absolutely transfixed by the gesture. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat realizing with a start that he was turning her on! Something about his long fingers tugging against the soft fullness of his lips was making Claire squeeze her thighs together keep the fire that had suddenly sprung from her clit under control.

Absently she began tugging at the buttons of her shirt, instinctively trying to get a little air. She had just pulled another button open as he sat down in the chair opposite her and she was painfully aware that with every shift of her body he would be getting an eyeful of her cleavage.

“ Am I making you nervous Claire?” he asked gently

Claire tittered. “ Oh no, no of course not. I just seem to be having some trouble with my button.” She knew as soon as the words left her lips how incredibly silly she had sounded and began frantically trying to get the button refastened only to find her fingers were trembling to much to work.

Edwards was walking deliberately towards her as she fumbled with the button. He smelled, musky and exotic, like some incredible erotic incense. The closer he got the harder it became for Claire to concentrate on the button.

“ I think I do make you nervous.” he said with a slight laugh.

He reached out with one hand and stopped her work at the button. In one quick feline motion he was down in front of her pushing her hands softly to her side.

“ Why don’t you let me have a try. You don’t seem to be able to get it to work.” he said as his hands reached toward the delicate fabric. The long fingers found the button and the button hole and he leaned in slightly as he took them in hand. Claire felt her pulse fluttering in her chest and in spite of herself closed her eyes to drink in the aroma of him so tantalizingly close. She didn’t notice him put the file folder on the floor as he reached a finger out to trace a line down her throat to her breastbone. She shivered again as he made contact with her skin, and cursed the slight moan that escaped her lips. With one quick tug he pulled against her shirt and the neat little row of buttons popped open revealing the black lace bra beneath. She kept her eyes closed, her breathing shallow as his finger again traced a line across her chest and with painful slowness across the tops of her breasts.

“ Black lace lingerie seems a bit inappropriate to wear to a job interview Claire.”

His voice was huskier now and very close to her ear but Claire could still not bring herself to open her eyes. The logical part of her brain knew she should get up, knock this guy on his ass and leave, but that damn tension she had felt at their first touch held her firm.

“ I do run a highly respected and very public business here you know? We’re not in the business of seducing our clientele.” his voice was firmer now but his fingers continued their exploration over the tops of her breasts, brushing the stiff lace aside long enough to graze her nipples which responded readily to his touch.

Edwards slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders and pushed it and her shirt down off her arms as he reached behind to undo the clasp. As soon as the air touched Claire’s hyper aroused skin she felt her breasts swell and her nipples harden even more. He was directly in front of her now, his hands freely exploring her flesh.

“ Do you always allow potential employers to feel you up Claire?” he asked as he expertly massage her breasts. Claire felt the heat rising in her cheeks.

“ No.” she answered weakly

His face was next to her ear as he whispered, “ Then why am I?” and dipped his lips to the sensitive hollow of her neck, kissing the silken flesh with slow wet kisses.

Claire rolled her head back and felt her knees start to go weak. No man had ever been this slow and delicate with her before. They were always in to big a rush to give her body more then perfunctory exploration, and yet here she was in the office of a man she did not know feeling the tentative trembling of an orgasm as he did nothing more then touch her breasts.

She illegal bahis siteleri opened her eyes and looked at him really for the first time since entering the office. He returned her gaze and once again she found herself taken in by his steely gray eyes. Her logical being was screaming fiercely for her to get up and leave even as she reached her hand to his face and touched him, again feeling that incredible jolt of energy pass between them. She ran a finger slowly over his lips and across his jaw, watching him watching her. Without thinking she raised herself up on tiptoe and brought her mouth to his feeling his tongue slip between her lips, his hands travel up her back and into her hair. He pulled it sharply breaking their embrace and smiled sarcastically at her.

“ I’m going to fuck you now Claire.” he said flatly. “ I’m going to fuck you until we can’t fuck any more and then, when we’ve gotten that out of our systems, I might still consider interviewing you for this position; or any other position I see fit.”

Claire knew she was blushing, knew that the heat rising between her legs was clearly visible on her face. What in the name of God was she doing? This was a job interview, and not just any job interview! Davis Edwards for gods sake!!! Head of possibly the most premier art auction house in the world. She was supposed to be coming in here showing him she was a professional. She was supposed to be showing him that her modern eye was exactly what his company needed to keep abreast of the times. No where in her master plan was she supposed to allow him to seduce her, to literally charm the pants off of her. The logic of the argument played itself to a vacant audience in her head. Claire was, in spite of herself, surrendering herself to his touch. As his lips bent to suckle gently on her swollen nipples the little logical voice in her head grew ever fainter. She cradled his head against her pushing him gently towards her and arching her back slightly as he took in more of her breast flesh. Suddenly the Why didn’t seem to matter. All she understood was the pleasure of his hands and mouth on her body.

She reached up and undid his shirt sliding her hands over the smooth hairless surface of his chest, scraping her nails against the hardened points of his nipples before circling them with her tongue. Moving in unison they quickly did away with the remainder of their clothes as their hands explored each other. They were a tangle of lips and fingers, tongues and nails, devouring each other. Edwards pushed her to the carpeted floor and gently parted her legs sliding his strong hands along the smoothness of her inner thighs. He took her leg in his hands, kissing her ankles, calves and thighs. He was so close to her pussy now that she could feel his breath tickling her swollen lips. She raised her hips slightly waiting to feel his mouth on her only to find that he had begun to move down her other leg. She wriggled impatiently as he continued to kiss, and caress the skin surrounding her aching pussy, teasing her to the point of madness by not touching her where she needed it most. As she felt his hand travel up her side she took hold of it and guided it down to her dripping hole. She slid his fingers across it warm wetness allowing him to feel how aroused she had become. He slipped his fingers away and brought them up to her own lips, glossing them with her own wetness and then leaning in to lick them.

“ Ummm…you taste as sweet as you look Claire.” he whispered. He lowered his mouth onto her pussy lips and began to slowly lick and suck. He dipped his tongue into her moist folds as his hands snaked under her hips bringing her closer to his mouth. Claire moaned, rolling her hips instinctively as she felt her pussy walls trying to grab hold of his tongue. She snaked her own hands into his hair and pushed his face into her cunt feeling his nose rub her clit into a hardened nub as he ate her pussy into orgasmic bliss.

“Oh Lord!” she cried out, grinding herself against his eager tongue for all she was worth. “ Oh fuck! Eat my pussy! Oh yessss!” Claire was shocked at the bawdiness of her own words. She’s never been a prude in bed but such wantonness was entirely new to her. She didn’t care though. All she understood was the incredible sensation of his mouth devouring her aching pussy.

“ Come for me Claire.” he said firmly. “ Let me taste you.” and with that he took her entire clit into his mouth and began to suck on it hard. Claire gasped, feeling the canlı bahis siteleri climax start low in her abdomen. She bucked furiously against him, but he held her firm, slurping greedily on her pussy, drinking down every drop as she came hard and fast.

When he finally let her go Claire sank exhausted into the carpet. She could see his thick cock standing out angrily searching for it’s target, but he kept his hands soft and gentle on her body. He leaned in to kiss her, allowing her to taste the warm sweetness of her own cum on his lips. “ You’re amazing Claire.” he whispered. “ I’ve never known a woman as uninhibited as you in all my life.”

“ It’s easy for me to be uninhibited.” she said seductively, her hands tracing across his abdomen and down to his hardened cock. She began to stroke it slowly, taking time to rub the gossamer head and smear the glistening drop of pre-cum across the tip. “ I don’t know you Mr. Edwards.” She tugged gently at his cock causing him to inch closer to her as his hands continued their delicate dance across her skin.

He smiled at her softly, “ I think you can call me Davis.”

“ Davis?” Claire said sliding one leg up to expose her pink and swollen pussy. She watched his eyes on her body, zeroing in on what he wanted most. “ You promised you were going to fuck me remember?” She threw one leg over him, straddling him with his back to the dark wooden desk. Her dripping cunt was hovering inches above his cock now and again she could feel the electricity passing between them. He was looking directly at her now, his hands cupping her face, thick fingers tracing her lips. She sucked obligingly on his fingers as they passed across her mouth, rolling her pussy over the head of his cock. She smiled wickedly as he sucked in his breath. “ Are you all talk Davis or are you a man of your word?” The tip of his cock was nestled at the entrance to her pussy now. She flexed her vaginal muscles, nibbling his head until it was just inside her. She guided his hands to her hips and held herself there, as her pussy gently milked his cock head.

In one fast motion he pulled her down on to his dick and rolled her back onto the carpet as he began to piston in and out of her.

“ I always keep my promises Claire.” he said huskily “ and I plan on thoroughly fucking every delicious inch of you.”

Claire wrapped her legs around him grinding herself against him, feeling his heavy balls slapping against the crack of her ass.

“ Do you like that?” he growled pumping her faster now. “ Do you like being filled with my cock, having your pussy pumped by a man you don’t even know?”

Claire purred her agreement, rolling her head back and arching her hips to meet his thrusts.

“ Tell me what you want Claire, tell me .” he demanded as he drilled her deeper and faster then she had ever been before. Taking her almost to the brink but stopping just before she could get her release. He reached for her and quickly pinned her arms above her head as he pushed himself in to the hilt. His face was in front of her now and he looked deeply into her eyes, locking her gaze, holding her in the moment with him, but keeping his cock utterly still and buried inside her.

“ Tell me what you want.” it was barely a whisper against her cheek but Claire new in that instant she could not deny him.

“ I want you to fuck me Davis.” she said plainly and felt him begin to roll against her again as she matched his rhythm.

“ I want you to fuck me Davis…Fuck me….fuck me…” her head hung limp by her side as her nails dug deep into the carpet and her back arched up pushing his cock in as deep as it could go. The scream overcame her as she climaxed milking his cock of every drop of its cum. He joined in her orgasm, grunting and bucking against the vice grip of her cunt on his cock. Emptying himself into her until there was nothing for him to do but let go and call out her name.

They collapsed in a heap on the floor of his office, and Claire felt his cock slowly softening inside her.

She smiled contentedly as he lay panting against her chest. “ Do I get the job Davis?” she asked.

He chuckled and pushed himself up on one elbow as he slid free of her. “ Maybe.” he said.

“ What do you mean maybe?” Claire asked indignantly. “ I think I’ve more then met your qualifications.”

Davis smiled and guided her hand to his slowly returning erection.

“ You’re more then qualified Claire.” he said kissing her lips softly. “ I just want to check your oral skills.”

Claire licked her lips lewdly and smiled, knowing she was at last heading in the right direction.

Please excuse any fumblings as this is a fledgling effort on my part.

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32