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This is an unusual story for me. There’s really no plot and no character personality. It was just a filming idea. But since I’ve written it, I’ve seen a couple of videos that are similar.

Episode 41: The Local Club

The screen starts split screen. On the right side, a woman wearing only panties is sleeping on her stomach in her bedroom. Afternoon light is coming through the window. We can see that her hand is down the front of her panties but we can’t tell if she fell asleep that way or if she’s very slowly & lightly teasing herself. She’s barely moving. She’s in her early to mid 20s.

On the left side of the screen is an empty bedroom, also with afternoon light coming in.

The sleeper’s alarm goes off. Eve gets out of bed quickly. She leaves her panties on the floor and goes into the bathroom. We see her wash her face and her body with a washcloth. She brushes her hair and her teeth. She puts on some light makeup and lipstick and perfume. She goes back to the bedroom and looks through her dresser. she tosses a cute bra & panty set onto the bed. She puts on the panties illegal bahis and goes to the closet and takes out some club wear. She puts the top on the bed while putting on the short, very dark skirt and adjusts it. then she puts on the bra and then the dark top.

While this is happening, we saw a woman in her early to mid 20s enters the bedroom on the left side of the screen. Jessica’s a receptionist at company just getting home. She wears clothes designed to be attractive. It’s a professional-looking but short skirt. The blouse is already unbuttoned all of the way and we see a plain, light-colored bra. She has several bracelets and necklaces and some prominent earrings. She tosses the blouse on her bed and takes off the skirt. She goes into her bathroom to freshen up – she checks her hair and dabs some perfume on her neck and other parts of her body. She goes to her closet and picks out some club wear. It’s also 2 pieces and very dark. Then she turns out the light as she leaves the bedroom. When Jessica leaves the room and walks into the living room, her half of the screen expands to fill the illegal bahis siteleri screen, and we no longer have a view of Eve’s bedroom. We watch Jessica walk out of the room and return with a wine bottle and two wine glasses. She puts them on a table and fills the glasses.

About this time, we see Eve emerge from her bedroom. Jessica looks at her and says “I was getting worried that you were standing me up, Eve.”

Eve smiles. “Jessica, you know that I’ve never stood you up. You’re the only one who’s ever done that. Remember our first date?”

Jessica carries a glass of win to Eve and hands it to her. They both drink and smile. “I’ve conveniently forgotten all about that.” They drink again. Eve turns on the iPod which plays some mellow jazz. “Would you like to dance? She puts her drink on the table with the speakers.

Eve walks to Jessica and puts her glass next to Jessica’s. The two girls embrace so they can slow dance. They dance — mostly hold on to each other and sway a little — and lightly kiss occasionally. After a little time, Jessica says “I think you’re a bit canlı bahis siteleri overdressed for this club. Let me help you out.” Eve lets Jessica take off her top and her bra.

“Aren’t you hot in that top?” Jessica lets Eve remove her top and bra. They continue to dance with some more kissing and some caressing. After a little time, Eve says “As the club manager, I’m going to have to insist that we don’t allow skirts in this club.” Jessica shrugs and backs up and stands still. Eve removes Jessica’s skirt. “Might as well take these off too.” Eve removes Jessica’s panties, too. She steps back to admire Jessica’s body.

“And let me help you. I wouldn’t want you to spill anything on that nice skirt.” Jessica takes off Eve’s skirt and then her panties.They dance again, nude except for their heels, kissing and lots of caressing and touching while they dance. When a song ends, they stop with a longer, very passionate kiss. Next, they hold hands and walk back to the table with their drink.They drink some more and Eve asks “What do you think, Jessica? Your place or mine?”

“Mine’s kind of a mess. Let’s be provocative and do it right here in the club.” Jessica leads her to the sofa. they get on the sofa and we watch them trib and continue kissing and sexing until they embrace on the couch for the night and the movie fades out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32