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Dear Readers

I had a chapter sitting in the review file with Literotica for two months, with no action. I have decided to delete the chapter, rewrite and resubmit. I hope to be able to continue publishing about one chapter a week from here on in.

Hope you continue to enjoy.


Maggie watched Bull, pick up his shorts, jock and scamper to his room. She quickly slipped on the bottom to her suit and lay down on the chaise. She wiped the thin coating of her cum off the inside of her legs and then put the thin leather crop under the towel and lay back in the sun to enjoy the afterglow of his servicing.

Passing Brice on the stairs, Jr. came up to say hello to his mother. He stood quietly in the doorway behind her head, and looked longingly at his mother’s body. With the doorway behind her, Annie did not seem him standing there but could feel his presence like a mother always can. Without any indication she was aware of him, she rolled her head to the side as if asleep and gently let her legs fall apart opening her thighs to the sun. Looking down the length of her body, he noticed her breasts spilling out to the sides, straining the fabric of her top. He watched their rise and fall with each breath. He saw the glistening swell of her perspiring tummy leading to an expanse of pink flesh past her belly button, down her hips to her private area. His heavy cock twitched signaling his mind that he wanted her again. He saw the swell of her mons being held in its swollen position by her slinky smooth thighs. He casually stroked his cock as he felt the familiar stirrings caused by the sight of his mother’s body. It had only been a few months since he realized his mother would do what ever he said. He cared deeply for her. He loved and needed her. He needed her now.

“Hi mom, we’re back. We saw you wave at us. I’m glad you are getting some sun. We had a good lunch, got most of what we needed, some of which can’t be delivered until tomorrow or Monday. God, you are beautiful.” Jr. said as he stepped through the door.

“Oh hi Jr., the sun is wonderful” she said as she tipped her head back and, from the upside down position, looked at her handsome son.

“Good, I’m glad that my cumming in your mouth last night helped relieve your anxiety, but now seeing you like this, I need to cum again.” Jr. said, as he walked toward her while unzipping himself. Jr. stood with legs on either side of her head, as she looked up his legs to see his swelling hairless balls and beautiful penis being released from his jeans. He knelt and let his soft long cock dangle down onto her forehead. Without a word or hesitation, his mother tilted her head back to accept the satiny knob into her mouth. She loved her son and if he needed something she would always be there for him.

She felt it spasm in her soft wet mouth as she tongued the underside. Putting his hands on her shoulders he slid his fingers under the straps of her top and pushed them off her shoulders and down her arms. He pulled his hands back then brushed his fingers forward down her chest and under the thin fabric cups of her top. He slowly massaged her breasts and then flexed the back of his hands to shrug off the cups off, exposing the protruding rubbery nubs of her nipples to the sun. He gripped each nipple and pulled gently as he felt his mother circle her lips around his stiffening rod. He marveled at the sight of her breasts and the wonderful weight he encountered trying to lift them up by their little red handles. Sliding his hands to the outside he squashed them together so the areolas touched each other. He pushed harder so the nipples rubbed together. That was so exciting to him that he pushed his penis further into his mother’s mouth.

His rod was getting harder as he stared at her vulva molded exquisitely by her bathing suit. He tilted her head back even more and tried to push his cock down her throat. Looking down at her, it looked like a straight shot from her lips to her womb. Her graceful neck formed a perfect sheath for his cock. He pushed more and his mother’s mouth continued its easy slide along his cock, working her lips closer to his body. His mother gagged on the mouthful so he withdrew slightly, before trying again. He felt the head of cock pass illegal bahis the entrance to her throat and saw her neck bulge from the invader. He pushed harder, the lust overwhelming him, until her lips reached the base of his root. OMG, he felt his mother’s wet tongue touch his scrotum.

His cock was getting rock hard and difficult for his mom to hold him between her lips. He withdrew and moved forward so his testicles lay on her lips. She opened wide and slurped at the saliva and pre-cum that had run down his genitals from her sucking. She took each of his manly treasures in her mouth and sucked gently on them and taking all of them in her mouth, gently but firmly pulled them away from his body. He groaned and quivered with the pleasure. The feeling was exquisite but he craved more. He scooted ahead even more and placed his perineum on her mouth, which meant that her nose was touching his ass. She loved the smell of her son, the smell of his sex. She licked and worshipped this hitherto unexplored area and he gasped with excitement. He rocked back and forth rubbing himself on her talented tongue and felt tingles shoot through his body. He cock ached and his balls tightened. He felt his mother reach up and grab his ass with her hands. She held his toned rounded white ass tight in her grasp as he worked the length his cock along her tongue. His neck constricted and his face contorted. His first load of cum, shot down her body and fell on the mons and thighs. The second thick wave landed on her stomach and the lessening creamy seed covered her tits. He fell forward and braced himself on her thighs as he kissed her tummy. He was amazed at how intense the experience was, how far he had shot, how much cum he had, and how sensitive he now felt. He bent his softening cock down and wiped the drooling end on her upright nipples. He stood up and surveyed his cum covered mother. He also saw a reflection from inside the window. Jake had been watching.

Jake had followed Jr. upstairs and had seen the whole thing. He was so turned on by the action that he masturbated, keeping time with Jr.’s strokes. Unlike Jr., instead of cumming on Annie, he came all over the window.

“Mom, that was fantastic, the best ever,” he said as his legs trembled trying to keep his balance. His mother looked down her body at Jr.’s semen coating her. She smiled at him as she rubbed it all over her skin. She scooped on the globs on her legs with her fingers and slid her hand under the tight bottoms of her suit. Her palm cupped her sex and soothingly smoothed his warm cum on her wet vulva so recently abused by Bull. “Can I take care of you?” Jr. asked as he caught his breath.

“No son, that was enjoyable for me, and I think I need to rest now, if that’s ok with you.” Annie purred.

“Are you sure, I know that Jake and his dad are likely waiting for me but I would be glad to. We will likely work till dinner time. Then since you and Mr. Lumley are going out, Jake and I thought we would head into town to a sports bar.” said Jr., as he zipped up his jeans.

“Ok, now scoot and don’t bother me, I’m going to have a nap in the sun. Before dinner, you will need to come and help me choose what to wear tonight.” his mother replied before adding, “Hand me the baby oil, I have found that cum and baby oil are so good for the skin.’

Jr. had to pull himself away as his mother drizzled the oil onto her chest and mixing it in with Jr.’s semen began to coat her nipples thoroughly before pulling up the cups of her suit to gently protect her sensitive nipples from the sun.

Annie nodded off in the warm sun and only roused herself when she felt the coolness of the shadows caused by the trees blocking the lowering sun. She could hear the men working as she stretched and got up. She returned the riding crop and cover-up to Barbara’s closet and took a leisurely shower. She gently dried herself and then going to the vanity took hold of the large bottle of body lotion. She slid her fingers over the smooth oval bottle and decided it was just about the size of Bull’s penis. She slid her hand up and down a few times to gauge the size and contemplate what a massive tool he had. She pumped some lotion into her hand coated the outside of the bottle and lay the bottle between illegal bahis siteleri her legs. The length of the bottle was short but its girth lay along her vulva and its coolness caused her lips to spread open. She felt the girth, the firmness as her tender nether lips slipped over the slick sides of the bottle. She slipped the bottle along her now creamy furrow and fantasized how Bull’s massive weapon would feel. She felt the lust building up again but knew that she had to get stop it in case her son and the others quit work early. She spent a few minutes wiping the bottle off on her skin, smoothing the collected juices into her slight sunburn and went to her room to choose a quick outfit.

With her skin tingling from the sun, she thought something, light and soft would be best so, she opted for the sundress without a bra or panties. Keep it loose and dangly she thought. She found a pair of flat shoes and went downstairs to pour herself a wine.

Sitting at the dining room table she flipped through some magazines until she heard the sound of three tired sweaty men entering down stairs. “I’ve made myself a drink and I put some cold beers in the fridge for you weekend warriors.” she called out.

“Damn, that sounds great.” came a chorus of voices from downstairs. “We are on our way up.”

Heavy weary footsteps plodded up the stairs with Brice leading the way. He went straight for the fridge, took out three beers and tossed two cans to the boys. He popped his can open and enjoyed the coolness as it slaked his parched throat. “Yes m’am, that sure does hit the spot.” he called out in a loud voice as he plunked himself down at the table. “You got a bit of sun this afternoon Annie, does it hurt?” he asked.

“Not really, but it tingles a bit. I fell asleep while you guys worked, I feel a bit bad about that. While you all take showers, how about I make it up to you by making spaghetti with the sauce I saw in the fridge?” she replied.

“Mom, you did get some good color today with the baby oil concoction you use, you look great.” Jr. exclaimed. “Spaghetti sounds great to me, if it’s ok with everyone else.” he added taking in the sight of his mother sitting at the table with the sun dress modestly open at the neck and hem. He caught his mother’s eye and with hand signals suggested that she undo a few more buttons.

She got the message and asked, “Do you think I got too much sun Jr.?” as she discreetly undid a few buttons at the top to expose more of her chest. “My legs really got the worst of it though.” she offered, as she undid many of the lower buttons, and pulled the hem away to show more of her gorgeous smooth legs.

‘Well you are red, but I think if you put some after sun cream on you might escape the worst of it.” Jr. appraised. All eyes were on his mother as she looked down at her chest and legs. Her cleavage ran down until it dove in behind the folded back bodice of the top. The bottom of the dress was open to just above her knees, and as she raised her leg to show off the color the dress slipped open to mid thigh.

Putting her foot down and standing up, her unbridled breasts rolled and swayed capturing everybody’s attention. “I’ll stay to help while you have your shower Jr., then when you done I’ll take mine.” Jake offered.

“Great, I’m off upstairs. See you all in about 20 minutes” said Brice as both he and Jr. left Annie and Jake in the kitchen.

“What do you want me to do, Mrs. Sullivan?” Jake asked as he lustily looked at Jr.’s mother.

“Lets get some water on, the sauce heating, then set the table” Annie directed with the experience of a good cook. Jake was at the cupboard and watched as she bent over in front of the stove to get out a pot from the bottom. Her dress fell away at the top as her large breasts spilled forward and away from her boand hung down. He had a perfect view of them, and with the gap between them, he was sure he could see all the way down her dress.

Without thinking he absentmindedly stroked adjusted his cock and gave it a slight stroke. Annie could not help but see the effect she was having on the young man and continued to search for a lid. She squatted down opening her legs for balance and let him see her thighs. She saw him more overtly canlı bahis siteleri stroke his thickening member as he watched. Losing her balance slightly she put one knee down on the floor. “Here Jake, can you take this? she asked as she handed him a large pot. He moved forward to take it and with that movement his crotch was right at her face level. Maybe you could take this, he thought. The nice sized bulge was inches away from her nose and as she handed the pot to him, he thrust his hips closer. He could clearly see her chest with the dress barely holding in her tits. He wanted her to notice him.

She looked up at him as he moved even closer. “You want to show it to me again, don’t you? You want me to see you hard.” she asked as if reading his mind.

‘Oh god yes, that was so sexy last night at the lake.” he pleaded.

“I want you to show me, but you need to get things organized first. We don’t have much time.” she said. They worked together efficiently with Jake doing everything she said. They moved to set the table and when finished, Annie sat at the table and motioned for Jake to stand in front of her.

‘Now” she said “Show me now!”

Jake slowly undid the zipper on his jeans and undid the button at the top. He folded back the panels to expose his underwear. He eyes looked at her face which was locked onto his actions. His eyes clouded with lust as he saw her lick her lips. Jake stroked his hardness through the fabric as he watched Mrs. Sullivan stare at his groin. He loved showing off and knew that while his cock was not huge, it was a good size and still a handful. Like a male stripper encouraged by his customers, he reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock. He was flagrant with his display, he wanted her to look at it, he needed her to look at it.

She did. She saw its shiny helmet, the drop of pre-cum in its opening. She saw the look in his eyes, she knew he was an exhibitionist, it was all about him she thought.

“Oh Jake, it’s even nicer than I remember this morning. Show me again how you pleasure yourself.” she cooed.

Jake did not need any further encouragement as he gripped his rod with his right hand. He began long strokes. He stared at her cleavage as she undid another button at the bodice. Her areola were now peeking out, the dress staying on only by catching on her long hard red nipples. He aimed his knob at her face, trying to line it up with her mouth. His pace quickened and some thin syrupy pre-cum dripped onto Annie’s chest. She didn’t offer her mouth, or her hands, he looked at her beseechingly. I need to cum, his eyes pleaded.

They both heard it at the same time, footsteps on the stairs. Jake’s eyes were wild and his hand a blur as he tried to stop jerking off and stuff his throbbing cock back into this pants. He couldn’t stop his arousal and came as he tried to tuck his cock back inside his pants. The spasms of his penis caused the spurts of spray to soak through the front of his pants confirming his release to Annie.

He can be easily trained, Annie thought as she handed him a napkin while adjusting the bodice on he dress at the same time.

“How about another beer before we eat?” Brice suggested.

Annie noticed he was wearing pressed dress shorts and a long Hawaiian shirt that was covered his crotch. A perfect outfit for the evening.

Jake went to have a shower and change his pants as Jr. came up from downstairs to have another beer with Brice. Brice poured Annie another wine to add to the glow from the sun. Both men noticed the dress was gaping more than earlier and that she apparently had spilled something on her chest.

“I’m sorry Annie, I should have told you where the apron was, you’ve got something on your cheek and chest.” Brice said solicitously.

“No worries, just a bit sloppy that’s all, it seems like spaghetti always is’ said Annie looking at Brice, as she wet her finger and wiped off Jake’s pre-cum. She slid her finger in her mouth, like cock in a vagina, as she turned to Jr. Jr. walked over and put his arm around his mother and exclaimed, “What a great place this is isn’t it mom?”

“It sure is Jr., while we are waiting for Jake, why don’t we go upstairs and you can help me figure out what to wear to night. Brice has set a high standard. We must think of his and Barbara’s friends that you are going to see tonight.”

Turning toward the stairs her breasts swung effortlessly under her almost open gown, revealing some and suggesting more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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