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All of the house-staff had been fired at once; exactly one hour after Susan moved in. She arrived at 9am on a Wednesday with her luggage in tow, and a very well-paid house-keeper whom Susan trusted for her discretion and loyalty. Susan then gathered the house-staff together in the kitchen and fired them all on the spot.

Susan knew what she had to do. She more or less left her husband Tony and her children at home, assuring her husband that she would return to him when she had completed her task. She was determined: nobody was going to take her father’s company away from her and nobody was going to cut into her enormous inheritance.

Susan was prepared to do what it took and she was determined to control the situation so everything worked out in her favour as she intended it to. Her sister Jillian would take a back seat to Susan and her claims, the company’s board would be brought to heel, and most importantly Susan’s father would defer to her judgement and he would allow her to direct him, and his company, and his wealth as she saw fit. Jillian was going to be cut out, the war would be over and Susan would have won.

Susan moved into her father’s home without her sister knowing, with her clear plan in mind: she could control her father’s decision making most effectively by controlling his body and more particularly by controlling him through his penis. It was the most outrageous plan, but Susan was sure she would get away with it and surely without Gillian catching on.

Susan’s husband had been left speechless when he was first learnt of his domineering wife’s plan. She had bullied him into it though, reminding him that his own financial position was tenuous and a divorce would leave him almost penniless. Susan got his acceptance and silence, if not his outright approval.

Paul, now in his early sixties, warmly welcomed his daughter, his eldest child, into his home. Susan was a beautiful female – a tall slim feline woman with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, striking green eyes and creamy skin. At 32 years old her features were unblemished apart from some fine lines about her eyes and mouth – her body was tight with subtle curves. Most men were turned on by Susan’s appearance and Paul, despite himself, was no exception.

Paul knew his daughter was a ruthless sort of woman, far more ruthless than he had ever been. She was the sort of person who could fire hundreds of people and not even give it a seconds thought. Or she could openly take a lover with her husband’s knowledge and rub his nose in it – bring her lover home and spend the whole weekend in bed with him, while her husband drank.

The housekeeper admired the way Susan marched in and said she would now be sharing her father’s bed with him. It was all so easy: the older man had a reputation for being easily led by women anyway and he had a soft spot for Susan. He hadn’t been laid in a few years and was easy pickings for a beauty like Susan. Paul had no idea his daughter had fired all the staff, until she told him, while sizing up her father’s bedroom. The housekeeper had hauled Susan’s luggage up the stairs, case by case, and Susan had taken a large unused chunk of Paul’s closet space and just moved all her clothing and other items into his room, while the confused man looked on.

At first, Jillian had no idea that her sister had decided to make such a move – she was angry, but not shocked when she eventually found out. Neither woman really cared about social conventions or taboos, particularly when so much money was at stake and Susan and Jillian were fighting each other over the company and its board composition. It was a bold move and one that made sense to Jillian, though it would have horrified most people. It was a masterstroke and Jillian had to respect her sister for it. Now Jillian understood why she was always losing traction in the war and why Susan had taken so much control from her father in such a short time. Jillian knew her sister was good in bed and no doubt their father was having the time of his life. He was easily manipulated by someone strong and controlling like Susan. Jillian and Susan also both knew that their father had wanted them sexually for years, though he never would have made a move on either of them. Susan merely acted on it and used her father’s hunger for her to gain an advantage – Jillian should have realised and jumped into bed with their father first.

Jillian, at first, however, had no idea Susan had moved into their father’s home and forced her way into his bed. The old man watched – surprised – as Susan laid her suits and dresses out on their bed and then carefully put them away in the closet, all the while advising her father that her marriage was on the rocks and her children despised her. It was a carefully orchestrated lie and Paul believed it, at least for a while.

The issue on Paul’s mind, however, was glossed over for a while, as Susan busied herself. Finally, Paul asked.

“Susan, are you and I going to…”

“Yes father, that’s why I’m here,” Susan replied, putting down a dress she was holding and looking him square in the eye.

“Are you sure we illegal bahis should Susan?”

“Yes, I’m sure dad and judging by that bulge in your pants I think you’re sure as well.”

“Susan, I’m not sure this is a good idea; what would people think honey?” he said, red faced, sitting down to cover the awkward lump in his pants.

“I don’t care what other people think; I think we’ve waited too long as it is,” she said softly, coming around the bed and standing in front of him. “In fact I don’t want to wait a moment longer dad.”

Paul watched his eldest daughter close and lock the bedroom door. It wasn’t even lunch yet when she took off her clothes in front of her father and let him stare at her beautiful body. Susan sat down next to him on the bed and kissed him deeply, slipping her tongue in – twenty minutes later Paul was penetrating Susan’s body for the first time.

The housekeeper always prepared their meals and left them outside their bedroom door on most occasions. She would softly ascend the staircase with the large tray in her hands, listening to the sounds of pleasure coming from behind the bedroom door as she reached the top of the stairs and tip toed down the hall. She would tap on the door after having put the tray down. She never received a reply or a thank you from Susan and Paul when they were in bed together.

Susan was a dark witch, the housekeeper thought. She paid well and was a good employer, but she was manipulating and dominating her father for her own ends. The housekeeper could hear the bed complaining, hear the witch groaning and laughing, and hear the old man whimper from the escalating pleasure. Susan was wearing the old man out, wearing him thin with all that sex. The housekeeper took note and realised that she only ever saw Susan and her father out of the bedroom, just a handful of times and he looked radiantly happy, but pale and old as well. On one occasion Susan went out and left him alone, but she was only gone a few hours. He never seemed to get much sleep; Susan just wouldn’t let him.

“Awwww,” the older man moaned softly.

The older man’s beautiful daughter had continued to gain a greater level of control over her father’s body. He lay there on his bed naked, spreadeagled, a soft pillow under his hips, his legs and belly trembling. His daughter was lying stretched out on her belly between his legs, his penis exposed to her soft warm lips and her slippery hands.

Tonight’s session had been incredible – an excruciatingly slow experience designed to awaken every nerve in his body, to arouse and increase his pleasure, but ultimately to leave him hanging without reaching an orgasm. The old man couldn’t believe his daughter could do something like this to him, but he couldn’t ever stop her, he just wouldn’t stop her.

She had made him lie down on his back just after dinner without a fuss or any pointless argument, and then she had slowly kissed his open mouth, and then his nipples until they stung, and then she had caressed his belly, and then started to work on his cock again. She had slipped a pillow beneath his lower body, causing his penis to jut upwards into space and then she had relentlessly and patiently focused on that exposed spot.

“Awwww,” the old man moaned at his daughter, as she used her soft thumb on her father’s shaft and ran the tip of her tongue over his inflated drooling tip again and again.

“Like that dad,” she asked, laughing softly at his reaction.

“Awwww yes honey.”

She dropped her head once more and took her father’s penis inside her mouth and sank slowly down until her lips sealed comfortably around the very base of his cock and his knob was rubbing inside her throat. She was rewarded with even more clear seeping fluid as she rose and swept her flat tongue against the underside with a flourish on her way back up. Down and up she moved pinching the tip lightly with her lips at the top and pushing hard at the very bottom as she tried to take him deeper inside.

She refused to let him cum. She knew the telltale signs his body gave off and would just stop and wait while he sighed unhappily. She stopped sucking him and waited, ready to start talking about the right to exercise her father’s power of attorney.

“Dad, have you had a moment to think about your power of attorney yet?”

“Yes honey,” he replied.

“And,” she asked, taking his penis in her hand again and stroking him with long wet strokes, smiling at him as she did so.

“Awwww I don’t know honey,” he answered evasively.

“Don’t know?” she asked pointedly, taking her hand away.

He sighed unhappily again. She always opened these discussions when she had him at his most vulnerable. She seemed to be determined to gain control over everything he owned.

“I thought we had an agreement dad?”

“We do honey, maybe if you just keep going and then we can talk about it later, hey?’

“Later,” she asked confused, “we had an agreement; you said you would give me power of attorney. If you want me to keep going then you have to give me what you promised.”

He weighed his options. His daughter illegal bahis siteleri was like a viper – she had invaded his home, fired his staff and brought in her own woman, loyal to her, and then she had started in on him. The woman she had brought in stood as a silent witness as his daughter and him had sex behind closed doors every night and the moaning and roaring started, along with the woman’s soft cold laughter.

“You’re playing a large role in the company now honey, far larger than your sister.”

“We have an agreement dad.”

“Will you keep up your end?” he asked softly, addicted to her and just wanting more.

“Of course dad, I promised and you still retain a great deal of control of the company, you know.

He smiled at her.

“Awwww C’mon dad,” she cooed, grinning. “I’ll keep doing it, like you want.”

She took her father’s penis in her hand and it began to thicken to complete hardness again quickly. She kissed the tip.

“C’mon dad, don’t you want more?”

“Oh god, alright, I’ll give you power of attorney – your sister’s going to kill me though.”

“Don’t worry about her dad, okay.”

Ten minutes later he couldn’t be stopped from cumming. She had finally let her father put his penis inside her pussy. The almost tortuous edging of his penis by mouth and hand had taken almost two hours to complete and he was just a mental wreck as she stripped off her clothes in front of him and mounted him. His penis looked swollen and raw – it was hyper-sensitive and unsheathed.

She looked down at him triumphantly, pleased that she had won this major concession from him – she would hold the power of attorney. She adjusted her hips, moving his penis into place with her fingers. The tip was nestled place against her trickling pussy. She bore down, closing her eyes and threw her head back as her father’s penis broke through and slipt home.

“How’s that dad, hey, worth it now?”

“Awwww honey, yes it’s good.”

“Damned right it is.”

She became a woman possessed with her father’s penis inside her. The older man held her hips tight as she rose and crashed down again and again. Her breasts bounced and her hair flashed about as she held him down, her nails cutting into his shoulders. He barely recognised his daughter – her usually soft features looked hard, birdlike, and almost reptilian and her body no longer looked graceful, it looked sinewy and strong. He groaned with pleasure at her.

She laughed and began to roll, squeeze and grind her hips; she flexed her back, her behind and her pussy all at once. He could feel his daughter’s body working on his erection, wrapping it in tight and crushing it, and then rising and crashing down on it. She was tightening her grip on the head of his penis – clenching and un-clenching and then rocking backwards and forwards and up and down with a squelch.

The older man reached out and caught his daughter’s breasts in his hands and began rubbing the tips. She leant forward and kissed her father hard on the mouth, pushing her tongue inside. He sat up with her in his lap, his penis still inside and held her in his arms.

“Awwww I’m gonna cum dad. Ohhhh gawd dad, I’m gonna cum.!”

He was close as well

He pushed his daughter onto her back and was on top of her now. She groaned in his ear and told him to fuck her hard as fluid seeped and leapt from her pussy. The older man’s scratched and bitten body was on automatic pilot at this point – his daughter had reached her orgasm and was twisting and shuddering beneath him – and he just couldn’t stop thrusting inside her, he couldn’t have stopped, even if someone walked in with a gun, even if the house were on fire.

“Awwww honey, that’s good,” he muttered, as each stroke brought him closer and caused him to whimper.

He looked down at her strikingly beautiful face – she seemed so cold blooded, her features pale like ice and her hair the colour of dark blood in the night light. She appeared to be electrified as if a current of electricity were passing through her body, causing her limbs to rattle and her belly to tremble. She was in the midst of a great orgasm and she was scratching him again

“I love you honey,” he cried as he came.

“I love you too dad – now c’mon c’mon.”

She pulled him down on top of her, causing him to bury his face in her ear. It was such a wicked act – to give himself to his own child like this and to ejaculate inside her like he was. Susan held him tight and grinned, her eyes regaining their steel cool look and her relentless need to control returning, as her orgasm faded. Her father lost his rhythm and began fucking her without any finesse or style. He put it in her deep and pulled a muscle in his back as he shot his semen inside her. It felt so good, as it always seemed to do with his daughter. Again and again he let go, giving his daughter everything he could. The sex left him exhausted and sore.

Within ten minutes Susan had Paul’s signature on the documents – she now had power of attorney. Only now would she let him sleep.

Jillian finally became aware of how canlı bahis siteleri badly her interests were threatened, when Susan’s solicitors tabled the power of attorney at a board meeting one day later. The younger woman knew her older sister must have somehow manipulated their father because Paul had promised that he would never hand over his power of attorney to anyone. Jillian had managed to get the meeting adjourned and then had boarded a plane and flown to New York to see her father and find out what was happening. Jillian found Susan there, dressed only in a sheer robe and finally understood what had happened.

“You bitch Susan; you stooped to this,” Jillian hissed, before saying sweetly. “Dad, are you alright? You look exhausted. Has she hurt you?”

“Dad’s fine Jillian,” Susan said, cigarette in one hand and a glass of scotch in another, her robe falling open slightly as she sat down next to Paul on the lounge. “We’re in love and want to be together.”

“You’re lying Susan; he’s not fine and you have to go. This is sick and wrong.”

“I’m not going anywhere Jillian, and what’s with the whole sick and wrong idea – I think you’re angry because you didn’t get here first.”

The two women began losing their tempers and their voices rose shrill and harsh. Paul tried to calm them down, but they ignored him.

“I’ll marry him, if I have to Jillian!”

“God, you’re crazy Susan. Listen to her dad, she’s insane. You can’t marry him Susan, it’s illegal!”

“I don’t care, I’ll find a way. Change my identity and go to a foreign country – then I’ll marry him!”

“That’s crazy; you’re not taking dad away from me Susan!” Jillian screamed hysterically.

Susan was almost ready to attack Jillian, but Paul stepped in and held his older daughter back.

“Jillian, I think it’s best you go now honey. Just give things time to cool down.”

“Dad,” Jillian asked upset.

“Yes, just go Jillian,” Susan said, smiling, in her father’s arms.

“I’ll put a stop to this, I promise,” Jillian exclaimed, “I’ll get in between you two I promise; I’ll stop this! You’re not taking what’s mine Susan! I’ll take dad from you bitch – I’m younger and I’m better looking than you are!”

Then the younger daughter stormed out.

The housekeeper, always discrete, watched from a distance. The witch was seducing her father again now that the intruder was gone, she was using her delicious body to captivate and entrap her father again. The witch wanted to distract him; make him forget Jillian and focus on her. It worked.

Paul held his older daughter in his arms and she pressed herself against him and stroked his penis with her fingertips through his pants.

“You horny dad?”

“Oh honey, I…”

“C’mon, let’s go upstairs and do it again dad,” Susan whispered in his ear, still stroking his now hardening cock. “C’mon dad, let’s do it again.”

“Oh god, okay Susan.”

The housekeeper didn’t see the old man or the witch all the next day. Susan finally came down, dressed in her robe and raided the fridge for food and alcohol. The housekeeper noticed the sheen of dried perspiration on her skin, the bruised shoulders and Susan’s sticky looking hair.

In the bedroom Susan had lain by his side, had applied lubricant to his thick penis and then gently stroked him by hand with soft up and down movements. She still needed him to sign more documents, related to control of his vital overseas assets and bank accounts. She knew her sister would be back and would be determined to take her older sisters place in their father’s bed. Susan wouldn’t let her father change his mind and remove the power he had handed her because Jillian was trying to control their father’s penis and call the shots.

Jillian was correct when she said she was younger than Susan – Jillian was 28 years old, and Jillian was correct when she said she was better looking than Susan – Jillian’s hair was fairer and her face more beautiful – her body was tighter and her skin finer.

The younger daughter rescued her father from her older sister one evening when Susan was compelled to go out and leave her father alone. Jillian had Paul’s home under surveillance and had arranged for someone to call Susan and mention that her younger sister was trying to call a meeting of the company’s auditors and investigate Susan. The older sister just blindly accepted the claim and left her father’s home without even checking the story first. Jillian couldn’t believe it worked – she swept in once Susan left and convinced her father to come with her, over the objections of Susan’s housekeeper. By the time Susan realised what was up and returned to her father’s place, Paul and Jillian were boarding a private jet for Los Angeles.

The housekeeper was fired on the spot, by a furious Susan. Then the older daughter brought in a hastily thrown together team of investigators to discretely find her father. They reported back 24 hours later – father and daughter were last seen in Los Angeles, but nobody knew where they were now. Jillian and her father were actually in San Francisco, having taken a further flight from Los Angeles. Then just hours later, events caught up with Susan – the power of attorney was revoked and the control Susan had so carefully amassed began to erode as Jillian got her hooks into her father and started calling the shots.

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