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Okay, I think most of my regular readers will like this naughty family romp. What started as just a ‘father lusting after his sexy daughter’ story just freaking took off and before it is over, Mom will be joining in as well as big brother. This is projected to be a four part story (three parts ready to go and the fourth nearing completion), which I hope to unveil week by week over the next month or so. Its fun, its naughty…let me know what you think!

As always, this is a work of fiction and all characters in it exist solely within the confines of my imagination. Enjoy!

Part 1 – Naughty Daddy’s Naughty Daughter

It was past midnight, Saturday over and Sunday beginning when I was heading up the stairs to go to bed when I’d heard noise coming from my son’s room. I paused at the head of the staircase, my hand still on the railing as I considered the sound of something being bumped into or maybe dropped. I had just made my rounds, checking that the doors were all locked and the downstairs lights were out and I knew that since Scotty was four hundred miles away, finishing up graduate school and my wife was sound asleep in our bedroom, I had a pretty good idea who was messing around in his room.

Softly, I walked down the hallway and stood silently in front of the door and when my daughter tried to quietly slip out only to turn and bump into me, I managed to scare her, a shrill yip escaping her lips before she clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle herself.

My daughter, Jill, stamped a bare foot on the floor and said in a squeaky whisper, “Daddy! You scared me to death.” Her dark brown eyes were wide and she managed to open them wider as she prepared to go into her “big puppy dog eyes” mode, on the off chance she was in trouble.

“Jilly, you know you’re not supposed to be in your brother’s room. We always taught you both to respect each other’s privacy.”

I could see my daughter’s intelligent face working out the solution to avoid being in trouble and the sly smile creeping across her face as she went with her best weapons. My nineteen year old daughter stood up straight, allowing her large and very firm breasts to thrust out against the silky cloth of her pajamas, almost brushing my chest, knowing full well that she was offering up a very distracting view of her cleavage from between the considerably unbuttoned portion of her pajama top.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong, Daddy — just borrowing a couple of Scotty’s movies.” She brought up a handful of disks quickly and then dropped her hand back down to her thigh, almost putting her hand behind her back, moving that leg forward as if to distract me — her long and shapely leg turning outward enough to show her toned inner thigh in her pajama shorts. “Diana and I were bored and thought we’d watch some movies.”

Diana was one of her best friends from all the way back to grade school and home for a week on Spring Break. Friends since they were both little, the girls had been having sleepovers at each other’s home for as long as I could remember…a tradition they’d kept up even after graduation whenever the opportunity arose.

“Uh huh,” I responded. “And what movies might those be?”

Jill looked down, already figuring out that she was busted, but she tried to delay by slowly brushing her long, blonde hair back, her actions exposing a bit more of her bountiful cleavage and making her firm breasts bounce enticingly. But, realizing she had no way out, she let out a long suffering sigh and handed them to me.

One was entitled “HARD COCK & YOUNG PUSSY,” the cover on the DVD showing a young, dark haired woman with legs spread sitting atop a large penis and facing away from her male friend. Surrounding the pornographic image were inset shots of several young women taking cum shots to their faces, large cocks hovering over their open mouths. The other had the oxymoronic title of “MATURE DYKES WHO LOVE COCK!” illustrated by a redheaded woman having her pussy licked by a older ash-blonde haired woman who was lying on her side, left leg lifted high while a young, heavily muscled man buried his cock inside her shaved pussy.

“Really, Jilly…porn?” I managed to say with a steady, even voice, trying to pretend my own cock wasn’t twitching to life under my old, flannel robe. “You and Diane are raiding your brother’s porn stash?”

My daughter looked at me a little coyly and shrugged her shoulders, making the exposed portion of her breasts bounce slightly which in turn made my cock twitch more than slightly. “What can I tell you, Daddy? Diana and I are just sorta bored and we’re both a bit horny and well…” She grinned at me evilly and again shrugged her shoulders, again making those pert breasts of hers bounce.

I let out a long suffering sigh and handed the DVDs back to her and said, “Make sure your mother doesn’t find them and put them back where you found them, Jilly.”

Jill giggled and then impulsively rising up on her toes, kissed me on the cheek, her young, lush body rubbing up against me, making my cock illegal bahis stand up and take notice. “Thanks, Daddy!” she giggled and I wondered if she could feel the rising tent under my robe.

She scooted around me and bounced enticingly back towards her room as I turned and watched, not for the first time taking in the sexy vixen that was my daughter. Jill or Jilly as I had called her since she was little, stood five feet, seven inches tall. She was tall and curvy with a lovely, impish face framed by long blonde hair that hung down halfway down her back. She had big, firm breasts — 38D according to the various lacy bras I often found in the wash. She had long, toned legs, muscles firmed up by years on the soccer team. She was beautiful and sexy and I had been having impure thoughts about her since she’d hit puberty.

Once she closed her door behind her, pausing just long enough to give me a sexy wink that would cause most men to cum in their pants, I headed towards the master bedroom where my wife Sandra was sleeping. The image of my lovely daughter and her friend watching hard core porn halted me in my steps. Diana was a black haired version of my daughter with larger, more pillow-like breasts and I recalled many delightful moments at my daughter’s soccer games watching her run up and down the field, Diana’s sports bra doing little to mask the stunning vision of her breasts bouncing up and down.

I turned around and went back downstairs, making my way to the small bar in my den and having a couple of fingers of the good single malt scotch as I contemplated my perverted thoughts. I sometimes wondered how much my daughter knew of my attraction to her — that as she had blossomed into a shapely and sexy young woman, I was nearly helpless in trying to take my eyes off of her.

Certainly, she knew she had her father wrapped around her little finger. She always had, after all, she was my sweet Jilly, my little girl whose happiness was paramount to my own. By her late teens, she knew she could get what she wanted from me by acting flirtatiously coy, wearing her skimpy outfits — short shorts, halter tops, bandana tops, and when all else failed, brushing up against me as she nibbled on her thumb. By then, I was usually a sweaty, cock-throbbing mess, unable to refuse all but her most outrageous requests.

Fortunately for me, I was married to the most understanding woman in the world. Sandra, a raven-haired beauty, much more zaftig than her daughter with brilliant green eyes made even sexier by the cat’s eye glasses she’d been wearing since we met in college. She was the sensible parent that slapped down Jilly’s more extreme requests and while recognizing my lusty attitudes towards our daughter, she had never objected knowing that she would be the chief beneficiary of my incestuous thoughts.

Sandra and I had married right out of college with our son Scotty already growing inside my wife’s womb. Jilly had come along four years later and we could have been spokespersons for the modern happy nuclear family. By the time Scotty was finishing high school and Jilly hit puberty, we were still happy, but our marriage — especially our love life was a little stale. I had some health issues at the time and had difficulty sometimes even getting it up. Then Jilly went from sweet little girl to sexy Lolita seemingly overnight and one afternoon after watching her waltz nonchalantly through the house in a bikini that should have been illegal for anyone her age to wear, I found myself sporting harder wood than I’d had in several years.

I went caveman on Sandra and had practically dragged her upstairs where I fucked her harder than I had since we were still in our twenties. Afterwards, while Sandra tried to catch her breath, her legs spread wide, her thick labia spread wide below her neatly trimmed black bush, she had asked me in an appreciative voice, “What the hell got into you, John?”

I was sitting up in bed, gazing down at my wife, enjoying the sexy view of her meaty breasts rolling as she gasped for breath. I started to make something up, but I had never been good at lying to her and while I tried to think of something, the image of my daughter, coltish legs and newly budding breasts, scarcely concealed by a tiny, pink and white polka-dotted bikini came into my mind and for the second time in an hour I had an erection any teenage boy would have been proud of.

I didn’t answer my wife’s question, but instead climbed back between her solid thighs and fucked her again. It was a wild and animalistic fuck — both of us biting and clawing at each other, Sandra eventually winding up on top, riding me as the sweat poured off her body and her pendulous breasts flying about as a carnal lust swept us away that at age thirty-nine, we hadn’t felt in a long time. It ended with me on top again, thrusting my cock deep into my wife’s pussy like a man gone insane.

We’d slept and then I’d awoken to Sandra giving me head, her tongue cleaning my cock of her pussy cream and sperm, her head bobbing slowly up and down between my legs. illegal bahis siteleri I still hadn’t answered her question, but she had been studying on it and suddenly she lifted her head and glared at me. Her hand wrapped around my limp penis, my wife said with utter certainty, “Jill got you turned on, didn’t she? You saw her in that slutty little bikini I told her not to wear and she made your cock hard as a rock…your own daughter, John.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but my lust and my cock betrayed me as the very recollection of my daughter made my penis begin to swell. Sandra looked at me with a stern, disapproving look for a moment, then a grin broke out on her face. “John, you fucking pervert. Jill’s put new life in your dick, hasn’t she?” My wife began stroking my growing cock as she continued talking. “Those growing titties of hers and those long legs get you excited and I bet you damn near cum just thinking about what’s between those pretty legs, don’t you…Daddy?”

I groaned and nodded as I gasped, “Yes, fuck it. Yes. I’m sorry, honey. It just happened. I didn’t even plan it. I saw her…I saw Jilly and well…”

My wife laughed and said, “I don’t care, John.” She gave my now erect cock another long and loving lick. Still keeping a tight grip on my cock, she began crawling on top of me, her free hand taking hold of my chin as she hovered over me, lowering her head until our lips were almost brushing and we could see our reflections in each other’s eyes. In a voice choked with lust, my wife again repeated, “I don’t care, John. You’ve fucked me like you haven’t since we were kids and I love it. Peek at our daughter all you want so long as this big, hard cock winds up in me at night!”

And that’s what had happened. The last six years had been the best sexually of our twenty-three years of marriage. If our daughter was at home, more likely than not, Sandra and I were having hot sex — not always inspired by Jilly, my wife having her own charms, but more than enough times that Sandra had swallowed her dislike of many of our daughter’s more provocative outfits, knowing that even if I got only a quick glimpse of Jill scantily dressed, I was likely to reward my wife with at least one hard, impassioned fuck.

In the utter stillness of the early morning hour, I heard a door above me open and close, then the toilet flush and then a little giggle as my daughter or her friend made their way back from the bathroom. I finished the last of my scotch and made my way back upstairs. As I started down the hall, I paused in the just used bathroom and flicked out the light switch that had been left on…a penny saved is a penny earned. In the now darkened hall, a minute strip of light shone from my daughter’s not quite closed bedroom door.

I stood in the middle of the hallway and just listened. Girlish whispers and faint music came through the sliver of open door. Quietly in my socked feet, I found myself drawn towards that light…almost dragged to it, my semi-erect cock leading the way. As silent as a ghost, I eased up to the door and peered inside.

I felt my cock go to full erection with even a spurt of pre-cum as I spied my daughter and her friend Diana sitting up against the old oak headboard of Jilly’s bed. Jilly had lost her pajama top and her large, firm breasts, still easily resisting the forces of gravity were perfectly visible, full and round, capped by dark and reddish puffy aureoles with thick nipples that eerily resembled her mother’s. Diana was wearing a modest baby-doll negligee, white and opaque, but spread wide, almost off her shoulders, revealing her huge tits that were slung lower on her chest, two inch long nipples the size of dimes jutting out of aureoles more pinkish than Jilly’s red ones.

I stifled a moan as I watched them both rubbing their crotches — Jilly rubbing her pussy through her pajama bottoms while Diana worked fingers over a large wet spot in the white panties that matched her negligee. Both were avidly watching a television somewhere beyond my view. The sounds of wet fucking and women’s moans mixed with gasps and comments from my daughter and her friend.

“Fuck it, look at the size of that cock!” moaned Jilly. “He’s so big, he can barely get it inside her cunt!” My daughter’s hand was rubbing her crotch roughly.

“What about that hot bitch’s tongue,” gasped Diana. “Look how long it is and what it’s doing to the redhead’s pussy. Look how she makes her cum — she’s practically spraying pussy juice. Look how wet that bitch’s face is. Fuck, I’d love to lick all that pussy juice off her face!”

Jilly giggled and stuck her tongue out at her friend. “Yeah, I thought that slitlicker reminded me of someone. Me, I wanna big old cock fucking me is what I want right now.”

Diana floored me by suddenly getting into my daughter’s face, her mouth swallowed Jilly’s tongue and the two kissed for a moment. When the kiss broke, Diana kissed her way down towards Jill’s swollen nipples, saying, “I want cock too. I want a big dick fucking me while I lick your little pussy.”

Jill canlı bahis siteleri purred as Diana’s tongue danced around her thick, blood engorged nub and began to wiggle out of her pajama shorts. “Mmmmm, maybe I should go wake up Daddy and have him dick you while you eat me, sweetie!”

My daughter’s friend giggled as she slithered down on the bed further, helping Jilly drag her pajama bottoms off and flinging them away, almost hitting the barely open door I was peeking through. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Jill. See your daddy’s big dick pumping me, warming up on my pussy before he fucked you with it!” She slid a hand through my daughter’s suddenly naked pussy, clean shaven and her long pussy lips blossoming, revealing her sweet pink and very wet cunt meat.

Jilly gasped as Diana slipped a finger inside her. “Fuck, girlfriend. You are a kinky bitch!”

Diana leaned in and flicked her tongue over my daughter’s wet pussy. “I’m kinky? Fuck, I’ve seen how your father looks at you. I’ve seen the big tent in his pants after you play the cock teaser with Daddy. He wants to fuck your brains out and you, you slut, you’re getting wetter the more I talk about your Daddy putting his cock inside your sweet pussy!”

My daughter’s legs flew upwards as her face screwed up in ecstatic delight while Diana began to lick Jilly’s cunt with a passion. She wormed two fingers into Jilly’s pussy hole, twisting and turning them as her tongue fluttered over her dripping wet flesh. “Oh yeah, you’d like to fuck your Daddy, wouldn’t you, bitch?” teased Diana. “Bet he’s got a hard cock…thick and long and it’s always hard for his sweet Jilly!”

Jilly’s body jerked and convulsed, her fingers furiously pinching her nipples as her life long best friend lapped at her pussy. “Yessssss,” my daughter hissed. “I want to fuck Daddy. I want him to make me scream like he makes Mom scream!”

My head was spinning and I had to reach out to the wall to keep from toppling over. I suddenly realized my robe was undone and my cock was jutting out between the fly of my pajamas and I was nearly ready to cum as my hand stroked it feverishly. I took one last look at my daughter and her friend, the image of her squirming body writhing under the assault of Diana’s writhing tongue and now three fingers stirring inside her tight pussy to be forever burned into my memory. Frantically, she reached out and grabbed a stuffed teddy bear I’d won her at a county fair years ago and pressed it against her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure.

I staggered away, the need to cum insistent and I made my way to the bedroom where my wife was buried under the covers, snoring steadily. I switched on a low wattage lamp on my side of the bed and climbed into bed, walking on my knees to the center, tugging on the heavy quilt and sliding it off my wife’s sleeping form.

She mewled unhappily in her slumber, reaching for the covers, but I held them fast as I reached out and stroked her shoulder. “Sandra…baby, lets make love,” I said softly, gently shaking her shoulder.

“Mnnnnngggggg…I’m sleeping, John,” she moaned, still mostly asleep, her hand flailing at the air as if to push me away.

I bent down and kissed my way up her arm, over her shoulder and into the hollow of her neck which I knew she liked to have kissed and nuzzled. My cock, dripping cum, poked her in the back, the head smearing semen lightly over her fair skin as I hissed into her ear, “Wake up, darling. I need you.” She again moaned in protestation as I ran a hand up under her nightgown and caressed her breast, urging her nipple to harden.

When I teased the shell of her ear with my tongue, she shivered at my wet, tickling appendage and with a wordless wail, spun around in bed, snapping, “Dammit, John. I was sound asleep…” When my erection slapped her in the face, she stopped talking and let her eyes get focused in the dim light of the bedside lamp. I shrugged off my robe as she assessed the situation and wiped the sleep from her eyes before reaching out and wrapping her fingers around my cock. “Someone’s horny,” she said, resignation heavy in her voice, but also with a tinge of amusement and mischief.

Sandra slowly stroked my cock and said, “Hmmmmmm,” as sperm slowly leaked out the tip of my penis. “Somebody’s ready to pop!” She narrowed her gaze and said in a mock scolding voice, “What did Jilly do to you to get you in this state?” Her breath was warm on my cock — her lips so close and yet so far away.

I groaned and thrust forward a little, aching to get my cock into her mouth. “She, Diana, Scotty’s porn, Omigod!” I stammered.

My words didn’t produce comprehension on my wife’s face, but she did have an understanding of my situation and smiled and said, “You naughty daddy,” before opening her lips wide and engulfing my cock. Her eyes stayed fixed on my face, communicating her amusement and love as she quickly set about trying to relieve my aching cock, her tongue dancing merrily over my cock, touching and probing with longtime knowledge of my sensitive spots as she slowly slid her lips down my shaft, taking me deep in her throat, my pubic hairs tickling her nose before she reversed direction and sucking steadily, dragged her lips the opposite way, her tongue washing over my shaft as she moved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32