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The look he was giving her from across their dimly lit living room gave her butterflies in her stomach as she felt her small black thong moisten. He knew the effect he had on her and used it to his advantage as he crooked a finger for her to close the gap between them. She was still trying to get used to this with him… she was a strong willed, independent woman who wasn’t used to giving up control. They had met about a month ago when a friend suggested a sub/dominant site that she swore changed her life. One thing led to another and she grew more and more intrigued. After she spent some time with him she decided it was worth a try.

Instead of telling him to fuck off like her sarcastic self she took a deep breath and walked across the living room. Stopping to stand in front of him sitting in his armchair beside the fireplace. He grinned showing her he also noticed her struggle but was impressed she was obeying…this was just the beginning he thought, and he wanted to take it painfully slow.

His smile faded and he told her to stand on the fir rug in the glow of the fire so he could have a good look at her. She was beautiful as always, dressed in a lacy black bra, black g-string thong and a garter belt that met her thigh high black fishnet stockings. Long tumbling brown hair that fell halfway down her soft naked back and piercing blue eyes that were nervously focused on his gaze investigating every part of her. He reminded her to relax and trust him to take over.

He told her he had been waiting to try this since the pendik escort day they met, when she had immediately been flirty bold and sarcastic. The dominant side of him could only think how she would react to being completely in his control and weather she could trust him enough to try. So, he didn’t rush her they had been dating for a month and their sex life was great, but he knew she took on too much and needed to escape sometimes and he was about to show her how.

He explained that he would be doing lots of things to her body tonight, but she would not be permitted an orgasm. He wanted to draw her into his game make her think and want nothing but him and drown in her need to cum. He also knew this was the first step to showing her he could be her escape.

She looked intrigued at his words and silently nodded that she was willing to try. His eyes got darker and he pointed to the carpet “Lay down legs wide toward me…yes that’s it, there’s a small vibrator in drawer beside you pull it out and play just don’t finish”.

She blushed again a bit nervous but determined to try… she knew she wanted this just as much as he did. She grabbed the small purple vibrating bullet and took a deep breath she squeezed her eyes shut turned it on and glided it down her stomach over her already hardening clit through the wetness she could feel with her warm fingers. At first, she found it silly and embarrassing but once she closed the room out and pretended she was under her own covers playing like many times before she started maltepe escort to calm and her breath turned from steady to a low moan. She realised it wasn’t going to take much at this rate so started gliding the vibrator around making herself sinfully wet. After a few min of this he made her jump when he commanded she open her eyes and look at him.

This time she didn’t get nervous she was already enjoying the sensations too much and hoping he might instruct her to cum. He watched as her breathing became rapid and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Just as that orgasm almost tore through her he instructed her to stop and immediately she let the toy fall to the carpet.

“Good job princess I am about to teach you about orgasm denial and that was a great start, not to mention your sexy as hell”. She blushed deep red but laughed too she was enjoying this so far.

“Think its time for a bath,” he said as he got up from the armchair and wrapped his big arms around her small frame. She melted back into him as he guided her into the bathroom and turned on their large jet tub. She wasn’t expecting this but was glad because she loved hot water and bubbles. She didn’t resist as he backed her into the counter and started undressing her painfully slow. He ran his hands up her arms over her shoulders and found the clasp on her bra unhooking it gently. His hands replaced the fabric kneading her tender breasts pulling a moan from her that immediately made his dick hard. He continued lowering the garter belt and pushing kartal escort the stockings down each leg and lastly pulling her thong to the floor.

“Turn” he instructed. Now she was facing the mirror seeing herself breathing hard, hair already a mess and his stern set face sent shockwaves down her body straight to her throbbing clit. He unzipped his pants pulling them down enough to release his full rock-hard erection. He was going to enjoy watching her face for this and he smiled as he grabbed her waist and buried himself into her wet hot pussy. She gasped and her mouth fell open she was already so worked up from the private vibrator show she wasn’t sure she would survive this. He kept it slow deliberate listening to her laboured breaths as her body melted against his. He slammed her legs together and started running his length all the way up her pussy and back until her moans turned more desperate.

He stepped back and steadied her with an arm around her back guiding her to the tub. She smiled it was steaming and pink bubbles filled the top just the way she would have done it. She stepped in and couldn’t believe how amazing the water felt against her sensitive skin. He instructed her to lay back and rest her head on side of the tub in front of him and commenced the most amazing head massage she had ever had. She moaned from the pure relaxing sensations starting to overwhelm her.

He watched her knowing she had made it to that point, shyness gone, worries gone just sinking into her own feelings and what his hands were doing. He worked from her head down her neck leaning over to kiss and suck behind her ear and watched her body shiver despite the heat from the bath. He grabbed her favorite body wash and lathered it slowly in his hands as she watched as if in a trance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32