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Author’s note: This story contains themes of incest, BDSM and Dominant-submissive relationships. If these themes offend you, please stop reading now!

Please read this story from Part 1 to understand the story progression. This can’t be read as a stand-alone story.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

I encourage all readers to comment and vote. There is no better way to hone your writing skills than feedback—good or bad.


Insomnia was a contagion that swept through the house. Marie couldn’t sleep and the bed felt incredibly empty with no one to share it. She had hoped that Alexis might join her. She wondered if she was with Sir. She climbed from her bed wearing only her collar and walked downstairs to fix herself a drink. Wine, she thought, might be just the thing to numb her nerves.

The whole home was clean and dark. She walked quietly into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door just a crack allowing the light inside to dimly bathe the kitchen. She blinked twice seeing the bottle of Rubicon on the counter and grabbed a wine glass filling it almost all the way to the brim. She looked up out of the bay window, and saw a lone figure at the edge of the pool. She opened the French doors and walked down to join her.

“Alexis? What are you still doing up?” She asked.

“Oh, Marie. You startled me. I can’t sleep. I thought the fresh air and the quiet might be nice.”

“I can’t sleep either.” Marie said taking a seat beside her and letting her feet dangle in the water. “I thought some alcohol might help.” She held up her wine glass. “Is anything wrong?”

Alexis smiled her graceful smile, but her eyes looked tired. “I don’t know. I guess not. Everything’s just been unusual for me. It’s usually only me and Sir in the house. I’m just nervous I suppose.”

“Me too.” Marie said pensively.

“Aren’t you feeling better? I mean you’re free now, right? Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“It’s not the divorce, Sweetie.” Marie said putting her arm around Alexis and pulling her close in a comforting, motherly embrace. “I’m relieved that’s over now. But… with that part of my life done, this part of my life just got very real. I need to be realistic. I want nothing more than to be here. I want to belong to Sir. Part of me still wants to be his mom.”

Alexis leaned her head on Marie’s shoulder. “You’ll always be his mom. Everything will be fine. I’m sure of it.”

“I’m not so sure. I’d like to believe it though. Now with my husband gone and my sister here… and… with everything that’s happened this week… oh well… I guess it’s natural to be nervous.”

“Do you know what you’re going to do about the divorce yet?” Alexis asked. She lifted her feet out of the pool and stretched them out on the flagstone and then laid her head in Marie’s lap looking up at her. It seemed very childish in a way. Alexis cared for Marie, and in a way it felt like having her mother back in her life.

“I don’t know.” Marie sighed. “Part of me wants to take it all and show him how it feels. But I don’t really want it all. It doesn’t seem that important to me. I suppose I have to live. I need something. I can’t leave him helpless, though. I don’t have it in me.”

Alexis smiled. “You have such a good heart, Marie. We’ll talk to Sir. I promise I’ll do everything I can to make sure you have a place here.”

Marie caressed her cheek gently. “All I’ve ever wanted was for my son to be happy. If he had brought you home to meet me, I would’ve been so happy for him. I would be proud to call you a part of our family.”

Marie took a sip of her wine, and looked around the yard still taken aback by the extent of her son’s success. Then she looked down and saw Alexis nodding off.

She gently nudged her. “Come on, Alexis. It’s bedtime.”


Tom was buried deep in Anne’s ass as she howled beneath him. He had grabbed a clump of her hair and pushed her face back into Ybeth’s pussy.

“Say it again.” He demanded as he pumped into her. “I want to hear it again.”

“I’m a dirty fuck slut! Use my holes, Sir!” She cried out.

Tom was incredibly turned on listening to her. She was so close to another orgasm, but he couldn’t hold out any longer and he grunted as he filled her ass. He walked around and forced his semi erect cock into Anne’s mouth and watched as she cleaned it thoroughly. Then he collapsed back on the bed breathing heavily. Both women crawled up alongside him and fell asleep in his arms.

Tom couldn’t sleep despite his exhaustion. He laid back into the pillows and let his mind wander. After ten minutes, he quietly untangled himself from the women on his bed and snuck out of the room.

He was half way down the hall when he heard his name. He turned his head into the darkness of Alexis’ room.

“Angie? Is that you?” He whispered.


Tom stepped into the room and took a seat on the edge of her bed.

“Is everything alright? Do you need anything?”

“Nothing is alright.” She said softly.

“I’m bahis firmaları really sorry. I wish I could explain how hard it was for me to let you walk into this tonight.”

“Would you stop being so apologetic?! Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was for me? I wish I could just hate you. Everything was going just as I imagined it… and… and then you demeaned me.”

“I understand. I tried to tell you not to hate me if things went badly. It was stupid of me to think you could feel anything but anger.” Tom said solemnly.

“I’m not finished!” She huffed still speaking in a whispered voice. “So just when I feel terrible, you turn around and fuck me and made me cum so hard. And I just spent the last hour listening to you have sex with two women. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to understand how I feel? To understand this place? To figure out why I want you despite what you did to me?”

Tom didn’t respond at first. “I’ll go to the hotel first thing in the morning and get your bags. Then you can tell me what you want. I’ll fly you home first class, or I can send you up to the Bacara Resort and you can have your vacation. Whatever you want to do, you just let me know.”

Angie began to cry. Tom wasn’t sure what to do. He stood up to leave.

“Don’t go.” She said quietly.

Tom turned around and looked at her. She stared at his cock hanging limply down his inner thigh.

“Couldn’t you have put pants on?”

The question was indicative of her struggle to figure out her own emotions. She hated him and wanted him.

He climbed into the bed and wrapped his arm around her body to comfort her. She needed someone to hold her. Despite how she might have felt this evening, she needed it to be Tom. As her breathing calmed she reached back and felt his cock.

“I want you to put this inside me.” She said breaking the silence.

It surprised him to hear those words.

“Are you sure?”

“Make love to me. Gently. No fucking.” She reached over and pulled him on top of her. Then she grabbed his cock and guided it toward her pussy.

“Ohhh my…”

She began to moan before lifting her head up and kissing him sweetly on the lips. She leaned back and closed her eyes letting him take over with slow gentle thrusts.

“Oh god… Why does that feel so amazing?”

Tom continued his slow gentle movements letting her build to one large powerful climax. She didn’t scream out. She just opened her eyes wide to look at him and gasped in shallow breaths. When her pussy tightened on him, he lost control.

“Oh shit…” He said as he pulled out and stroked his cock. Instead of shooting a load across her body, a single drop emerged from the tip and then dripped off in one long stretchy strand.

Angie smiled seeing it.

“You saved me the last drop… literally.”

She giggled as she reached out and collected it on her finger.

“You’re still an asshole for earlier.”

Then she brought the finger to her mouth and licked it clean.

“I know.” Tom replied placing a kiss on her forehead. “Sleep well.”

Tom slipped from the bed and disappeared closing the door behind him. Angie curled herself back under the covers and fell asleep.


Tom finally made it downstairs to get something to drink. He poured himself a glass of water and rehydrated. Then he stepped into the living room to see if there was something on TV. He flipped the light switch.

“Oh! Sir!” The small voice rang out as Kimmie’s head popped up from over the couch.

“Holy shit!” Tom screeched dropping his water.

The glass clinked on the ground spilling its contents and then fell over on its side and cracked in two.

“Oh I’m so sorry! Don’t move! I’ll clean it up.” Kimmie bounded over the corner of the couch and hopped over the broken glass into the kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” Tom asked confused.

“I didn’t have any clothes, Sir.” Her voice carried from the kitchen as she gathered some paper towels. “Stephen told me to stay if I wanted, and Alexis said I could sleep on the couch if I left first thing in the morning.”

She was oddly chipper for one o’clock in the morning.

Kimmie got on her hands and knees and began soaking up the pool of water. Tom was certain that she was waving her ass in the air a little too much.

“Gosh. I’m sorry if I scared you.” She picked up the two pieces of glass and folded them into the paper towel carrying it back into the kitchen. “Um… Where is the trash, Sir?”

“Under the sink.” He called back.

“Oh, I see. Here it is.” She came back out again. “See it’s all clean now, Sir.”

“Thanks.” He replied flatly.

“So, Sir, I’ve been thinking, and I’m just so sure that I’ll be worth your time. You know, you don’t really know me that well… and… like… I think you’ll see I’m a super good listener and I can follow directions super well.” She knelt down in front of him looking up expectantly and still rambling. “I guess I’m not really as experienced as you’re used to… but… like… I’d kaçak iddaa be willing to try every day and get better. I mean your cock is super huge but I can like… you know… train myself to take it… and I can clean… and cook a little…”


“Yes, Sir?” She said stopping herself mid-rant.


“Oh. Sorry, Sir.” She whispered making the zipper motion on her lips.

Tom took a seat on the couch and closed his eyes for a moment. This girl was a bit too vivacious for the hour. Kimmie moved over in front of him and knelt down between his legs. She was extremely excited to have him alone by herself. There were too many people around earlier. She was certain he got a bad impression and she definitely didn’t look her best with the bruises on her side and around her eye, although, they were nearly gone. She leaned forward looking at his limp erection and pushed her nose as close as she could and then inhaled deeply.

“Kimmie.” He said with a hint of displeasure.

“Sorry, Sir.” She sat back on her heels again.

It was awkwardly quiet for her and she had a million questions. “Um… did you want your cock sucked, Sir.” She paused. “Shoot. Sorry. I’m quiet. I’m being quiet now.” Then she leaned her head forward again trying to get close enough to sniff him without annoying him.


Tom shifted in his sleep and one leg fell off the side of the sofa waking him up. He lifted his head realizing that he had fallen asleep in the living room. He looked down seeing Kimmie balled up between his legs with her nose nestled against his cock. He reached down and poked her.

“Huh?” She said groggily looking up and then she smiled. “Good morning, Sir.” Then she looked back down and inhaled. “You smell so good. Like a man.”

Tom sighed seeing her desire to please him. “You can lick it… but just the balls, Kimmie.”

She lifted his cock up and cradled his heavy sack in her small hand. She kissed it first and then went to suck it.

“No. Don’t suck them. Lick them first before you put them in your mouth. I like a nice light lick to start.”

She stuck out her tongue and dragged it across his sack just how he instructed. His balls were full and heavy again.

“Lick from the bottom up towards the base of my shaft.” He looked down and watched her obey his instructions. “Much better. Lick just below my balls too. Right in between my sack and my ass.”

Tom loved getting his balls licked in the morning. He thought it was one of the most relaxing ways to wake up. He would have preferred not having to offer instruction, but it felt good regardless. His cock began to inflate slowly until the thick length twitched against his belly. As much as he wanted to continue, he decided that he needed to get moving

“I have errands to run this morning. I’ll take you home.” He stated pulling himself away from her. He motioned for her to follow.

Tom very quietly stepped back through his bedroom with Kimmie. He went into his closet and pulled out a beige Canali suit and found his brown Bruno Magli shoes. He put on a white Barney’s New York button down and selected a tie.

He looked down at the petite brunette realizing that he was going to need to get her some clothes. He rifled through some of Alexis’ things and handed her a simple sundress. She slipped it on while he watched.

“That’s way too big on you.” He said.

“She has big boobs, Sir.” Kimmie replied. “It’s okay. I’ll make do.”

“Okay then. Let’s get going.”


By the time that Alexis made it downstairs she could smell a heavenly aroma filling the house. She walked into the kitchen to see Francesca busy with a sea of pots and pans. There were cracked eggshells on the counter. She was slicing thick pieces of brioche and dipping them in a creamy batter. Everything smelled incredible and Alexis’ stomach growled.

“Fran? What are you doing here?” Alexis said as she walked up to the island and dipped her finger in the batter and tasted it.

“Ah. Buongiorno! Sit, sit. I’m making breakfast!” She ladled some beaten eggs into a sauté pan and then dropped a piece of battered brioche in a fry pan next to it. “I left my purse with the keys to the store. I’m so forgetful! I sent Abby to open. Yes, you see! I’m going to let her run the appointments this morning! She was very excited!”

“That’s so unlike you. You trust her?”

“Well, we’ll see!” Fran said in her usual fracas of hand motions. “We’ll try her out! Now… I’m making brioche French toast, frittata, bacon, leftover fruit salad and I squeezed some fresh orange juice.”

“Fran! That’s way too much!”

Fran came around the island and gave her two kisses, one on each cheek, then pulled out a chair at the kitchen table. Alexis took her seat not wanting to insult her. She could feel her stomach rumble. Fran pushed the seat up close to the table and leaned down.

“I know! I know! It’s way too much for you!” Then she whispered softly. “But you’re eating for two. You need to stay healthy and well fed.”

Alexis looked up kaçak bahis in alarm. “Fran!” She looked around to be sure they were alone. “You can’t tell anyone! How did you know?”

“Shush, shush.” She replied. “Who knows you better than me? Look at these!” She cupped Alexis’ breasts. “They’ve gotten bigger. Besides the last few days you haven’t touched a drop of alcohol.”

Alexis just looked caught. “You can’t tell anyone! Fran, I mean it.”

“Your secret is safe. Does Sir know? Have you told him?” She asked.

“Yes.” Alexis replied. “I told him on Saturday.”

Francesca jumped up and down and clapped her hands excitedly.

“Oh good! Oh good!” She ran back to the stove and flipped the frittata in the pan. “Was he okay? He wasn’t mad?”

“Sir’s response was perfect.” She said with a genuine glow in her face.

“Congratulazioni! Oh, I’m so happy for you!”

“No one else knows, Fran. You have to keep it quiet. I’m not kidding.”

Fran just flicked her wrist dismissively as if she were insulted that Alexis thought she couldn’t keep a secret.

“Oh god!” Alexis said relaxing. “Feed me. I’m so hungry all the time.”

Francesca placed a dish in front of her that was overflowing with heaps of food. Then she set out large serving dishes stacked with eggs and French toast and bacon. Marie entered about ten minutes later as Alexis helped herself to another piece of French toast.

“Fran, did you do this?”

“Yes, yes. Eat. Nobody likes a scrawny chicken. Eat, eat.”


Tom parked his car at a meter on La Cienega Boulevard. He didn’t want to get too close to the hotel in case his father was around. John was usually a morning person, and Tom assumed he would be up by now. He was hoping to slip in and grab Angie’s stuff and slip right back out. He didn’t think there was a much better option.

“Wait here, Kimmie. This should only take a few minutes.”

Tom walked across the street, down the brick valet entrance and into the lobby. He still thought it was an odd choice of hotel for his father, but it made sense if he was trying to impress Angie. Then it occurred to him that he should have grabbed her door key before he left home. Tom walked over to the front desk.

“Good morning, Sir. Welcome to The London.” The receptionist stated with her plastic smile.

Tom looked at the name tag on her hotel blazer. “Good morning, Missy. I was wondering if you could do me a favor.” He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out his billfold removing a twenty. “My father is staying here, and I wanted to surprise him. Can you call his room and see if he’s in?”

“Of course. What’s his name?” She asked as she picked up the house phone.

“John Bolden.”

She dialed the number and waited patiently as it rang. “It doesn’t look like anyone is in. Would you like to leave him a message?”

“No. I’d like to wait in his room if you don’t mind. Is it possible to get a keycard?”

“I’m sorry, Sir. You’re not on the reservation. It’s against hotel policy to give out keys to anyone that hasn’t been added to the room.” She rattled off the typical line that she had probably repeated a thousand times to other guests.

Tom just flashed his wry smile. “I totally understand. It’s just that he doesn’t know I’m in town and I thought it would be a nice surprise.” He reached back into his pocket pulling his billfold out again and sliding his license across the counter with another two twenties.

She picked up his identification with the other two twenties and then looked back at the screen confirming the last name was the same on each.

She cleared her throat and then said a little too loudly to appease the manager standing a short distance away. “Oh it’s not a problem at all. Plenty of guests misplace their key. Let me make another one for you.” She took a card and slid it into the machine that keyed the room number on the magnetic strip. “Can I do anything else for you today, Mr. Bolden.”

“No. Thank you.” He said graciously.

“And thank you for choosing The London. Have a pleasant day.”

Tom hurried to the elevator and pressed the button for the sixth floor. He wasn’t sure how much time he had to get in and out. He found the right door and then paused for a moment listening to see if he could hear anything. Then he carefully slid the card into the slot and waited for the small light to turn green granting his access. He turned the handle and stepped inside.

“Jesus.” He said walking in and seeing the absolute mess. Clothes were scattered everywhere. It looked like John had torn through her suitcase. There were empty little liquor bottles covering the coffee table and nightstand.

Tom quickly found her bag and flipped open the lid. He walked quickly through the room grabbing her belongings, and shoved everything inside to make haste. Then he walked into the bathroom and found her bathing suit hanging from a rack. He took her makeup case from the sink and threw the rest of it in her bag zipping it closed. He carried it to the door and set it down before turning around to scan the room one last time. He noticed the panties on his bed and walked over lifting them up. They were crusted together with dried cum. He dropped them immediately and decided to leave them behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32