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To call the start of school the “Fall” semester in Arizona is a cruel misnomer. The semester starts in mid-August when the daily forecast is for blast-furnace conditions. Of course the plus side is that it encourages the young ladies to saunter about half naked, which leads to even more alluring sights when they enter the sub arctic temperatures of the classrooms. But I digress.

It was the week before the new semester, I was in my office checking enrollment figures and fantasizing about potential future hotties when there was a tentative tapping at my open door.

“Professor Reynolds?”

After ten years of teaching college I had seen, and even slept with my share of hot co-eds. Some were incredibly beautiful, some very cute, some just plain out sexy, but it is a rare woman who combines let alone transcend all of these elements.

The first thing I noticed were her eyes. They were a dark hazel, big, bright, liquid doe-eyes and although I could tell she was nervous they bore straight into me. For a second I couldn’t catch my breath. I got dizzy, feeling like I was literally falling into those deep eyes with a sly, mischevous glint. Incredibly, I felt myself starting to stir in my jeans. Her face was a combination of classic beauty and youthful cuteness, and it didn’t take long for me to see how her smile could literally light up a room.

“uhm, I was wondering if I could get your permission to sign up for your Wednesday evening class?” she asked tentaively.

She was about 5′ 4″ with light brown hair just past her shoulders. Her tits were not too big, probably a full B cup, but they were sublime, high, perky, perfectly shaped as they strained against her short sleeve argyle summer sweater.

“Absoluetly!” I replied, immediately hoping that I hadn’t sounded too eager. My mind was racing. I didn’t think my Wednesday night class was full, so I wasn’t sure why she was asking for my signature, but I sure as hell wasn’t about to do anything to discourage this young goddess. Hell I was scrambling to find ways to make her sign up for all my classes.

As gorgeous as her face and tits were, I couldn’t take my eyes off her legs or that absolutely perfect ass. She had on a short, pleated mini skirt with a light brown plaid design, and pink moccasins. Oversized pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet with a pink bow gave her the perfect balance of class, spunk, and cuteness. Her legs were lightly tan and smooth, not at all fat, but not too skinny. She had an athletic, but still very feminine body capped off by a perfectly round, high, smooth, tight ass. I was floored.

“I’m taking mostly AP courses in my senior year, so I am sure I can do the work, but since I am only seventeen I need your permission to take your class.” she said with a hopeful glint .

Immediately my heart sank and. “Jesus christ.” I thought. “Seven-fucking teen?! ” I have no problem sleeping with women half my age, but I was no pedophile, and although this women could easily launch well over a thousand ships, I had no desire to go to jail.

“Sure.” I smiled at her, holding my hand out for her enrollment form. “As long as you can keep up with the class I’d love to have you…”

“Maria.” she practically squeeled as she scampered into my office to give me the form, her huge smile highlighting a wide mouth and incredibly cute rosy cheeks. My chest tightened as she got closer, her subtle perfume wafted around me. She may have been only 17, but she had a stronger grip on me than any güvenilir bahis woman ever had.

Try as I might I couldn’t get her out of my head. The image of her ass as she walked out of my office, her eyes boring straight into me as she turned for a final thank you, and I could of sworn she winked as she left. I imagined her perfect young body as I fell asleep that night, and it was still with me as I showered the next morning, my cock impossibly hard as I imagined her showering with me, lowering to her knees, wrapping her perfectly manicured fingers around my cock, looking up at me as she sucked it deep into her mouth. I came harder thinking about her than I have ever cum during actual sex.

She was sitting front and center when I got into class, giving me her Helen of Troy smile as I entered. She had on another short skirt, the stretchy kind that accented her perfectly smooth legs. More than once she slowly uncrossed her legs and try as might I couldn’t stop myself from glancing into the beckoning darkness. But it was her tits that made it impossible to concentrate during that first class. She had on a tight, low-cut spaghetti strap tank, and while a bra strap showed, it must have been a damn sheer bra as her nipples thrust out prominently in the freezing cold of the classroom. Over and over Maria would lean forward, her face in beautiful concentration, while her tits squeezed together into the sexiest cleavage I had ever witnessed.

After class Maria scampered up to me, her floral perfume intoxicating. She let other students asked their questions first, until it was just the two of us in the clasroom. Maria stood very close as she opened her notebook and asked for clarifications of various points of my lecture. At one point her titts rubbed against my arm, and my cock literally twitched in my pants.

“Sorry Professor Reynolds.” she giggled, not at all sounding as if she meant it. “If those arms get any bigger I won’t be able to get within 5 feet of you.”

“Well we certianly don’t want to discourage you from getting close.” I replied, immediately worrying that I shoudln’t have flirted with her. But Maria didn’t miss a beat. Stepping even closer, pressing herself against me, for a split second I thought she was going to kiss me, my cock throbbed, achingly hard, straining against my slacks.

“No, you definately don’t want to discourage that.” Maria whispered seductively before suddenly spinning away, and sauntered to the door, her ass swaying rhtmically, hypnotizing me as she walked. l just stood there, speechless, an obvious tent in my trousers. Just before walking out the door Maria turned back. For a split second she locked her eyes on the bulge in my pants. The tip of her tongue briefly traced her lips before she looked me squarely in the eye and then disappeared.

So it went for the next few weeks. Maria was seemingly everywhere. She never missed a class, was constantly coming to my office hours, and when she wasn’t near me physically, she was always in my minds eye. That was certainly the case early on a Friday evening about a month into the semester. I was home, relaxing over a cold beer and a hot burrito, when there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anybody, especially not Maria.

“Just the man I was hoping to see.” she beamed.

I was too stunned to say anything, instead I just stood there stupidly with the door open, my beer in my hand. Maria had on a very short, pleated black skirt, knee high black boots, an extremely türkçe bahis sheer, tight, hot pink t-shirt, and an equally sheer and tight black zippered jacket. Without missing a beat Maria sauntered into my condo, grabbing the beer out of my hand as she did. Taking a long pull she surveyed my condo. “Couldn’t wait to start the celebration?” she asked coyly.

“Jesus Maria.” was all I could stammer at first. “What are you doing here? I can get in a lot of trouble.”

Maria pouted at me with her huge eyes, her lower lip protruding slighhtly. My mind screamed to get her out of there as soon as possible, but my cock wanted nothing more than to find out exactly what was under that skirt.

“Surely you’re not going to make me celebrate by myself?” she asked as she took another sip of my beer and took a step closer to me.

“Celebrate?” I inquired as I tried to will myself from walking over and riping her clothes off.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t get me a present?” Maria teased, slowly inching towards me. By now the electricity in the air was palpable. “Then again.” Maria continued as she stared at my now obvious raging hard on, “It looks like you have the perfect present to help a girl celebrate her birthday. Her 18th birthday….”

All at once the implications of what Maria was saying hit me. Before I knew it she was pressing that perfect, hard body against me. Her skin literally felt like it was on fire.

“You do want to help me celebrate don’t you Professor Reynolds?” Maria whispered seductively. I was too shocked to respond.

“If not I guess I will just have to celebrate by myself.” she pouted, pulling away from me. I was still too stunned to say or do anything.

Leaning against my kitchen table Maria finished my beer, allowing a tiny drop to drip onto her chin. Looking straight into my eyes, Maria took off her black jacket. She had no bra on, and her huge nipples were hard, and completely visible through the sheer t-shirt that hugged and accentuated every curve. Hopping onto my kitchen table Maria continued to stare at me.

“I guess I could just celebrate on my own.” she stated, as she seductively ran the empty beer bottle over her lips. Her tongue, slowly circling the opening. Leaning back slighlty Maria lifted her feet onto the table, her mini-skirt falling around her waist, a tiny black thong barely covering an obviously tightly trimmed pussy. Even from across the room I could see her thong was soaking wet.

Laying back onto the table Maria ran one hand over her protruding nipples while the other moved the bottle over her pussy. Maria let out a moan as the bottle touched her clit. By now I was rubbing my cock through my jeans, completely transfixed by the sight in front of me. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Maria had pulled her t-shirt up over her tits. Her nipples were huge, swollen and protruding high into the air above her perfectly rounded tits. She stared straight at me as she sucked her fingers sloppily before rubbing them on her nipples, impossibly making them even harder. Her knee high black boots only made her thighs sexier, as she opened legs wide. Rubbing the bottle over her pussy harder and faster Maria’s thong was so sopping wet it clung to her pussy like a second skin, outlining her hard clit and swollen lips. Moaning loudly Maria arched her back as she pushed the thong aside and slid the bottle into herself.

I lowered my jeans and began to stroke my throbbing cock as I watched Maria fuck herself with güvenilir bahis siteleri the beer bottle I had been drinking just minutes earlier. Grabbing and pinching her nipples, sucking her fingers, her legs wide open with her feet on the table Maria slid the bottle further and faster into her perfectly trimmed, tight 18 year old pussy. Stepping out of my jeans I slowly walked towards Maria, her lust filled eyes locked with mine. As I got closer Maria shifted her gaze to my pre-cum soaked cock. I had never felt so hard, it literally ached, and pulsated. A low, guttural, moan escaped her as she hungrily stared at the swollen purple head. Turning her head towards me I walked to the edge of my kitchen table. My cock was now inches from her perfect face. Maria fucked herself with the bottle with absolutley abandon. Her hips moved rythmically with each thrust, the heels of her boots banging on the table. I could smell her sweet sex, it filled the air and made me completely lose control.

Stepping closer I ran my cock over Maria’s beautiful face. Immediately her tongue lapped for my cock as she moaned in hunger. I rubbed my cock over her, smearing my pre-cum over her lips, her cheeks, her entire face. Maria franticaly tried to capture my cock in her mouth, lifting her head, desperate to suck on me. Finally, with my balls feeling as if they were going to burst I grabbed Maria’s head with one hand and guided my cock into her eager mouth with the other.

Immediately Maria devoured my cock, coating it with her warm saliva. Her mouth was ecstacy. wrapping one hand around my cock she pumped it furiously as she sucked, seemingly unable to get enough. By now she had the bottle buried as deep into her pussy as it would go, her back arched high off the table to try and increase the angle. Pumping my cock in and out of her mouth I reached down and rubbed Maria’s swollen clit.

As soon as I touched her she screamed around my cock. Her entire body began shaking and trmebling. Continuing to fuck herself with the bottle Maria looked like a women possessed. She stamped her boots onto the table, arching her back high and then slamming her ass back down, all the while I continued to rub her extremely hard, sesnitive clit, prolonging and intensifying her orgasm. Incredibly, no matter how much her body exploded, squirmed, thrashed, and writhed, Maria never missed a beat on sucking my cock. I had cum so many times fantasizing about her, but watching her on my table, annd now feeling her mouth on my cock was better than anything I could ever dream up.

My entire body began to tense, my balls aching with cum and tension waiting to be released. Sensing my impending explosion Maria pumped me harder, sucked me deeper, and began to literally growl in anticpation. Forgetting all about her clit I began to pump her mouth with even greater vigor, screaming to her that I was going to cum. Shoving the beer bottle deep into her pussy Maria wrapped both hands around my cock and sucked deeply as my first ejaculation flooded her mouth. Maria’s eyes grew wide at the force and amount of my cum. Pumping me furiously with both hands she did her best to swallow me, but my cum flooded her small mouth. Unable to keep up she pulled me out of her mouth but kept pumping me. Thick ropes of hot cum splattered across her face, and onto her perfect tits.

My whole body felt as if it were on fire, my abs aching from the force of my explosions. When I finally subsided Maria began to purr like a kitten, at first using my still hard cock to smear my cum over her face, before she hungrily began to lick me clean. Finally relinquishing my cock she looked up at me, my cum still all over her face and tits.

“Happy birthday to me,” she smiled seductively.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32