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Double Penetration

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.

This story is a continuation of the Rescuer. It’s a good read on its own, and it helps set up this story. It’s not required reading, but as I said, it’s a good read. I took liberties with the children in the Rescuers, they didn’t fit this story well, so I changed the names, sex, who they were born to, and what order they were born. This has zero effect on the original story and a significant impact on this story.


Chapter 15 — We need an exterminator

Going back to base was very difficult. The women wanted me big time now. I was embarrassed at how they looked at me. I almost ripped the head off the first guy on my team that made a joke of the calendar, in a gesture of frustration. I later apologized, even before I was told to by my sisters. I eat at home often; it’s too difficult going to the mess hall.

My team has been running a bunch of easy missions. The drug smugglers have been very quiet lately. With any luck, they’ve moved on. A major ejected from his plane that had mechanical issues, and it took several days to find him. I sense they are bored, just the way I like it. Interesting is bad, people are in danger.

An alarm comes over the base loudspeakers. We are to meet at our designated area immediately, ready for deployment in twenty minutes. This is not a drill.

Phil comes directly to me, grabs my coat, and drags me away from everyone.

Phil scares the hell out of me as he says, “The Americans watch our coast, especially up your way. There is a mass of boats collecting a mile off the coast. They are well-armed and have attack helicopter support. The Americans have some assets their sending on the way quickly. We have our jets prepping. Other planes nearby are also prepping. We are dropping your teams off on their flank so you can cause as much trouble as possible.

“Our best rifle unit is heading to your house. Two other units will secure the beach after they land. That gives us pressure on them from three directions. We believe your house is their destination.” Holy shit! “Your dad is prepping. They are contacting guides to move people clear. Your house is on remote night operations mode.

“It’s a long walk, they won’t run. Our people will get there first and set up away from the house. The Americans will take out the attack helicopters for us. You have extra ammo; you’ll need it. GO!”

I go back to my family and my teams, “We’re going in first. Grab the extra ammo they have for us. I bet we use it all. Get in the helicopter now.”

Once in the aircraft, I explain, “They are prepping to take our house.” I hear crying. “They have a good plan, and we are getting help from American fighter jets as well as other jets from three Canadian bases, they’re all in the air now. They have attack helicopters. This is now a shoot to kill engagement. We are being dropped on their flank, we need to slow them down and distract them as much as possible.

“A whole rifle company, one we trained, will start at the house and march towards the enemy. This entire plan has the earmarks of Phil and dad. You know dad, this as a contingency plan of his for something, and he developed it over many years. We are dropping off on the top of a hill.

“We will have nice shots as they pass in front of us. If they run a few at a time, they all die. Otherwise, we get a bunch. Use the hill as cover, show as little as possible. I don’t want to show off our position for as long as possible.”

The rest of the trip is silent.

We wait two hours before all the dogs point North. We let the first row get about a third of the way across before we open fire. They drop at an alarming rate. Even when they run, they continue to drop at an alarming rate. Collectively, this group is amazing at the rate of killing moving targets. Still, there are a lot of attackers. They run in bunches, and many more make it than don’t.

I see an attack helicopter coming our way. Oh shit. I will direct our fire at them when they get in range. I am in their range, and they send a volley of dumb missiles over our heads. They will swing around and wipe us out. This is bad, we need to move.

As I am thinking about them, a Canadian fighter puts an air-to-air missile into the middle of the helicopter. It drops on top of a large group of men waiting to run across. Nice shot. He was gone long before I could catch his number. I wonder, did he time his shot on purpose?

I don my white outfit and take off for the forest. I want to see how many are waiting to ambush us. I find two. They do not survive the knife wounds I inflict. There are several injured from the helicopter blast. I call over my team. Bonnie and the other medic assist. We stay for an hour until the beach group catches up to us.

Now we advance for thirty minutes, to the edge of a clearing. We dig in. I already know how this will end. What remains of their illegal bahis main force runs head into our best rifle company. They will get shredded because we trained that rifle company, and they shoot much better than the attackers do. The bad guys will retreat and won’t expect us. After the first volley dies, I will call out to “lay down their rifles and surrender.”

They surprise me. The people in the open do surrender and lay down their rifles. We stand up like dummies. Their colleagues in the woods start shooting again. I don’t hide, I shoot all that I can see. I see lots of blood in our line. Paula, Pam, and I are hit. Paula is the first shot; Bubba retrieves her as the bad guys are still shooting. However, they are in the trap now and dying fast. I don’t feel anything, not even falling over. Pam is screaming, I hope she isn’t too bad.


I am awake, I feel a deep pain in my chest, and it’s hard to breathe. I don’t like this. I am a failure; I know how dad feels now. Even worse, I endangered my family and may have got my family killed. I feel like shit. I start to cry. It’s a while before Bonnie finds me.

Bonnie is crying, “Why didn’t you say something.” I can’t talk.

Bonnie says on the radio we use, “Hunter and three more need a chopper at the retreat point. Get here quick.”

Bonnie gives me Morphine. I can relax. My thoughts become cloudy, and I am soon asleep.


That night, all the national news programs were going to lead with a story about a calendar taking the nation by storm. With me leading a group into battle and getting life-threatening injuries, the sensationalism is running full speed. They ran a calendar commercial to lead the evening news, then they talk about how my life is in jeopardy. Susan’s friend got orders for ten million more calendars that night. I am clueless.


Waking up, I am surprised to see Barry and the retired general in my room. Two sisters are asleep in chairs. I can’t talk. Barry does just fine.

Barry is deathly serious, “Pam is in bad shape. There is a specialist here in Montreal, it was decided that you would all be brought here. Paula will be fine. They hit the best part of her vest. Paula lost part of her shoulder; she is done in the field. You also got hit in the shoulder, and the bullet split into four parts, doing some internal damage. They are pretty sure you will live.”

The retired general smiles, “You won’t see true darkness for a while. Your fans are holding candlelight vigils outside the hospital in your honor. They all have your calendar, and they are out there in the cold crying because of your condition.”

I fall asleep.


I wake up to Bonnie taking my pulse. I still can’t talk, but I try.

Bonnie answers my unasked questions, “Pam and Paula are both doing well. Because so many women are trying to sneak in and see you, your room has armed guards from the base. Last night the news carried a story about a super-popular calendar. Then they find out you’re injured, and they are all over it. They are sold out. Ten million more have been ordered.”

My lips say paper and pen, no sound comes out. Bonnie is smart, she knows what I want.

She comes back with pen and paper and tells me, “Your voice will be back soon. You spent a long time in the operating room with a tube down your throat.”

I write down, “Ten cute girls from outside, hospital PR video, Barry.” I am a rescuer; I can’t have them outside catching a cold or worse. They need to go home. All the news agencies will get the video.


An hour later, ten young ladies, security, my family, Barry, and a camera crew from the hospital are in my room. I sign the ten calendars; Susan takes pictures of the girls and me together. I point outside and shake my head no.

Barry uses his deep military voice to command the room, “In Alaska, a kid has a general create a new group which they call “The Rescuers.” It contained one man and one dog.” Zeus is brought in and jumps on my bed. He wants to be scratched. “The pair saved many people in all sorts of situations. Sometimes, they are around unsafe people. Hunter is that man’s son. His point is that he can’t be a rescuer if a large group of people are outside in the cold, catching a cold, getting fevers, and getting pneumonia. Please, for your own protection, go home. Go to Wounded Warriors and post about the calendar, the vigil, how this experience changed you, and please, donate while you are there.

“All further contact will be through that web site. Hunter is a shy, private person. At the very least, we will keep his condition updated. Any new calendars or merchandise will be listed there as well. We thank you for your time, well wishes, and prayers. Goodnight.”

The camera lights go off.

Barry says, “Please distribute to all of the news agencies.”

We hear a wailing, “Hunterrrrrrrrrr.”

Oh shit, she is unhappy. I look at Barry and the general, they point at me, and then point at the hallway.

The general looks at me, “You’re in no condition to go visiting. illegal bahis siteleri We keep telling Pam that you are fine, you’re just not talking yet. She’s afraid that you are dead.”

I point at me and then the hallway.

Barry repeats, “You’re not ready yet.”

I take hold of all the hoses going into me, and in a flash, I could pull them out. I look at Barry.

Barry panics, “NO! Don’t do anything dumb, I will be right back with a nurse.”

Bonnie and Kim come back with Barry while he is explaining, “He motioned like he was going to remove everything unless we bring him to Pam. They said he can’t be moved.”

Kim says back, surly, “Bullshit. All this equipment works off a battery. We can just throw it on the bed and go. We won’t be long.”

Bonnie is exacerbated, “Pam is one of two sisters that want to marry him. She’s in love and scared to death. We should have done this earlier.”

I am being wheeled down a hallway, and three nurses are freaking out. The general distracts them. I am sitting up in bed. As I am wheeled into Pam’s room, she instantly changes from a look of worry and wanting to die to one of the happiest people on earth.

I point to my neck and use the “no” hand signal. She understands. All stress has faded away. Three nurses come rushing in, they think Pam died. Mom grabs some stands for the monitors and announces that I have moved rooms. Nobody is going against her. Mom is in her element and is handing out orders right and left, everyone is following them to a tee.

Since everyone is doing better, Bubba, all the moms, grandparents, and dad are sent home for some sleep. Nobody even suggests that Porsche should not be at my side. I motion for Barry to stay, the general does as well.

I write down, “I replace dad,” then, “Bubba takes my spot.”

I continue, “Pam retire? I hope.”

Barry smiles are me lovingly, “I will pass this on with a suggestion that it better happen or else.” I smile.


About 6:00 AM, I am woken up by two women sneaking into my room.

I say with my voice, which surprises me, “Zeus, protect me.”

Zeus growls, he is not happy. Porsche’s dog is now in defensive mode as well. The two women back up against the wall. I hit my nurse light three times. A nurse and a security guard with his gun drawn step into the room and turn on the lights.

One of the women is amazingly beautiful. The other is called Susan.

I yell out, “Stand down.” Both dogs jump up onto my bed. Porsche and Pam are now wide awake and unhappy.

Susan is first to explain, “This is Eva McGuire. She is the CEO of Wounded Warriors. She’s been crying nonstop since she saw the story on the news. Fifteen million dollars have already cleared the bank, it’s real. She also wants her calendar signed if you don’t mind.”

I laugh, “I’ve been doing a lot of that the last day or so.”

I sign it, “To Eva, you do awesome work, keep it up.”

I explain, “I save people. However, I do the easy part, I get them to a hospital. You do the hard part. You get them the help that insurance doesn’t cover. Dad and I have seen hundreds that have been helped by your program.

“I can’t tell you how much it pleases me to help you out. I would not have done it for anything else. Heck, I half expected them to be used for starting fires. I really don’t see it. The general and Barry will stop by our home when we go back. We have much to discuss. I want you to be there. I think there is something else I can offer you.”


Three weeks go by, and we are home. Bubba, Bonnie, and Paula are on base and able to run rescues. They gave me until Thursday before the general, Barry, and Tom, the current base commander, Susan, and Eva show up early in the morning. Pam doesn’t move much yet, but I am walking around like normal. I don’t lift anything, and in general, I am doing very little. They won’t even let me do dishes.

The three moms have been awesome with Pam and me. They cater to every whim we have. Pam stays to herself and is quiet, she isn’t dealing with this well. Her shoulder hurts a lot still, and they do a lot of physical therapy. Dad is busy in his office most days.

With everyone over, we sit in the living room and start a fire. I do most of the talking.

I say with a loud, confident voice, “Thank you all for coming. You know me, I’m going to be straight with you. Tom came to me a while ago and asked me to think about shifting my duties. Mirror dad and then eventually replace him. I’ve thought about that, and I agree, I won’t live to thirty at my rate. I have lost arm strength, and that will put others in danger. It is time for me to step aside when the time is right.”

There are no comments, they all expected this.

I continue, “Each sibling is capable of taking over for me. Dad trained us all well. I want Bubba to get promoted. They will have no issues following him, the reverse is not true. He needs this. Bonnie and Paula are more than qualified to lead teams.

“I haven’t mentioned Pam. I don’t believe she will ever be fit for canlı bahis siteleri duty again. She’s exactly like me but in worse shape. Eva, Pam is exceptional at just about everything in my world. She is a born leader. I had hoped that you could find something she can do remotely. She needs a purpose in life. I’m going to transition into dad’s work of helping people that have seen combat and are not coping well.

“Dad only had personal referrals from two generals, two CIA agents, and a base commander. I am offering you and Tom exclusive access. I don’t charge for this; you only pay logistics. He takes a couple a month. Too many, and it will wear me out emotionally, which will cause me to stop. This is for friends, heavy contributors, and patients where the standard treatment doesn’t work.”

Eva smirks, “I would do anything for you. Let me start the wheels rolling. I need to interview Pam, see what she wants to do.”

Tom stands up, he looks mad as hell, “You forgot one major point we talked about.”

I give him my smile, “No, I haven’t forgotten. I hope to have an announcement soon. A couple of announcements. I would bet that Bubba is in the same situation. Hey, I could see dad pumping out another. I mean mom. Mary and Penny are still active, they could still have one more. I will try to spread them out better this time.”

Tom smiles, “I like you’re thinking.”


That night, Tom, the general, and Barry go home. Porsche goes with them, back to the base. I don’t need a full-time nurse, and she is ready to run rescues again. Pam asks Eva and Susan to stay.

Pam comments, “I like that you call them rescues rather than missions. It’s more reflective of our work, and I think people don’t like being the focal point of a mission. Missions are things that guard, patrol, or kill people. They do like being the focal point of a rescue.”

Speaking to Susan and Eva, “It’s the small details that make a big difference. Both brothers are special. Both have a heart of gold, and both have saved my life. Bubba doesn’t take as many risks where Hunter does what needs to get done. He’s more focused, yet somehow, he is like dad. He can see the big picture and quickly sees the flaws in the plan and what might go wrong.”

Susan is uncomfortable, “Why are we here still?”

Pam smiles, “My shoulder is still very sore and strung together with duct tape. Hunter has not had sex for a good three weeks. Typically, he has Paula or me, and then Porsche sleeps with him, and they too have sex. Then, on occasion, one of…”

Kim shouts, “NO!”

Pam continues, “It’s OK, Susan already knows. On occasion, one of the mom’s has a need that only he can reach.”

Eva asks, “I am confused, there are three moms and three dads, and you call each of them mom and dad? Is that right?”

Pam smiles, “To keep it simple for us, we know who gave birth to us. However, each mom was fantastic in raising us. You don’t have to be an egg donor to affect a child. My moms were awesome. Same with dads. Just because Brian was my sperm donor and Mary and Penny selected some guy that came through the lodge, Brian has been a dad to all of us.”

Eve is leery of asking, “But, Brian is the father of all right? I mean, I’ve seen the way that Mary, Kim, and Penny look after him. Each one is in love. No way they let some lesser individuals make a child with them. They want the best stock available.”

Three moms look shocked.

Pam continues, “I just figured that out recently myself. I bet Bonnie knows, but I doubt any of the others do. It doesn’t matter to Hunter, I bet he has never given it a thought.”

Penny speaks up, “Paula knows.”

Mary adds, “Porsche knows.”

Kim adds, “Bonnie was first to figure it out.”

Susan adds, “Smart girls.”

Pam continues, “My point is that Hunter gets lots of sex. Our first time lasted about ten seconds; it was terrible. He goes to Mary and asks for lessons and pointers. Why Mary? He didn’t want to see Penny first as that would make it look like he just wanted to have sex with an older beautiful woman. His own mother seduced him to add to her experience. The result has been a magical experience.

“You two are in your early thirties and single still. Both of you are married to your work.” She opens the end table drawer and pulls out the family calendar. She hands it to Eva. “I don’t think you have seen this version yet.”

Half-way through, she asks, “Grandparents?”

Pam laughs, “Yes.”

Eva guardedly asks, “Why allow us? It’s obvious you love him. Why allow us to fuck your brother and possible husband?”

Pam giggles, “I already share him, that calendar says that. He’s young enough; he’ll fuck anything with breasts and pussy. No, the real reason is that he finds both of you interesting, and you have helped him. Susan, you took the pictures, got the calendars made, and helped find a buyer. Eva, he rescues people, but it takes a group like yours to get them home and able to deal with PTSD.

“I have a question for both of you. Do you like to be tied up? Do you like your breasts and body tied so that you are defenseless? Do you want to submit your body to him 100%?” Now in a sexy voice, “Do you want him to do it in front of us. Do you want us teasing your body, eating your pussy, and talking dirty about you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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