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Joseph Denton stood at the front door, impatient to be let in. He had not wanted anyone to notice his arrival, even taking the precaution of parking his Volvo two streets away in case it was recognised. He need not have worried though; it was early afternoon and nobody was about. Looking furtively around him, he was surprised by his surroundings: a pleasant house, on a nice road, in a decent neighbourhood.

After a couple of long minutes, he saw a dark shape approaching through the frosted glass pains of the door. He took a step back as it opened.

‘Yes?’ the woman standing in front of him snapped.

The voice was recognisable from the phone call Joseph had apprehensively made a few hours earlier, but it took him a moment to reconcile the lady now before him to the description he had been given. She stood there in a thick navy blue robe, bottle-blonde hair scraped back from her forehead into a short ponytail. There was just a touch too much make-up on her face, doubtless an attempt to adequately conceal the sallow skin that lay beneath.

She did not look like the thirty-year-old he had been told she was. That she was supposed to be five years younger than him had appealed, but she actually looked at least five years older. Her description of her figure as curvaceous seemed accurate enough though, but it was rather hard to tell what was underneath that shapeless dark garment.

‘Hello, I’m Joseph… I called earlier,’ he said, trying to sound at least moderately confident in such an alien situation.

‘Oh right, yes. I’m Bianca. Hello. You’re ten minutes early. I suppose you’d better come in.’

Taken aback at her unwelcoming tone, he wondered if she had considered making him wait on the doorstep until the appointed time. He had purposely travelled almost twenty miles to the next town so that he wouldn’t be spotted, so naturally he wanted to get inside quickly; this was not the kind of thing that bank managers were supposed to do.

The idea to do this had been planted in his head for almost a year now. Ever since the birth of their second child, sex with his wife, Claire, had been unfulfilling on the rare occasions he had managed to convince her to participate. Before that, their lovemaking had been an important part of their relationship: passionate, sometimes spontaneous and, if she was in the mood, varied and exciting.

He could, albeit reluctantly, understand Claire’s situation. Chasing around after two kids all day would leave her exhausted by the time he arrived home from the bank, so to expect her to perform in bed upon his whim was unreasonable. But it wasn’t as if he was bored of their relationship. On the contrary, he felt content with his family and he would not do anything to jeopardise that.

Joseph had also grown to hate how the issue of sex had become such a rich source of tension and arguments between Claire and him. So, somehow, in his mind he had convinced himself that what he was doing here, this afternoon, would in a perverse way help their relationship. The only potential consequences that he allowed himself to consider were that he would no longer be so demanding on Claire, and she wouldn’t feel so obliged.

But he had had to wait for the right opportunity to enact his solution. This eventually presented itself when Claire had announced that she was going to visit her parents for a few days, as they had been firmly hinting that it had been a while since they had seen their grandchildren. Joseph had feigned enthusiasm for the trip, convincing Claire that he wanted to accompany them, but alas pressures of work would mean that he would have to remain at home.

Bianca lead him through into the living room. He did not know if this was her house, or if she merely used it to work from. He sat down on the sofa, his palms slightly sweaty in anticipation of what was to come. Looking around, Joseph noted how clean the place was, obviously recently redecorated, with nice furniture… he found himself thinking that Claire would be quite impressed with the interior design.

Bianca’s demeanour seemed more relaxed and friendly now. As she stood in front of him, he noticed that her robe reached down to just below her knees, and that she was wearing black fishnet stockings, together with black patent leather high heels. A bit clichéd he thought, like the name she had given him. Bianca… he had had to suppress a snigger when she had first told him that on the phone earlier. He knew that probably was not her real name, and he suspected that she knew he knew.

‘Would you like a drink Joe?’

‘Yes please, what have you got?’ He was slightly taken aback at her familiarity in using the shortened form of his name, but felt too embarrassed to correct her. Of more concern to him was getting a drink. That was something he could do with right now, preferably something strong to calm his nerves and help relax him.

‘Cola, orange juice, water,’ she replied. It was clear that nothing alcoholic was on offer.

‘Just an illegal bahis orange juice, please.’

She crossed into the adjacent kitchen, his eyes following her through the open door as she retrieved the juice from the refrigerator, watching as the robe stretched across her nicely rounded buttocks when she bent down. She returned with a drink each for them.

‘Have you got something for me?’ she asked.

Joseph’s face creased in momentary confusion. Was he supposed to have brought a little gift? Bianca just smiled and rubbed her thumb and forefinger together. Realising at once what she meant, he quickly reached for the inside pocket of his jacket, pulling out an envelope containing the crisp notes that he had withdrawn yesterday from his own bank.

Disconcertedly, he watched her take it into the kitchen, open it and inspect the contents, before stuffing it into a draw. There was no need for her to check, he thought, of course it contained the agreed amount. He was considered trustworthy, and he was used to people treating him as such.

As Bianca came back into the living room, Joseph’s eyes looked up to the ceiling as he heard the unmistakeable sound of somebody walking about. Was her scheduling so tight that she had not quite finished with another man, he wondered.

‘Someone up there?’ he asked, trying not to sound concerned, although he was.

‘Oh don’t worry, that’s Gary – he’s just my driver. He won’t disturb us.’

Joseph nodded. His immediate thought was that Gary was probably more than just a chauffeur. Her minder perhaps, or debt collector, or husband? Whatever he was, Joseph reckoned that Gary deliberately liked to make Bianca’s guests aware of his presence early on in her meetings, to discourage any notion of misbehaviour. Anyone who did act up would probably be very much disturbed by Gary.

Bianca chatted with Joseph for a few minutes whilst they sipped their drinks. She was evidently expert at making small talk without touching on any subject that might prove uncomfortable for either of them, and they passed the time without revealing anything personal. Nevertheless, he was curious about her and her background, and he speculated whether she was married, or divorced, or a mother.

As good as her conversational skills were, he was not keen for these pleasantries to eat into his allotted hour; he had not come here to hear her views on the weather or current affairs. He became increasingly taciturn, hoping she would get the hint.

‘So, would you like to go upstairs Joe?’ she finally announced.

‘Yes, of course,’ he replied, immediately putting the remains of his drink down and standing up, keen to follow Bianca.

‘Just remember sweetheart, there are two rules: no kissing, and you have to wear a condom.’

Both rules were fine by Joseph. He did not intend to get emotionally intimate with this woman, and he did not intend putting himself – or more crucially Claire – on a long course of antibiotics. He was here for one thing only.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Joseph counted four doors, all shut. He wondered which one Gary was behind, and whether he would be listening in to their activities. Bianca lead Joseph towards the furthest door, opening it to reveal a large, sparsely furnished room with plain white walls. He guessed by its size that this was the master bedroom. The afternoon sun poured into it through the translucent blinds, drawn to spare the neighbours the sight of her at work.

They stood facing each other. Without a word, Bianca undid her robe, chucking it onto a chair in the corner. She remained still for a moment, allowing Joseph to inspect her. He was pleasantly surprised by her body, her face perhaps a poor advertisement for the rest of her.

Her full breasts strained against a black lacy bra that almost struggled to support them. Around her stomach, which had a distinct feminine bulge to it, she wore a garter belt to hold up her fishnet stockings. The broad curves of her hips seemed to be accentuated by high-waist black panties, although Joseph noticed that her lingerie was not a matching set.

‘You look lovely,’ he commented, because he felt he should be polite. And he supposed she did, in her own way, but he could not help thinking how he preferred Claire’s more slender frame. Maybe, though, it was better that she was so different to his wife.

She indicated to him to sit on the edge of the queen-size bed, which just had a covered mattress on it, without sheets or blankets or pillows to get in the way. She moved closer to him, slowly beginning to gyrate to a silent tune, her fingers running over his shoulders and chest. He just sat there, his own hands apparently stuck to his knees, unsure yet of what to do with them.

Bianca took a step back from him, still moving her body. Her breasts sank down as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra in an easy, fluid movement. Slipping it off, she slung it across the room to join her discarded robe.

The sight illegal bahis siteleri of her exposed breasts triggered something in Joseph. He felt a dryness in his mouth as his eyes took them in. This was what he had been fantasising about for months: a strange woman in a strange bedroom whose only concern was his pleasure. Her breasts looked so much larger and softer than Claire’s, with large, oval, dark pink areolas tipped by smallish yet firm nipples.

He reached out to touch them, Bianca immediately reacting by stepping in towards him, letting him tentatively grope at her chest, which was by now level with his head. As she moved even closer, he dropped his hands, letting his new acquaintance rub her breasts against his face, her hands supporting them as Joseph felt the soft warm skin being dragged against his nose, cheeks then mouth.

‘You can suck them if you want to, Joe,’ she said looking down. She seemed to know what he wanted, probably because she had learnt over time what her visitors liked.

He gladly accepted her invitation, taking her right nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking it as she moaned unconvincingly to encourage him along. He loved the taste of her although, if he was honest, it felt a little weird sucking the breast of a stranger he had only met minutes before. In time, he turned his attention to her left breast, letting his tongue flick over her other nipple, feeling it stiffening inside his mouth. After he had given both of her breasts sufficient attention, Bianca pulled away, looking down at him.

‘Thanks Joe, that felt really good. Maybe you fancy taking a shower with me now?’

‘OK, why not,’ he replied.

He did not necessarily want to waste his time bathing with her. But it felt refreshing to not be the one having to suggest, or cajole, or take the lead all the time. It also struck him that whereas he had made sure that he was well scrubbed before coming here, he was unaware of when she had last washed. The thought of another man’s sweaty residue on her body repulsed him.

Bianca told him to strip off, so he stood up and undressed, somewhat self-consciously. He wondered what he looked like to her. Joseph did not consider himself in bad shape, believing that his fairly irregular visits to the gym were having an effect. It had occurred to him to trim his pubic hair in order to look more presentable to this stranger, but he realised that was a stupid idea; he never did that, and doing so today would only have made Claire suspicious upon returning from her parental visit.

He had though removed his wedding ring. Why he had bothered he did not know now. It felt a foolish thing to do, as Bianca would probably think him married anyway, and the most cursory inspection of his left hand would reveal the permanent indentation on his finger to confirm it.

Anyway, there was something more concerning for him to worry about. To his surprise and embarrassment, he was only partially erect. Ironic given that one of the few things in recent months that had managed to get him really aroused was the thought of being here today. He silently joked to himself that maybe this was his subconscious reaction to being seen naked by another woman for the first time in eight years.

Bianca however seemed to neither notice nor mind. She was probably used to it, and would doubtless have proven techniques to solve such problems. Nonchalantly, she just stood by the chair in the corner of the room, unclipping her garter belt so that she could peel her stockings down her legs, her panties immediately following. Her body was hairless, as he had expected, although he could see a dark stubble just about to break the surface between her legs.

Taking his hand, Bianca lead Joseph into the brightly lit en-suite, which was dominated by a large walk-in shower unit. She set the water running and, as soon as it was hot, they got under it, their bodies quickly soaked by the steaming water.

Bianca reached for the shower gel, squirting a copious amount of the blue liquid onto Joseph’s chest. Setting her hands to work, she expertly massaged the foam into his chest, her hands then following it as it flowed down over his stomach. She crouched down, her body almost against his, as her hands reached his pubis. Her soapy fingers then found his still semi-hard cock.

Joseph closed his eyes as he anticipated her taking him into her mouth, but it was her hands that were still doing the work, rubbing the soap along the length of his shaft. Lifting his cock upwards, she held it against his stomach to allow her other hand clear access to his balls. Bianca skilfully worked them, firmly enough to matter, yet gentle enough not to hurt. As her tongue touched his scrotum, he felt the blood begin to pump into his cock.

When her hand let his penis fall away from his stomach, it didn’t drop below the horizontal. With a sense of relief, he grinned down at her, silently thankful that, as he had hoped, her abilities were able to address that particular canlı bahis siteleri concern.

Having enjoyed the feel of Bianca’s hands on his wet body, he wanted to reciprocate. So, as she stood up, Joseph took the gel, rubbing some between his hands. She turned around for him, presenting him with her back, her pale skin shining as the water cascaded down it.

He began to rub her shoulders, his fingers reaching up to her neck. Claire always liked this, and he was pleased to see it have a similarly positive effect on Bianca now. Slowly, she moved her head from side to side, stretching her neck, co-ordinating her movement with his massage.

His hands worked slowly down her back, covering her in the white foam, not wanting to miss an inch of her. In due course his fingers found the soft fleshiness of her buttocks, a gorgeous apple-shaped derriere that he gently squeezed as he massaged it, his hands unhurriedly circulating over her skin.

Bianca leant forward a little, resting her forearms against the glass side screen of the shower cubicle. She then parted her legs, clearly signalling what she wanted him to do. No further encouragement was required for Joseph to explore further. Sliding his finger down the cleft between her soaking buttocks, Bianca gasped as he reached the unseen puckered skin of her anus. His fingertip encircled it for a few seconds before continuing over her perineum, finding the mound beyond.

He stared at her back as he caressed her thick labia. He did not enter her yet, but just rubbed her slowly, feeling her lips fall either side of his outstretched middle finger. Bianca’s low moans now seemed genuine, letting him know how much she liked his touch. But he could no longer resist. Cautiously, his finger slipped inside her, feeling the warmth of her hole, probing her. Quickly he shoved a second finger in, pushing them both in deeper than he had gone before, then drawing them back and forth, in and out, feeling her body squirm against him.

Before long, he was at the point where he had to take her, so high was his state of arousal. He pulled his fingers out, ready for his cock to immediately replace them. But as soon as contact was lost, Bianca straightened up, turning around to face him.

‘I think you missed a bit,’ she said, handing him the gel bottle, her eyes looking down at her breasts, giving him the clearest hint.

Joseph was frustrated; was she trying to pace him? All the same, he was happy to reacquaint himself with her breasts, so he squirted large globs of the blue gel onto her chest, instantly rubbing it into a thick white lather. His hands began to greedily grab at her tits, squeezing them harder than he had back in the bedroom, pushing his palms against her stiff nipples, forcing the foam out from between his fingers.

He was never this rough with Claire, but maybe that was the point: he could do things in this house that he could not do in his marriage. But one condition of their arrangement was the time constraint. He had lost track, but Bianca was obviously practiced at marking the course of an hour, and soon she was ready to move on.

‘I think we should go through to the bedroom now, don’t you, Joe?’

‘Sure, I’d like that,’ he replied, although he suspected he did not have too much of a choice, seeing as she was already turning the water off.

They quickly dried themselves, Joseph not impressed by the coarseness of the towel she had handed to him. He tried not to think about how many other men had used it before him.

Naked and still damp, they walked back into the bedroom, the last of the afternoon sun still illuminating it. Beside the bed was small chest of drawers, the only other piece of furniture in the room apart from the chair. There was nothing on it except a box of tissues and a digital clock, its large red numerals clearly for Bianca’s benefit. Joseph noticed that they were nearly halfway through his allotted time already. Bianca sat on the bed and reached over to open the top drawer, producing a large cardboard box from within it.

‘Any preference?’ she asked him, letting a selection of condoms spill out onto the mattress.

In truth, Joseph did not care as long as it did not split, so he just picked a brand he knew and trusted, not concerned what the exact specification was.

‘OK, lie down for me Joe,’ she said, patting the bed beside her.

‘Are you going to get on top?’ he asked.

‘Well, I was going to put this on you first,’ she replied, waving the little silver packet at him, ‘but it’s up to you where I go.’

Joseph gave her a half-smile, embarrassed that he had misunderstood the situation, but at the same time stimulated by the idea that she would be climbing onto him. That was something Claire had used to do but, as with most things of that nature, the experience seemed a distant memory to him now.

Bianca leant across, her hand closing tightly around his cock, stroking it quickly to ensure its stiffness. Joseph thought she would cover it with the condom straight away, but instead she lowered her head down, opening her mouth to accommodate him. He let out a sharp gasp as he felt her lips envelop him. She wasted no time, her head starting to bob on him, covering him with her saliva.

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