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The music is loud. I feel the bass as I open the heavy door that leads into the dark steamy cafeteria filled with dancing students. Bright lights flash across the room and pop music blares from large speakers on the sides of the stage.

I push my way through the crowd of kids and other parents, to find you, without being too obvious. I feel your stare from across the room. You’re surrounded by teachers and parents, half engaged in multiple conversations, your charm captivating every one of them. They are fascinated by you, the new principal, just as I was when we met for the first time last fall. How grateful I was that my daughter was a bit of a troublemaker and was often sent to your office.

My eyes find yours and lock in our familiar greeting. You excuse yourself and walk away from the group. I think you are coming towards me but instead you turn and head toward the stage.

My heart drops a little with disappointment. You glance back and catch my eye for a brief second. I understand. I wait a moment then follow. No one notices. It is extremely dark and I don’t know the lay out beyond the curtain. I use my hands to find the wall and hope that you are there waiting but you’re not. I feel in front of me and follow the wall further back.

Out of nowhere I feel your hand cover my mouth I take in a quick deep breath and you pull me backwards into an open room. I can see nothing but I hear the door close quietly and your hand moves from my mouth. Your shirt is off. I can feel your bare skin. You tell me to say nothing just listen. You guide me backwards to the wall and turn me around so my face is pressed against it.

You take your neck tie slip it over my head and around my neck letting the end hang down my back. You hold my hands together over my head against the wall. You pull canlı bahis şirketleri my hips back slightly and I can feel your heat. Your hands move to my thighs your hips pushing into me. You slide your fingers slowly up the side of my thighs over my curves into my waist around to my breasts grabbing hard and pulling my body into yours.

You unzip my dress starting at the nape of my neck to the base of my spine. You slide each arm out returning them above my head and the dress falls to the floor. My black tights are smooth and tight as you slip your hand in the top and gently pull them down to my thighs your hand caressing every inch of skin on the way. Your fingers move forward and find their way inside of me.

I am already wet and when I feel you, I shudder. Your face moves to my neck and you bite down hard as you push your fingers deeper into me. You smell my hair and kiss my shoulders while rhythmically penetrating me. I can feel you hard against me pressing your hips with every thrust of your hand.

You slide your fingers out and drag my tights the rest of the way down one leg. I step out of my shoe and lift my foot out of the tights. You do the same with the other leg. You kiss the back of my thigh while your hand glides up the inside of my leg to my inner thigh and up the curve of my ass. Your touch sends chills over my body and my breath quickens. Your mouth follows tasting my sweet skin and savoring every second.

You want me.

You stop at the top of my ass and flip my body over roughly pulling forcefully on the tie around my neck using it to guide me. My shoulders are flat against the wall my legs wide. You move in close and continue kissing my stomach longingly as your mouth moves upward.

You unfasten my bra and rip it off. You cup my breasts delicately and canlı kaçak iddaa suck hard on my nipples, my hips move into you and one of my legs wraps tightly around your waist pulling you closer to me. You reach down and grab my ass under my raised leg pulling me in as your hips push me back into the wall. Your tongue circles around my nipple. My back arches hard away from the wall and I cry out wanting more. I say your name my eyes closed.’ I want you inside of me.’

You ravenously grab my hair yank hard and suck and bite hard moving to my neck. My hands move to the sides of your face, around your head and one moves down to your pants. I unbutton, unzip and push down hard on your waistband exposing your dick and beautiful thick shiny tip. You pull your feet out of each leg wanting to devour me. I grab your hips, your back, pulling you into me. I need you deep inside of me. I need you to fuck me now.

You move your tip gently just outside as your hips slow. Your fingers guide you and you enter me slowly just barely. I tremble with want. Your smooth tip opening me up. You stop and move your face to mine, eye to eye, breath to breath. Small movements, I want you. I know you want me.

You move your hand to my lips and slide your fingers in my mouth. I suck hard as you press them firmly in. Deep into my throat, the thick saliva accumulating on your fingers. You reach your hand down around my leg and slide your wet fingers slowly forcefully down and back into my asshole. I tense at first and wince slightly at the pain but as the pleasure intensifies I relax and want more.

Your hips move ever so slightly to the same rhythm as your fingers in my ass. I breath in hard with need. In one quick hard movement you thrust your body forward pushing your entire length deep within me as your fingers canlı kaçak bahis continue from behind. Your pelvic bone hits mine so hard I scream and you kiss me forcefully on the mouth to stifle my voice.

You move the tie from my neck to my mouth and tell me I’m supposed to be quiet. I need to listen. Tears fall from my eyes, mascara smears down my cheeks as you continue to kiss me and fuck me and rip your fingers into me.

Your mouth moves deep into my neck, my nails tear through the skin on your back. Your fingers slide out of me and you grab under my other leg, you lift me up and force me back into the wall both legs wrapped tightly around your waist. I move my hips up and you grind me further back as my head falls backwards and my chest arches forward. You say my name and I grip your hair as you penetrate deeper into me faster and harder.

You rip the tie from my mouth. My breath trembles, every muscle shakes, I can feel the heat in my core ready to explode. You sense my body rising, your hands squeeze hard, you move your lips to my mouth and kiss me, lick me, and bite me. You grab my chin and look me directly in my eyes seeing all of me completely exposed and tell me to come. Now. I submit. My body complies.

I gasp and cry out as inexplicable pleasure scorches through every piece of me like waves of electricity. I shudder and gasp trying to catch my breath, my eyes still locked to yours. I can see you, feel you taking all of me in, wanting to absorb me into you.

Overcome with need you push harder and deeper, faster. Every thrust is accompanied by a sound of want, almost a cry. I see your muscles contract, your eyes hold tightly to mine, one final thrust and I feel you throb and release deep inside of me. You say ‘oh fuck, oh my god!’ I can feel you pulsing inside of me.

Your arms encircle my body and pull me tightly into you. Your breath is heavy on my shoulder where your head has collapsed. Sweat and tears mingle and run down my shoulder. You kiss me softly, breathing heavily into me trying to find your control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32