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Sam lifted Janie to the floor then took her hand and led her down the vacant hall to the conference room.

“Impressive.” Janie sighed as Sam opened the double doors.

The walls had floor to ceiling windows on two sides, giving an unobstructed view of downtown. Several portraits of past owners lined the walls. A small bar had been set up in the back to offer refreshments during those long meetings Sam had often complained about. But what held her attention was the long mahogany table in the center of the room.

“Why thank you.” Sam said with a laugh.

“So, that’s the table.” Janie said, removing her clothing as she walked closer to it.

“The very one.”

Sam had told her several times about his fantasy of fucking her on the conference room table.

Janie let go of his hand and moved to stand at the end of the table. She ran her fingertips over the cool surface.


“Yes Janie.”

“Fuck me.”

Janie watched Sam stalk toward her. He had kicked off his shoes, slacks and boxers and his shirt now hung open over his chest. His cock bounced with every step he took.

He stopped inches from touching her. His tall frame towered over her. She loved how tall he was. Loved that she had to tilt her head back to look into his eyes. She felt him lift his hand and gently touch her cheek. He lowered his head slowly and brushed his lips over hers. They parted on a sigh and Sam swept his tongue inside. Their tongues met and dueled. Janie lifted her hands and smoothed her hands up his stomach, his chest and to his shoulders, pushing his shirt to the floor.

Suddenly Sam spun her around and pushed her face down over the table. He rubbed his palms over her smooth back, his cock pressed against her ass cheeks. He leaned over her, his lips kissed her back, her neck. He tangled a hand in her hair and pulled her head back.

“I’ve wanted to canlı bahis şirketleri fuck you like this for a long time.” He said roughly against her ear.

“Please.” She said on a whisper.

Sam took her hands and placed them on the table beside her head.

“Don’t move.”

He then knelt behind her. Her ass was now level with his face. With his mouth. He ran his hands up her calves, the backs of her thighs until he was rubbing her ass. He leaned close and kissed each cheek. He heard her moan and kissed them again.


“Easy Janie.” He soothed, knowing what she wanted. What they both wanted.

Slowly he spread her cheeks revealing her puckered pink hole. Again he leaned in close and swiped his tongue over it. She bucked against the table.

“Tell me Janie. I need to hear you tell me.”

“Fuck me Sam. Fuck my ass. Fill me with your cum.”

Sam growled and shoved his face tight against her ass. He licked and sucked at her pink hole, relishing in the sounds of desire she made. Using his hands, he spread her legs wider, giving him access to her wet pussy. He licked and sucked at her soaked hole. His tongue slid deep, finding her swollen clit and flicking furiously.

“Sam…oh Sam please!”

Sam had his face so buried he could only growl. The vibrations were enough to send her over the edge and Janie cried out as she came, soaking his face. Sam continued to lick and suck until Janie fell limply on the table. He licked her sensitive clit a few more times then stood up behind her.

“Enjoy that baby?” He asked, his hands once again rubbing her back.


Sam laughed.

“You taste delicious Janie. I could eat your sweet pussy for hours.”

“Sam.” She breathed.

“But now, I want to fuck it. I want to feel your wet walls surround my hard cock.”

“Yessss.” She hissed.

“And then, I’m going canlı kaçak iddaa to take my cock out and fuck that tight ass of yours. Would you like me to do that honey? Want me to fuck your ass?”

“Yes Sam.”

Sam shifted behind her, he rubbed his cock against her wet hole, anointing the tip. Then he grabbed her hips and held her still as he drove deep inside her pussy.

“Oh Christ! You feel so good around me.” Sam said as he gripped her hips harder and started a slow rhythm.

Janie moaned and wiggled her ass at him.

“You like that Janie? You like my hard dick deep inside you?”

“Yes Sam. Please fuck me. Faster. Make me cum baby.”

“Not yet baby.”

Sam slowly slid his cock from Janie’s pussy and positioned it at her puckered hole. He rubbed his wet cock against it. He had tried anal once before, a long time ago with a woman he had met at a conference. He had enjoyed it and tried several times to get his wife to try it. Though she always refused. Janie, on the other hand, confessed to love it. They had yet to try it together. Until now.

“Do you want my cock Janie?” Sam, asked, teasing her with his cock head.

“You know I do.”

“Where Janie? Tell me where you want it honey.”

“In my ass Sam. Deep in my ass….OH!”

Sam pushed in deep causing Janie to gasp. He grabbed her hips against and held still inside her. His head was thrown back and his jaw clenched as he relished in the feel of her tight ass around him. He couldn’t describe the way she felt around him. So tight. Like nothing he had ever experienced before.

He waited a few minutes then slowly started to withdrawl. He pulled out, leaving just the head of his cock in her hole. He pulled her ass cheeks wide and watched as he slowly started to enter her again. Her hole stretched as she swallowed him.

“Ooohhh.” She moaned, rotating her ass.

“Are canlı kaçak bahis you okay babe? Am I hurting you?”

“God no! I love it” She looked back at him over her shoulder. She looked him in the eyes.

“Fuck my ass faster Sam. Harder. Deeper. Fill my ass full of your cum.”

Sam growled and plunged deep. He heard her gasp but didn’t stop. His fingers dug into her flesh hips as he pumped hard against her ass. He could feel his balls slapping against her wet pussy. The front of his thighs pressing against her as he drove deeper into her.

“Fuck baby……I’m not going to last long.” He said threw clenched teeth.

“I don’t care Sam. I just want to feel your hot cum in me.”

Her words got to him and he grabbed her hips tightly and after three deep plunges, emptied his hot load into her ass.

“Arrrgggghhhhh!” He cried out, holding himself deep inside her.

After a few moments, Sam collapsed over Janie’s back. His hands came down next to hers on the table. His breath tickled her neck.

“Fuck babe, you are going to be the death of me.” He panted and kissed her ear.

“What a way to go though, huh?”

Sam laughed, a deep rumbled in his chest.

“You make me happy.” Sam said after several minutes.

“You make me happy too.” Janie said leaning over and kissing his hand.


Sam sat in the conference room and stared at the table. He could still see Janie’s outline on the table’s surface. He hadn’t lied when he said she made him happy. She did. She knew just where to touch him, to lick him, to nibble him. She made him feel things he never thought to feel again.In more ways than he could count. In more ways than he thought she ever would. Her responses to him were real. She enjoyed his touch. Welcomed it. She made him feel like a man of thirty rather than the fifty-five he was. He felt wanted. Desired. Loved.

The thought caused him to groan. He had started this with the idea that it would only last a couple of times. After emailing and talking with her, he knew he had to meet her. To be with her and get her out of his system. The problem was, now he wanted more of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32