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Double Penetration

For a minute she was taken aback. She was drained after her exertions on stage and the rush of blood was making her feel disorientated. It felt so good to have someone kiss her like that, to feel wanted rather than as an object. The hand was cupping her breast now, massaging it and tweaking her already painfully erect nipple. The other palm was pressing against her sex, cupping it as the fingers pushed aside her thong and began to probe her inside wetness.

Her mind snapped back into place and she shoved her assailant away. The audacity of some guy to just grab her like this! As she turned to face him he grabbed her around the waist and crushed her to him. The sheer size of the guy and the overpowering smell of some expensive cologne was a dead give away. “Get your fucking paws off me.” Debra snarled as she shoved Johnny away. His touch always made her feel filthy and violated, she hated it when he touched her like that. The smirk on his face disgusted her as she stormed into the dressing room. “Don’t worry Hun, he’ll lose interest soon.” said one of the other girls, brushing past on her way out.

She slammed her locker door shut. She didn’t feel like going back on stage again that evening thanks to her little encounter with Johnny. But she didn’t feel like going home early all alone either. She slipped back into her jeans. Damn, they were so tight it was hard to breathe never mind move. She slipped a white shirt over her bare breasts buttoning it up enough to cover but not enough to stop it being tantalisingly revealing. She tucked it in and zipped up her boots before making her way to the office.

Her red hair bounced behind her, streaming down her back like some virgin blood stain on the crisp white shirt. “I’m gonna cruise for the rest of the evening,” she called in as she made her way past towards the bar. She hadn’t seen anyone interesting earlier but there was no harm in seeing what talent was around. Not that he usually took anyone home from work anyway but sometimes there was a spark of intelligence that could occupy her for an hour or so. She hopped up onto the red plastic stool and called for an ice tea. Not the usual order in a strip joint but she didn’t fancy trying to fend off Johnny while being drunk illegal bahis either.

Her golden eyes scanned the room from under her curled lashes. The girl on stage was new. Or at least newer than Debra herself. She was young too. Barely old enough to take the job. Her dark skin and olive complexion made her seem exotic. Her breasts were small but well formed, with dark nipples contrasting against the smooth satiny skin. The long muscular legs she had wrapped around the pole obviously were well trained. But she lacked the confidence of the more experienced girls, she still thought the crowd looked at her, not at her body. Ah the naivety of youth, mused Debra.

She was about to give up on the bar when her musing was interrupted by a loud outburst from one of the table groups. Some stag party probably. All drunk, all “single”. She looked over briefly, not really looking. Her eyes came to rest on one guy in the group. He didn’t seem to fit with the rest. His dark tousled hair and soft gaze were different to his drunken and rowdy companions. There was something dark and broody in his stare which was directed straight at Debra. Almost ashamed to be caught staring she looked away. Sometimes it was easy to forget what she was doing there and what all the men there came for. She sipped her ice tea and pretended to analyse the girl on stage. To hell with it. She stood up and made for the front door.

“I’ll come and tuck you in later baby.” breathed Johnny as she strode past towards her car. She heard someone behind her as she was walking, rolling her eyes she turned and without thinking went for a right hook. Without missing a beat the guy caught her hand easy. “Damn tiger, I only wanted to introduce myself!” said the guy she’d been caught staring at. “You looked gorgeous up there but I guess you hear that all the time, right?” Debra mumbled some for of thanks and goodnight as she went to open her car door to get in. “Wait! I know I’m just another guy but give me a chance at least!” The smiling look in his eyes was almost enough to convince Debra that he was worth it, but it wouldn’t be the first or the last time if she was going to fall for it.

He was fairly cute in all fairness. His body under the shirt and pants was obviously illegal bahis siteleri fairly well toned, he had a nice tan, and he wasn’t bad looking either. Quite good looking actually. Very in fact. Too late. She didn’t want to go home alone anyways. “Get in.” She ordered. He looked taken aback but seemed more than willing to comply as he slid into the passenger seat.

They drove around for a while, while she debated whether or not to take him back with her. His name was Chris, he was from another state. Visiting college friends who coincidentally were getting married on the weekend. She wasn’t really listening to the conversation but she found herself opening up to him. Having decided he probably wasn’t a serial stalker, murderer, or thief she pulled into her driveway.

She had her key in the door as she felt his arms slide around her from behind. Tilting her head backwards she received his kiss. His hot tongue pushed eagerly inside her waiting mouth, tasting her and drawing her to him. She turned towards him as he pressed her more firmly up against the door. He was stronger than he looked, but for a change Debra was making no objections to his domination. Picking her up, as they stumbled inside the door he carried her inside. “Bedroom.” He breathed, looking deep into her eyes, and making her well aware as to how much he wanted to fuck her then and there. “That way,” she pointed, “first left.”

Gripping her buttocks to stop her slipping he strode right in and dumped her on the bed. He unbuttoned his shirt revealing the anticipated and well formed chest Debra had perceived earlier. His cock was straining at his pants, but he made no move to take them off, pushing her down onto the bed with the weight of his body he continued to kiss her. Despite her reservations Debra was starting to enjoy the tryst, it was a promising start.

He began unbuttoning her shirt and cupped her ample breast in his open palm, kneading it and awakening her desire. She unzipped his pants and slipped her hand in, feeling his large erect cock, and rubbing his balls with her cupped hand. His tongue was probing deeper and deeper into her open and willing mouth as he pulled off her jeans and slipped his fingers between her legs. canlı bahis siteleri The relief was almost unbearable and she almost came just from his touch straight away. He began sucking at her breast and she couldn’t help but moaning. It had been months since she’d let a guy touch her like this and she was enjoying every moment. His tongue flickered over her blood filled nipples making them even more sensitive to his touch. He wriggled off his pants, and she noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Still bearing on top of her he pushed her legs apart roughly and plunged himself inside her. The anticipation and the suddenness of the move caught her off guard. The feeling of him stretching her inside, making space to fit his engorged cock inside her drove her crazy. He started pumping at her, riding her with great energy as he thrust into her tight wet sex over and over again. She felt her body come over and over again as his pounding sent shock waves through her body. He withdrew and motioned for her to turn over.

For a moment she didn’t register as her brain was not making much effort to compute what was going on other than enjoying the pleasure. He rolled her over himself and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Her feet touched the floor and her naked and exposed buttocks were thrust into the air. He gripped her hips as he slid himself inside her from behind. This was almost too much as he drove deeper and harder into her wet hole. She was loving every minute of this, crying out loud as he fucked her better than any man she had fucked in ages. The feeling of him sliding in and out of her as his balls smacked against her engorged clit made her come over and over. She felt him quicken and tighten his grip on her hips. Holding her roughly and hard he rammed into her one last time and came with a great moan. Both breathing hard they lay on top of each other, unable to move for a minute or so.

Debra was expecting him to just get up after that but instead he pulled her under the covers with him. She was too exhausted to comment but enjoyed the feeling of being held by someone post coitally. A feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time. A safe feeling. The wetness between her legs was oozing out , making her sticky. His cock had been dripping, but they lay there in each others arms, sated, and as she wondered what was going to happen next . “May I stay with you tonight?” He asked, but she was already falling asleep, she’d have to see if he was still there in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32