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Clad in a blue T-shirt and white shorts, Robert York sped down Main Street on his bike as fast as his five foot seven frame could carry him. The teenager was in such a rush that he’d almost collided with a delivery truck back on Russell Way. As he turned onto Victoria Street, the dark haired teen glanced up at the clock on the old library and realized that he was already a half-hour late. It was already almost seven-thirty.

Robert practically jumped off his bike as he reached his destination, Collins’ Drug Store. Leaving his bike against the wall, he rushed inside, a small slip of white paper in his hand.

“Whoa, slow down, Bobby,” John Collins said from behind the counter as he looked up and saw his delivery boy rush in. “Where’s the fire?”

Robert really hated it when people called him Bobby, much preferring the more adult Robert. After all, he was only two weeks past his eighteenth birthday and six weeks from going way to college. Still, Mr. Collins had known him since he was in diapers, so certain allowances had to be made.

“Sorry, Mr. Collins,” Robert said as he came to a stop at the countertop. “I’m running a little late.”

“Still no reason to rush around like that,” Mr. Collins admonished, “Damn fool thing to break your neck trying to make up a few minutes. The world will still be there an hour later.”

Thinking back to his near miss with the delivery truck back on Russell Way, the slim teenager had to agree with the older man’s advice. He had too much going for him to throw it all away in a stupid accident.

“Anyway, here’s Mrs. O’Neill’s prescription,” Robert said as he handed the white slip of paper to the Pharmacist. “She insisted that I hand it to you personally.”

Mrs. Alice O’Neill was the widow of Thomas O’Neill III, the founder and late President of Northfork Station’s largest bank. A position now held by her oldest son. As such, even at ninety-two, she wasn’t someone anyone in town could afford to treat with disrespect. Or at least any action that she might perceive as disrespect.

Over twenty-five years ago, long before Robert had even been born, a clerk at another Drug Store had made an error in copying down a prescription that had been called in by one of her doctors. Thankfully, it hadn’t been a harmful mistake, but it had made her insist that any future prescription be delivered in writing.

“I’ll have Johnny run it out to the O’Neill house as soon as I’m done,” Mr. Collins said as he read the form, causing Robert to let out a small sigh of relief that he wasn’t going to have to make himself even later by having to go back.

“I’ll be going then,” Robert said as he again glanced up at the closest clock.

“That would be fine,” Mr. Collins replied as he took a moment to remember on what shelf he would find the pills called for in the prescription. “Oh by the way, your mother called about an hour ago.”

“Thanks Mr. Collins,” Robert said, “I’ll call her before I leave.”

Leaving the Pharmacist to his work, Robert moved to the payphone on the wall near the door and dropped in a quarter. His home phone was busy and continued to be so when he tried a second and third time. He finally gave up, thinking if it had been anything really important, his Mom would’ve left a message.

“Goodnight, Mr. Collins,” Robert called out as he waved good-bye.

Absorbed in his work, Mr. Collins didn’t even notice him leave.

Racing again through the streets of Northfork Station, Robert kept Mr. Collins’ advice in mind and went a little more carefully. After all, it wasn’t like it was going to be the end of the world if he missed his tutoring session.

Two months before, Robert had graduated with the rest of his friends from Lincoln High. Although he passed all of his classes, his math grades had dropped to a level that didn’t make his parents happy.

He tried to explain that it wasn’t totally his fault. True, he had at least partly fallen into the “let it slide” syndrome that many high school seniors become afflicted with their last semester. With their college acceptance already in hand, it was hard to concentrate on good grades.

Yet, part of the drop in his math grade had to also be attributed to his having Miss Freyne as a teacher. The old joke, that the elderly teacher had been there when the school had been built wasn’t far from the truth. Not only had Robert’s parents endured her uninspiring lessons, but his grandparent’s as well. There hadn’t been a student in Robert’s class who hadn’t seen their math grade drop at least ten points.

Robert’s parents had suggested, rather incessantly, that their son take a refresher course over the summer to prevent his being at a disadvantage when he started his freshman year in the fall. Robert had resisted the idea, not wanted to spend his summer in a classroom. A compromise had finally been reached when they agreed to hire a private tutor instead. Deciding it was the lesser of two evils, Robert gave in.

There were few bahis firmaları teachers in the small town that did private tutoring, mostly some of older ones who didn’t have any real plans for the summer. So it was a pleasant shock to the young man when he discovered that his parents had hired Emily Samuels as his tutor.

Emily Samuels was thirty years old and had just started at Lincoln High the previous year. There were a lot of rumors that came with her, some of which had proven true and others just speculation.

It was true that she’d grown up in Northfork Station, having gone to the same school where she now taught. It was also true, although a lot of the details were sketchy, that she had returned to the small town after having moved to the big city almost a decade before, gotten married and then divorced.

Whatever the reason, she had been warmly received by the student body. The girls liked her because she was more in tune with the world today, and not constantly going on about the way it used to be. The boys didn’t need any reason other than the way she looked when she walked in the door every morning. Five six and a hundred and thirty pounds, Emily Samuels had short, dark red hair that she wore cut just a few inches above her neck. She had a slim build that accented her small rounded breasts. A check of the year’s attendance record would reveal that few students of either sex missed her class. Robert had been no exception.

She had gotten the rare teaching position, since Miss Freyne was living proof that most teachers at Lincoln High stayed there forever, through the strong recommendation of Danielle Cody, the school’s vice principal. Another product of the small town, the heavy set black woman had been a teacher when Emily had been a student.

Danielle Cody had been the vice principal for the last five years and as such was responsible for discipline in the school. Few students who had a run in with her in that capacity ever forgot it. Robert himself had the misfortune to be among that number during his last month at Lincoln.

It had all come about because of what had been known for years as simply- The List. Somewhat of a tradition at Lincoln High, it wasn’t exactly one that the school was proud of. That was quite understandable, seeing as the list was a collection of all the girls in the senior class, ranking them as far as sexual assets.

This year, the list had taken on a whole new dimension when it added a column depicting many of the girls’ sexual history. To further compound the indignation, someone hacked into the school’s official web site and posted it there. Many parents had gone into a rage to find that their darling daughters not only weren’t virgins, according to the list, but that they swallowed as well.

One of the students who had access to the web site, Robert had undergone a very intimidating interrogation by Miss Cody. He was never so thankful to be able to say he knew nothing, as the old line he saw on TV Land went.

Throughout his interrogation, Robert couldn’t help but get the impression that Danielle Cody seemed to be secretly amused by the whole thing. His desire to keep a straight face wasn’t helped by that idea or the fact that even at forty-two, the vice principal was a pretty attractive woman.

Five foot five, Danielle Cody had dark mahogany skin and short salt and pepper hair that she wore close cropped to her scalp. With a robust build that carried well her hundred and sixty pounds, it was her 40D breasts that had given her the nickname of “Juggs” in her younger years. A name still used by some of the students, but of course none of them would ever use that to her face.

But of course there was nothing to prevent the nickname from repeating itself endlessly in Robert’s mind as he listened to her questions and tried to convince her of his innocence. Especially with the inspiration for the nickname practically hanging a few feet from his face.

In the end, it was determined that neither Robert, nor any of other students questioned, had anything to do with the desecration of the web site. It was only after graduation that he learned, from someone who had actually been involved, that the whole thing had been the work of Sarah Golden, the President of the Computer Club. A little piece of revenge on all the popular girls who had looked down on her as being unfit to be in their little circle.

The memory faded from Robert’s mind as he turned onto Seaside Road. There were few houses this far out on this side of town and the old Samuels’ house was the last of them. George Bishop, Emily’s grandfather had been as successful as Thomas O’Neill and had built his family home at the edge of the beachfront some sixty years before. The house had been updated over the years and finally became Emily’s on the passing of her parents. It was not the type of home one expected of an underpaid schoolteacher.

A fact that Robert was reminded of as he finally spotted the large house kaçak iddaa at the end of the road. Unlike the other teachers, Emily didn’t need the money extra summer work brought. She had another motivation for agreeing to tutor Robert.

Back when Emily had been in high school, she had benefited from the tutoring efforts of a woman who had left full time teaching to raise a family. In fact, many of those tutoring sessions had taken place with her toddler son playing beneath the table while they studied. The woman’s name had been Michelle York.

“Damn, over an hour late,” Robert said to himself as he carried his bike up onto the porch of the old house and put it down next to a long wooden bench. “I hope she’s not too angry.”

After getting no response the third time he rang the bell, Robert decided that Mrs. Samuels’ must’ve gotten tired of waiting and gone out. Just to be sure, he walked around to the side of the house to check the long driveway that ran to the backyard.

To his surprise, not only was Mrs. Samuel’s car still in the driveway, there was a second car as well. Curious, he moved all the way to the backyard fence. Once there, he heard the sounds of a stereo playing soft music, probably the reason the doorbell had gone unanswered.

As he stood behind the door to the yard, he could now hear Emily’s voice on the other side. Robert was about to call out and let her know he was here, if a little late, when he heard a second voice that caused him to pause.

It only took a few moments for Robert to recognize the second voice. It wasn’t one he could easily forget. The second car belonged to Danielle Cody.

That in of itself didn’t seem so unusual. After all, it was no secret that the two had been friends for almost fifteen years. And of course both were on the faculty at Lincoln. Yet, for some unknown reason, Robert decided to take a look through the cracks in the fence before he called out. Just to satisfy his curiosity. Looking through a knothole in the wood, Robert was glad he did. There, sitting in the small half deck enclosed hot tub not ten feet away, was indeed Mrs. Samuels and Miss Cody. Both were stretched out in the warm water, wearing bathing suits that one didn’t normally associate with teachers. Each was holding a glass of wine in their hands.

Robert had to say that Mrs. Samuels looked pretty hot in her two-piece suit. Not that he’d ever admit it, but he’d pictured her in a lot more revealing outfits at times. Sometimes he’d imagined her in no outfit at all, usually while he indulged in a practice that many teenage boys enjoyed immensely.

Even more captivating was the view of Miss Cody in her own suit. The scantiness of which gave him a vivid view of her large dark breasts. The deep valley of which were like a magnet to his young eyes.

Robert really couldn’t make out their conversation, but it was interlaced with bursts of laughter. Even without clear sound, the spectacle was enough to cause a major reaction in his shorts.

“God, I wish I had a camera,” Robert thought as he watched through the small hole, the tightness in his pants causing him to rub his hand against the growing bulge.

A few minutes passed as Robert continued to watch the two women laugh and drink their wine. He was greatly tempted to undo his shorts and take better care of the rising urgency now filling him, but let it pass for now. A part of him felt guilty at what was obviously an invasion of privacy.

The wind shifted and Robert found that he could now hear what they were saying. The discussion seemed to be about Mr. Ryan, the history teacher who had been involved in a sort of mini-scandal at the close of the school year. Robert wasn’t sure what it had all been about, only that his class had been taken over by a substitute the last two weeks of the semester.

“So Doug Ryan’s not going to be fired after all?” Mrs. Samuels was asking.

“No,” Miss Cody replied. “When the fall semester starts, he’ll be right back in his classroom like he’s been for the last twenty years.”

“I can’t believe you got principal Barber to change his mind,” the redheaded teacher went on. “When classes ended last June, he was saying hell would freeze over before he let Ryan teach in his school again.”

“Well, I managed to change his mind,” the older woman smiled. “I convinced him that finding out that a teacher collects adult books was hardly grounds to fire him. After all, it wasn’t like any of it was pedophilia or anything like that.”

“He seemed pretty determined,” the teacher repeated.

“One thing I’ve learned in the last thirty years,” the dark woman said as she took another drink of wine, “You should never underestimate the persuasive power of a few blow jobs.”

“You’re kidding?” the smaller woman said in surprise.

The grin on her face told her that she wasn’t.

“Well then maybe you’d have more fun spending your free nights with the principal then?”

“I’d rather spend them with my favorite kaçak bahis former student and …” Miss Cody answered as the wind shifted again and Robert couldn’t clearly hear what came next. Robert was sure he must’ve heard the two of them wrong. He couldn’t have really just heard the vice-principal tell his tutor that she’d convinced the principal to change his mind about firing Mr. Ryan by sucking him off a few times. If he had doubted his ears with what he’d heard, he was about to see something that was going to make him doubt his eyes even more.

Robert watched Miss Cody put down her glass on the deck and lean closer to Mrs. Samuels. The teenager almost loss it totally as the dark skinned woman placed her hands on both sides of the younger woman’s face and pulled it to her.

The long kiss that followed was impossible for Robert to miss and furthermore impossible to dismiss as simply a friendly exchange between colleagues. That was unless colleagues were normally in the habit of sliding their tongues into each other’s mouth.

“Holy shit!” Robert gasped wordlessly as he watched in amazement as the vice-principal reached down and undid the top of the teacher’s suit, exposing the rich pink nipples beneath.

Nipples that faded from view a few moments later as Miss Cody broke their kiss and moved her mouth and tongue to engulf them. An action that caused Mrs. Samuels’ eyes to go wide and an audible moan to flow from her lips.

From his hidden vantage, Robert watched in what he could only describe as a state of shock. Things like this didn’t happen here, he told himself. Not in little towns like Northfork Station. Yet there was no denying the evidence of his eyes.

Evidence which continued to unfold as the yellow top barely containing Miss Cody’s large mounds gave way as well. Unlike the smaller woman next to her, the black nipples were long and wide, with an areola half as wide as Robert’s hand. The full size of Miss Cody’s breasts were further illustrated when she took hold of the smaller redhead and pressed her face deep into the valley between them.

Just when Robert thought he’d seen the most amazing thing he’d ever seen in his life, one even more unbelievable presented itself. Miss Cody released Mrs. Samuels and plunged both her dark hands down beneath the water. When they emerged, they were holding the bottom of her bathing suit. An act that produced the widest of smiles on the teacher’s face. An expression of delight that was reflected in the vice-principal’s dark features as she lifted herself out of the hot tub and onto the half deck around it.

In the fading light of the day, Robert could just about see the dark patch between the older woman’s spread legs. Bright red ones replaced the dark hairs as the teenager watched in amazement as his math tutor gave a first hand demonstration of cunninglingus.

Shadows began to grow longer with the setting sun, making it harder for Robert to see what was happening. Unwilling to give up on a sight that he knew he would remember forever, Robert tried to move to a more advantageous position to continue watching. He quickly discovered that the only way he was going to be able to do so was to climb up on top of one of the metal garbage cans. Not even thinking twice about it, he did just that.

For his efforts, the dark haired teen was rewarded with a clear view of the Sapphic lovemaking only a few feet away as the timer on the small deck lights came to life. Clouded in the encroaching shadows himself, he was sure he wouldn’t be seen.

It finally became too much for Robert to take without trying to give himself some relief as well. He reached down to loosen his shorts and take hold of his cock, planning to jerk himself off as he watched. His hastily conceived plan quickly went wrong as he suddenly lost his balance and fell forward, crashing into the old wooden fence. The half rotted wood shattered under his weight, sending him flying into the yard with a resounding echo.

The world was still spinning when Robert opened his eyes. Luckily he’d landed on a pile of plastic bags filled with grass clippings. When his eyes did finally focus he knew he was in a whole world of trouble.

“Omigod!” he heard Mrs. Samuels exclaim as she recognized him.

As his head stopped spinning, Robert saw that she had wrapped a beach towel around herself, covering the body he had been watching so intently.

“Are you all right?” another voice asked from his right.

Robert turned his head to see Miss Cody standing over him, her arm reaching down to give him a hand. Unlike the owner of the house, the older black woman was still stark naked.

“I think so,” Robert said as he took her offered hand and rose to his feet. “I guess the bags broke my fall.” he added without thinking.

“Robert, what are you doing here?” Mrs. Samuels asked as she regained some of her composure.

“We were supposed to have a tutoring session tonight,” Robert said sheepishly, knowing that his explanation would in no way explain his spying on the two of them.

“But that was canceled,” the towel wrapped woman exclaimed, still in a state of half-shock. “I called your mother this afternoon and cancelled it.”

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