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The White Box


As April locked her teal blue Chevy Spark driver’s side door and walked towards her one bedroom apartment, she felt pensive about dinner this evening. All he had said was to ‘exude sexy,’ whatever that had meant. The issue with that was that she did not know how to pull it off with her current wardrobe. All of her outfits were professional pants suits since she had just started going back into the office and their dress code was all business. Her suits screamed “working professional”. Not to say that she didn’t look super fine in any one of them, she did as a matter of fact. April at her 5’3″ slender frame had long straight mousey brown hair that landed in the middle of the back of her bra in between her shoulder blades. While she wore glasses, the glasses were fitted to her face and her hair framed out everything perfectly. She looked more like a sexy librarian than anything else when her hair was put up in either a bun or a half pony tail.

As April reached the door to her apartment, she pulled the keys out of her purse, looked around at her surroundings and once satisfied that no one else was around, unlocked her door and stepped inside. As she closed the front door and set the keys on the side table, her nose was instantly assaulted with this heavenly rosy aroma in the apartment home. April hadn’t noticed his truck in the parking lot and hadn’t seen him when she looked around so the aroma surprised her. The scent should not have come as a surprise since he had a spare key to the apartment.

April locked the door behind her, set her purse down on the couch in the living room, and called out into the vastness of the space in the apartment thinking he was there. As she walked into the home going through the kitchen and passing the bathroom to check if he was here, she noted that the scent became so much stronger. It was not overbearingly strong though, and actually was so pleasant and so much like an aphrodisiac to her that she began longing to play with her nub and clit as she walked further into the apartment. At the back of the apartment, April pushed open the door way to the bedroom that was already ajar. He had definitely been here earlier she noted as she saw the outfit sprawled out on the bed with the pumps on the floor. The smell was intoxicating her now and she only slightly noted how she pulled her pants and underwear completely off right at the doorway and started playing with herself. She groaned, thinking about how sexy she would look in this…lingerie? Immediately she became confused. She thought they were going out to eat. Maybe he went back out to go find me an outfit to wear over this….unless they were eating in. She didn’t have any food though so maybe he went grocery shopping as well April thought to herself. As she was thinking and playing and groaning she noticed a white piece of paper laid out on a night stand next to the four post king sized bed, along with a small, pure white, satin covered box.

April approached the note to see instructions for her about saving the box for dinner and to shower and wear the lingerie now before he arrived. So April grabbed the lingerie from the bed with it’s hanger and the pumps from the floor and padded into the bathroom after slipping out of her work shoes, leaving her pants and undies on the floor in the door way.

As she walked to the bathroom she could feel the squish of how wet her pussy was just by being near the source of the scent. She was almost dizzy with arousal. She closed the bathroom door and hung the hanger on the towel rack on one side of the wall of the bathroom inspecting it as she did so. Then lifting the fabric up to her nose, April inhaled deeply. She then opened the third drawer down behind her in the cabinet. April pulled out her waterproof vibrator and turned it on and stuck it into her pussy. What she really needed was her cock in her pussy but this would have to do since he wasn’t here at the moment. She waddled over to the tub and turned on the water. Getting the temperature just right, she placed the plug in the bottom of the tub. She poured his favorite soap into the bathtub and swirled it around causing soap bubbles to form in the tub. Then she carefully stepped into the bathtub gasping as she did so as she opened wider with the movement of her leg into the tub.

April knelt down and stretched out in the tub pulling one leg out of the water and over the side of the tub to widen her opening. This way she could get the vibrator deeper inside of her. Slowly she started to rock back and forth against the pulsations of the vibrator as she snuggled into the cradle that was the back of the bathtub. Her head and neck were supported, but she almost went under a couple of times trying to thrust her hips higher into the air to take in more of this pleasurable sensation with the toy. Suddenly she screamed out cumming in a crescendo of water, vibrator, and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri slick wet cum. April didn’t know what was wrong with her. She needed him so badly. As she washed herself in the bath, she touched up her shaving on the inside of her hood, her missed spots on her legs, and under her arms as well. She finished washing everything off drained the tub and stepped out onto the cool wood faux flooring.

While she was stepping out of the tub she was trying to listen into the hallway to hear whether he was back yet while leaving the door close. Suddenly as she was pulling the outfit down of of the rod and hanger, she heard the door unlock and she yelped as she did so. She had dawdled and now he was home and she was not ready yet. She furiously pulled the hot red thong up and moaned loudly as she adjusted it as it rubbed up against the back edge of her clit as it narrowed towards the back. She pulled up the thigh high stockings and attached the suspenders to them and the bottom of the corset of the top of the piece. All bright fire engine red and all lace and sexy as hell she thought. As she pulled the straps up over her shoulders she picked up the sexy red shiny stilettos from up off of the floor. Her hair was a bit of a mess but she could straighten it later. she walked bare stocking around the corner down the hall into the kitchen. By the time she got back into the kitchen he was already putting the last bag of groceries into the refrigerator.

As he finished setting things into the fridge, he saw a flash of red and flesh in his peripheral vision. He closed the bottom door and turned to face her. He took one look and gasped, grabbing the top of the fridge with one open hand. He didn’t think he was going to make it through dinner let alone making dinner. HIs cock had literally just sprang to life. He couldn’t hear what she had said to him at all. The smell of the outfit, the smell of the soap both lingering and mixing in his nostrils as he stepped towards her. All he heard was a ringing in his ears from the intoxicating dizzying scents mingling together.

“Mmmmmmm, sexy,” was all he could muster. His only thought was eating her out of that lingerie and fucking her brains out. He had to look away or else nothing was going to get done and she had told him she was hungry on her call with him earlier while she was at work. He turned towards the sink as he groaned. He started pulling pots and the strainer and a baking sheet together to try to get his mind off of her. As he started this he reminded her about her lack of shoes and her hair. Letting her know she needed to go back and finish preparing for him. There was one quick ‘Yes Sir’ and she disappeared from the kitchen down the hall back to the bathroom. Good thing too or he would have pulled her clothing off and taken her right then and there. He knew the scent would work but hadn’t realized how well.

As he made dinner, April straightened her hair piece by piece and readjusted the straps to bring the half cup top of the lingerie a bit higher. She loved how he had to grab on to the top of the fridge. She knew he wanted her oh so badly and that pleased her to no end. As she finally slipped into the pumps and stepped back to the bedroom, she saw the white box on the night stand and gently picked it up. She considered opening it now, but he had told her not to. She instead brought it along with the instructions out to the kitchen table.

As she arrived back to the kitchen table with the white box in her hand, he was bringing plates and things to the table. He set things up as she set the box and instructions down on the table between them.

“Good girl, you waited for me!”

April looked up at him in a bit of shock then started to point to the note. “But you told me to wait.”

“I did” he quickly replied as he picked the box up off of the table. He turned the box and opened it towards her. He expected some kind of reaction, but not the squeal.

“Oooooh! It’s gorgeous! Who is it for?”

“It’s for you, silly!” April continued to gush over how beautiful it was, then asked him for help putting it on. The necklace was even better than he thought it would be. It laid right at the top of her cleavage. It was a bright garnet red birthstone that shone in a teardrop shape that landed perfectly on her. He wanted to suck those nipples right out of that half cup top she had on but instead turned back to the table and started serving the food. They ate a good full meal with April telling him about her day and him listening intently as if to show his support for what she had to go through. She asked about his day as well as they ate. This to April was the best Angel Hair Spaghetti with a Caesar side salad and glorious Italian Bread that was buttery and garlicky and delicious. She loved dinner. It showed he could be romantic as well as sexy. She started fingering the necklace around her neck güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and gazing at him as she finished dinner. It was almost too much for him. Those big perfectly rounded hazel grey green colored eyes with that bright shiny necklace were just plain captivating. He continued to avoid discussing her outfit or her necklace or her eyes as he finished his last few bites of dinner. He couldn’t say anything about that or he’d be crawling over the top of the table towards her. He watched though as the pendant bobbed up and down with laughter, or as the shine of the gem shined, matching the fire of the red lingerie. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and stood up from the table. Big mistake!

April immediately observed his large growing cock pushing against the zipper of his khakis and took her hand and rubbed her hand against his throbbing needy cock.

“Give me your plate,” he growled hungrily. April handed the plate to him immediately. He backed away from her hand and told her to go to the room. He threw the plates in the sink and put the leftovers away as quickly as possible knowing she would finish the kitchen tomorrow, if she even got out to the kitchen, that is.

As he walked down the hall he approached the bathroom where the scent of the soap and her sweet delicious cum emanated out meeting his nostrils. He quickened his pace towards the bedroom. She had played before he arrived, which was what he wanted. He’d bought the lingerie, ensuring it was scented just right, long before he’d left to get dinner. As the aroma coming from the bedroom got stronger though, he pushed the bedroom door open.

The shoes and thigh highs were on the floor and as he looked up at the bed, her entire glorious pussy was facing him and she had two fingers inside going in and out. April moaned out a “Please hurry” and he saw that her eyes were closed. She moaned again and he moaned with her. April’s eyes immediately shot open and she sat up on the bed keeping her fingers in her pussy as she did so.

“There you are!” April looked at him expectantly as he unhooked his belt on his pants and unbuttoned his pants. As he got the button free, April lunged off the bed at him and un-zipped his pants and dragged her fingers down the side of his hip to push his pants to the floor shedding the boxers he wore as well. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and put them in her mouth.

“Please, Sir” April begged as she saw how hard he already was with clothing gone.

“Please Sir what?” He asked as she grabbed his long thick hard cock ever so gently stroking, caressing and massaging it so well as he asked what she wanted. April bit down onto the left side of her lower lip.

“Please Sir fuck my brains out of me until I can’t think anymore! Pretty Please with a cherry on top!”

The cherry on top was like arrows to his brain. He lifted his head moaning in pleasure. Her touch was becoming more insistent and he could barely stand in the door way with his cock in the air for her to jack off anymore. She pulled him closer as she went and laid back down on the bed with her mouth dangling off of the side of the mattress. April opened her mouth up so wide and pulled his cock into her mouth, inviting him to fuck her in the mouth. As he slowly came in and out of her mouth he felt her tongue play games up and down his shaft, and her suckle was so needy. She had definitely been practicing her technique and was enthusiastic in trying to get him to cum, which just made it even more difficult for him to stand there without blowing his load into her mouth completely. He watched how she kept lifting her head off of the bed to take more of his cock in her mouth. Pretty soon she was sucking away at his balls and deep throating him in a way that drove him wild. Not to mention the sight of the half cups of her top sliding down off of her titties each time she came up off of the bed showing more and more of her areolas until her nipples started popping out over the top. April was actively trying to suck the cum right out of him. He took one of her nipples in his fingers and began to gently massage her nipple slowly methodically softly. She moaned over the entirety of his cock and almost gagged on his length all at the same time. His cum exploded into her mouth as he yelled out his release. She swallowed every last drop of his cum. She had asked him to fuck her brains out though, not just to fuck her in the mouth. She did that all on her own! He bent down and sucked on her other nipple as she dropped back onto the bed arching her back and screaming “Sirrrrrr!” She had gone back to trying to play with her pussy while sucking his cock. He told her to take the rest of the lingerie off of her body. He crawled on the bed and told her to get on all fours.

He began whispering into her ear, softly and gently knowing this part of it was important. He wanted to ravage her as hard güvenilir bahis şirketleri as possible. He wasn’t sure her fragile body could take what he wanted to give her. He wanted her to understand she was not allowed to think at all about anything. He knew she had fondled the velvet white box so that’s what he focused on telling her to do.

“Pretty baby, you are so soft, and pliant and supple and willing for me. You remember the box I opened for you at dinner?” He waited for her nod before continuing.

“Now I want you to focus. Not on the sound of my voice or what I’m saying. Focus all your thoughts instead on that one singular white box. The white box is pure, simple, soft, yet it’s big enough for you to crawl into.” His voice continued soft, slow, methodical yet soothing. He wanted April in more of a trance like state. As he continued speaking, he placed one finger inside of her pussy and began to tease at her folds and then pushed his finger into her tight, warm wet pussy going in and out as he spoke to her. He massaged and rubbed and fingered away all of her other thoughts and feelings, forcing her to listen only to the sound of his voice, softly whispering in her ear. He then pulled his finger out of her pussy as she whined and whimpered begging for the finger in her pussy again. He put his finger into his mouth and sucked off all her wetness. His head started swimming with heat and hunger and desire for her. He then slowly brought his finger back under her hood as he continued his slow hypnotic speech to her. Her whimpers were louder now too and it just about sent him over the edge again.

Controlling his hunger, he continued: “When you cum my precious, I want you to already be inside of the white box. I want no thought other than your own blissful pleasure. I want no emotion other than how glorious your pleasure feels to you. No care is to befall your mind. Focus on the white box. It is peaceful, serene, beautiful and empty filled only with your ecstasy. The box makes you relax, and welcomes you with an open door. You feel like you could float in bliss here in the white box for forever. The white box envelops you in peace and relaxation.” He could feel her hips now trying to come up off of the bed to pull his finger deeper into her pussy.

“Please can I walk into the white box now, please Sir?” Her voice was placid and calm but pleading. He had her and he knew it. He scooted over on the bed a bit further and eased his cock towards her entrance way. He needed her so badly and teased her before he entered her. His cock roared back to life with how wet and warm she was. He began rocking back and forth on his knees. She kept rhythm with him and her moans and cries and increasing screams were sending his cock harder and harder with each shove into her. April asked him if she could cum yet. He tested her to see what she would say.

“Are you in the white box?”

“There’s a foggy comforting mist surrounding me that permeates the box and is white and pure and lovely. I don’t know when the door closed or where the door even issssss, ahhhhhhh!” She could barely get this many words out trailing off because he slammed into her again. She couldn’t help herself now. She was so wet she was already dripping all over the bed and down over his entire cock.

“Stay there, stay inside the box” he said as he slammed her with more and more force. He couldn’t stop now. He was so into this rhythm he couldn’t help taking her tits and rubbing bruises into them. His breathing was ragged and erratic, he was on the verge of cumming.

“Cum baby inside the box, use the box to heighten your pleasure. Make your cum strong enough to flow out past the box baby. Please focus on your pleasurrrree……” His voice trailed off, he wanted his speech to be controlled but he knew it wasn’t. He couldn’t help her being so willing and eager. His throbbing cock was rock hard now and he needed to cum inside of her. Suddenly he felt her body shiver and cum after cum after cum came down over his cock. He came again, this time it was much longer and more pronounced. Her scream was so loud he was glad the walls were made of cement. She then screamed out one last, “Masterrrrrrr!” as she passed out from the force of her pleasure and how hard he was slamming into her with his cum. He was in heaven. This wasn’t the first time he fucked her, but this felt different. She was completely his. She wore his own birthstone around her neck. As he finished cumming and his cock began to soften and shrink, he pulled her to her side, and got her more comfortable on the bed as he began to spoon her. He stroked the hair out of her face. She was out out, and as he stroked her face he became a bit alarmed. She wasn’t coming to. He let his worry go for another moment. Then she slowly opened her eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief. She looked up at him.

“Thank you! Do you have to go though?”


“Mmmmmm, stay please?”

“Yes, love.”

April giggled a bit in surprise at the word love. Her admiring eyes looked once more into his as she lay there comfy and serene, and sleepy.

“Goodnight then love.”

“Goodnight” he stayed spooning her body until even he drifted off to sleep. THE END

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